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- They say that ghosts do not like change, that activity ramps up when transformations take place in their once homes or other places special to them. Well some people think it is this fact that has caused this possible apparition to show up in this photo – destruction by fire… that’s quite a big change to the structure of a home.

As a fire consumed a very old home in Gary, Indiana, one of the responding firefighters took some photos of the blaze. He was waiting for fire hoses to be unrolled when he took the photos, in order to document the situation - photos he later placed up on his Facebook profile.

It was here that one of his family members noticed some strange things in one of the photos, mainly what seems like a human shaped figure standing in one of the windows, as fire burns the structure. Since this has been pointed out others have noticed another figure or two in the doorway and other window – but it is the main figure that is the most noticeable.

There has since been some speculation that the fire was a training exercise set on an old abandoned property, or just a vacant house going up in flames… still, even so, vacant homes can hold ‘occupiers’.

Was a ghost, possibly a past owner of the property, captured in this photo?
Maybe it is just something else burning away but looking ghostly?
Or maybe it is a hoax… a mannequin left to burn in the window?
Could it be just our brains interpreting things as looking like a ghostly human (pareidolia)?
Fact or Fiction, you decide!

Ashley Hall 2014

Photo: The building on fire, the ghostly figure in the left hand window.
Insets: Several other versions with different contrast and filters.

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“You are Arya Stark of Winterfell, daughter of the north. You told me you could be strong. You have the wolf blood in you”

“I am Sansa Stark, Lord Eddard’s daughter and Lady Catelyn’s, the blood of Winterfell.”


America’s problem is not that it needs more jetpacks. Jetpacks are not innovation. Jetpacks are a fetish object for retrofuturist otaku who jerked off to Judy Jetson, or maybe Jennifer Connelly’s character in The Rocketeer. “We were promised jetpacks!” they whine. Yeah, dude, but what you got was Agent Orange. Imagine a Segway that could kill you and set your house on fire. That’s what a jetpack is.

kit-kat-kittens asked:

Do you think that Aki would be a Hinata child or a Kage Child. Like, would Hinata have Aki's legs up on his shoulders while he is just upside down and laughing crazily as a child? Or would Aki spend all his time sitting in Kags lap or on his shoulders?? Same with Akane.

Hm I’ve said before that I can’t imagine them in the same space since I can’t imagine kagehina being mature enough to marry+raise kids et etc buuuutt 

If I were to imagine them doing some social service at a local kindergarten with Aki and Akane, I can totally see Hinata and Akihiko getting on like a house on fire! I feel like they’d be equally excited about things, whether it’s catching bugs or building sand castles.. They’d be running around all over the place and come back all dirty. Akane I don’t think would be as easily excitable but Hinata’s probably really good at getting her interested in some sort of game?? They’d play till they see the end of it and Aki + Kags will join and it’ll be crazy 

On the other hand Kageyama will be soooo awkward. He’d be really stiff at first. The only one who isn’t bothered by his ‘scary’ face will be Akane probably, they won’t really talk much but they’ll grow closer playing ball (and she’ll be super impressed with his seemingly magical ability to toss the ball wherever she wants). I think Akihiko might join shyly but it’ll take a longer time for them to get along by themselves 

So I guess Akihiko’s definitely a “Hinata Child”? It’s not so clear for Akane. Tbh Hianta will probably get along the best with both of them since he’s so good with people and Kageyama’s an awkward egg. But who knows, adult (+father) Kags might be a lot different! 

In Memoriam: Lourdes & Luciano

  Remember when Lourdes almost set her house on fire? Well now she’s in control of the fire! She’s like one of those professional chefs who isn’t concerned at all when her pan bursts into flames. All part of making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich!

if wildest dreams is never released as a single and we have a holy ground situation 2.0 on our hands i am going to set some houses on fire and then you’ll rEALLY see me in hindsight tangled up with you all night burNING…IT…DOWN…

thebeatlesbutts asked:

4, 10, 14, 22, 22, 24 ✌🏻

  • 4. Name your five favourite records

five favorite that i own on vinyl are

1. Rock N’ Roll - John Lennon

2. Oldies - The Beatles

3. Blah Blah Blah - Iggy Pop

4. School’s Out - Alice Cooper

5. Paranoid - Black Sabbath

  • 10. What records do you want at the moment?

i rly rly want Physical Graffiti and A Day At The Races but also really My Generation and something really mod rocky

  • 14. Your last played record?

i’m playing Oldies by The Beatles right now

  • 22. Do you own any records with the bands you’ve seen live?

i’ve only seen Ghost B.C and two bands that im friends with live, don’t have any of their albums (i might see alice cooper live this summer and i do own School’s Out so, rad)

  • 24. If your house was on fire and you had time to save a few things, would you save any of your records?

dude i would grab my cat and fucking run, im not fucking with fire


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Game of Scenery | Statues in the House of Black and White

Statues of them stood along the walls, massive and threatening. Around their feet red candles flickered, as dim as distant stars. The nearest was a marble woman twelve feet tall. Real tears were trickling from her eyes, to fill the bowl she cradled in her arms. Beyond her was a man with a lion’s head seated on a throne, carved of ebony. On the other side of the doors, a huge horse of bronze and iron reared up on two great legs. Farther on she could make out a great stone face, a pale infant with a sword, a shaggy black goat the size of an aurochs, a hooded man leaning on a staff.