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Damn i just found my first Throwback Thursday post for y'all haha. Ever wonder what it would’ve been like had i went to you’re high school? Well heres a pic of your favorite ego crushing vigilante, The Dragon Of Devastation known as Chaos Vortex when I was 16 in the 9th grade back in 1999. By then I was already working a full time night shift construction job and slanging dope not just to other HS kids but to the high profile clients like surgeons and lawyers and shit so my time was stretched thin as fuck lol. Just off camera is the trademark backpack I always had with me that housed a full variety of drugs and weapons that drug legends are told about by the campfire lol. Basically I was nice to you as you are to me and I despised bullies and treated them savagely. I even went after ones in other schools when I discovered them and stomped them on-site to humiliate them in front of their peers as an example. Seriously, I openly demanded that anyone who is being bullied to report that shit to me not the school so I can handle it. Although I am sociable, I never made any effort to socialize with anyone my age cuz I come from a family of O.G.’s so HS games never interested me. everyone just kinda knew that unless you’re a beautiful woman, are trying to buy some party supplies, or needed my combat services, then you probably weren’t gonna get me to hang out with you. Muthafux knew that once Chaos Vortex shows up, its strictly for at least one, if not for all 4 reasons, and that’s to get fucked, get fuckin paid, get fucked up, or fuck some shit up lol!


Kindergarten Kekec by Arhitektura Jure Kotnik — Ljubljana, Slovenia

An extension of a typical Slovenian prefab kindergarten from the ’80s, the colorful, interactive design is a response to the school’s lack of play equipment. The addition’s three exterior walls are made of “toy slats”: natural wooden planks that the kids can play with to “get to know different colors, experience wood as a natural material and constantly change the appearance of their kindergarten, all at the same time.”

This takes the Montessori philosophy of the importance of tactile learning to a whole new level!
Hugh Bonneville-Gillian Anderson’s ‘Viceroy’s House’ Lands at IFC
IFC Films has acquired U.S. rights to Gurinder Chadha’s historical drama “Viceroy’s House,” starring Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson. ICF is planning a release in early Septe…
By Dave McNary

“IFC Films has acquired U.S. rights to Gurinder Chadha’s historical drama “Viceroy’s House,” starring Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson. “

A cemetery wreath found on the floor of serial killer Ed Gein’s kitchen. When police searched Ed Gein’s home they found a variety of household items made from human remains. Ed Gein confessed to regularly visiting the local graveyard to dig up bodies, sometimes taking these bodies home with him in order to use them to make the variety of house hold items that were discovered.

Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 2

So this has been a long time coming. Questions are really in no particular order, but are common questions I get about spirit companionship! I will probably be referring back to this post a lot! Just as a heads up, when I say spirit in this post it is referring to both spirits and entities. I am also splitting this up into two sections because of length.

Please see more of your questions answered on Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 1.

How do I communicate with my companions?

This is a harder question to answer, because everyone communicates and gets messages from their companions differently. But starting off, just talk to them! Tell them about your day, explain to them what you are doing and why you are doing it. What seems boring and mundane to you might be weird and fascinating to them. But just start by talking to them. You may not get a response, but keep it up! Stay open to the signs, pay attention to the little, subtle changes, and your ability to communicate with them will grow. You can also hone your telepathic abilities with them to get clearer communication. Divination is a good tool to utilize after you have some practice but not at first. Rely on your own abilities first before moving to divination, as you can misinterpret signs through tarot, runes, etc.

Do I need to have psychic abilities?

This is a question I get fairly often. Everyone is born with the ability to have psychic abilities, but very few of us are born with strong psychic abilities. So you DO have psychic abilities, you just haven’t honed that muscle, or know how to use them yet! But a better answer to this question, is that you do not need to have your abilities honed or practiced to become a spirit companion. You can work on them over time, and they will naturally improve by being a spirit companion, to an extent.

Do I need to know how to astral project?

No! In fact astral projection can be very dangerous, so until you know how to protect yourself are well practiced in your craft, I would wait. Meditate with them instead. 

Help! I cant see/hear anything! How do I know they are there?

Thats normal, you are ok! If you are just starting out, chances are, you aren’t going to be able to see, hear or feel anything right off the bat. But as long as you got your spirit from a reputable conjurer, and you are communicating with your spirit, chances are they are there. If you have worries that the spirit has left the vessel, talk to the conjurer! They will always check for you.

What is a vessel?

A vessel can be anything, but it is what used to create an energetic binding for the spirit to our physical plane, making it easier for them to communicate and manifest on our plane. Its almost like a telephone, in a way, or a bridge built just for them as a way to make it easier to communicate with us.

What is this about binding, are they trapped?

Not at all! When witches talk about binding it is often in a negative light, but in spirit companionship it is much different. A binding, like explained a bit above, is just an energetic connection to the vessel they are bound to, or to the companion/keeper. Sometime a contract is signed in this binding, not allowing the spirit to harm (among other things), but it just can make it a bit easier for them to communicate with us. Basically they have to use less energy to do so.

What are house rules? Why are they important?

This is exactly what it sounds like.. a set of defined rules that every spiritual family member must abide by. House rules are not something every spirit companion utilizes, but I do. I think they are important because it establishes some ground rules, and keeps my household free of big clashes or any super major issues. Of course things still come up, but if someone breaks a major rule, then thats a HUGE problem, and they get banished. It keeps things running smoothly and brings a bit more peace to the house, considering the variety of arts that I work with. You can see my house rules here.

What are offerings? Do I need to give them offerings?

Companions use offerings differently. Some give them all the time, others do not/cant afford to, but most people choose to give offerings to some extent. Offerings can be anything that is enjoyed by your spirit. It can be things like food, plants, leaves, bones, alcohol, crystals, water, coins, juice, milk, raw meat, nuts, flowers, leaves, candles, magical workings, time, watching TV together, conversation, energy offerings, sexual offerings/sexual energies or home-made crafts. Those are just a few examples, but what your spirit likes will depend on what type of offerings you will be giving them. Offerings don’t have to be hard or expensive. You can give them as a way to show thanks or respect to your spirit family, or as a treat for helping you complete a task, or just because. Spirits often use these offerings to take energy from them.

Is it dangerous?

It can be dangerous, yes. Any time you reach into the non physical planes it can be dangerous. But if you go about it right, use reputable conjurers, keep working on building relationships with your spirits, don’t act like an asshole, don’t blame your spirits that everything that goes wrong, and are generally approaching companionship in the right manner, and with the right attitude, you should be fine.

Is protection important?

Yes. Protection is important with everything you do magically (and in the mundane as well, to an extent). Even if you have protective spirits, you should still set up your own protections as well, even if it is just for backup.

Please see more of your questions answered on Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 1.

Thats it for now! This might be updated with new questions later! And by no means is this the be-all end-all of spirit companionship FAQs. A lot of this is based off my experiences and opinions, as well as other spirit companions and friends. So do your own research, and come to your own conclusions.

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Nesting habits, the big 3, Ace Attorney

Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like this, even though I didn’t know where it was going at times! I really need to flesh out my Omega!Athena headcanons…


It’s Apollo’s first heat since they moved in together, and Klavier is trying to make his Omega feel comfortable.  He and Apollo chose this house for the variety of room types, and had designed the nesting rooms to suit Apollo’s tastes. Yet, Klavier understood that Apollo would need to act on instinct until he became settled in their new home.

He didn’t mind at all that their plush duvet was the first casualty sacrificed to Apollo’s nest; he could use the scratchy wool blanket with the satin trim for a few nights- Klavier certainly didn’t need the blanket when his Apollo did.  

He found the sight of his $1500 Dolce & Golbanna silk shirt rumpled and rucked up against Apollo’s heat-stained skin adorable (and the panting, whimpering, needy Apollo, enticing).  Didn’t raise a fuss when Apollo drooled all over Klavier’s real leather jacket (from Spain!) when using it as a pillow.

Klavier did however, draw the line when he saw Apollo attempting to unstring one of his guitars, in hopes of using the strings to hang a makeshift curtain (made from from, of all things, Klavier’s law school regalia) over his nest.  



Sometimes, Miles hates being an Omega.  He hates the fact that once a quarter his body puts himself through utter ridiculousness in order to quell the heat that is burning through him.

He especially hates the fact that Wright’s scent is the only thing keeping him grounded, and that in order to do so he’s debased himself to  point of rolling around in the man’s shirts.

Wright’s scratchy, poor-quality, cheap shirts, that smells like the man he loves.   The ties aren’t any better quality either, and despite how much Miles hates how it’s the blue suit the smells the *best* of his mate’s clothes, even Miles Edgeworth can’t bring himself to steal Wright’s court room attire.

Wright takes it all in stride, smiling that goofy shy grin, as  he nuzzles Miles  before he goes to work.  Miles rolls his eyes, kissing Phoenix, and hopes that Wright didn’t see him rustling around in the latest victims of his raid on Wright’s closet.

The fabric is rough against Miles’ cheek and the plastic button has chipped that it nicks against Miles’ face.  Miles sighs and decides it’s high time he does something about this, before his and Wright’s relationship becomes more serious.

“You threw out all of my shirts?! Miles, what the hell?!” Phoenix exclaims looking in the empty closet again in hope that his shirts would magically re-appear, “all of them?!!”

Miles shrugs and hands Phoenix the shopping bags full of better quality garments; tomorrow he’s taking Wright out for custom made dress shirts.

“You’re my fiance,” Miles shrugs, “dress like it.” 

And then, “You have three months until my next heat-scent them well.”


Heats are always rough for Athena, no matter what precautions she takes, the suppressants she ingests- the season is always miserable and on top of it all, Athena’s sensitive hearing becomes even more sensitive that she even thinks possible.

She’s barricaded in her room, under the soft blankets and plumped pillows.  Sunlight diffuses through the sheer curtains around her bed, as she breathes through her heat.  Her earbuds are playing soothing music, and on the floor, her white noise machine is on max.

Simon’s gifted her a body pillow that he’d scented for her, and she clings around it as she tries to quell the growing need within her.  Inhaling his scent and being momentarily calmed before her heart squeezes and she lets out a frustrated groan.

The couple above her apartment have been going at it all morning, and it’s bad enough that Athena can hear their emotions and vaguely smell them- worst of all it fuels her frustration.

Simon better get home as soon as possible; he promised to take care of her this evening.

In the meantime she wills herself to sleep through it all.

Magickal Properties of Grass Type

Originally posted by cursola

Plants, life, energy, growth, the natural world, food, sustenance, natural cycles, daytime, restoration, health, functions of the body, weather effects, putting down one’s roots, far reach, natural beauty.

Grass type is of course all about plants, nature, and the Earth. Green witchcraft, kitchen witchcraft, people who use herbs, flowers, roots… I have a feeling Grass type Pokémon will be important to your practice.

Even though Grass type houses a variety of mostly plantlike creatures, I still think that it is a type very heavily rooted in the body. In a different way than, say, Fighting type would be. Grass is about the way our bodies interact with the world. Grass types have a tremendous potential for growth and a very heavy impact on the health of other Pokémon and people. Many of their moves directly impact the nervous system/the respiratory system to do damage. Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, the ability Effect Spore. This can induce paralysis, sleep, and poisoning. Just like real plants, Grass Pokémon’s toxins can effect the body. Never forget that Grass types are commonly paired with Poison type. Not all herbs, roots, and flowers are safe to use; not all Grass types are free of poisons! But many grass types can benefit your health rather than harm it. Aromatherapy can heal status effects of the Grass type’s party. In the Pokémon world people eat food produced from Pokémon like Tropius, Cherubi, and Grotle.

Since I just did Fairy type, let me make some points about Grass type by juxtaposing the similarities and differences. I claim both are associated with life, and there is a lot of overlap in how they manifest. As similar as it is, the subtle distinction I’d like to make is that Fairy’s life domain is more about a spiritual concept associated with the soul, whereas Grass is more about the very physical aspect of life. Our cells, our breath, our body. I also say both are about beauty. I think it can be said that Fairy beauty is more of a “glamour” beauty, the type of thing you’d use for glamour spells, whereas the beauty emphasized in Grass types is more of the beauty that grows naturally right out of the ground. The Earth’s beauty. I don’t think this is 100% true across the board, as many Fairy types have a natural beauty, even derived from having flower motifs in their design! I just want to point out that while life and beauty are both aspects of these types, if you wanted to focus in on the subtleties then this is one way to break it down.

I also made a point back on my Normal type post that Normal types have a lot of healing moves, with Grass type being the other type well known for healing moves. The difference here is that Normal types often are self generating healers, whereas Grass types drain energy from others. Absorb, Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Leech Seed… Grass types can take energy at the expense of others! There’s hexing potential there…

Weather effects Grass types more than any other type. They are strongly associated with sunlight and daytime. Many can cause rain, and rain weakens fire type moves. Solar Beam Synthesis, and Growth are all boosted by the strong sunlight condition. Rain and Sun are good for plants. Working with Grass involves Rain and Sun and getting outside!

Grass type is about being rooted into the environment you’re in, being in balance with it, being a part of the natural community associated with the place where you are. Grass types often gain bonuses from rooting themselves into a single spot, like through Ingrain. The user restores HP, but can’t switch out. Many grass types are well suited for a very particular environment and tend to stick there.

So if Grass is about committing and living in balance to a specific place, then why “far reach” as well? Just because you’re sticking somewhere and putting down your roots doesn’t mean that you’re not maximizing your use of space. Plants spread their roots out far underground to soak up as much nutrients as possible. Grass type Pokémon in the anime are known for being some of the most dexterous Pokémon there are, as many of them have Vine Whip, which they often use as a far reaching hand. Grass types manage their spaces well, and can navigate these spaces with skill due to their familiarity and those handy vines of theirs.

Seriously, those vines were way more useful than they had any right to be in the anime. Those things could go really far. Don’t know how they did it. Where do the vines come from? Where do they go? We may never know…

Thanks for your support with this series! It means so much to me! More of these are on the way!

I had like, an actual thought, but I went into several tangents, a taste of old Lifesgrandparade.

Like, for the most part, I’ve been backstage, I’ve hung around bands, I’ve worked in bars and concert venues, i’ve never been in charge of everything, but I’ve observed, and I just have to say, planning out a garden variety coffee house is a logistical NIGHTMARE that requires more moving parts than the fucking moon landing. And that’s BEFORE you send out the facebook invites. I don’t know how anyone tackles a fucking festival, but I do remember that the most famous one, Woodstock, was by all accounts a complete and utter failure on a galactic level. Like by mid afternoon of the first day, the organizers looked around and realized they were about to lose staggering amounts of money. And if you read any boomer book about those days, you know that Woodstock was a couple arbitrary fuck ups away from turning into Altamont. Life is funny that way. 

Granted, nowadays there are more professionals out there who know how to run shit like that hundreds of times a year, but there are still trillions of variables you have to control beforehand, and that doesn’t take into account the indifference of a quantum universe. You’re stepping on one cockroach while hundreds of others scurry under the refrigerator. 

So that’s why I’ve always found these “Out of the country” music festivals to be fascinating. Like, I’ve always wanted to go on one of those Cruise festivals just to see how fucked up those apparatuses are. Combining the regular old logistical nightmare with multiple and various new levels of bureaucratic bullshit, and topping that off with random acts of God. You’re literally spitting in Poseidon’s face for the chance you’ll make a profit off the kinds of people who’d spend 800 dollars to go see Ratt in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. OOPS, Legionnaires Disease outbreak, looks like you’re about to be the subject of a Rolling Stones article buster brown.

And like yeah, the Bahamas is definitely the place to do something like this. It’s close to the US, absolutely gorgeous, and their economic engine is basically run on “white people who peel easily, but spend a shit ton of money though I really wish they’d stop asking me where the weed is at because like, Hahaha, I get it but we’re not Jamaicans, in fact we kinda hate Jamaicans;” so one could say it’s a safer bet than a cruise.. STILL you’re fucking burning money to get the right permits, the right local construction and service crews, while flying your staff to and from the goddamn island, all the while hoping a freak storm doesn’t come blowing in and destroying the entire set. It’s just fascinating to me, like you could literally do this in Miami for a quarter of the cost and attract the same sort of plutocrats as the Bahamas. 

How much do you think Ja Rule was involved in the planning of this? Like, yeah it’s great to fuck with Ja Rule because he’s a punk and shit, but I’m willing to wager that his involvement was less than 15%. I say that not because I doubt Ja’s financial savvy, I mean he was on Fox Business Report one time and all. But everything about this just screams “Tech Bros.” That quote about “Just doing it and becoming legends” is so Santa Clara that i’m surprised that the guy didn’t say Hella with a Wisconsin accent (I don’t know what that means, but I like the feel of the sentence). Just the idea that you and your friends, people with absolutely no experience running anything of this size and scale, people who’ve already been the subject of a scathing Business Insider article, can accomplish things just because you read half a Travis Kalanick interview, god, it’s so fucking arrogant and misguided that Stacy Keach is doing American Greed warmups as we speak.

I don’t know man, like, what fascinates me the most about this story is the same thing with the United story. Like yeah Trump is (Insert whatever he’s doing today) but we can’t ignore these little cracks in the surface, even if they seem minor or stupid. Cuz really what captures the zeitgeist of our times better  than stories about Overzealous Policing, Corporation as State, and the Cult of Greed? Shit that’s basically a people’s history of the United States right there. In this episode of American Fails, we have a millionaire whose product doesn’t do shit but his business is “Cash Positive,” who thought he could create a plutocratic utopia on his own timeline, only to probably turn off his push notifications for the weekend. ALSO: Celebrating five centuries of the quote “A Foole and his Money is Soone Parted.”

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Vulture Culture Problems:

Getting excited about all the Halloween skeleton decorations, even though you have actual bones already.

Today is International Women’s Day and I’ve been watching all you fine people post about your favorite women. So, I thought I’d post one of mine.

Venus Xtravaganza was a young transgender woman who lived in Harlem in the 1980s and, as she is so fond of reminding me, she was the baddest bitch to walk the floor at the drag balls hosted by a variety of houses in Harlem at the time. When she started walking at balls, she was the youngest person to be invited to House of Xtravaganza at 20 years old, and if you have seen Paris Is Burning, she’s the star of the whole thing–no one could touch her.

She supported herself by alternatively dating wealthy men and working as a street prostitute and, in Paris Is Burning, she talked about how she wanted to be a ‘spoiled, rich white girl’ instead of having to work the streets. She quit going on dates and prostituting for a time after a client attacked and she escaped by jumping out a window, but she began working again when she needed to save more money for her gender affirmation surgeries.

She disappeared unexpectedly in late 1988 and her mother in her house was able to identify her body only after the police began questioning drag-associated people about a murder that had happened and been unsolved. She was found stuffed under a bed in a hotel at least four days after having been strangled to death. Like many trans women who are murdered, her murderer has never been found or charged. She was 23.

She is one of my beloved dead who stood up for me when my blood ancestors were not being kind. She is quiet, but fierce when you need her, and she loves to flirt with men who pay her gentle, respectful attention. She was a queen in life and that hasn’t changed at ALL after death–she expects to be treated well and with the respect she earned in life. I don’t ask her for much–she has more than earned whatever respite she desires–but I know that if I ever find my back up against a wall and my life in danger because of who and what I am, I can call on her and she’ll beat somebody down with one of the crazy break-your-ankle shoes she loved to wear in life.

She was buried in New Jersey by her biological family under the wrong name and, if I ever win the lottery, I’ll be putting something there to note who actually is buried in that ground. I’m hoping to get down to see her there maybe this summer and bring her some of the things she loves, since there is almost no one left from her house that remembers her. She will be a significant part of an upcoming book project that she inspired–I’m very excited for it.

Ms. Venus has totally brought smiles to my face when things looked really, really bad for me and I remember her as someone who found what made her happy [walking and dancing] and did it better than anyone else. May she not rest in peace, but rise in power.

The Mahōtokoro School of Magic is an academy nestled on an island off of Japan’s coast. The entrance to the school grounds is marked by a red and orange torii that appears to stand alone on the mountain in the eyes of Muggles and other non-magical creatures. To students and faculty the grounds open up to reveal expansive gardens and traditional structures that date back to the early eleventh century.

Students are granted acceptance to the academy between the ages of eight and nine and attend the school for 8 years, signifying prosperity and luck for their swiftly approaching futures. Instead of receiving letters as the British do, students from Mahōtokoro are presented with their acceptance in person alongside a test from an instructor. The results of the test determine which of the five houses a student can be sorted into, each one taking inspiration from one of the elements of the physical world:

Tsuchi (土) represents strength and responsibility; Students in this house can have a tendency to be stubborn though particularly grounded in their beliefs and practices. They are rational and logical and have a sense of strength, whether it’s physical or mental, not easily pushed around. Tsuchi students make for good leaders and strong class representatives.

Kaze (風) represents free-spirited lenience; Students in kaze are usually artistic and go with the flow and prove to be more gentle-natured and easy-going. These students are often intelligent in unconventional ways and see things from perspectives others don’t often consider. Students in this house are often peacemakers and mediators.

Umi (海) represents patience and determination; Students that are sorted into umi can often be unpredictable leaving this house with the widest variety of students. Some students can be patient and determined, biding their time and maintaining their course until they reach the desired goal while others are fiercer and stronger, rocking the boat to create change.

Kasai (火災) represents passion and ambition; Kasai students are often seen as the most aggressive of all of the five houses, though they would argue that their aggression is simply passion and intensity misinterpreted. These students will reach their goals no matter what obstacles stand in their way though they are less inclined to feel badly if they step on a few toes to do so. students in this house are often seen as troublemakers because they are also the biggest risk takers and challengers to rules and various social constructs.

Sora (空) represents the abstract; Students in Sora are often very aware of things that are much bigger than they are and see themselves as a small cog in a giant machine. They refer to themselves as Existentialists, focusing on what is not represented in every day life living less in the moment and more for some greater good. Most students in Sora tend to have a strong Shinto background while some others understand a great deal more about Muggle science and the universe.

Staff members strive to teach students how to focus on a spiritual balance and respect and nature and connections to their surroundings in relation to their magic. Classes are separated by gender as well as year, students only congregating together during mealtime, compulsory morning exercise, and a designated hour of freetime. House dormitories are also separated by gender and year with each housing unit spread out across the campus.


Aggressive outdoorsy-ness? Well! maybe it was time to up the ante?

Hannibal scoured the house for a variety of Eastern themed objets. Hmm. Lovely. The tea pot from Marakkech, the spoons from Moscow. The deep braiding he’d yet to find a suitable home for from Malta. The glass from Egypt. The embroidery from northern India. The tablecloth from Libya. Both lovely vintage pieces. And bangles, made from the coins of the countries they’d hightailed it through.

Yes. Lovely. If there was an uptick in either his or Will’s competitive streaks it certainly wasn’t going to worry Hannibal. As long as no cliffs were involved.

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About the laundry room discourse: I think American houses vary a lot. We have very different climates and stuff all over. And you get giant-ass houses with 391548320 guest rooms (like the one I live in) and an attic that holds literally nothing other than supports and shit when there could have been an Entire Room up there, just a few streets over from houses whose closest thing to a basement is a few steps down to the living room. So lotsa variety...

Your houses vary a lot from place to place as well bc of climate like down in tornado alley youre gonna have wooden houses bc obviously the probability of a tornado coming through and brick houses + tornado = a LOT of flying bricks and they’ll be newer bc a lot have already been destroyed once. Wheras here we dont get shit like that so all the houses are largely the same across the country. The only variations you tend to get is if you go towards the coast you get a lot of pebble dash houses bc of the fact it helps stop erosion from the sea air 

Show Me the Ropes

Summary: ReidxReader visit a sex shop while investigating a case which opens up some tensions leading to an interesting night when Reader introduces Reid to BDSM, though he quickly becomes the more dominant partner. 
Warnings: very nsfw, bdsm/breath play, language etc
requested by anonymous

This one was interesting to write oh man. I had to write it TWICE SO I HOPE Y’ALL LIKE IT GODDAMN. -Estelle🌟 

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no offense, but why would you ever waste so much money on such a useless degree... what would you even do? i love your blog though.

I thought about not posting this. I feel like it’s someone just trolling. Because how could you love an art history blog and not understand what a career in art history or a related field would entail. And it is offensive. But I figure it’s a good opportunity to explain the different types of careers you can have if you are an art history major, or have some related degree. 

There are so many career paths. If you want to be more of an academic, you could pursue becoming a professor, or even an art teacher at a secondary level. 

Another obvious career path is working in a museum. A lot of things are considered museums, that you might not ordinarily think, for example: If an institution has a collection, they catalogue, and properly maintain that collection while providing education or cultural experience. It’s a museum! This means things like zoos, national parks, art, history, science, house museums, special collection libraries, are all museums. Within a museum there are different roles:

  • Guest service (front desk, coat check, museum store) 
  • Security in the galleries and throughout the museum and offices
  • Administration 
  • Curator/Curatorial Department (usually each major part of a museum- contemporary art, european art, decorative art, even education all has a different curator) 
  • Historians/Researchers
  • Director
  • Archivist
  • Collections management 
  • Registrar (In smaller museums the role the registrar, archivist and collections management overlap.) 
  • Museum education department
  • Conservation department
  • Marketing and advertisement 
  • Graphic designers
  • In house artists (not common in all museums, but some do have them) 
  • Docents/Performers/Tourguides 
  • Media Archivist/maintenance  
  • Digital/Web Curators 
  • Archeologist/Anthropologists 
  • Librarian 
  • Installation/Preparation team

Depending on the museum and what it houses, there are a variety of roles, I’m sure I didn’t list them all.  

If you don’t want to work in a museum, you could work for a corporation. If corporations are selling a product, they most likely have an archive of their work, If they don’t have physical products, they definitely have paper documents to archive. 

If you were interested in architecture of urbanization, you could become a city planner or work with restoring historical buildings. Governments often employ art historians for a variety of reasons. You could work for a historical society. Be on a public art board or planning committee, it would probably be unpaid though. 

If you were interested in decorative arts you could work as a auctioneer, or antique dealer. You could work in art galleries, at auction houses like Christies. You could be an art buyer or appraiser. 

You could research things for documentaries, work for TV stations like the history channel, you could work with the film industry as a consultant to period films. 

If you also loved writing, you could become a freelance writer, or journalist, and work for art magazines, websites, newspapers. 

You could branch out and get your Masters in Library Sciences and work in library, special collections and archives and universities, athenaeums.

Perhaps you are really interested the digitization process, and you want to photograph, scan, edit, provide metadata for and update collections on museum, library, historical societies, ect. websites. 

These are just a few options. I know there are more. Hopefully this helps anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in art history, museum studies, public history, archival studies, museology, or any other related field. So if you’re feeling hopeless about job opportunities, don’t worry, working in this field is not a waste of time. Art is everywhere.