That show house hunters is wild how do these white people have that much money !

It’s like hi my name is Peter and I’m a cheesecake connoisseur and my wife sells custom plastic bag from our 3 bedroom apartment, she’s taking alot of room and we’re looking for something that’s more spacious, we have a budget of 2.3 million dollars.

Like the most basic shit !

300k on house hunters: here’s a shack, you might be able to afford paint.
300k on fixer upper: here is an Irish castle that was moved brick by brick from it’s oceanside cliff. We can completely update it, with new appliances, and three pools. We’re also going to make it really personal for you and invite you to hang out at our cool farm.
300k on flip or flop: We bought this studio at an auction. It doesn’t have a ceiling, the walls have holes, and there is a family of racoons living in the floor. We’re going to cover everything in granite and sell it for a million dollars.

The signs as buyers on HGTV

Aries: Has high expectations but a low budget  

Taurus: Wants a move-in ready home since they don’t want to deal with renovations

Gemini: Values location over the actual home

Cancer: Emphasizes their need for a large updated kitchen

Leo: Wants a space to entertain their friends and family in

Virgo: Prefers a fixer-upper so they can make the home exactly how they want it

Libra: Lets their partner make the final decision on which home to choose

Scorpio: Thinks the realtor isn’t doing their job when they don’t like a home

Sagittarius: Purchases an exotic vacation home

Capricorn: Willing to go over budget for the perfect home

Aquarius: Wants a home with “charm”

Pisces: Has no idea what they want and makes the realtor try to figure it out

Couple on House Hunters
  • Couple: This house is everything we have ever dreamed of. It's $75,000 under budget, in a beautiful neighborhood, a reasonable commute time to work, and located in a fantastic school district.
  • Couple: but it doesn't have stainless steel appliances so instead of spending $3,000 for those appliances we're gonna pick the house that is over budget by $50,000, has fewer and smaller rooms,longer commute, noisy neighborhood with rude neighbors, all because it already has stainless steel appliances.