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I recently finished a House marathon so I really appreciated your fluff. I just really hope that Solas and Viv don't sleep with each other. That would be just waaaay too weird.

NooooOOOoooooooOOOooo. Funny enough, I don’t ship HouseCuddy either. But no, while inspired by House my hospital au would have a very different cast setup. And Solas is not a diagonistician. He wouldn’t have a team. With tenure he would be mostly stuck in research labs developing….. ahem, things. 

Solas - Somnicist (Doctor of Fade/Sleep)

Lavellan - Coma patient 

Dorian - Hospital Mortician

Vivienne - Director of Medicine

Bethany - Nurse Practitioner. Becoming a Warden (blight quarantine)  

Merrill - Nurse, wants to be a Hematologist

Anders -  Veneciologist (Magic specialist) Recently suspended of medical license

Wynn -  Veneciologist

Fenris - Reoccurring Physical Therapy patient

Cole - Patient of Psychiatric Ward

Iron Bull, Krem, Chargers - EMT

Sera - Cafeteria Register

Josephine - Hospital Lawyer

Cullen - Hospital Templar (in the mages ward, later posted to Ellana’s room)

Varric - Reporter

Cassandra - Seeker/Investigator head of Ellana’s case

etc etc  I could keep going but this list is getting long ahah!!