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A free cross stitch pattern for you to stitch now the nights are getting shorter. ‘The Sweetest Time of The Year’ is a pretty gingerbread house full of fun treats and details to enjoy. Stitch on your favourite fabric - white or pale cream 16 count Aida is recommended.

PDF Pattern Here

  • JHope:Hyung! Hyung!
  • RapMon:Hobi-
  • JHope:HeLp mE im DYING
  • RapMon:If you could just-
  • JHope:*sobbing* Oh god my heart-
  • RapMon:Hoseok for the last time-
  • JHope:*cradle position* It's too late for me now isn't it
  • RapMon:Oh for fucks-
  • Jungkook:What's wrong with him
  • RapMon:-for FUDGE CAKES i said fudge cakes ... he keeps replaying Jimin's high note in house of cards
  • JHope:*whispers* Such a beautiful yet sinful voice
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook:Is that why Yoongi hyung is crying over their as well
  • RapMon:No, he's still not over the fact that Jimin went blonde
  • Jin:It'll last for a couple of days, Namjoon should know, he was the same way when I turned blonde