Wilson: I was at the hotel bar trying to unwind, have a drink. There was this guy who kept playing Billy Joel’s “Leave a Tender Moment Alone” on the jukebox.

“Leave a Tender Moment” is a good song.

House: It’s a great song. He was out of line.

Not as good as “Scenes from an Italian restaurant” or…

Wilson: So I — I asked the man to stop, politely.

House: Yeah, you yelled politely.

Wilson: I was polite the first couple of times, but courtesy made no impression on this ass. So I threw a bottle into the mirror, which successfully conveyed my message.

House: And smashed a ten-foot antique mirror. And set an example to two other patrons who threw shot glasses.

Wilson: I had nothing to do with that fight. The assault charge was totally bogus. And I paid for the mirror.