For a while, Sam overheard Quinn’s grandparents talking about how excited they were for Quinn would spend the entire summer with them. Her grandmother tidied up the house every day as if Quinn was going to bust through the front door at any give minute. Sometimes she even talked to Sam about the fact that Quinn was returning and whether or not he was excited about it since they were practically inseparable as kids. He always humored her grandma and told her exactly what she wanted to hear (that he was extremely ecstatic for Quinn’s arrival), but the truth was Sam didn’t know how to feel. He was nervous to see his old friend again. It was even hard for him to admit that he missed her because it was hard to miss someone you could barely remember.  He’d forgotten most of the days he spent with Quinn. He only had a few distinct memories. He remembered her grandfather teaching the both of them how to ride a horse. He remembered picking strawberries with her and her grandmother off on a hot day, and afterwards they were given homemade lemonade. Everything he remembered were random snapshots of their friendship that he tried to hold onto throughout the years. He didn’t even know what she looked like now.

Sam was in the backyard of Quinn’s grandparents’ house, attempting to fix the motor in her grandfather’s lawn mower so he wouldn’t have to buy a new one. He heard the screen door in the back of the house creep open. He figured it was her grandfather coming to check up on him. But when he looked up, he saw a girl he’s never seen before standing on the patio. A beautiful girl with long blonde hair. Even if he didn’t really recognize her, he knew exactly who she was. “You look a lot different without your braids,” he said with a crooked smile once he stood straight up and stood a few steps towards her direction.

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Meryl had mostly kept to herself, holed away in the cottage.  She’d taken time to relax, she’d spent a bunch of hours working, she still had sex here and there but her more adventurous self had calmed down some since Ariella had gotten back to the house.  Since Quinn seemed to not be talking to her she really saw no point in venturing over to the large house though here and there she couldn’t help herself and she’d go over to clean.  When she realized she was out of coffee that evening, she’d gone to the main house to get some only to find that the kitchen was looking rather bare.  With a roll of those pretty hazel eyes, she’d made her way into town to restock.  Thankfully, the market didn’t close until ten pm and seeing as it was only 9, she’d have time to shop.  Once she’d filled the car with groceries, she made her way back and didn’t arrive at the gate until 10:45. 

It took five trips but she brought in all of the bags and on her final trip from the car she walked into the kitchen only to find that Quinn was already there.  “…. Hi.”  She said after a moment or so of silence.  This woman had been her best friend and with everything that had happened between them this summer she was almost sure she’d ruined everything between them.  The older girl missed her, that was for sure, but her twin didn’t seem to share the sentiment.  “I uhm…. I’m just gonna put this stuff away and I’ll get out of here.”  She muttered softly, her fingers playing with the hem of a short cotton dress nervously.  Hazel eyes didn’t dare look over at the other girl for fear of what she’d see… or perhaps what she wouldn’t see.  Beginning to put away the groceries in that meticulous way, she set a side a few items she planned on taking back with her to the cottage.  Meryl put on a new pot of coffee to brew as she washed the produce.

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Rewatching AoS. Can't believe all the blame Ward is throwing at Coulson and Mike Peterson for Skye getting shot. Especially since it was obviously Ward who was feeding Garrett information about the team! How would the Clairvoyant know Skye was at the house with Quinn, or how important she is to Coulson? Garrett ordered Quinn to shoot her because he knew Coulson would move mountains to save her thanks to Ward's intel. He was desperate for answers to Coulson's recovery. SOMEONE GIF THIS HYPOCRISY

Rewatching S1 is so infuriating (but hilarious in a way). The way Ward is so ~emotional and invested~ in saving Skye or finding Coulson when he was being tortured (or the way he reacted to Mike when he knew exactly how he was being controlled) is amazing in retrospect and by amazing I mean I want to repeatedly slam his face into a brick wall. I think it was becketted who posted a bunch of screencaps of “rich shit hydra spy grant ward says while undercover” but man if I ever learn to make gifsets I’m gonna make one with all that stuff.

Also just on the side I would be really interested in seeing S1 from Ward’s point of view tbh I feel like that could be really fun.