I love Lavander, it’s a very pretty plant and smells amazing. Lavender has so many versatile uses including aiding relaxation through aromatherapy, it can be used in cosmetic and bath products and has many antiseptic properties.

As part of my wildflower project, I have started off some lavender seeds inside the house ready to transplant later.

I started by filling up a small plant tray with soil and perlite, two-part soil and one part perlite.

I sprinkled the seeds as evenly as I could between the seed trays and covered finely with more soil and compacted.

It’s important to keep the plants moist and the seed packet said to cover with clingfilm or glass until seedlings appear.

I’ve put the plant tray on my partner’s front windowsill as this produces hours of full light.

I’m very excited for the seedlings, which should rear their heads in twenty-one to forty-nine days and the first harvest and I already have loads of idea for what to do with my first harvest.