Dear Shauna,

That’s was a pretty good sketch of the house. I think the road leads to the house
is straight and paved. I don’t remember there is a window above the front porch.

If you like I can go visit the house and take a picture.

I didn’t know you have such a big nightmare about the backyard, I know there
were many tall trees block the sun. We couldn’t cut the trees because they
are on neighbors’ land.

This house did get flooded twice. Once after our newly bought washer couldn’t
shut off the flow, so the water came down from the second floor to the first floor.
The 2nd time, when hurricane Fran came, the whole basement was flooded
because too much water can’t go down fast enough.

I hope this helps, please let me know what I can help.



Email correspondance with mom about Weldon Place.

- More Childhood Homes Project

Vogue, November 2006
photographer: Arthur Elgort

white house

Best Summer Hostess Gifts - Culture - Vogue posted a photo of this house in Maine in their Best Hostess Gift guide recently and it reminded me how much I love this house. Some of you might remember that it was published in the first issue of Vogue Living in 2006. The house known as Mitchell Cottage, was built in 1916 for Philadelphia businessman J. Kearsley Mitchell who had just married the daughter of a partner of J.P. Morgan. The house sat vacant for many years after Michell was involved in a murder scandal. What I didn’t remember about the house was that Kirstie Alley and her then husband Parker Stevenson bought the house in 1991 and turned it into the Islesboro Inn. They also managed to hire the legendary retired decorator Sister Parish to help decorate it. It was later bought by Gwen and John McCaw who hired their friend from Los Angeles, interior designer Windsor Smith who simplified the house.

Habitually Chic®: Magical Maine

designer: Steven Volpe
photographer: Simon Upton

In the drawing room, the daybed is by Pierre Paulin, a pair of armchairs and the tufted sofa were designed by Volpe, and the custom-made curtains are of a Claremont silk; the painting is Picasso’s Personnage en buste, the vintage pendant light is by Stilnovo, and the stainless-steel sconce, one of a pair, is by Maria Pergay. (Elle Decor: gallery)

A splash of yellow in FutureHouse? Yes, please.

Elle Decor: Steven Volpe Decorates a Luxury London Townhouse