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what are you thoughts on house cats? That can only live inside. I know its a different situation to the wales but is it still viewed as cruel?

Not at all! Outside house cats present a huge threat to local wildlife, killing off native species of birds and rodents, etc at really high rates.

Alongside that, it’s super dangerous to let your cat outside unattended. Cats get hit by cars, killed by larger wildlife in the area, are harassed by other people for the fun of it or because they don’t want the cat intruding on their property, encounter other feral pets and fight/reproduce if not castrated, catch diseases, or just get lost and never return home. That’s just a few of the risks.

Cats can have their needs fully satisfied in an indoor environment if provided with the enrichment they need such as toys, scratch posts, hides, playhouses, etc. You can even close off a section of your back porch to let your cat out in so they can get some fresh air, or leash train your cat to take them on monitored excursions outside (just always use a harness over a collar).


This is Tiny! She is not tiny. This is her favorite chair. She has the softest, thickest fur of any cat I have ever owned. One time she spilled grape soda all over my entire set of Harry Potter books. She’s very talkative and likes screaming at me.

But she has a bladder stone, so please send good thoughts and prayers up that a diet change will help break the stone down. Surgery is kind of expensive and stressful.

My vet is literally the best vet ever. They have done so many nice things for me and my houseful of cats! I don’t even have a complete list, but they have always just been so very accommodating and understanding and have done their utmost to help me in emergencies and when money was tight. Most recently, they gave me some food as free samples to help Tiny while I waited for my student loans to come in so I could bring her in for a real appointment. When I called to schedule an appointment a week later, they asked if the “cat with urinary issues” I needed an appointment for was Tiny (and they called her by name). They had no open appointments so they let me bring her in in the morning and they worked her in during other appointments while I was in class–and today they used the last $100 of a donation fund to help me with getting xrays for Tiny so we could tell if it was a stone or a tumor in her bladder. They didn’t even ask: they just applied it immediately to my account. I hope every single person who works there is blessed in a big way.

Study: Cats are the brutal killing machines you always knew they were
  • 2.1 animals per week killed by cats wearing KittyCams source

» The secret world of cats: A test of the National Geographic Society’s Crittercam program, run by the University of Georgia, showed a couple of interesting things about kitties that we didn’t already know about — that, given the opportunity to go outside, they will kill, but they may not bring their prey back with them (something that happens only 23 percent of the time). “The results were certainly surprising, if not startling,” said the University of Georgia's Kerrie Anne Loyd, in the understatement of the year. The study has prompted American Bird Conservancy president Dr. George Fenwick to estimate four billion animals per year — and 500 million birds alone — are killed by cats, whether domestic or feral. “Cat predation is one of the reasons why one in three American bird species are in decline,” Fenwick claims. That’s right, it’s Kitty’s fault.

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