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Do you think if I make a lightweight housecoat it would be a good idea to protect my clothes, so I don't have to take them off and put them on all the time? I'm so scared I'll tip, snag or spill something on my beautiful frills. What material will be nice? I was thinking silk or a cotton blend, but you are probably more experienced with sewing than me. The vintage ones look like they could probably go over a petti but I think I'd take it off anyway.

You mean just for around the house? I don’t see why not. Just make a pretty silk one (because it’s super comfortable) or get a vintage one if you find one you like.

I’m dying of laughter!
I was going out of my room to go to the toilet, and at the exact same time my mums boyfriend did too… I’ve never laughed so hard at anything!
He was wrapped up tightly in my mums dressing gown.
Now you’ve got to understand: this guy is a 6ft2 punk with a Mohawk. And he came out of the darkness in a pink frilly dressing gown, just a bit too small for him, with really sleepy eyes.
I’m so done.