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  • SIGNS:So to start of there are 12 signs, these are the basic personalities<br>
  • Here are some negative and positive traits of the signs to help you understand them better <br>
  • -<br>
  • Aries Positive:Independent, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Courageous <br>
  • Aries Negative:Moody, Short Tempered, Self-involved, Impulsive, Impatient</p>
  • Taurus Positive:Dependable, Persistent, Loyal, Patient, Generous
  • Taurus Negative:Stubborn, Laziness, Possessive, Materialistic, Self-indulging
  • Gemini Positive:Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable
  • Gemini Negative:Superficial, Impulsive, Restless, Devious, Indecisive
  • Cancer Positive:Loyalty, Dependable, Caring, Adaptable, Responsive
  • Cancer Negative:Moody, Clingy, Self-pitying, Oversensitive, Self-absorbed</p>
  • Leo Positive:Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal, Encouraging
  • Leo Negative:Pretentious, Domineering, Melodramatic, Stubborn, Vain
  • Virgo Positive:Observant, Helpful, Reliable, Precise
  • Virgo Negative:Skeptical, Fussy, Inflexible, Cold, Interfering
  • Libra Positive:Diplomatic, Graceful, Peaceful, Idealistic, Hospitable
  • Libra Negative:Superficial, Vain, Indecisive, Unreliable
  • Scorpio Positive:Loyal, Passionate, Resourceful, Observant, Dynamic
  • Scorpio Negative:Jealous, Obsessive, Suspicious, Manipulative, Unyielding
  • Sagittarius Positive:Adventurous
  • Idealistic,Good Humored, Honest, Educated
  • Sagittarius Negative:Tactless, Rambling, Exaggerating, Careless, Irresponsible
  • Capricorn Positive:responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful. loyal
  • Capricorn Negative:dictatorial, inhibited, conceited, distrusting, unimaginative
  • Aquarius Positive:Witty, Clever, Humanitarian, Inventive, Original
  • Aquarius Negative:Stubborn, Unemotional, Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aloof
  • Pisces Positive:Compassionate, Adaptable, Accepting, Devoted, Imaginative
  • Pisces Negative:Oversensitive, Indecisive, Self-pitying, Lazy, Escapist
  • -
  • PLANETS:There are 10 planets, each one has a meaning and is ruled by one or two signs
  • For example Jupiter, if you were born with Jupiter under Taurus you are a Taurus Jupiter
  • If you wanna know what this means you look at Taurus' basic traits and apply that to the meaning of the planet
  • There are personal planets and Public planets
  • The personal planets change faster than the public planets and therefore are the base of your personality and will shine more
  • Here are the planets plus what they mean in your life and how they describe your personality
  • -
  • The sun:The sun is ruled by Leo and is a personal planet, it changes every month and reflects your basic personality
  • The moon:The moon is ruled by Cancer and is a personal planet, it changes every 2-3 days and reflects your emotions, moods and relationship with mother
  • Mercury:Mercury is ruled by Virgo and Gemini and is a personal planet, it changes every 3-4 weeks and reflects your communication and mind
  • Venus:Venus is ruled by Taurus and Libra and is a personal planet, it changes every 4-5 weeks and reflects your love & attraction
  • Mars:Mars is ruled by Aries and (co ruled) by Scorpio and is a personal planet, it changes every 6-7 weeks and reflects your anger, drive and energy
  • Jupiter:Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius and is a public planet, it changes every 12-13 months and reflects your luck, growth and wisdom
  • Saturn:Saturn is ruled by Capricorn and is a public planet, it changes every 2-3 years and reflects your discipline, fears & challenges
  • Uranus:Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and is a public planet, it changes every 7 years and reflects your change, originality and generation
  • Neptune:Neptune is ruled by Pisces and is a public planet, it changes every 10-12 years and reflects your healing process and dreams
  • Pluto:Pluto is ruled by Scorpio and is a public planet, it changes every 12-15 years and reflects your power and transformation
  • -HOUSES:there are 12 houses, each house is the home of one sign and describes a different aspect in your life, they can change every 15 minutes and are used in two different ways
  • The first one is that you have the 12 houses and a sign in each one of them, it describes how you will handle these aspects in your life
  • The second one is that you have a house in each planet, for example if you're a Taurus Jupiter and you're born while Jupiter was in the 6th house you are a Jupiter Taurus in the 6th house, the 6th house is the home of Virgo, so that means you're a Jupiter Taurus Virgo, its like a second sign but less prominent
  • And now here are the houses and what aspect in life they rule, you can use this in the first way of houses and how they are used
  • -
  • 1st house/Ascendant&Rising:the home of Aries, this house reflects the personality, the face you show the world and your physical appearance
  • 2nd house:the home of Taurus, this house reflects earned money and material goods
  • 3rd house:the home of Gemini, this house reflects surroundings, siblings and studies
  • 4th house/Imum Coeli:the home of cancer, reflects the family, home, origins and the father
  • 5th house:the home of Leo, reflects love, pleasure, children and creativity
  • 6th house:the home of Virgo, it reflects everyday life, daily work and health
  • 7th house/Descendant:the home of libra, it reflects marriage, associations and contracts
  • The 8th house:the home of Scorpio, reflects passions, transformation, death, and sexuality
  • 9th house:the house of Sagittarius, it reflects traveling, higher concepts and spirituality
  • 10th house/Midheaven:the home of Capricorn, it reflects social success, careers and the mother
  • 11th house:the home of Aquarius, it reflects friends, support and protections in life
  • 12th house:the home of Pisces, it reflects enemies, difficulties and secrets
  • -
  • GROUPS,ORDER & RELATIONSHIPS:In astrology there are different groups and connections between the signs
  • This shows why the signs are put in this particular order, it shows a pattern
  • In the lists below I'll also explain how this effects the signs and their personality
  • -Elements:the signs
  • Aries:Fire
  • Taurus:Earth
  • Gemini:Air
  • Cancer:Water
  • Leo:Fire
  • Virgo:Earth
  • Libra:Air
  • Scorpio:Water
  • Sagittarius:Fire
  • Capricorn:Earth
  • Aquarius:Air
  • Pisces:Water
  • -
  • Elements:the meaning/keywords
  • -
  • Fire Positive:Energetic, Inspiring, Leaders, Passionate, Creative
  • Fire Negative:Selfish, Flighty, Impulsive, Short tempered
  • Earth Positive:Productive, Practical, Loyal, Determined, Strong Opinions
  • Earth Negative:Materialistic, Demanding, Cold, Fearfull, Greedy
  • Air Positive:Inventors, Social, Nice, Balanced, Smart
  • Air Negative:Superficial, Intuitive, Detached, Scattered
  • Water Positive:Compassionate, Artistic, Helpful, Sympathetic
  • Water Negative:Dramatic, Over-Emotional, Controling, Manipulative
  • -
  • Masculine & Feminine:The signs
  • -
  • Aries:Masculine
  • Taurus:Feminine
  • Gemini:Masculine
  • Cancer:Feminine
  • Leo:Masculine
  • Virgo:Feminine
  • Libra:Masculine
  • Scorpio:Feminine
  • Sagittarius:Masculine
  • Capricorn:Feminine
  • Aquarius:Masculine
  • Pisces:Feminine
  • -
  • Masculine & Feminine:The meaning
  • -
  • Masculine:heading forward, pushing the barrier, unaware of emotions, focused on the future, unaware of the things you say and do and the affect it has on people
  • Feminine:Feeling deeply, Cautious when it comes to actions and always thinking before doing, caring & especially for the ones you love
  • -
  • Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable:the signs
  • -
  • Aries:Cardinal
  • Taurus:Fixed
  • Gemini:Mutable
  • Cancer:Cardinal
  • Leo:Fixed
  • Virgo:Mutable
  • Libra:Cardinal
  • Scorpio:Fixed
  • Sagittarius:Mutable
  • Capricorn:Cardinal
  • Aquarius:Fixed
  • Pisces:Mutable
  • -
  • Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable:the meaning
  • -
  • Cardinal:The Cardinal signs are those that open a season (Aries Spring, Cancer Summer, Libra Fall, Capricorn Winter) these signs are known for their strong will, they are forceful and can get aggressive when someone stands in their way, they often start and cause things, they add thrill to the world
  • Fixed:the fixed signs are the signs that play when the season is in full working (Taurus spring,
  • Leo summer, Scorpio fall, Aquarius winter) they are passionate and see it as their duty to keep everything in order, they are known for their ego and how they can be very proud
  • They add order to the world
  • Mutable:The mutable signs are those that close a season (Gemini Spring, Virgo Summer, Sagittarius Fall, Pisces Winter) these are associated with leadership ambition, and being versatile
  • They often change their expression to meet the demands of other
  • They add change to the world
  • -
  • Sisters:the signs, opposites and twins
  • -
  • Aries:Libra
  • Taurus:Scorpio
  • Gemini:Sagittarius
  • Cancer:Capricorn
  • Leo:Aquarius
  • Virgo:Pisces
  • Libra:Aries
  • Scorpio:Taurus
  • Sagittarius:Gemini
  • Capricorn:Cancer
  • Aquarius:Leo
  • Pisces:Virgo
  • -
  • Sisters:the meaning
  • -
  • Aries & Libra:"The jock and the chearleader" , With Aries we create, with libra we refine
  • With Aries we make war, with libra we make peace
  • Both Aries and libra are likeable and strong- willed, they have a knack for seducing people
  • Fighting for justice
  • Taurus & Scorpio:"Calmness and Chaos" ,
  • With Taurus we life, with Scorpio we die
  • With Taurus we create harmony , with Scorpio we create drama.
  • Both possessive, magnetic, hard shell soft inside, sensitive
  • Gemini & Sagittarius:"The student and the teacher"
  • With Gemini we learn, with Sagittarius we know
  • With Gemini we jump from opinion to opinion, with Sagittarius we hold on to our beliefs
  • Both very charming, social, smart, witty
  • Know how to entertain and keep people their attention
  • Cancer & Capricorn:"The child and the mother"
  • With cancer we need to be taken care of, with Capricorn we need to do things alone
  • With cancer we feel bad for ourselves, with Capricorn we are hard on ourselves
  • Both Capricorn and Cancer know how to make dreams reality and think in solutions
  • They have high expectations from their lovers and friends and want loyalty and commitment
  • Leo & Aquarius:"The model and the designer"
  • With Aquarius we create, with Leo we show off
  • With Aquarius we are different, with Leo we follow trends
  • Both signs are proud and have a selfish side,they love all forms of art and like to show of their creativity
  • Virgo and Pisces:"Earth and Space"
  • With Pisces we dream, with Virgo we snap back to reality
  • With Pisces we make a mess, with Virgo we clean
  • Both signs are highly sensitive and have a love for concepts and detail
  • -
  • COMPATIBILITY:of course some signs get along better than others, that doesn't say that some signs don't have a chance together, each combination is possible and unique, some just need a bit more dedication
  • Also YOU CANT BASE COMPATIBILITY OFF OF ONLY YOUR SUN SIGN, there are more signs and of course no one will match perfect with each sign, so that's how you can see where you need to work on in the relationship,
  • An Example would be if you have a aries sun and the other person a Leo sun (planet of your ego and personality) it would match when it comes down to basic personality traits, because these two signs are very compatible
  • but if you have a Gemini mercury (the planet of the mind and communication) and the same other person has a Pisces mercury there may be some problems with communication and beliefs because Pisces and Gemini are less compatible
  • But now I'll explain how I know and calculate which signs are compatible, for this it is important to know the order and groups the signs are in (you can look back at the group part in this article)
  • -
  • 100% compatible:the best combination for each sign is one of the same element or the next masculine/feminine sign
  • For example, lets take Sagittarius (Fire and Masculine) best matches for this sign would be Aries and Leo (also fire) or Aquarius (the next sign after Sagittarius that is also masculine)
  • Another example is Pisces (Water and Feminine) the best matches would be Scorpio and Cancer (also water) or Taurus (the next sign after Pisces that is also feminine)
  • -
  • 90% compatible:the second best combination for each sign is their sister sign or the feminine/masculine sign before them
  • So again for example Sagittarius (Masculine) their second best match would be Gemini (their sister sign ) or libra (the first masculine sign before them)
  • Again another example Pisces (Feminine) their second best match would be Virgo (their sister sign)or Capricorn (the first feminine sign before them)
  • -
  • 50% compatible:the half/half matches are matches that could work but need some attention and effort.
  • These are the signs that are ruled by the same planet or are from the same category out of the fixed, mutable and cardinal signs
  • For example for Taurus libra would be a challenge but still has change of working because they are both ruled by Venus
  • Second example is Pisces and Sagittarius they are both cardinal signs so it could be possible
  • Another and last example is Virgo and Gemini, I'd give these a 60% because they are both ruled by the same planet AND they are both mutable signs
  • -
  • 30% compatible:the signs that are around the other sign,
  • So for example for Sagittarius Capricorn or Scorpio would be a hard match because Sagittarius stands between Scorpio and Capricorn on the list
  • And lastly I'd give 30% to the signs that have nothing in common,
  • So no same element, no fixed/mutable/cardinal/feminine/masculine similarity, and no same planet
  • For example Capricorn (Earth/Feminine/Cardinal/Saturn) and Gemini (Air/Masculine/Mutable/Mercury)
  • -
  • -
Robbie...dabble thing...

((Sooo I had feels and kind of started this without really thinking about what I was writing…decided to share it with all of you lovely people!))

Word Count: like…445…

His hand brushed up your side and you couldn’t help but become instantly breathless. His Tully blue eyes watched you, lit with desire and happiness…emotions you hadn’t seen in his eyes in oh so long.

Your nails scrapped up his back as his lips fell onto yours, so gentle and teasingly slow that both of you giggled at the unified groans of annoyance that slipped from your tongues. His skin was warm under your touch and you felt your heart flutter at the gasp that slipped from his lips as your hands left angry lines on him.

It had been too long…far too long…both of you so busy with work and school, with family and with friends. You just seemed to lose track of time…but mostly of each other. It had come to blows there in the kitchen at one a.m. and then his hand was wrapped around your throat, shoving you against the wall as you ripped open his dress shirt sending buttons in every direction. His free hand grabbed angrily at your ass as your hands tangled in his hair and pulled his head back, smirking in victory at the hiss of pain that fell from his lips.

Somehow…sometime later…the two of you ended up in bed, fighting for dominance as he ripped your clothes off and you left claw marks over every part of his body you could reach. The first round was nothing but the two of you fucking the hate, the anger, and the frustration out of your systems. The second round was rough just like you were used to him being when he needed you, when he was trying his hardest to show how much you meant to him. And that round…the round the two of you were getting at was slow and giddy. It was the good feelings that were left over, that had you both stumbling and giggling. You were both exhausted but so in the moment you didn’t want to sleep just yet.

“I love you, Y/n Y/l/n Stark.” Robb mumbled as he pulled back, his arms shaking from exhaustion but still he held himself above you with an easy smile on his soft pink lips.

You brushed a hand through his hair, your whole world smiling down at you was everything you had ever wanted and everything you had been missing from him. “And I you, Robbie. Always.”

He nodded, an auburn curl falling into his eyes as he repeated, “Always,” and then he shifted his body and joined your bodies together once more that night. His body sagged slightly as the two of you moaned and rocked the bed so slowly and so gently.

The Signs As Game of Thrones Houses

Aries: Targaryen; “Fire and Blood”:

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Taurus: Mormont; “Here We Stand

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Gemini: Lannister; “Hear Me Roar

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Cancer: Tully; “Family, Duty, Honor

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Leo: Martell; “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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Virgo: Arryn; “As High As Honor

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Libra: Baelish; he doesn’t have a motto, I just couldn’t find a house for you

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Scorpio: Bolton; “Our Blades Are Sharp

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Sagittarius: Baratheon; “Ours Is The Fury

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Capricorn: Stark; “Winter Is Coming

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Aquarius: Greyjoy; “We Do Not Sow

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Pisces: Tyrell; “Growing Strong

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Hi! virgin!Barry prompt: Barry is totally down for sex. Hell, there is a reason he went with Linda's advances until his powers acted up. Only problem is, every time there is an orgasm in his future something happens. He gets food poisoning. 1/?

She falls down the stairs. They get back with their ex. He gets called in for a work emergency. Joe grounds him. Only explanation is, the universe hates him. One time someone set the house on fire and they had to evacuate. He just wants to get laid.

THIS. This is definitely going to be part of it!

But then it has to keep happening even in the fic, where finally it’s going to happen, but shit keep going down - Flash emergency, no condom or lube, Barry’s dad calls, Len dislocates his shoulder, just nonstop, but damn it, now it’s a challenge for Len too.

And it is so, SO gratifying when they finally lock themselves away, guaranteed no interruptions, and get down to businesses…only to discover they’re like trapped, lol. But hey, more time for more sex!

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I get so confused because 1989 might be my least fave album of her and at the same time I love it so much I would risk my life to save it if my house was on fire

yes that’s because all her albums are so great and having to order them is a painful and ultimately meaningless task that i often engage in because i like torturing myself


Apparently under certain circumstances, the basement of the Black House can catch on fire. I couldn’t tell you how, as I’ve never made it happen again, and if I hadn’t taken pictures I’d be questioning whether it actually happened at all. 

Babysitting: A Marauder Imagine

Your goal for the night? Don’t die. Or light the house on fire. That was important too. 

You walked towards the Burrow and reassured yourself that everything was going to be fine. Molly had said that she had a lot of kids, but how many could she actually have? Three at the most, right? Any more than that and she would be insane for leaving them in the care of you, Remus, Peter, and Sirius. You could handle three kids, but any more and you’d fear for their safety. 

Raising your hand to knock on the wooden door, your hand didn’t even come into contact with it before it opened. Peter was standing in the doorway, a crazed look on his face. “HELP US FIND THE TWINS!” 


Peter ushered you in and quickly closed the door behind him.“The twins found the invisibility cloak in Sirius’ bag and we can’t FIND THEM!!!”

You stood in the middle of the room and gaped at what you saw. The house was in ruins, and one of the kids was half out the window, Sirius trying to coax them back into the living room. Remus was sitting in one corner, reading a book with another child and feeding him far too many sweets. The only thing that could make the room any worse was a fire.

“MERLIN’S BEARD, PETER!!! CHARLIE GOT BIT BY A GARDEN GNOME!!!” roared Sirius as he managed to dislodge the at-least-ten-year-old child from the window. “HE’S IN THE BACK YA- Oh, hi, (Your name).”

You blinked a few times before running to the window, Peter disappearing upstairs to find the twins. Sure enough, an eight-year-old red-head was yelling, trying to shake a Garden Gnome off of his leg. Crawling halfway out the window, you smacked the Garden Gnome and pulled Charlie through the window examining the bite.

Sirius rushed past you as he chased the other child into the kitchen. Remus was still reading to the one with glasses, seemingly oblivious to all of it. You picked up a few words of what he was saying and took the book away, a shocked look on your face. “Remus, that kid is no older than three! He should not be reading about that! You shouldn’t even be reading about that!”

“My name’s Per-cwy and I’m four!”

You smiled at the little boy and pulled Charlie closer to you just as Peter yelled from upstairs, “I CAUGHT ONE OF THE DEVILS!!!”

You heard Sirius swear loudly as a pot clanged and a bout of adolescent laughter erupted from the kitchen. You heard a child start to cry and Remus plucked the book from your hands, finding his page once more. Charlie pulled away from you and ran to the kitchen as Sirius yelled something incoherent.

“EVERYONE!!” The room went silent at your outburst and you sighed. “GET IN HERE. NOW.” Your voice was menacingly low and footsteps greeted you after a moment. 

Sirius appeared first, his dark hair disheveled and the word LOSSER written on his forehead in red. Charlie and the other boy were close behind him, their hands stained red and the brightest smiles on their faces. Peter was the last to join the group, his eyes wild and two little ones slung in each arm, the invisibility cloak covering half of one’s face. 

“I will take that,” you tried to pull the cloak away, but the little one held onto it for dear life. “If you give it to me I’ll teach you a spell.” The boy dropped it immediately and looked over at his twin. They shared a smile. 

“Okay. So I have to watch all you until morning. Great.” 

“We’re here to watch them too,” said Peter as he failed to try and separate the twins, knocking over a lamp in the process. 

“No, I’m pretty sure I’m here to watch all eight of you.” The ten-year-old snickered and high-fived Charlie. “So for this to work out, I need all of your names and ages. Then I’ll figure something out. You guys have had dinner, right?” 

Charlie nodded and poked the older one in the ribs. He shot his younger brother a look before saying. “I’m Bill, and I’m ten. Charlie is eight, Percy is four, and Fred and George are two. But to call one of them, you have to call the other.” 

“And yeah, we’ve had dinner,” Charlie piped up before grabbing a stuffed dragon that was on the floor. He gave it a squeeze and made it fly around Bill’s head. 

“Okay, well we have to clean this place up… But after that, we can do a… Umm… Scavenger hunt?” 

Everyone in the room blinked twice and gave you a confused look. “It’s a game where you have to solve a clue that takes you to another place and another and at the end, you get a prize. You know, something cool. Like candy or something from Zonko’s.” 

The twins started to laugh and Charlie, Bill, and Percy talked together excitedly. Remus gave you a thumbs up and you smiled. “But while Sirius and I clean, Remus and Peter will tell you all a story…” The kids groaned, “about the pranks they pulled at Hogwarts!” 

All the kids cheered.

“Peter, where did Charlie, Fred, and George go?” All of the boys fixed you with a look of alarm and laughter erupted from all around you.

You swore terribly, but the sound was cut off by three very loud voices singing what sounded like a very off-key Weird Sisters song. You saw Sirius search his pockets for his wand and barely heard Percy sigh.

The chorus of voices got louder and they were no longer singing, but talking all at once, “WHAT IS THE SPE-”






“OKAY! THAT”S ENOUGH!” you took off in one direction as Remus and Sirius bolted off in another, leaving Peter to try and corral Percy and Bill. You heard Remus announce that he had found them. Heading back to where Peter was, Sirius bumped into you on the way there.

“I told you that you should’ve taught them that spell.” he said as he struggled to fix his tangled hair.

“Well, I told you to keep your profanities to the minimum.”

“Looks like we both failed,” said Sirius. You passed him a goofy grin and he greeted you with his flawless smirk.

“THE CURTAINS CAUGHT ON FIRE!!!” Peter shrieked like a little girl, and Sirius ran out of the room, Bill fast on his heels. 

“It wasn’t me!”

“HELP!!!” cried Peter from the kitchen.

You ran into the room and saw that the kitchen was a disaster area. There was a pot on the stove that was overboiling, something was burning, and the curtains were ablaze, Peter hitting them with a towel.

You took the water that was boiling and threw it onto the flames, Peter yelling because the water was scalding hot.

You sighed and looked at the absolutely ruined kitchen. “So that’s why Percy said you and Sirius probably shouldn’t try and make a cake.”

“Remus, can you give the twins a bath?” you pleaded with the werewolf, your (eye color) eyes staring deep into his soul. You couldn’t imagine Sirius or Peter doing it right, and you were spent. 

Give the job to anyone but Remus and the poor kids would drown.

“(Your name), you know I’m not good with kids,” Remus said with as much sincerity as he could muster. And for a moment, you felt bad for the lost childhood of Remus John Lupin.

He took one look at you and sighed, standing up. “Fine, but you owe me.”

“Bless you, sweet boy,” Remus scoffed as he took the twins from Peter’s clutches. He made it up the stairs and after he was out of your line of sight you collapsed into his chair.

You heard the bathtub fill up and heard Fred and George laugh a bit. You smiled and looked over at the rest of the group. “I don’t know why Lily wants a kid.”

“Because children are the sunshine of the world?” offered Peter.

Sirius laughed from where he sat. “Mate, Lily is so pregnant all she can do is lay in bed and struggle. That doesn’t sound like bliss to me. Not to mention that the twins are nightmares.”

“Fred and George are just being themself,” said Percy from his place on the rug. He was playing with a replica of a wand that would let out red and gold sparks when he swished it, and he pushed up his glasses as he looked at Sirius.

Sirius opened his mouth to say something, but at that exact moment, Remus yelled for help from upstairs. You and Peter rushed up the stairs to find Remus looking at you with a petrified look, technicolored water splashed everywhere.

Peter was the first to react and smiled at Remus. “It’s alright, Remus. I can bathe them.”

Remus nodded, a little shell-shocked, and you ushered him down the stairs. “You know, it could have gone a lot worse. At least they didn’t drown, right?”

Your attempt at a joke failed miserably.

“Well, how’d you manage to get the water like that?”

Somehow you managed to get all the kids asleep, and hallelujah, praise the Lord the house was clean. You smiled as you quietly closed the door to the room that Bill, Charlie, and Percy shared, their little soft snores filling the room. Walking down the stairs you collapsed into one of the chairs in the kitchen and sighed. 

“They fell asleep?” Remus was scrubbing off the chocolate stain on his sweater and fixed you with a smile. 

“Finally. I had to keep telling Charlie about the hippogriffs at Hogwarts. He loves animals, that one.” The two of you laughed softly and Sirius walked into the room, rubbing his forehead with a towel. 

Peter laughed as Sirius scrubbed harder, the word LOSSER not even smudging at his attempts. “What were they trying to write? I’m pretty sure they’re old enough to know how to spell ‘LOSER’ maybe they were going for ‘TOSSER’?” 

Sirius threw his towel at Peter, and you laughed.

“Maybe they were going for a mix the two. Fitting, don’t you think?” said Remus and the kitchen filled with laughter, the Burrow full of the joyful sound until dawn.


Note: I did it! It was a little different from how I first imagined it, but I feel it turned out okay. Just so you know, Lily was too pregnant to take care of children and James, Molly, and Arthur were doing things for the Order.

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Has Eri ever tried doing a play of a children's story? Like, Big bad wolf and the three little pigs, or the ugly duckling, or snow white.

Once upon a time, there were three fairies! Daiyousei, Cirno, and Clownpiece!

“I’m Daiyousei! And I will make a house from leaves and branches!”

And so, Daiyousei made a house from leaves and branches!

“I’m Cirno! And I will make a house made from ice!”

And then, Cirno made a house from ice!

“I’m Clownpiece, and I will make a house from flames!”

And finally, Clownpiece made a house from flames!

So the three fairies made a leaf house, an ice house, and a fire house!

The three of them live happily, when suddenly!


So, the evil Alice first went to Daiyousei’s house of leaves and branches!

“I am going to huff, and PUFF, and SUCK this house down!”

Quickly taking out a vacuum cleaner, Alice sucked all the leaves and branches away from Daiyousei’s house!


Next, Alice went to Cirno’s house of ice, and used fire!


And make a campfire she did! And Cirno’s house MELTED!


And finally, Alice went to Clownpiece’s house of flames!


And dance, she did! She danced, and danced, and rain poured down, making Clownpiece’s house turn into nothing but ash!

“W-Why would you do something like this, Alice?! Now we don’t have homes to stay in!”

“Because I don’t have a house to stay in! Everyone has a house, but me! I want everyone to understand what I have to go through!”

“Really? Then we can always build a house for you!”


And so they did! With Alice, and the three fairies working together, Alice’s house is complete!

“T-This house is amazing! Thank you so much! I promise never to destroy everyone’s houses again! Please call me if you need anything!”

“You’re welcome, Alice! That’s what friends are for!”

And so, the three fairies, and the little Alice became friends together, and they lived happily ever after! The end!


  • Eri as Cirno
  • Eri as Daiyousei
  • Eri as Clownpiece
  • Eri as Alice
  • Houses by Satori and Eri


HE HAS DONE MULTIPLE FOR THE LITTLE CHILDREN! Although the characters and plot sometimes change a little-


And then there’s Sansa. Sansa Stark who named her deadly, killer direwolf Lady. And she trained her to be gentle, and quiet, and sweet and loving. And then what happens? The Baratheons have her killed. So now Sansa is so alone, having lost her family, her home and her Lady. But she is the exact opposite of what her father said would happen to wolves who end up alone. Ned Stark said that the only way they could survive was to stick together, and that was never an option. Robb had their mother. Rickon and Bran had Winterfell and then each other. Jon is on the wall, with his brothers, and then across it with Ygritte, then back to the wall. Arya had Gendry, and is still linked to Nymeria. But Sansa has absolutely no one who is her family. So she takes the strength and poise of a lady, and turns it into something as deadly and defensive as a direwolf’s fangs and claws. She knows that she is alone, and that no one is coming for her, so she adapts. She plays the game, she keeps her mouth shut, she stays alive.

Because the best way to hide a wolf, to keep people feeling safe, is to make them think it’s just a well trained dog.