house steiner

I’m currently running a Battletech campaign set in 3020, and need some help.

It’s for a small group of three people (I know, a strange number for Battletech games, seeing as lances are four and stars are five). I’ve made a good solid start, but I’m encountering some trouble finding notable battles that went on in 3020. As this is my players’ first introduction into the universe, I’m having them work with the Wolf’s Dragoons as a sort of “intro to mercenaries,” and beyond a vague “they’re working for House Steiner,” I can’t find any details on combat operations they were involved in or anything until 3021 at the earliest, and nothing substantial until Misery. 

I already have a significant portion of Battletech sourcebooks and rulebooks and whatnot (including HTP Misery and OTP Death to Mercenaries, among other things), so if they’re included in one of those and I’m just not aware, feel free to point and call me a moron. 

Can anyone help me out, either by providing me a couple pre-cooked scenarios I could adapt, or by pointing me at a resource that contains them?