house tully meme

the signs as terrible decisions of the GOT characters that ended up fucking their lives up
  • Aries: Cersei gives full power of moral judgment to Faith Militant
  • Taurus: Robb betrays the agreement with Walder Frey and marries Talisa
  • Gemini: Stannis listens to any advice of Melisandre like any of them
  • Cancer: Sansa agrees to marry Ramsay
  • Leo: Viserys threatens Dany and defies Khal Drogo’s authority in front of several dothraki
  • Virgo: Theon burns the letter that was revealing the truth about his father and essentially betrays Robb af
  • Libra: Theon invades Winterfell
  • Scorpio: Ned agrees to be the King's Hand and travels to south
  • Sagittarius: Oberyn starts a passionate monologue in the middle of a fight with the fucking Mountain
  • Capricorn: All the Jon Snow’s tenure as Lord Commander tbh
  • Aquarius: Renly enters the race for the Iron Throne
  • Pisces: Catelyn holds Tyrion and basically starts a war
the signs as asoiaf houses
  • aries: martell
  • taurus: mormont
  • gemini: bolton
  • cancer: targaryen
  • leo: lannister
  • virgo: tyrell
  • libra: arryn
  • scorpio: stark
  • sagittarius: frey
  • capricorn: baratheon
  • aquarius: greyjoy
  • pisces: tully