I will say this: if you don’t take a little risk in life, you will hate yourself in the long run. If you feel something and refuse to allow yourself to go for it out of fear, you have to live with the fact that that person will fall in love with someone else and you will watch from the sidelines. Don’t you dare, for a second, think you will have a shot down the line. You let them go. You made that mistake. You walked away. You will have to face that alone because while walking away out of fear, you aren’t just hurting them, you are hurting yourself. You are leaving behind someone that was willing to go through anything with you, had you let them. Had you stopped letting the past or fears run your life. While turning down something because you refuse to let someone in, you’re falling deeper down the rabbit hole that you refuse to dig yourself out of. If you want something, do whatever it takes to make it work. If not, you’ll have to face yourself in the mirror - not them. If you let them permanently walk out that door, you’re going to need to remember that the next time you wonder why you are alone. When you wonder why you always end up with the worst people, because you chose to chase away the good ones. 

Catch that door before it slams shut, stop being a prisoner of your past, and fight like hell.