Today’s mood: Sucking Duncan’s cock in the back of a limo after some pretentious gala. 

A/N: this was literally supposed to be a sentence that turned into a blurb so I apologize if it’s trash. 

The cool of his large ‘H(ermes) belt buckle rubbing against your flush skin as he guides you farther down his length with one hand, an open bottle of Dom in the other. He alternates between drinking directly from the $400 bottle and praising you. 

“Mmm, you suck me so fucking good, baby girl”

He takes another sip, reclined arrogantly, watching your head bob up and down between his thighs. Grunting out a groan as your freshly manicured nails dig deeper into his suit pants. 

Duncan rolls the partition halfway down. ‘Good Form’ playing on the radio. 

“See a bitch get more press than a keypad
Before you suck me off, get a knee pad”

He smirks smugly at the line before bucking his hips up and choking you. You rush to unhinge your jaw, trying to adapt to his big length snaking its way further down your fragile throat. 

You gag against him, flattening your tongue, opening so wide you feel your jaw popping. Warm drool trickling down your chin at the fullness of him in your stretched mouth. 

There’s no room for anything else in there but Duncan - not even your own saliva. 

Just a little deeper, princess,” he encourages with a sinfully smooth tone while playing with your h/c locks. Using your hair like reigns to guide you up and down, down, down his hard, leaking cock.

The delicious burn is almost too much - the burn of the coarse fibers of the limo floor beneath your knees. The burn of Duncan’s cock ruthlessly fucking into your wet mouth and down your spent throat.  

And he loves it. Loves the way you take him, all of him, without complaining. You never do. 

Fuck Y/N. You’re such a good girl,” he praises. Your lips thinned against his thick shaft as he rubs his thumb across your blushing cheek. 

The music is loud, but you’re both louder. Duncan becoming more and more vocal as he’s closing in on his release. He encourages you to suck harder. Stroke him faster. Take him in deeper. And you do. Duncan loves bossing you around and you love obeying. Trying to hold back your smile as you can feel him beginning to twitch and come undone. 

It only takes a few more pumps of his heated flesh into your mouth and he’s cumming. Holding you down by the messy wad of hair he’s got in both hands, his hips surging up to meet you to assure there’s not an ounce of him that goes wasted. His hot load coating your tongue before oozing its sticky thickness down your throat. His breaths are heavy and erratic. Panting wildly as he slowly guides you off his slick length by your hair. 

Duncan makes eye contact with the young driver in the rear view mirror and she immediately looks straight ahead at the road. Ivory bleeding through her knuckles as she grips the steering wheel tightly. Noticeably shifting in her seat uncomfortably, trying to quell her own arousal. 

He lets out a cocky laugh and rolls the partition back up.  


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A Proposition (Duncan Shepherd X Reader)

i accidentally deleted the ask that inspired this, but essentially someone wanted hate smut. there’s no actual smut in this, mainly bc i wrote this at like 8 am and was too tired to get into the nasty shit, but it’s basically pre-smut where duncan seduces the reader. sorry to blueball y’all LMAOO

word count: 1.1k 

warnings: pre-smut, sexual tension 


“So you’re the journalist who’s been trying to ruin my career,” came the booming voice of Duncan Shepard as you made your way through his large office doors. He chuckled, but you knew he found no humor in the situation; he’d been trying to coerce you into a meeting with him for weeks, desperate to convince you to stop with your frequent exposé articles regarding the corruption behind his app. Of course you wouldn’t give in that easy, but your boss had suggested you take him up on his offer to meet, just to see what might be said. If anything, it could give us new material for future articles, your boss had said. So you’d accepted, albeit reluctantly.

You had to admit, you were intimidated by Duncan, with his designer clothes and handsome face and confident exterior, but you weren’t about to let him know that.

“I have to admit, you’re a lot younger than I thought you’d be. Prettier, too.” He dragged his words out in a condescending fashion, leaning back in his chair to cross his hands over his stomach as he regarded you through pale blue eyes. You scowled.

“How charming,” you said, approaching him further with your head held as high as your body would allow. “But I’m afraid it’ll take a lot more than chauvinistic remarks disguised as flattery to help your cause.” You reached his desk, leaning forward to place your palms flat against the rich wood surface.

He raised his eyebrows. “My cause? And what might that be?”

“C’mon, Mr. Shepherd. We both know why you called me here. You want me to stop publishing articles about you and your app.” It was Duncan’s turn to frown, creases forming between his eyebrows as his plump lips curved downwards. “So what’s the offer? Money? Exposure?”

You placed your hands on your hips and cocked your head, watching as Duncan slowly stood up out of his chair. “Well, what do you want?”

“What I want, Mr. Shepherd, is for you and your family to stop being involved in corruption.” At this, his eyes narrowed, and you could see a dark anger pool in them. He made his way around to the other side of the desk, and you resisted your sudden urge to cower under the man’s towering frame.

Suddenly, he licked his lips, shooting you a predatory grin as he casually leaned one hip against his desk. “Alright, Ms. (y/l/n). I suppose I’ll have to take to different measures to spare my family’s reputation, then.”

You raised your eyebrows, crossing your arms in front of your sensible silk button-down.

“Does the name (your url) mean anything to you?” he asked, immediately looking triumphant as he saw the way your mouth fell open. He took a step closer to you, blinking his eyes with faux innocence, only about a foot away from you now. “Doesn’t ring a bell?”

“Where did you hear that?” you demanded, cheeks flushing. Before you’d become an esteemed journalist, you’d dabbled in… literature, of the erotic variety, online. It’d been nothing more than a hobby, but if it got out to the world what sort of vulgar things you’d written, you’d become something of a laughingstock amongst your peers.

“Let’s just say I have my sources,” he said. “I must say, though, I was rather impressed at your extensive selection of terms for the word ‘penis’.”

“Right. Um. Why don’t we just keep that between us, huh?” you asked desperately, heart sinking when he shook his head, a half-smile formed across his plump lips.

“Not likely. Unless, of course, you’re willing to cooperate with me.” He came even closer to you, and you were finding it difficult to ignore how stunningly handsome he was.

“Mr. Shepherd…” you mumbled, all at once feeling very dizzy. The fact that a man like Duncan Shepherd had read those words you’d written filled you with a sort of humiliation you’d never experienced before, and you were certain it showed. Suddenly, you were filled with a burst of indignation, and you snapped from your current hold.

“You mean to tell me that you equate dishonesty and corruption with erotic fan fiction?” you said, just barely ignoring your urge to slap the smug look right off his face. “You, Duncan Shepherd, are pathetic. Threatened by an outspoken woman who happens to be confident in her sexuality.”

“It’s hardly about sexuality,” he remarked, his eyes dropping down to size you up. “I really couldn’t care less about your little writing endeavors. But we both have careers to protect, don’t we?”

You just stared at him with a contemptuous glare; you knew he’d have no qualms against exposing you if you didn’t comply with his demands. He seemed to have you backed into a corner, and you resented him for it. “So what do you want? An article recanting the truth?”

“Precisely,” he said with a smile. “It would also be nice to see some kind words about my app in your publication.”

“Oh, fuck you,” you snapped, momentarily dropping your professionalism.

“Is that what you want?” he asked, taking another step towards you. You considered pulling away, but something inside you forced you to stay still. “For me to fuck you?”

You gasped as he reached forward, trailing his fingertips up your hips with a feather light touch. You couldn’t believe this was happening. Worse still, you couldn’t believe you wanted this to happen.

“Excuse me?” you said, hoping to god your voice didn’t waver. He could, of course, tell that you were flustered from the way your eyes darted frantically throughout his office, hands trembling at your sides.

“Well, it’s clear you don’t want money or exposure from me. But you must want something. And by the way you’ve been looking at me, I’ve become under the impression that what you want,” he said, bringing his lips to your ear and ghosting them teasingly against your skin. “Is to be fucked.”

“I- Mr. Shepherd…” your voice trailed off, his large hands reaching around your body to lightly cup your ass.

“Now don’t act so modest, (y/n). I’ve seen first hand what sort of thoughts go through that filthy mind of yours.”

All you could muster was a soft sigh as he began kneading your ass through your form fitting skirt, hiking up the fabric to give him better access to your pantyhose-clad skin. You were melting under his touch, and he knew it.

“So?” he said, letting go of your ass to tug idly at the hem of your shirt. “Do we have a deal?”

You didn’t have much time to think it through, because within seconds you were pressed flush against his desk, his hard-on pushing obscenely against your thigh through his pants. You were met with a wave of red-hot arousal, and all at once your inhibitions faded away into pure, sinful lust.

“Yes, Mr. Shepherd, we do.”

Secrecy (3/?)

Pairing: Duncan Shepherd x fem!Reader

Words: 1396 

Summary:  Y/N being Duncan’s assistant turns out to be quite the working experience!

Warnings: angsttttt, swearing, some mentions of pregnancy, mentions of fluff, and more angst, short time jump

A/N - ahh it feels good to be back writing… sorry if I’ve lost my touch tho, it’s been a while! Will edit properly soon :) 

Originally posted by evantpeters

It had been days since you’d spoken to Duncan. It was now coming to a week that you held a grudge against him. He had attempted many times to talk with you, making up all the excuses he could for you to simply come through his office: it’s not like you could say no…He was your employer, and you were his receptionist.

And everytime he’d bring up the situation from his uncle’s revelation, you’d leave. He would follow you, grabbing your arm, trying to stop you from leaving again. And each time you’d pull away, deceiving him into thinking his grip had hurt you. He would instantly release you, upset over the situation, only to witness you walking out again.

Luckily for you, Duncan’s schedule over the week had become flooded with meetings and conferences, that required his absence from the office.

It helped to relieve the stress off of you and the baby.

The baby…You’d remember constantly that it was now your utmost priority. You needed a break from Duncan, his family and all their drama. You merely just wanted to focus on your job, wanting to stay as long as you could before having to take your maternity leave. As unhealthy as it seemed, you needed all the working hours you could get, wanting to be able to support yourself and the baby growing inside of you financially, if in the case Duncan would play the role of an absent father…Though, you knew Duncan would never extend your hours: knowing how hectic the department gets, he wouldn’t allow for it to take a toll on you during your pregnancy. Mind you, before this whole ‘fight’ had happened, he had assured to you many times, leaving you with the baby was simply not an option.

“I could never nor would I, Y/N. I need you to know this… I’m not like my father or any of those asshole dads out there. I want to be with you, and the baby…Our baby-” He’d whisper, as his hands meet your stomach, his touch ever so comforting.

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russianspacegeckosexparty  asked:

Duncan making his boyfriend sit in the corner to think about his behavior then later inviting him over to sit in his lap

“… Are you gonna spank me?” His boyfriend asked, slowly licking the inside of his bottom lip, heart racing with excitement. He knew what he was doing when he disobeyed, he knew the consequences. The thought of being thrown over his lap and being covered in his large handprints. Duncan knew it too, towering above the boy with his arms folded against his chest, a stern, yet unreadable expression on his face.

“I’m sure you’d like that, wouldn’t you? No, you’re going to sit right over there in that corner and think about what you did.” The older man explained, eyes shifting to the wall adjacent to him.


“I don’t want to hear it. You know what happens to bad boys who don’t listen. Go sit down. If you say one more word I’ll add another ten minutes.”


Here’s to my strong girls.
My powerful girls.
My ruthlessly dedicated girls.

The ones who stand up for themselves and for what’s right.
The ones who fight and fight hard.
The ones who fall but pick themselves up and never quit.
Striving for the best in themselves and in the world.

Here’s to my strong girls.
My powerful girls.
My ruthlessly dedicated girls.