HEY THANKS. I’m actually super mad that the smoke covers everything because THEY AIN’T HALF-BAD. Really Crystal Empire backgrounds aren’t too difficult- they’re just time-consuming what with all them crystally textures. (of course, ‘time-consuming’ for an aks background means it takes more than 30 minutes to draw)

SO HERE THEY ARE,  IN ALL THEIR SMOKELESS GLORY. Excuse the watermarks, but empty backgrounds beg to be stolen. So don’t.

Of course it wouldn’t be a true Wiggles background without copious amounts of shortcuts which is why all the buildings are mysteriously the same shape ehehe

AND OF COURSE the one pretty unique building was actually drawn by @tambelon! And that lamp post. I remembered she had a really nice exterior shot so I asked if I could borrow it to add a little spice. …Even if Sombra ended up covering most of it by the end, whoops.

AND THAT FRIGGIN SPIKE STATUE i wanted to destroy it as much as Sombra by the time I was done with it. SO MANY FREAKING SHAPES




A mind-bending thriller set in Portland, Oregon about an unspoken tragedy and its effects on a house, its temporary caretakers and the owners, a classical music critic and his wife on a recuperative trip to Italy.


“House of Last Things” is a movie about relationships, as much as it’s about a haunted house. But, is the house haunted or is it the dreamlike…

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this weekend has been hecking wILD MAN

-i hate zombies but i saw a zombie movie and i loved it???

-got to endure my mom using the phrase “the wussification of boys in america” (she means well but she watches way too much fox news for her own good)

-saw grown adults fishing mardi gras beads out of trees at 10 pm when the parade had been over for 3 hours

-my boss is trying to get me to apply for a master’s program and open a business with her which sounds great except i’d never leave this hellhole

-xh threw another tantrum over how unfair his life is bc he didn’t realize that if you don’t pay child support you don’t get to claim your child as your dependent and of course it’s my fault

-did i mention i liked a zombie movie

-also i have another actor to watch and my life is over thanks a lot gravelly voiced handsome suave funny and charming zombie fighting darcy

-went to a movie that started at 7:30 pm when i’m usually in bed by 8 why

anonymous asked:

can u do one where the boys come home to their girlfriend just dancing around in her underwear? Good luck with the blog!!!!!


Osomatsu looked on at his girlfriend with an amused look on his face, and looked her body over more than once. He decided to join them, and tried to make it more than just dancing, but his attempts were just terrible.

When Karamatsu walked into his house, the last thing he expected to see was his girlfriend in her underwear. He tried to be courteous and not stare, but he’d be lying is he said he didn’t peek through his fingers.

Choromatsu smiled when he saw his girlfriend having fun dancing, but then realized how creepy he must have looked. He told her to get clothes on and tried to erase the image in his head of him looking perverted.

No reaction came from Ichimatsu when he saw his girlfriend dancing half-naked. He just walked past her, throwing a towel on her head and telling her to get some clothes on or cover the cat’s eyes.

Jyushimatsu saw his girlfriend dancing, and cheered, leaping out of his clothes and joining her. Most people would think it weird, but Jyushimatsu and his girlfriend were having a good time anyways.

With an evil smirk, Todomatsu sneakily pulled out his phone and started recording his girlfriend’s wild dancing, and near the end of the song she was dancing to, he said, “Take a look at the camera!”

turn off all the lights - seis

Mel never thought ‘normal’ was a word to describe her situation, but after the disaster of the last two days things at the share house go back to a familiar rhythm pretty quickly. Kaya spends the majority of her time locked in her bedroom blasting whatever music she’s feeling for the week. Harry putters around doing laundry and making smoothies for everyone (even though nobody asked him too) and watching daytime television between lectures. Pip reattaches herself to Mel’s hip like nothing happened, and together they start planning menus and how they’re going to decorate the patio and anxiously scanning weather forecasts to find the best day for an outdoor dinner party. Mel isn’t quite used to the routine yet, and she’s far from considering it home, but right now it does feel normal.

Harry, with his feet propped up on her bed and an Oscar Wilde in his hand that he’s read about fourteen times (or so he said when she was audibly disgusted at the condition of the book, if it could still be called that), marks his page at a quarter to ten and stares at Mel until she looks up from her own page, quirking an eyebrow at him.

“What?” she asks, when he doesn’t seem inclined to elaborate on his creepy eye-contact. Mel doesn’t mind (ok, she’s grown to like) Harry coming upstairs and reading with her every night. It’s quite nice to have another body in the room which often feels draughty and lonely, so far away from the everyone else. But their deal is that they read in companionable silence, not disturbing each other. This is a breach of protocol.

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Visiting Misstress Step ° closed with theplotttingtrio

Elegant Step had been up most the nights since she had found out a month ago that she was having a foal. It was exciting, oh so joyous occasion with her sweetheart finally. Her father agreed with the Count Monsparkle about where the foal should live - he couldn’t take having a loud child around the house at his age. This was the last thing she wanted to hear, her father wasn’t being profitable in her pursuit of getting Fernand. This had been the reason for her lack of rest, which she was catching up on in the back seat of her carriage. Shycedes went to a event for charity or something, Elegant couldn’t not remember. So it was her turn to be the real mare in Fernand’s life.

Elegant was bumped awake as her carriage landed in the curved drive. She stretched her arms then her wings. Elegant rose into the air and landed neatly with her gown glittering in the daylight. Elegant Step strolled up the stub stairs of Monsparkle estate with her unicorn servant bringing her three bags of luggage in a magical orab of jade and ringing the doorbell. It was the first time of her being invited back, she had insisted on letting his wife simmer for awhile. It had paid off and maybe now she could show him how much better her young heart was.


Tentative writing list - Spring '16

The fics that I have planned to start (and/or finish) writing in the next three to four months, in no particular order, are:

  • “Untitled” (Frozen canon!verse, Snow Sisters, WIP)
    Anna is upset that Elsa seems to tune her out while engrossed in work, so she plots to steal from the plate of cookies on her desk.

  • “Lock and Key” (Frozen DA!verse, Snow Sisters, not started)
    To get back at Elsa for missing [insert sisterly get-together activity] for the nth straight week, Anna hides all of the coffee in the house.  Chaos ensues.

  • The Calm After the Storm, chapter 12 (Frozen canon!verse, Snow Sisters/Kristanna/Frohana/Frangled, WIP)
    Final chapter for now.  Been getting some helpful writing advice on the story (*waves at Anna*), so I may actually get back to it soon.

  • “Untitled” (Frozen canon!verse, Kristanna, not started)
    A blanket scenario, in my own style—Kristoff keeps Anna warm during a storm.  (Partly inspired by the Anna Week prompt “Warm Hugs and Frozen Hearts”, using a plot element only hinted at so far in TCAtS.) Not outlined or started, but I’d like to have something ready by mid-March.  (*winks*)

  • “Untitled” (Frozen DA!verse, Snow Sisters/Kristanna, not started)
    One of Elsa’s cats is very fat, and likes to perch on the roof over the front porch, to Kristoff’s discomfort.  (Suggested by @hathor-aroha.)

  • “Bus Stop” (Frozen modern AU, Kristanna, not started)
    Like the song by The Hollies, a typical romance that begins under an umbrella.  (Possibly inspired by the Kristanna Week prompt “Rain”.)  As with the blanket fic, this will go little further than fluff and cuddles.

And now I can finally reveal this! c: This fic was written for the @deancasxmas​ and the recipient @luxshine​.

Prompt; The Lake House AU (the movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves) Castiel is living in 2013, getting letters from Dean, in 2015.

Summary; Dean Winchester is in love with just three things; 1) his family - there is nothing better than it, 2) his dog Chevy and 3) his Lake House. Or at least, formerly his Lake House. It’s a thing of beauty. If he hadn’t been forced to move out, he probably wouldn’t have moved out at all.

What starts out as just a letter from a weirdo turns into a blossoming friendship with the perhaps weirdo who appears to live in 2013. It’s only when he realizes that things may be too late in his timeline for them to hang out, in real life, that he notices that perhaps, he build more than some affection for the guy.

tags;  major character death (not permanent), hospital, oncology ward, mentions of past depression (Sam) and poor health of parents)