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Sean Spicer didn’t pay $8 to hide his WHOIS data, exposing his info and tie business

  • White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who during the campaign spearheaded  attacks on Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private email server, apparently left unsecured domain registration data exposing parts of his online history.
  • According to Mashable, Spicer left unsecured WHOIS web registration data that would have cost just $7.99 annually to keep anonymous.
  • As a result, Spicer’s personal information “including his home address, and his personal phone number,” a Yahoo email address, and an old tie business, were all left publicly available information as of Monday. Read more

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Slytherin things:

It is not unheard of to, now and then, come across a Slytherin sitting, seemingly oblivious to the three or more Hufflepuffs using them as a pillow or post.  This is a combination of Hufflepuff and Slytherin house dynamics: a Slytherins tendency to get lost in their thoughts and Hufflepuffs being golden retrievers in human form.

A Taste of Your Own Medicine (Draco x Hufflepuff!Reader)

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Request:  Draco imagine where Hufflepuff reader stands up to him and yells at him, much to his surprise, and he begins to form a crush on her because she’s more intriguing than he initially thought? - Anon

The reader is a straight up savage in this

L/N: Last name

H/C: Hair color

E/C: Eye color


As everyone at Hogwarts knew, Draco Malfoy was definitely not one to be nice to people unless they were at his so-called “status.”  Hufflepuffs in particular.  He saw Hufflepuff house to be the ones that were too kind and weak to fight back, which is why he, Blaise, and Goyle picked on them the most.  The professors had also basically given up on trying to stop Draco and his gang.  None of them wanted to deal with the wrath his father, Lucius, knowing the power he held.  Most students that were victims of his bullying got used to it and didn’t bother to do anything about it.  You, however, were getting sick of it.

Today was one of those days where Draco felt like making fun of an innocent person in hopes it would raise his low self-esteem.  To his luck, everyone was being assigned new seats in potions.

Snape was towards the middle of the list.  “Mister Weasley and Miss Brown,” he said in his usual colorless tone and pointed to a table.  Ron shuffled to his seat, with Lavender all giddy very close behind him.  “Hmm… Miss L/N and Mister Malfoy.”

You internally groaned.  Perfect.  Just perfect.

You slumped into your new seat, Draco now next to you.  In the corner of your eye you could see he was looking at you.  You turned around to meet his glance.  He smirked.  You stared at him for a brief moment as to say “try anything and you’re dead.”  

The first half of class was okay.  Neither of you spoke to each other.  Draco had his chin resting in his hands, clearly not interested in whatever Snape was talking about.  Eventually his boredom got to the point when he knew exactly how to cure it. (Or so he thought).

“Hey, L/N,” he whispered.

You rolled your eyes.  You knew what was coming next.  “Leave me alone, Draco.  And my name is Y/N to you.”

“Ooh, feisty one, are we?”

His highly obnoxious games continued for the remainder of class.  He insulted your house tie, friends, Hufflepuff in general, all stuff you had expected.  But then he took it one step too far.

“Your family, all filthy muggles, correct?  Disgraceful.  Mud–”

The sound of your chair screeching backwards interrupted his sentence.  The whole class got even quieter than it already was.  Snape stopped talking.

“Alright, Draco, it’s about time you get a taste of your own medicine.  Just because your Daddy’s boy and you live in a huge mansion does NOT make you better than anyone else here.  You think money can buy happiness, you think just because a witch or wizard is related to a non-magical person that automatically makes them a piece of garbage.  When in reality, you’re the piece of garbage that thinks he can go around making others feel bad about themselves hoping it will make you feel better about yourself.  You think everyone is supposed to love you and bow down to you but the truth is everyone is sick and tired of the crap you give them every single day!”

The whole class stared at you, including Draco.  This was a first for everyone.

“MISS L/N!” Snape yelled.  You were already prepared for what happened next.  “Fifty points from Hufflepuff and detention!”

“Gladly, professor,” you replied smugly and sat back down.


Class ended not too long after that.  You were greeted by Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs–and even a few Slytherins–praising you for standing up to the Draco Malfoy.  Word got around Hogwarts quickly.  When McGonagall got wind of it, she slipped Hufflepuff house those fifty points back–with an additional five.


That night while all the Slytherin boys were sleeping, Draco lay awake, thinking about what had happened in his potions class earlier that day.  That L/N girl had the nerve to speak to me that way?  What a git.  Nobody speaks to a pureblood Malfoy like that.  We’re partners in potions for the rest of the year, I’ll make sure to ruin her reputation.  Maybe get rid of all that beautiful H/C hair… Wait.  Draco, you idiot, it’s not beautiful.  More like a disheveled frizzy mess… Regardless of the way it accents her cheekbones and matches perfectly with her E/C eyes and flows down her neck like a graceful waterfall… Oh God.  You bloody idiot you’ve fallen in LOVE with her!  No… no I can’t let that happen.  A MALFOY NEVER APOLOGIZES!  Well in that case… it looks like you’re going to be the first.

Please let me know what you thought of it! 

holy water

cannot help you now

a thousand armies

couldn’t keep me out

i don’t want your money

i don’t want your crown

see i’ve come to burn

your kingdom down

art by: unknown

Prove It

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Any way you can do an imagine with a Remus x Slytherin reader, where the reader is related to Sirius (a relative he gets along with)? Like maybe James suspects that Remus & reader are an item, but Sirius doesn’t believe it until he sees it himself

Warnings: Language

A/N: Sorry this isn’t very good I’ve had a really shitty day

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James’ nimble fingers unclasp around the snitch, letting it fly freely amongst the heads bobbing along the corridor in front of him. He speeds up slightly, eyes darting around with the movements of the tiny golden ball, but makes no move to capture it yet. “… and then McGonagall said that she’s gonna make us clean all of Snapes’ cauldrons – without magic!” Peter squeaks. Though the sound is rather annoying, his story entertains the three other boys as they make their way to transfiguration.

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Your real feelings are a precious thing & they should be more guarded then Gringotts.
—  Slytherins 🐍🐍💚
Disobedient (Yoongi)

Smut; Blowjob
Dom Yoongi
1148 Words idk wtf happened its 2:00 am

“Did you really think that was a good idea?” Yoongi hummed tracing her bottom lip with his thumb. She sat on her knees and feigned innocence while staring up at him. “Answer me.” He demanded his voice low. “What did I do?” she challenged knowing full well that talking back would get her in trouble. She let out a yelp when he suddenly grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back reminding her of her place. He had ordered her to undress to which she playfully shook her head at and now she was going to face her consequences.

“It’s one thing to disobey orders but talking back? You know better than this kitten.” His monotone voice completely contradicting the tight hold he had on her hair.

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You’re No Father

“I requested Anti and Dark putting their differences aside to punish Reader’s father for the emotional abuse he put her through. Thanks in advance!”

Warnings: mentions of torture, blood, and family abuse.

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Originally posted by markfangirl

There was no excuse for what he had done. 
There was no excuse that you could muster up, or wanted to say that would stop them from interfering. 
Already the lights were flickering. The temperature in the room plummeting. 
Your father, oblivious to what was happening, continued to rant. His words were like knives. Digging into your armor that you so perfectly created for times like these. Molded over years from the same treatment that crumpled your confidence and twisted your reflection when you gazed into the mirror. 
You cowered under his gaze. Tears misting the edges of your eyes as his voice sharpened angrily. 
You tried to move away, tear yourself from his rage but your father stepped in front of you. Blocking your exit. 
The light above the two of you popped when your father stabbed a finger against your chest, his words raising in volume. 
The two of you were thrown into darkness for a moment.
But then the TV from the other room started to illuminate a soft green glow.  
You said nothing as your father moved around you towards the light. Pressure was building against your body and you wiped away your tears as a hand gently touched your back. 
“Go to your room,” A deep voice said in your ear. “I’ll come and get you when we’re finished.
You nodded, shaking all over as you fled to your room. 

Your father stepped into the lounge-room. Glaring at the TV as the screen fizzled and buzzed with glitched images. 
The closer he got, the more clearer the pictures became. 
A static screen of you when you were younger. Playing around in the backyard with a sprinkler and a dog, but then it changed. The image darkened as your father appeared on screen. His expression frozen in a shout of rage and you on your knees crying. 
It flickered to another image of you sitting at a desk and doing homework. You were crying, tears ran down your face as you labored over school-work. 
Behind you, your father was again bellowing. His fists clenched and his anger clear in his eyes. 
“No father would treat they’re young so disrespectfully.” A cold voice growled behind your father. 
He spun, his confusion turning to anger as he stared at Dark. “Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” 
Dark loosened his tie a little, smoothing down his coat as he glared. “My name is irrelevant. And my purpose here is to teach you a lesson.”
Your father went to speak but a hand wrapped our his throat, cutting off his air supply as another figure appeared behind him.
A maniacal cackle burst from Anti’s lips as he pressed a blade against your father’s throat.
“Oh yes, we’re here to show you what happens when you mess with our girl/boy.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Your father spat, “Let go of me! I’ll call the police!”
Dark chuckled, a humorless sound that chilled your father’s heart. “You won’t do anything of the sort. Because we won’t let you go until you’re begging for mercy from (Y/N). And even then we’ll keep going, because you didn’t stop tormenting them when they asked.”
Anti giggled, his head wildly flipping out. “Where should we start? The tongue was the worse offender. Maaaybe we should cut it out. Sow it somewhere else.”
Dark hummed, edging closer. “All those years of pain you put (Y/N) through will be carved into your skin. Do you understand?”
Your father went to retort but Dark’s fist slammed into his nose. Anti cackled and threw him down. 
The two lunged on him like predators on down prey.

In your room, you had the stereo playing loud. Burying yourself in whatever distracted you.
But even with the music blasting, you could still hear your fathers cries. Barely audible through the walls.
To say you felt bad would be a lie.
A few hours later, your door opened and you shut off the music as Dark dragged a limp, but groaning body into your room.
The two were speckled with blood. Your father however, was bleeding, his limbs torn and some of his fingers were broken. 
Nasty bruises covered him, his face already swelling from the assault it went through.
Anti kicked your father, a wide grin on his face. “Well, spit it out.”
Your father, not having the strength to even lift his head, tried to form words through his bloodied lips. But only a small whine left his throat.
Dark growled impatiently, reaching down and picking the man up by the remnants of his shirt.
“Speak, filth. Or we’ll begin again until you do.” Dark hissed angrily.
“I-I’m sorry,” Your father managed to say. “I wasn’t the best father. I should have been better. I should have treated you like a daughter, not a stranger. Please, I’m sorry.”
You glared at him, crossing your arms. “I don’t want apologies. All I ever wanted was a father who treated me as they were meant too. You put me through hell, treated me like shit. I couldn’t care less for your ‘sorry’s’. I just wanted to be treated like a daughter/son.”
Your father whimpered as Dark dumped him on the floor. “Come, kitten, we’re taking you somewhere else.”
Dark gestured for you to follow and Anti led the way out of the room. Leaving your father bleeding and broken on your bedroom floor.  

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Pansy... you're wearing Gryffindor colours

Pansy: But I can’t have uncultured idiots think I’m a Gryffindor!

Saw It Coming (Dan Smut)

(For @phanny-fics contest)
Okay first sorry, the request said praise and I’ve just done the opposite oops, my finger slipped ? Also sorry this took so long I’ve had a lot of school work.
Warning: smut, degradation, deep throating
Most people hated week days, you didn’t and it wasn’t because you didn’t have work during the week it was because you’re boyfriend did. you’re boyfriend Dan worked for the best lawyer firm in London, he was pretty high up in the business and he was well known around London for winning most cases he was given, so let’s just say he was pretty well payed. You would have thought him being well established and having being payed great money would have been the reason you loved week days but it wasn’t. It was because of the way he looked in his suit. every morning you would wake up at the same time as dan so you could see him get changed into his sleek black suit with a white shirt which fitted him so well, he would tuck in his shirt and wouldn’t leave the house until his tie was the perfect length; he takes his job very seriously and that’s what turns you on.

Serious Dan in a suit was you’re weakness. Occasionally in the morning while he was doing up his tie or adjusting his blazer you would kiss his neck and whisper things like “daddy you look so good in that suit, you’re making me so wet” but he would only tell you things like “don’t be a naughty girl or I won’t let you cum for a week if you keep teasing daddy” usually that was enough to stop you from doing anything else to adjutant him but not this morning.

This morning was different dan had recently purchased a Versace suit costing him over £1,000, He was dripping sex appeal. so when you saw him over by the mirror adjusting his tie like he usually does you couldn’t help but go over. As he was fixing his tie you placed your hands and moved them by his side and slowly undid his perfectly tied tie “I want you to tie me up with you’re tie” you said fiddling with the the thin material between your finger tips “you know I’m not going to do that” Dan whispered with a smirk on his face “can I change your mind daddy” you said as you dropped to your knees and started to unbuckle his belt “don’t you dare” his voice now laced with frustration, you ignored his request, pulled down his jeans and took his member out of his Calvin Klein underwear “last warning kitten” you again ignored his demands and gave his cock a firm stroke before you sunk you’re head down onto his length.

He wasn’t fully hard yet so taking all of him wasn’t much of a problem in the beginning but as you continued to suck you found it increasingly hard to take him, dan used this to his advantage. He put his ran fingers through your hair and secured his hand around your head and started pushing you down further on his cock “you still wanna suck daddys cock huh?” You squeaked in response “your gonna take all of me like the little slut you are and then maybe if your lucky I’ll let you swallow” you gagged in response and Dan continued pushing your head down to the base of his penis so that your nose was touching his pubic bone, you gagged and let a tear fall from your eye “such a cockslut, what are you?” He pulled you off his cock waiting for an answer but you sat there in silence “answer me!” He spat “I’m a cockslut” he smirked at your response as he pushed you back onto him “that’s what I thought bitch” he continued thrusting into your mouth relentlessly. You tried to relax your jaw to aid the fact that Dan was fucking your mouth like he fucked your pussy; hard and fast.

You looked up to see Dan glaring at you as he kept pushing himself down you’re throat, you felt tears stream down you’re face from how much you’ve been gagging “Wanna cum on that pretty little face of yours” he pulls himself out of your mouth and starts stroking his cock erratically “open slut” you opened your mouth ready to take his load. Dan came all over your face with a string of moans and profanities, he smirked down at you and thumbed his cum off your face and put it to your mouth, you seductively sucked it off his thumb “I’ve got to go to work now” he said sadistically as he made his way out of the room “oh and also no cumming for a week” he added before leaving the room. you sighed knowing that was coming.

Ok listen

I know..I know that the bedroom scene from ep 5 was near perfect with all that tension and unspoken attraction…I know…..but just listen…. Jughead was nervous walking up the stairs inside the cooper house, the tie in his hand twisted painfully in his grip. What was he thinking? He felt uncomfortable in this getup. Like he looked stupid. Betty was probably going to laugh at him.. He had reached her bedroom door by now . It had been left a jar so he didn’t bother knocking. Pushing it open he tried to compose himself by sticking to his normal sarcasm.

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?”

she was standing in front of her mirror, adjusting her cardigan.

he braced himself when she turned around, ready to hear her mock him.

but she just grinned. looked him up and down and grinned. she wasnt laughing at him like he thought.

he felt the back of his neck heat up and resisted the urge to adjust his collar. it was suddenly too hot in the room-too hot in the suit.

“Its the best I could do” he tried to defuse the tension he was sure only he felt.

“although I think I might still need your help..” he lifted his clenched fist with the tie still wrapped around it.

She just shook her head fondly and stepped up to him, taking his appearance in entirely, unashamedly. She knew it was making him feel uncomfortable but she couldnt help it. He looked too cute. It wasn’t just that he cleaned up nicely, and he certainly did, no, it was his shyness, the faint blush running up his neck, the slight shuffle of his feet, his fidgeting fingers playing with the tie.

She stilled his hands with hers in front of him. Her fingers felt cool against his as she slid the silky material through his hands. His senses were in overdrive. He felt it all at once. His skin was hot, his palms were sweaty, he felt like he was suffocating but he couldnt step away from her. he thought he might crumble if he did. So instead, he took a deep breath and held it. A mistake because she took that moment to step even closer and wrap the tie around his neck.He breathed in her sweet floral scent and was filled with it. It was too much and not enough at the same time. He let out a shaky breath and watched mesmerized as it softly ruffled the loose hair framing her face. His eyes involuntarily fluttered shut when he felt her against his neck as she adjusted his collar.

“All done” She sounded as breathless as he felt.

Her fingers dancing down his chest as she smoothed out the wrinkles in his tie.

They met each others eyes.

“Thanks Betts” He licked his suddenly dry lips

“Anytime Juggie”

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Can you make up some headcanons about Fem!Dialovers? (all the boys if possible)

I hope you enjoy this! This was a little harder than I thought, but it’s okay! I like the challenge.


Shu (Shizuka):

  • When Shizuka sings for the Diabolik Lovers soundtrack and CDs, she’s naturally a mezzo-soprano. (Much to Reika’s jealousy.)
  • The spitting image of Beatrix. Shizuka can never escape from this comment from other demons whenever they encounter her.
  • Receives many requests from other demon families to marry their sons. To not break important bonds, Shizuka claims she isn’t ready for it yet.

Reiji (Reika):

  • Always on the lookout for sales on designer purses. She likes the ones that make her look elegant or chic.
  • Collects different types of tea and stores them in a storage room away from her sisters. She’s very proud of the different tea imports too.
  • A lover of hosting dinner and tea parties. It allows her to be more social and relaxed than usual and she gets to show off her skills.

Ayato (Ayako)

  • A big fan of piercings! Ayako gets her cartilage pierced and is hooked for life. Reika disapproves of it though and calls it “unnecessary.”
  • Ran for homecoming queen and won because of her popularity. She’ll never get over the fact that she beat everyone and became #1.
  • Tomboyish as always, Ayako never leaves the house without a hair tie. She never knows when she needs to tie her hair back, so it’s essential.

Laito (Laiko)

  • Laiko is quite popular and uses this to her advantage. She’ll always have a few mislead boys at her side to do things for her, like carry her bag.
  • Wasn’t interested in anything competitive until a friend introduced her to the world of pageants. Laiko’s now aiming for Miss Universe as a result.
  • Laiko runs a blog and is super active on social media. People aren’t surprised to see her take pictures at big events and famous galas.

Kanato (Kanako):

  • Kanako is very much a cute and fashionable girl. You won’t ever see her leave the house without a dainty parasol in her hand.
  • Delivers more bite into her words when she insults people. She’s made a few girls cry in the bathroom before when they confronted her.
  • Kanako is quite talented in sewing. She doesn’t like teaching others about her techniques though, much to their dismay.

Subaru (Suzumi):

  • Suzumi likes to decorate her coffin with graphic pillows or fairy lights. It gives her the opportunity to be creative.
  • Likes wearing Cartier bracelets and getting her nails done. That way she can scratch and punch whoever gets in her way!
  • Her hair is super neat and long like Christa’s. She usually has her hair in a braid to not let it bother her.

Kino (Kimi):

  • Kimi loves playing games, but she’s also an admirer of otome games! Her current favorite is Mystic Messenger, and she likes Yoosung.
  • Calls herself the “Zero Princess,” and tries to hangout with her Sakamaki sisters, but they’re not allowing it to happen so easily.
  • Goes shopping with Yuri whenever she can. Shopping helps her relieve stress and she gets to pick out new outfits for school so it’s fun!


Ruki (Rukia):

  • When she’s not busy, Rukia likes to hit up coffee shops or cafes and just sit there and read. She needs her break from life too.
  • Receives love confessions from male students countless times each school year. It makes Ayako jealous that someone pays attention to her.
  • Rukia is so used to walking in heels, she can even run in them for a long time. Her legs are toned and trained because of it.

Kou (Kouhana)

  • Still an idol in this AU, but she also works as a model for her agency. Her face is everywhere on billboards and advertisements too.
  • Kouhana’s hair is always on point and in style. She gives a lot of her fans tips on how to take care and maintain their hairstyles as well.
  • Kouhana tends to get into drama with other celebrities on Twitter, but she keeps it sassy and classy, not nasty and trashy.

Yuma (Yume):

  • Yume is downright a farmer at heart, but she has taken an interest in growing all sorts of flowers in her garden too.
  • Likes sleeping in nightgowns because they’re loose and comfortable for Yume. She thinks the graphic ones with words are funny too.
  • She acts like a yankee around school and scares other students with her demeanor, but she’s actually caring when she’s not so rough.

Azusa (Azumi):

  • Azumi loves accessories, and she’s always trying to coordinate it with her outfits and school uniform. 
  • Instead of cutting herself, she paints her nails and is quite good at it. She’s always getting compliments for her nail art.
  • Cat naps are her favorite thing to take after a long day at school. She loves feeling energized and awake afterward.


Carla (Carly):

  • Carly is mysterious and pretty to many students at school, so they often find it difficult to approach her. Intimidation is inevitable, it seems.
  • Between her and her sister, she has the best skin, and she teaches her sister how to maintain a skincare routine to help her out.
  • A devoted fan to haute couture fashion. Some of her favorite designers include Elie Saab, Paolo Sebastian, and Zuhair Murad.

Shin (Shiori):

  • Shiori is a little bit of a mean girl, and she tends to bully other girls whenever she senses some easy vulnerability.
  • Watches a lot of Asian dramas and movies in her spare time. She likes the drama, angst, and slice-of-life ones a lot.
  • She’s always singing loudly in the shower to her favorite songs, much to Carly’s annoyance.

-Admin Yuuzuki