Roberto Baciocchi’s home in Arezzo.

Architect Roberto Baciocchi -well-known as Prada stores designer - lives in a beautifull historic house in Arezzo. He didn’t want to change the spaces unless giving them a strong personality with the addition of his aesthetics.  The result is stunning: unique interiors with a sophisticated stratification of styles.

Wings [Part 24] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - Not being able to sleep, you take a decision of doing something productive. And Yoongi takes that opportunity to tell you almost everything you’d need to know. It’s more eye-opening than you’d think.

Prologue ; Part 23

You twisted and turned about in your bed as you struggled to get a shut eye. 

It definitely wasn’t the mattress - oh, no - it was pure bliss. It was the darned throbbing in your head and a gut feeling you kept having which you weren’t able to pin point exactly why you were getting. With one final groan of frustration, you sprang up from the mattress and tied your hair back into a ponytail - might as well do something productive.
So you decided to tour the house - or specifically, a room that had been on your mind since your arrival.

Yoongi was long aware of your movements - he’d heard you get up from the bed, the springs in them had squeaked in response. He’d even heard you wearing your slippers before shuffling to the door and opening it, only to attempt to quieten the shuffling of the slippers against the marble floor. You’d clicked your tongue in reprimand and removed the offensive material from under your feet before tip-toeing your way to the center of the corridor - where the stairs began it’s descent. Your attempts at trying to stay quiet were quite hilariously entertaining. He’d even let out a chuckle when you gasped loudly as you missed a step.

Opening his door with expert quiet, he followed your descent down the stairs - you obviously too preoccupied with trying not to wake anybody.

If it weren’t for Yoongi’s sensitive hearing, he’d definitely have never heard you; you were good in stealth, he’d give you that much. And he too, kept that tiny piece of information mentally noted.

He watched from the fourth step - you’d slipped into the room on his left, where his pianoforte and the numerous paintings of his father and forefathers were. 

You on the other hand hadn’t come down because of the paintings, but it was the pianoforte specifically that lured you. As you eyed the instrument and the cover that lay over the keys, you had the slight urge to lift it. You bit your lip in consideration. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt.

After a few moments of contemplation, you gave in and lifted the cover. The moment your eyes fell onto the keys, you let out a gasp. Instead of the the flat and sharp keys being black, they were a brilliant blood red, making the keys seem more mesmerizing. You kept staring at it, too deep into the beauty of it to notice the shuffling of another pair of feet.

‘Love the keys, do you?’ You heard a husky voice speak from the darkness. You almost screamed but noticed Yoongi’s face in the moonlight.

'Oh,’ You sighed in relief, 'It’s you, Yoongi.’ You smiled, slightly embarrassed. Perhaps you hadn’t been quiet enough.

He chuckled and came closer, standing next to you in front of the grand instrument. 'You were as quiet as one person could ever get, Y/N.’ The observation made you raise your brows in question. Before you could voice it, he interrupted you cleverly -

'Know how to play one?’ He asked slightly louder, and you nodded your head enthusiastically, forgetting his previous dialogue instantly. He hummed.

'I would’ve asked you to play, but there are people sleeping,’ He smiled and turned himself to face the paintings. You looked at him and followed his gaze, it landing on a portrait of a very handsome man.

'Who’s that?’ You asked out of sheer curiosity. Through your peripheral vision you saw him glance at you. He sighed through his nose.

'That’s- that’s my father. He used to run a real estate company. The rest of the portraits are the men of previous generations, who passed on the business to their sons.’ He explained as he pointed around the whole room, your gaze following his finger as they crossed each painting. It was not entirely a lie - they did run a real estate company. It was taken as a supportive measure or all the Royal Red Bloods, just in case they’d ever have to spend more time than intended on Earth. And not to brag, their business absolutely flourished - if considered how rarely the Royals found themselves ascending to Earth.

'So…now, he’s passed it onto you?’ You questioned, looking back at Yoongi.

He remained quiet, not sure of how to place his sentence. He wondered if Taehyung had told you about the parallel world where they came from, at all. If he did, then he’d have to choose his words quite carefully.

'Don’t worry, Yoongi. Taehyung told me about you, himself and Kronell.’ You replied to his thoughts. His eyes widened as he realized he had indeed telepathically talked to you. He panicked internally, but tried to remain calm. 'Although he hadn’t mentioned about your father running a business.’ You added.

Yoongi chuckled - so he had indeed mentioned quite a few details to you. He quietly thanked Taehyung for respecting Yoongi’s side of the story. But with you watching him like a cat, Yoongi couldn’t help but feel ashamed all of a sudden. Although Taehyung hadn’t really mentioned anything about Kimroe, that shouldn’t have stopped him from speaking what he thought of Yoongi either. And…and if he really did mention something ill about Yoongi, then he didn’t know what to feel. He shrugged his shoulders subconsciously. Now wasn’t the time to worry about your perspectives of the Prince but what you thought of Kronell.

'How much?’ He asked suddenly, catching you slightly off guard. Then you understood he was talking about the information that had been disclosed to you. You shrugged your shoulders slightly, puckering your lips a little as you remembered the conversation.

'Well, I don’t know if this is important but he…he asked if I had any feelings for him and I said I didn’t know.’ You said as you scratched the back of your neck, your cheeks burning.

'Was it after what you said, that Taehyung left?’ Yoongi turned to face you completely, his eyebrows scrunched together in worry.

You stared at him incredulously, 'Yes, actually. How did you know?’ A doubt arose in your mind and Yoongi knew already what you were thinking of. Yoongi twisted, his back now facing you as he began walking back and forth, his hand moving up to his hair and running through his ebony locks as he mumbled, 'This is bad. This is very, not good.’

You were about to ask him what made him think so when he stopped and made his way to you, his large hands grabbing your shoulders and holding you in place while his eyes locked with yours, 'Listen to me now, Y/N. Just listen to me - this is the most important thing you have to know about him and you.’ You gawked, wide-eyed like a fish. He had to shake you subtly before you responded to him with a half hearted nod. Your heart began hammering inside you out of no where.

You, Y/N, are Taehyung’s mate. And for somebody like Taehyung, since he doesn’t belong to the same clan as me, he needs you. The bond, or the law that he is tied with to Kronell, can only be broken by you.’ He explained, and your mind was not at all processing it well.

Your eyebrows furrowed into a deep frown as he kept talking. The words that left his mouth soon began sounding like gibberish.

'Hold it.’ You said, putting a hand up in the air, making Yoongi stop abruptly.

'You’re saying I’m his mate, and only I can get rid of a- a bond?’ You asked, confusion crystal clear on your face.

Yoongi took a deep breath, 'Oh well…’

For Yoongi to walk over all the dangers you were now susceptible to - courtesy of being Taehyung’s mate - it had taken well over two hours. He’d managed to cover almost everything about Kronell - Hijin and his father included. And why exactly you having to reciprocate his feelings was the most important.

'But I still am not sure, I- does he have to go, it’s his choice isn’t it?’ You asked which only worried Yoongi more. He didn’t want to tell you everything, at least not yet. He did want you to know the most crucial part of the information, but he figured, it would have to wait.

'Y/N, if you just give it some time, you will know what you really feel. But please, that doesn’t mean you can take forever. There is a time limit, I must promise you that. So please be wise.’ He said and stood up from the seat you both had found yourselves sitting on in front on the pianoforte.

He turned around to leave but seemed to have second thoughts, 'Oh, and Y/N?’ You looked up at him and you could’ve sworn he was almost exhausted with what he was saying, 'You need to be taught some self-defense.’ The he turned back around, wishing you goodnight and leaving the room, this time for good.

He left you alone to ponder on your thoughts that seemed messier than Jungkook’s room.

The next morning, you were rudely awakened by the sounds of glass breaking and banging of furniture on the wall. It shook you awake, the sounds stopping suddenly as you opened your eyes. Puzzled and still in a state of drowsiness, you straightened and got off the bed.

You almost stumbled over your foot as you made your way to the door. Twisting the knob, you were ready to step out of the room when what stood in front of you shook you awake. You gasped sharply, your eyes widening at the thing. The same thing that had tried to kill you.

But now, you knew it’s name - Hijin.

His face now looked more mangled than ever, the scars deeper as light fell on it, the snarly mouth turning into a wicked grin. 'Hello Y/N.’

Before you could scream, or run, or do anything to defend yourself, his blistered hand caught you neck, stopping the flow of breath into your lungs - you were choking within seconds. You kicked, punched, twisted and turned but his grip remained as strong and rigid as steel as he let his feral and hungry grin grow wider.

You felt the clock of your life tick as it lay in his hands, and with the very little energy you had left, you whispered that one name that you associated to more than anything else  - 'Taehyung.’

[Part 25 on Thursday]


Finally got my apartment tour up! Lots of kitty Margo in this video. Hope you enjoy! 🖤


Carlo Prada’s home

Journalist and art collector Carlo Prada lives in Milan. His apartment, housed in period building, has two different souls: the atmosphere of traditional spaces, defined by original stucco ceilings and carved parquet, and the contemporary feel with new more fluid environments and new areas highlighted by concrete floors in the shade of Gio Ponti light blue. The apartment was renovated by architect Hans Peer who created a perfect balance between past and present: classic heritage, modern elements, contemporary art and masterpieces of design. 


Studio 8A by Rye London

Studio 8A by Rye London is a kitchen and photography studio located in a renovated warehouse in East London. Upon entering the studio, one is first struck by the seemingly unlimited source of natural light flowing into the space. Several oversized windows, facing both north and south, provide the kitchen with enough natural light that artificial lighting is barely needed. White walls, ceilings and concrete floors further brighten the studio as the light is reflected off the many surfaces.


Stop asking Jack and Wiishu to do a house tour. I just saw a comment about how showing the inside of the house won’t give away the address.
Here’s where you’re wrong.
If you can see through the windows and see certain landmarks and such, you can use Google Maps to find it. People have done it to them before.
People have shown up to the house uninvited and that’s not only rude and an invasion of privacy but it’s dangerous.

Please respect their privacy and wishes to not show you the house. I know it’s exciting that they’re in a new place but you have to consider their safety and privacy first.

I really appreciate what they chose to call the video.

It could’ve been “MOVING?!” or “MOVING OUT!” or something else just as vague, some title that upon first glance could make you doubt and - just for a second - entertain the notion that maybe they’re actually going their separate ways and living in different places and that maybe it truly is the end of an era.

But no, it’s called “We’re Moving Out”. It’s simple - no all caps or exclamation points - just a title with one extra word that makes it abundantly clear that yes they are moving out together and no they don’t think it’s too big of a deal and yes they’re not planning on being apart any time soon, don’t worry.