Piece #3 for iam8bit Plush Week 3. A new addition to the Sprite family. I should probably come up with a name better than the filename, which says it’s a Flibble. (You may remember this as the name of Rimmer’s penguin puppet in Red Dwarf; you could also assume it’s “flying Tribble”). People kept asking what I was making and I had to say I have no idea what this angel unicorn gerbil critter is. It just IS. (Angicornbil is right out, btw.) *EDIT* I have named her Ériu; the other sprites are Persian/Assyrian kings so Celtic mythology seems appropriate for the new series!

Faux fur, velour, spandex, Minky, wire, sequins, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and handpainted eyes; about 6" tall


Bats! In my belfry. Because nothing says “holiday season” like bats goshdarnit. Cold nights in front of the fire with a mug of cocoa, snuggled up in your reindeer sweater with your bat by your side…I just like bats okay

Err, anyway, a group of Baby Batty Bats has flown into the Etsy shop for the first time! These dudes are ½ the size of the regular Batty Bats (see 2nd pic). Plus, the 15% Black Friday weekend discount applies through Tuesday - code BLACKFRI15. Five colors available; I may be able to do a custom color for you before Christmas, just ask.

Bright Red // Hot Pink // Deep Purple // Lilac Purple // Black


Just realized I’ve now made weird but relelvant “food with faces” plush for 3 live action shows I’m into. Psych: pineapple (technically it’s a puppet); Doctor Who: fish fingers and custard; Sherlock: IOU apple. That’s more shows than I would’ve thought I could do.

Either I need an intervention or I need to do a Supernatural one now. Or…Arrested Development.


“you don’t have to be able to see where you’re going to find your way”

Fluffy Chicken: the state national official bird of tumblr. Symbol of determination, teamwork, and following your dreams. And just really wanting something for no good reason. Also, one of my con exclusives for C2E2 at the end of the month (booth 961). Made from two types of silky faux fur, with a wool felt beak and safety eyes (they’re under there), and feet complete with a fur “sock” just like the real ones. Measures 10" tall and can be posed sitting or standing (with light back support).

Isn’t it majestic


Emerald City Comic Con! …is a thing I am doing. Con #1 on the spring convention gauntlet. Will I survive to see #3?! I don’t know, but if you want any of THIS stuff, you should come see me at ECCC ;) Here’s a teaser of: MonsterFriend batch, Flibble batch, Licker batch; convention exclusive Hug-A-Mug Coffee (limited edition!) and new release Tentacle Attack necklace in Dark Night; PLUS part of a batch of Vials of Hearts & Stars. Just a sample of what I’ve brought! Handy dandy map provided so you can find me at Booth 1304. 

There will also be plush pie. And bacon. Can’t go wrong with pie and/or bacon.


New plush in the shop: Sunny Side egg keychain and Ambivalent Bacon Strip!

Sunny Side egg: about 4" tall by 2.75" wide. Anti-pill fleece and Minky, comes with a ball chain on a ribbon and ring to attach to whatever you like

Bacon Strip: about 6" tall by 1.75" wide, in meaty or fatty versions; sits on its own. I wanted to put BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS AND BACON STRIPS in the listing title because surely Epic Mealtime is inseparable from bacon products but it didn’t fit :X The one with no tag is mine btw ;)

Big version Hurley the rainbow barfing cloud + detachable sun dude. It has an eyepatch with rhinestones and studs because that’s how classy crafters roll when they run out of eyes.

At some point I’ll have a long enough sewing break to take good pics, but now I’ve an earthworm to make or I’m not “allowed” to watch Supernatural haha @-@;