So I have taken on a new adventure as an ambassador for a totally rad, innovative shopping app called House Account. If you are a shopper, which I assume most people who read this blog are, you will love it. The app allows you to shop hundreds of small boutiques located all over America from your phone (you can literally purchase items in the store directly from your phone). You can also enter a particular brand, find where it’s sold, see what boutiques carry it and what they have in stock.  Another fab capability if you are traveling or in a new neighborhood, it will bring up the stores nearby and automatically show you their stream of photos. For the boutiques themselves it is a dream as it brings new clients and gives them the chance to keep track of their shoppers likes/dislikes/wants/needs/feedback.

As an ambassador for Southern California I will be working to sign on new stores and brands. If you have any you want to see, please message me! Download the app (it’s free) and have fun. I promise you will love it (your bank account might not love me though). 

link to app on iTunes: house account