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House Nymeros Martell 

House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and is the ruling house of Dorne. ‘Nymeros’ indicates “of the line of Nymeria,” but generally it is simply called House Martell. The seat of the Prince of Dorne is Sunspear in southeastern Dorne.

The Martells of old used a spear as their emblem, while Nymeria and her Rhoynar used the sun as theirs. When Nymeria wed Lord Mors Martell, the symbols were combined into a gold spear piercing a red sun on an orange field. 

Their words are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.


House Martell, Lord of the Sandship, Lord of Sunspear, Prince of Dorne. Salty Dornishmen, with dark eyes, dark hair in ringlets, and olive skin. When the warrior queen Nymeria came with her people to Westeros from Essos, the Martell lands were dwarfed by other dornish houses, Nymeria took Mors Martell, as her husband and the two united all of Dorne under their rule. House Nymeros Martell has reigned since.


House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and is the ruling house of Dorne. ‘Nymeros’ indicates “of the line of Nymeria,” but generally it is simply called House Martell. The seat of the Prince of Dorne is Sunspear in southeastern Dorne. The Martells of old used a spear as their emblem, while Nymeria and her Rhoynar used the sun as theirs. When Nymeria wed Lord Mors Martell, the symbols were combined into a gold spear piercing a red sun on an orange field. Their words are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

Houses of Westeros Aesthetic

Ser Arthur x Lyanna Stark...

IMAGINE….After the Sack of King’s Landing, the three Kingsguard knights at the TOJ decided to take a pregnant Lyanna Stark across the Narrow Sea where she had her son, King Jaehaerys Targaryen Third of His Name (aka, Jon Snow).

((Firstly, I am aware that it’s not completely fair to place this request before all the other ones BUUTTTT I got the idea and had it written in less time than the last few I’ve done and..well…Im proud of it. Secondly, Arthur and Lyanna’s personalities may be…weird?…I apologize for that. I’m trying to write a mature Lyanna who is sorry for Robert’s Rebellion and also Arthur who is mindful of his duties but still human with feelings….))

((I hope you all like it nevertheless!))

((Oh! There will eventually be a 2nd part because this request called for smut…and there isn’t really any))

Word Count: 2,471

Warning; None…really…small hint of something at the end

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Dorne is the hottest region of Westeros. The region is rocky, mountainous, arid and dry, and features the only desert on the continent. Its capital is Sunspear from which House Martell rules. The castle was built one thousand years ago, at the time of Nymeria’s war; clinging to its walls, the shadow city spreads westwards, with miles of narrow alleys and noisy bazaars. Three leagues to the west of Sunspear lie the Water Gardens, the Martells’ private residence, a palace with gardens and waterworks, shaded by blood orange trees.


House Martell of Sunspear is a legally extinct Great House of Westeros. It ruled the peninsula of Dorne in the far south of the continent from their castle Sunspear. Though loyal to the Iron Throne, the Martells were never conquered by the Targaryens and pursued a more isolated role in wider political events since Robert’s Rebellion.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

“Let us look upon this head,“ prince Doran commanded. Areo Hotah watched the white knight, Ser Balon Swann. 

He watched the Sand Snakes. 

He watched the Princess Arianne and her dead uncles paramour Ellaria.

 Serve. Protect. Obey. That was his task. All the rest had eyes only for the chest.

Bowing, Maester Caleotte took the chest from the hands of the white knight and carried it to the dais. Within was a scull.

"The Mountain rides no more,” the prince said, gravely. He had tears glistening in his eyes.

“Was his dying long and hard, Ser Balon?” asked Tyene Sand, in the tone a maiden might use to ask if her gown was pretty.

“He screamed for days, my lady. We could hear him all over the Red Keep.”

“Does that trouble you, ser?” asked the Lady Nym. “Ser Gregor was a bloody brute, all men agree. If ever a man deserved to suffer, it was him.“

"That is as it may be, my lady. But Poison is a foul and filthy way to kill.”

The prince left it to Ricasso, his blind seneschal, to rise and propose the toast. “Lords and ladies, let us all now drink to Tommen, the First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.”

The white knight did drink, as was only courteous. His companions likewise. So did the Princess Arianne and many nobles with her. But many did not.

Chief amongst those were the Sand Snakes, the bastard daughters of the prince’s late brother Oberyn. Obara let them fill her cup to the brim, then upended it to spill the red wine on the floor. Obara left the hall. After a moment Princess Arianne excused herself and went after her.

Later, Arianne turned to Balon Swann.“I have always been fond of swans. No other bird is half so beautiful, this side of the Summer Isles.”

“Your peacocks might dispute that,” said Ser Balon. This one is not so easily seduced as was his Sworn Brother.

Ser Balon spoke to Prince Doran “Her Grace informed me that I shall escort her daughter back to King’s Landing. Prince Trystane would be welcome in King’s Landing as well,”

“Of course. But now you must excuse me, ser. Obara, would you be so kind as to help me to my bed? Nymeria, Tyene, come as well, and bid your old uncle a fond good night.”

So it fell to Obara Sand to roll the prince’s chair from Sunspear’s feast hall and down a long gallery to his solar.

 "You cannot seriously intend to send Trystane and Myrcella to King’s Landing,“ Obara said as she was pushing. “Do that, and we will never see the girl again, and your son will spend his life a hostage to the Iron Throne.”

“Do you take me for a fool, Obara. There is much you do not know.”

In the Princes’ chamber Obara gave the skull a mocking kiss. "This is a start, I’ll grant.”

“A start?” said Ellaria Sand, incredulous. “Gods forbid. All those who had a hand in murdering Elia and her children are dead.

"It ends in blood, as it began,” said Lady Nym.

“Oberyn wanted vengeance for Elia. Now the three of you want vengeance for him. You have four sisters, I remind you. If you should die, must they seek vengeance for you? “

"This war has already begun”, the prince announced. “I am not blind, nor deaf. I know that you all believe me weak. Your father and I worked more closely than you know … but now he is gone. The question is, can I trust his daughters?”

Tyene answered for the three of them. “Set a task for us, any task, and you shall find us as leal and obedient as any prince could hope for.”

“I want your oath. Will you swear to serve me, to do as I command?”

“We swear.”

“Obara, you will go to High Hermit-age to beard Darkstar in his den. The time is not yet come for Dorne to openly defy the Iron Throne, so we must needs return Myrcella to her mother, but I will not be accompanying her. That task will be yours, Nymeria.”

“And what of me?” asked Tyene.

“I want you in King’s Landing too. This new High Septon is not the puppet that the others were. Try and get close to him.“

"I know you will not fail us, cousins.” Arianne went to each of them in turn, took their hands, kissed them lightly on the lips.

“Unbowed, unbent, unbroken, ” the Sand Snakes said, together.

 A Feast for Crows Chapter 38 (The Watcher) - shortened



asoiaf meme: [2/2] pre-series characters ➢ nymeria, queen of the rhoynar

“That is Nymeria’s star, burning bright, and that milky band behind her, those are ten thousand ships. She burned as bright as any man, and so shall I.”

BTS in Game of Thrones Houses

Prince Jimin, of the House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear

Jungkook of the House Lannister of Casterly Rock.

Namjoon, Lord Paramount and Head Warden of the North, of House Stark of Winterfell.

Yoongi, lost surviving heir of the Doom of Valyria of the House Targeryen.

Taehyung, warg of the Free Folks Beyond-the-Wall.

Hoseok, sellsword from Riverrun.

Seokjin, morning rose of the House of Tyrell of Highgarden.

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The Soiled Knight

He had left Princess Myrcella in her chambers, bent over a gaming table opposite Prince Trystane, pushing ornate pieces across squares of jade and carnelian and lapis lazuli .

The night was unseasonably cool, even for autumn. Ser Arys Oakheart pulled up his hood to cover his face. It would not do for him to be recognized. His only crime was being from King’s Landing.

To wear his white cloak of the Kingsguard openly in the shadow city would be asking for attack. He felt naked without one hanging from his shoulders.

But I am a Kingsguard still, even uncloaked. She must respect that. I must make her understand. He should never have let himself be drawn into this, but the singer said that love can make a fool of any man.

The alley opened suddenly onto a moonlit courtyard. Past the candlemaker’s shop, she wrote. He pushed the door open instead. “My lady?” he called. “Where are you?”

“Here.” She stepped out from the shadow behind the door.

I only came to tell her I must go, but when he saw her shining in the candlelight he seemed to lose the power of speech. 

And then somehow he was holding her, and she was pulling off his robes. Arianne

“My knight, my sweet white knight.”

It was too much for him to stand.

What am I doing? he asked himself. I am a knight of the Kingsguard. My oath of chastity.

“You bleed,” she said when they were finished. “I scratched too hard.”

“Don’t.” Naked, he stood. “No more.”

“I have balm. For the scratches.”

But none for my shame. “The scratches are nothing. Forgive me, my lady, I must go …”

“So soon?  Stay with me tonight, ser. I still have much to teach you.”

“I have learned too much from you already.

“Are you certain you are not off to some other bed”

"You know I have no other woman. Only … duty.”

“That poxy bitch? I know her. Dry as dust between the legs, and her kisses leave you bleeding.”

"My place is at the palace. I must protect Princess Myrcella”

"The sweet princess. Her little brother sits the Iron throne now but she’s the older one. She is more fit for rule …”

“A son comes before a daughter.”

“Why? What god has made it so? I am my father’s heir. Should I give up my rights to my brothers?”

“Your father will take Myrcella with him to the Water Gardens to protect her.”

“No. To keep her away from those who’d seek to crown her. You say you love the girl as you would a daughter. Would you let your daughter be despoiled of her rights? Defend her … and her rights. Set a crown upon her head.”

“I swore an oath!”

“Myrcella would want you to be happy, and she is fond of me as well. She will give us leave to marry if we ask.”

She is tearing me apart. “You know I do, but . . .”

“You call me love, yet you refuse me, when I have most desperate need of you.”

“No, my love.” Ser Arys sank to one knee. “Myrcella is the elder, and better suited to the crown.? My sword, my life, my honor, all belong to her . . . and to you, my heart’s delight. I am yours. What would you have of me?”

“We will crown Myrcella.”

A Feast for Crows Chapter 13 (The Soiled Knight)



asoiaf fancast: 5 houses

House Martell: Prince Doran, Prince Oberyn, and Princess Elia

In Dorne, they walked among the vipers. But in King’s Landing they were surronded by lions

House Words Wednesdays: House Toland

Welcome to House Words Wednesdays! Each week, I take a House without known canon or semi-canon words and present what I think could make sense as that House’s motto. You’re free to suggest more as well, if your favored House has not yet been suggested; take a look at this link to see what has already been suggested, and shoot me an ask through Tumblr if you have another House you’d like to see done. 

House Toland of Ghost Hill is a noble House of Dorne, one of the principal Houses sworn to the Martells of Sunspear. Though it is unclear when House Toland was founded - whether as one of those first First Men House wandering over the not-yet-Broken Arm of Dorne, or whether as one of the adventuring Andal Houses carving a toy kingdom in the Dornish realm - the Tolands were certainly a lordly House of some strength by the time of Nymeria’s Conquest, some thousand years ago. Yandel, after all, notes that House Toland was one of the main allies of Mors Martell and Princess Nymeria (a shrewd move on Nymeria’s part to forge an alliance with a key landing point on the Sea of Dorne, not leaving the Sea only to the pro-Yronwood Jordaynes farther along the coast). Doubtless the Tolands reaped the rewards of backing the Rhoynish horse over the subsequent decades and centuries, and indeed I think it very likely at least one Martell married into the Toland line in the past century, or at least after the marriage of the first Daenerys and Prince Maron Martell. Teora Toland, younger daughter of Lady Nymella, has after all seemingly prophetic dragon dreams, of the sort boasted by Targaryens and Targaryen-blooded descendants (like the 1/8 Targaryen Shireen Baratheon). Certainly, Prince Doran counts the Tolands among his trusted bannermen: Lady Nymella works to delay Balon Swann’s arrival in Sunspear, and when leaving for the Stormlands and the would-be Targaryen pretender, Arianne and her party depart from Ghost Hill.

Interestingly, the Tolands have the rare distinction of having changed their family sigil during their time as a noble House - not merely added to it, as the Darklyns and Hollards both have, but actually completely reworked it. The original Toland sigil was a ghost, presumably to accompany their seat of “Ghost Hill” (still a rad name for a castle) on its chalky white hill. During the First Dornish War, Aegon the Conqueror attempted to take the castle, and upon viewing the flying ghost standard was informed that Lord Toland’s champion had agreed to duel him. Aegon slew the man with Blackfyre … only to discover that the champion was in fact Lord Toland’s “mad” fool, and that the Toland family had already snuck out of the castle to safety elsewhere. The Targaryen victory in the First Dornish War was at best hollow and temporary, and the Tolands in particular celebrated their successful scheme against their would-be conquerors: forever after, the Tolands have flown as their banner a green dragon on a yellow field, eating its own tail - a mockery of the Targaryens’ vain attempt to take the Toland seat, done in the motley colors of the brave fool.

Now, even though the Tolands changed their sigil at the time of the First Dornish War, I like to imagine that their words stayed the same. So for Toland words, I came up with The Spirit Is Stronger. “Spirit” being an occasional synonym for “ghost”, I thought it fitting that the Toland words should proclaim the might of the ghosts of Ghost Hill over the other petty powers of Dorne (how fitting the Tolands ended up being the HWW pick for the week before Halloween). I think as well that these words work for the Tolands after changing their sigil, in reflection of their triumph over Aegon in his attempted conquest of Dorne. The Tolands had won against the dragons not through force of arms - the high chalk foundation of Ghost Hill could no more resist Balerion than Harrenhal’s thick stone walls could - but through their own wit and the spirit of their fool; the dragon on their arms would serve to remind themselves and others that, although great and fearsome, a dragon could always be defeated by those intangible, invaluable tools. Of course, I like these words as well for highlighting young Teora’s supernatural side: logical reasoning might dismiss Teora’s doomsday predictions, but the spirit of her possibly Targaryen ancestors seems to have rested with her as well, and will come to light with the inevitable conflict between Young Aegon and Daenerys Targaryen.

Let me know how you like these words for House Toland. Next week is a Westerlands House famed for sporting a fanciful - and, to our eyes, mythical - sigil.


MY FAVOURITE ASOIAF HOUSES → [5/10] » House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear

↳ House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and is the ruling house of Dorne. ‘Nymeros’ indicates “of the line of Nymeria,” but generally it is simply called House Martell. Their seat is Sunspear in southeastern Dorne. The Martells of old used a spear as their emblem, while Nymeria and her Rhoynar used the sun as theirs. When Nymeria wed King Mors Martell, the symbols were combined into a gold spear piercing a red sun on an orange field. Their words are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. In appearance they are classic salty Dornishmen, with dark eyes, dark hair in ringlets, and olive skin.

I got this magnificent Game of Thrones sketchbook, and it only seems right to fill it exclusively with Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire characters. Here’s a small batch from the first go-around. The names are in the tags, but see if you can guess.