Monochromatic Copenhagen Townhouse

The 2,000-square-foot Copenhagen townhouse that Sofie and Frank Christensen Egelund share with their four children is a modern haven with a distinctive design sensibility. Designed in a monochromatic palette, the home is the perfect combination of Scandinavian minimalism and homey comfort. And it’s no wonder: both Sofie and Frank work for Vipp, a third-generation, Danish company specializing in high-end kitchen and bath accessories. (Frank is the vice president, and Sofie is the communication and concept director.) As such, the pair has spent much of their lives learning about and seeking out good design.

Via: Dwell

Dan: Hello Internet. I’ts me Dan 

Phil: Hey what about me? I’m Here too.

Dan: Yes Phil we know. And Phil’s here too.

Phil: Hello everyone.

Dan and Phil: *incredibly cheesy and adorable* And welcome to our Sims Freeplay House made by hello-Dan-and-Phil-dildos

Dan: You don’t know how long we practiced that before we got it right *sadly stares off into the distance* I’m gonna go play Sims 3

Phil: But Dan shouldn’t we show them around the house?

Dan: Maybe next time. I think for now this is a good place to end it. 

Phil: Okay sounds good.

Dan and Phil: BYEE!!

Interior Stylists Swedish Home

Built in 1884 and formerly a grocery store, offices, an apartment complex and an artist’s studio (among other things), interior stylist, Marie Olsson Nylander and her family transformed this 12 roomed villa located in Höganäs, Sweden into a truly eclectic home. With an impressive eye for detail, Nylander brings her unique take on bohemian de luxe by incorporating a beautiful and extensive collection of antiques and designer pieces (uh hello Mark Eden Schooley $6,000 floor lamp) in a cohesive and slightly minimal manner.

When it comes to the personal home of a designer, we expect to see the wow factor. Are you wow’d by this home? I sure am!

pssst…that’s the lamp that could pay for my European vacation…almost ↑ 

Photography by Sara Svenningrud