Trump could blow up Obamacare with one move
But it's a risky maneuver because the GOP might be blamed for the resulting chaos.

President Donald Trump says that Obamacare is going to explode.

But if that happens, it will likely be because his administration supplies the spark that detonates the marketplaces.

The White House could decide at any time to eliminate subsidies that insurers rely on to lower costs for Obamacare’s poorest customers, as a result of a court win by House Republicans last spring.

“It’s one thing to say we’re going to watch Obamacare collapse,” said Kathy Hempstead, who oversees coverage programs for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “It’s another to shoot it in the head.”

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This is why Obamacare Premiums went up in 2015/16, because the provision for subsidization permitted Congress to decide upon the amount reimbursed to the Ins. Co.s.  Congress reimbursed about $900 Million for a bill over $2 Billion, causing Premiums to rise, AND other companies to Opt Out of providing Obamacare coverage.  It’s always the same strategy with Republicans; De-Fund, Claim Dysfunction, Repeal!  Well, if you De-Fund it, assholes, it ain’t gonna work! Why not tell THAT to the American Public?!


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Can you do one for INTJ ravenclaws please?

Thanks for the ask! Hope this is accurate <3

- Tons of house pride because they love being nerdy as hell

- Total smart aleck to talks back to professors (but only when they need to be corrected!!)

- Reads tons of books to be as knowledgeable as possible (and to sound smart)

- Amazing strategist who always thinks on their feet

- Wins wizarding chess every. single. time.

- Constantly questions social norms that make no logical sense to them:

- “Why do we still use quills in this school?? It’s the 21st century?? Buy some pens??” “But it’s tradition!” “Well the tradition is stupid”

- Butts heads with ambitious Slytherins for titles like Head Boy/Girl (but being Ravenclaw makes them way more creative and capable shhh)

- Can be a little arrogant and elitist when it comes to intelligence

- “I would definitely be the captain of the Quidditch team if I had any interest in sports.”

- Hates abused authority and rules that make no sense because why????

- If you’re friends with/dating them they will be analyzing your every move, 24/7. Watch ya back

- Somehow simultaneously rejects the idea of exams but really wants to ace them

- They claim to be above it all, but when exam season rolls around, they study and work harder than anyone 

- Cynic about eveRYTHING

- Darkest sense of humor and amazing wit, does not hold back

- Thinks parties are stupid and stays in their dorm practicing chess while everyone dances in the Ravenclaw common room

- But when they’re with a few friends, they’re not afraid to get DOWN

- Will tell you what they think no matter what, so go to them if you need honesty

- Probably runs an opinion blog about the goings-on of Hogwarts because their opinions must be correct 

- Don’t talk down to them, because they will come back at ya with FORCE

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Hi! I binge read all of these haha, but could you do RFA+V+Saeran react to MC having a stuffed animal they are overly attached to? I'm obsessed with this fluffy cow I have.. It's embarrassing but I feel like it would be a cute lil thing to write.

Haha, so cute! Don’t we all have one of those:) Hope you like these scenarios!


  • You offer to drive him to work one day
  • While you’re grabbing one last thing out of the house, you tell him to get in the car
  • He notices a stuffed penguin on your dashboard
  • It looks familiar and finally he realizes its the one he gave you when you first started dating
  • “You’ve been keeping it in the car the whole time? I had completely forgotten about it.”
  • “It’s so cute, and it means so much to me. So of course.”
  • He’s flattered and flustered at the same time
  • He keeps playing with it while you’re driving
  • Honestly, a danger to the road because you keep getting distracted cuz he was so cute
  • He asks you what you named it and you suddenly grow quiet
  • When he keeps prodding you, you break down
  • “Pengzen….”
  • He thinks it’s the cutest thing


  • You were sick, so he wanted to pop by and see how you were doing
  • He wanted to surprise you, so you didn’t expect him to show up at your doorstep
  • But he was the surprised one when you were clutching a stuffed puppy
  • You got super embarrassed and threw it into your room
  • “No, no! MC, I think it’s cute!”
  • When you finally recovered and brought it out again, he saw how beaten up it was
  • You explained it was from your childhood and now he’s just dying inside
  • He loves seeing you interact with stuffed animals so much
  • While he runs out for your medicine, he gets you both matching stuffed bunnies
  • “You can think of me whenever you see it, and I’ll do the same for you!”
  • You cherish just as much as your childhood stuffed animal


  • Months ago, she saw you had grown a new obsession with peacock feathers
  • Your stationery, notepads, and even mousepad had peacock feathers
  • To tease you, she boughts you a peacock stuffed animal
  • Months later, she came into your room and you had the peacock propped on your shoulder
  • You explained that you were pretty much obsessed with it
  • Mostly because she bought it for you and you thought it was sweet
  • She’s hit with the feels
  • Sometimes she’ll snap pictures of you with it


  • You usually went to his penthouse to visit him
  • But today, he really wanted to surprise you at your place
  • So he stopped by out of the blue after a meeting nearby
  • You invited him in, although the apartment still had some things scattered about
  • One of those things was your favorite stuffed lion on the couch
  • He picked it up and asked you why you had a toy
  • You chuckled and explain that it was from middle school
  • “But….why?”
  • “Memories….but mostly for comfort.”
  • “I don’t understand.”
  • You just laugh it off and go get some drinks from the kitchen
  • When you return, he’s sitting on the couch and clutching it to his chest
  • He tries to say he’s testing this whole comfort theory
  • But he doesn’t let it go for his whole visit


  • You had recently brought some boxes from back home
  • You called Seven to help you carry them into the apartment
  • After bringing the last box, he sees a stuffed tiger at the top
  • You saw it and took it from him, squeezing it tightly in a hug
  • He’s just grinning at you and saying how cute you are it is
  • “Isn’t it? My friend got it for me during the worst finals week of my life. He was sweet to notice my suffering?”
  • “He?!”
  • You thought you caught him staring at the stuffed animal oddly, but you shrugged and moved on
  • A few days later, Seven gifted you with a small tiger robot
  • He also brought a bag of different stuffed animals and told you to pick one
  • What was he planning to do with the others though???


  • He was having a really rough day
  • He didn’t even want to move off of the couch
  • In an attempt to comfort him, you bring out your favorite stuffed dolphin and hand it to him
  • You explain that hugging it calms you down
  • As he holds it close to him, he starts opening up
  • He admits that it is comforting and that he used to want one when he was a child
  • But he was never allowed to have any toys
  • You feel so bad, you go out and buy him a stuffed turtle
  • You hand it to him, “This is to help you get out of your shell!”
  • He’s so touched...even if he doesn’t show it


  • He had bought you this stuffed Koala as part of a Valentine’s day gift
  • Now every time you sent him pictures on Clapchat, you featured the Koala
  • He always got a kick out of it because you got creative with your photos
  • You would always dress it up in something from your house
  • One time you put sunglasses on it
  • Another time you put your scarves on it
  • You were so obsessed with it
  • He found it really cute and really sweet
  • It became a little inside joke between you two

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black sails rewatch - II. 

Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaca, was visited by a ghost. The ghost tells him that once he reaches his home, once he slays all his enemies and sets his house in order, he must do one last thing before he can rest. The ghost tells him to pick up an oar and walk inland. And keep walking until somebody mistakes that oar for a shovel. For that would be the place that no man had ever been troubled by the sea. And that’s where he’d find peace. In the end that’s all I want. To walk away from the sea and find some peace.

It’s Andromeda, rather than Harry and Ginny, who sends Albus a long letter of congratulations after his Sorting, along with some of her old Slytherin garb. She says she’s proud of him, and that someone in the family was bound to continue her tradition and make her proud in the House that was the last thing she’d shared with her sisters. 

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I was just thinking about this awhile ago! I am so excited for the theme song (if it’s even a song. It could just be music). I can’t tell you have many visuals I’ve had for the theme alone. (Visuals of the gang on campus, when they’re being superheroes, Hiro at home even). 


Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaca, is visited by a ghost. The ghost tells him that once he reaches his home — once he slays his enemies and sets his house in order — he must do one last thing before he can rest. The ghost tells him to pick up an oar and walk inland, and keep walking until someone mistakes that oar for a shovel. For that would be a place where no man has ever been troubled by the sea, and that’s where he’d find peace.

#11 She’s been missing since Friday and you aren’t even worried? Part one

The fight had been the same since she showed up again. Not to sound like a child but he was with you and you couldn’t understand why he didn’t tell her to leave.
“We have kids together Y/N.”
“I know Jackson, but she can see them not you.”
“Stop being so damn jealous and grow up.” He yelled back.
“When you stop playing house with her.” You said walking into the other room.
The last thing you remember was hearing his bike start and leave. Sitting on the floor in front of the bed. You start to cry and the more you cried the more you started thinking that maybe Jax was right and you were being horrible about this. Figuring he went to the clubhouse you went to talk to him.
It was dark and very quite. Parking your car you saw his bike. If you had looked harder you would have seen the other car there to. Walking in you saw something that hit you in the gut. There stood Jax kissing Tara. This couldn’t be real. He chose her again. Turning around you went back to your car. If he wants her. He could have her. You wouldn’t be second best.

What you didn’t see was that Jax had just told Tara he was in love with you. Tara hadn’t believed it and said if he could kiss her and feel nothing then she would leave. You just happened to walk in at the wrong time.

“I felt nothing Tara. You need to stop using the boys to see me. I love Y/N.”

You don’t remember how you got home. You couldn’t even tell you what you had threw in your suitcase. You just wanted to leave. Usually your more carful but this time you walked right out into a trap.

It had been three days since Jax had seen you. He had called but since you didn’t answer he figured you still need time. Walking into the club Jax could feel the tension.
“What’s going on?” He asked walking in
“She’s been missing since Friday and you aren’t worried?” Lyla said
“What do you mean she’s been missing since Friday and who are we talking about?” Jax asked not wanting to play this game.
“This was dropped off this morning.” Chibs said from behind the bar

We have your little girlfriend. Bring the cash if you want her back. We will be calling soon.

“What the fuck. Why wasn’t I called.”
“I tried calling you. Even went by Y/N’s house and there is a suitcase and clothes all over the place. Don’t you even care about her?”
“I have my phone. I’ll be back. Don’t make a move without me, and don’t ever say I don’t fucking love her.” He said turning and running out


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Pairing: Tate Langdon x reader
Fandom: American Horror Story
Warnings: Death! Mentions of death, angst
Summary: Moving out of the murder house? It was the last thing you wanted to do. You had grown close to Tate, very close and you knew he couldn’t go with you. He couldn’t leave this house. You should have known he’d react badly to the news too bad you realized all this too late

Your entire room was almost all packed up. You wiped a tear from your eyes as you placed your remaining possessions into a box. It wasn’t fair. You didn’t want to leave. This is where Tate was. You’d never see him again after you moved. He had become a big part of your life. Could you really just move on after all this? You seriously doubted it.

You picked up a box and were about to bring it downstairs when to you discovered Tate standing in the doorway, blocking your path. He startled you so much you dropped the box on to the floor.

“Oh Tate hey” you said in a small voice. You couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. He had a rather dark look on his face. You immediately knew something wasn’t right.

“Tate?” You said slowly. He didn’t reply instead he took a step forward. This caused you to back up a bit. Look you trusted Tate but you couldn’t help but feel trapped, like you had no where to go, no where to run.
“Tate?” You repeated, your voice shaking this time.

“I need to ask you a question” Tate finally said in a low voice “and you have to be honest with me. Okay?”.
You nodded.
Tate took a deep breath “[Y/N] would you do anything to stay here? Anything to stay here with me?”.

“Of course” you said placing your hands on his cheeks. You rubbed his soft cold skin with your thumbs.

Tears suddenly started to appear in Tate’s eyes.
“I’m sorry” the boy whispered.

“Sorry for what…” you began but before you could even manage to finish your sentence Tate had his hands wrapped around your throat, and he began to squeeze.

You gasped desperately for air but none filled your lungs. You tried pushing Tate away but you didn’t have the strength and he was just too strong. You felt your eyes pop out of your skull. Tate continued to cry as he squeezed the life out of you.

You wanted to ask him why, why was he doing this to you but you weren’t able to do so before darkness took over and… you were dead.

You woke up laying on the couch. It seemed like you had just fallen asleep. Had that whole thing been a dream? A horrible scenario made up by your mind?

You turned to see Tate standing in the corner, just staring at you. You jumped a bit remembering hands around your neck.

“Oh Tate… I had the most… terrifying dream” you said running a hand through your messy hair.

A sad look crossed Tate’s face and he looked down at his feet as if unable to look at you. Something by the look on his face made you rethink your entire conclusion. No. He couldn’t of actually…

Tears formed in your eyes.
“Tate you didn’t. You didn’t!”.

Tate looked up, eyes red.
“I’m sorry”.

You jumped to your feet, charged toward him, and punched him in the chest. He didn’t even flinch but you were so angry that you just had to hit something.
“How could you!” You yelled “I trusted you Tate! I loved you!”.
You shook as tears rolled down off your cheeks and on to the floor.

“I love you” Tate said placing his hands on your shoulders trying to calm you down but you weren’t having it.
“I didn’t want you to leave”.

“You killed me! You don’t hurt the people you care about” you said shaking your head “because of you I can’t leave this place”.

“But that’s what you wanted remember? To stay” Tate reminded.

“What about my parents Tate? They’re not going to believe any of this”.

“I hid the body” Tate explained “they’ll think you ran away if you just hide from them until they move out. You’re almost eighteen anyway [Y/N] you would have moved out right? Now you can stay here forever. Stay with me forever”.

You looked away, not replying to any of this. It was hard to process. You were aware of the existence of ghosts sure but you just never thought you’d be one so soon, so young.

Tate frowned, tears pouring from his eyes yet again.
“You hate me?”.

“No” you muttered “I just… it’s going to take me a little while to forgive you but… I think I can”.

A faint smile formed on Tate’s face. He figured that was better then you not wanting to talk to him ever again.

“I’ll go get you a drink of water” Tate offered.

“But we’re dead. We don’t need water do we?” You said letting out a half hearted laugh.

“Yeah but maybe it’ll help you calm down” Tate shrugged walking out the room.

You slumped down on the couch. You still hadn’t completely registered all this. You thought death would hurt more, feel worse but if you were being honest you felt nothing. You had thought you were just waking up because that’s all it was. Waking up into the after life.

“He got you too?”.

You looked up to see a man with raven black hair and thick eyebrows standing before you.
“Erm who are you?” You asked.

“Chad” the man informed smirking “welcome to the family or whatever the hell this is”.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

After your little brawl at the house party last week, things were a little shaky for about a hour or so. Kells was really pissed that someone had the balls to say something like that in his house.

But after that things were back to their normal hectic ways.The boys were the boys, they drank, smoked, and skated like usual.

You however had broken out of your usual Netflix schedule.

You had somehow, between constant requests for nudes, managed to meet a really nice guy on Tinder.

His name was Evan and on paper he was the perfect guy for you.

He was only a year older, he was attractive, he had a job and was chasing a career in computer design. He seemed to respect that you were a virgin and seemed to be purely fascinated by it. He asked questions and you answered.

The conversation was easy and you had began to feel comfortable enough to set up a little lunch date.

So you were currently getting dressed, and panicking the whole time.

This shirt is either too conservative or the skirt was too revealing. Maybe a dress? But you cant sit properly in a dress.

You groaned as you flopped on your clothes covered bed, then you saw it.

The perfect outfit. 

A black t-shirt, camouflage design pants and black combat boot styled platforms.

You threw on the outfit and quickly did your makeup, nothing crazy or extravagant, just eye shadow and lipstick. 

You gave yourself one last check in the mirror to make  sure nothing was out of place.

Satisfied with your appearance you left your room and headed downstairs, it was noon, so most of the guys were still sleep.

So you weren’t expecting to see Kells on the couch playing 2K.

‘Hey, where you going all dressed up?’ he asked as he kept playing.

You look around to make sure no one else is awake before you almost giddily sat next to Kells.

‘I’m going on a date.’ you smiled.

Kells paused the game and turned to you fully.

‘Really?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, I met him on Tinder, and he knows that I’m…you know, and he’s totally OK with it.’ you said excitedly.

‘Oh wow, really? I mean that’s awesome, I hope it goes well.’ he said.

‘I’m meeting him for the first time today, at that cute little cafe around the corner, nice and public. Just in case, but I think maybe he might the guy that I can…yeah.’ you blushed.

‘Well I wish you the best of luck, you should head out. Wouldn’t want him waiting.’ Kells said as he went back to his game.

You look at the time and jump up.

‘Oh! You’re right, bye.’ you said as you rushed out the door.

‘Bye.’ he said as you left.

Once you were gone he cut the whole game off and covered his face with both his hands.

‘What the fuck?’ he groaned to himself.

He hated the idea of you going on this date, with some stranger you met online. For all anyone knew this guy could be dangerous, you could walking into something dangerous.

So out of worry he woke up Slim and told him they were about to do some James Bond type shit.

He was only watching out for her, making sure she was safe, that was all. He wasn’t jealous, just concerned for his friend.

thankkk you @faerieheir for tagging me !!! I lvoe these things and I’m bored

name/nicknames? deema (deem, deems)

2- height? 5′5" :/

3- hogwarts house? Gryffindor I think?

4- last thing googled? twiggy fjdjjdjd

5- fictional character you’d like as a sibling? April from parks and rec

6- how many blankets do you sleep with? 1 and only bcs I don want a demon snatching my feet

7- favourite artist/band? one direction… unfortunately

8- how many blogs do you follow? 404

9- what do you usually post about? harry, aesthetic, posts about wanting to die

10- do you get asks regularly? no it’s bcs y'all hatE me

11- what’s your aesthetic? art hoe and a lot of red

a - age: 16

b - biggest fear: failure and change (im already a failure so)

c - current time: 10:40 pm

d - drink you last had: tea

e - every day starts with: the feeling of something tugging at your chest

f - favorite song: rn it’s ‘that’s what I like’ a true bop

g - ghosts, are they real?: yes??

h - hometown: houston

i - in love with: death

j - jealous of: death

k - killed someone: my own aspirations n goals

l - last time you cried: half an hour ago I think? Thanks mom

n - number of siblings: 5

o - one wish: calm and relaxation

p - person you last called/texted: @theofficialrock (she asked if it’s bad to eat Alfredo with a spoon)

q - questions you’re most asked: “how do you pronounce it?”

r - reasons to smile: my hamster

s - song last sung: that’s what I like

t - time you woke up: 9:15 am

u - underwear color: why is this a question

v - vacation destinations: not to b cliche but Italy

w - worst habit: ignoring problems and responsibilities

x - x-rays you’ve had: my left arm and teeth

y - your favourite food: mint chocolate chip ice cream

z - zodiac sign: leo

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  1. name/nicknames? Annabel
  2. height? 5′6″
  3. hogwarts house? Ravenclaw
  4. last thing googled? “netflix”
  5. a fictional character i’d like as a sibling? Hmm, maybe Hiccup (HTTYD)? Normally I can’t stand dudes, but Hiccup is okay (and we could be excited nerds talking about dragons). Besides I can’t say any of my favorite female characters because I have partial crushes on a lot of them.
  6. how many blankets do i sleep with? Depends where I am. Here I sleep with one comforter and a blanket.
  7. favorite artist/band? Don’t have one.
  8. how many blogs do i follow? 249
  9. what do i usually post about? On this blog I post YOI and the occasional ocean/aesthetic posts. On my other blogs I post SU, Voltron, HTTYD, other animated things, and I have a spoonie blog as well.
  10. do you get asks regularly? I certainly get more than I used to, but not regualary. 
  11. what’s your aeshtetic? Think Otabek but softer? Think the ocean, messy curly hair, stars/the night sky, movies, books, fantasy worlds, crystals (I collect based on what they do), mythical creatures and lore (love dragons and mermaids), cozy blankets, the color black and aqua, shimmery stuff, fairy lights (my room is a combination of of these things…it looks like a witch’s study combined with modern tech and textbooks). 
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Relationship Status: Single :/ Hopelessly waiting for my first relationship!! 🙃

Favorite color: Ruby red baby 💋

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick bc I hate the feeling of lipbalm/chapstick. (too sticky!!) 

Last song I listened to: I just played poker w my brother and we put on some Motörhead, but I can’t remember the last one we had on.. 

Last movie I watched: Yesterday I watched: The Last House On The Left! 

Top 3 TV Shows: Stranger Things, Vinyl, Bates Motel.

Top 3 Ships: Me & Slash, Me & Jim, Me & Keith. 😛💫

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