Big Day Tomorrow

In the morning, I have the facilities tour for a job I applied for. I think it’s gonna be a huge, sanitized building. I imagine everything will go fine. I do realize it might be rather intimidating. It’s gonna be me, some sort of personnel from the building, and other candidates being considered. I’m gonna get up, get ready, have a good breakfast, and drive into town. I’m curious as to what’s gonna surprise me about the visit.

In the evening we’re having a big party for my neighbor’s birthday. It’s a costume party and the house is covered in Halloween decorations. It seems everyone’s gonna show up in full dress and makeup. I also think everyone’s bringing food and drink. I think it’s gonna be a wild night. It’ll be the kind of night where something goes wrong, but everyone really enjoyed themselves, anyway.

I’ll be helping clean up and prepare the house prior. I’m also finally hanging up those indigo tapestries I ordered. I just finished putting together mini clothespins and 3M tape. It was the only hanging solution I figured would work and look good. The fabric is really lightweight, but I’m still worried about it holding up.

Anyway, I gotta clean up and go to bed. I wish you the loveliest weekend possible. Hope everyone gets invited to a killer Halloween party/event.

P.S. - This got caught in the app and posted late. Haha. It’s okay because my journal’s usually not perfectly chronological, anyway.

Geraldine Cleary’s home in Brisbane

Known as the “D House”, it was designed by Brisbane-based firm Donovan Hill Architects and won the 2001 Robin Boyd Award, Australia’s most prestigious residential architecture prize. One of its remarkable aspects is the continuity between the interior and exterior thanks to the use of the same floor level and few of the same materials, as well as placing skylights above several indoor spaces.

Micro Work-Live Apartments in San Diego

Located in the historic Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego, University professor Hector Perez has created 9 live-work units in less than 4,000 square feet. Filled with a quirky personality and each with a dedicated outdoor space, the building names La Esquina, meaning “the corner” in Spanish—a reference to its position in the neighbourhood, maximises the potential of every available square foot. . 

Photography by Ye Rin Mok Via Dwell


 Alfred Kornfeld’s home-gallery in Berlin

Alfred Cornfield’s gallery is housed in an apartment within a nineteenth century building of a Berlin bourgeois district. He defines it “collectors lounge” since he conceived it as a familiar vibe meeting place for art lovers. The home-gallery summarizes the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, that is the one of total work of art, as a synthesis of art, design, light and color. 


Bold architecture by Massimo Adario.

On Nepi‘s Piazza del Duomo, in Italy, architect Massimo Adario restored an old building. The refurbishing was radical since, of the original -not so remarkable-heritage, only the outer walls remain. The result is outstanding and contemporary: a multi-level spiral path, in which space and light are the basic elements.


Converted Recycled Barn

Frankfurt couple Katharina Pasternak and Martin Schittig demolished a dilapidated structure using many materials salvaged from the old building. Preserving the barn’s dark oak wood beams, gable constructed of handmade bricks, and a pile of tiles from the 1920s, the pair created a modern home. Pursuing the “recycling” theme even further, the couple filled the home with used Nordic furniture, plus a well-worn dining table donated by a local sports halland a bench acquired from a nearby daycare center.