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One of the things that frustrates me about discussions of the Stark kids' education is that our perception of their abilities is framed by comparisons to adults. Who, in their peer group, started out skilled in politics? Joffrey, whose unchecked tendency towards cruelty sent the kingdom into war? Dany, who only knows to do as her brother says to avoid being hurt? Margaery (book), who does seem predisposed to political skill but is still supported by a politically motivated family?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Starklings’ abilities compared to the adults’? I’ve seen discussion of Ned’s and Catelyn’s own education and experiences and how it could\should have influenced their children’s but no one expecting the level of politicking the adults are capable of from the kids. I also don’t think anyone expected them to be skilled in politics, only at least aware of them to a greater extent than shown. Again, age plays a huge role but something like Robb’s complete incomprehensibility of the reality of Theon’s situation in the North or Sansa’s ardent belief that beauty is a sign of integrity or Arya’s lack of understanding that some forms of associating with people from lower classes could pose a danger to them suggest that the Winterfell education system is flawed. Not awful, not bad, just flawed.

The Starks are our protagonists, and Ned and Catelyn are genuinely one of few good parents in the series so that topic of conversation was sure to arise. And it’s exactly that that set the Starks apart from some of the characters you listed - Ned and Catelyn were hands on in their kids’ education and training; they provided good education, they supervised it and instructed the kids themselves, they followed up with the kids, etc. Joffrey and Dany…. one had very bad education and the other lacked proper one. Robert was a neglectful and abusive father who thought hitting his son so hard he knocked out two of his baby teeth a proper method of discipline and teaching, while Cersei enabled Joffrey and taught him an aggressive ruling philosophy, which was the only method the kid was taught since his father couldn’t be bothered with him as he was busy sleeping around, and didn’t know how to rule to be able to teach his kid anyway. Why shouldn’t Joffrey turn out like that when he was taught that being king gave him absolute rights and green light to do whatever he pleased?

And what was Dany’s education exactly? She had an awful childhood shuttled from one place to another and living on people’s charity. She was left to Viserys’ “care” and “tutelage”. What she was taught was a bunch of lies and half-truths, she was taught fear so that Viserys could control her. Even when she made it to Illyrio Mopatis’…. well, the guy planned for her to die among the Dothraki so I don’t think he was too concerned with her political knowledge. Dany never had the advantage of a good education or attentive guardians.

Now Margaery is a very good example since she had the same advantages as the Starks, and she shows that political awareness at a young age is entirely possible. It’s true that she exists on the other end of the spectrum from the Starks - Mace and Olenna actively groomed Margaery for a highly political life in court in a way that Ned never would have done since the guy just wanted to be left alone in the North, but Ned and Cat needn’t be ambitious like the Tyrells to expand their children’s political knowledge or recognize the need for it; there are several different levels of political skill and awareness between “basic” and “Margaery Tyrell” after all.

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If you start running low on art inspiration, I'd like to put in a request a Sansa/Dany duo. I love them both, and I find their story parallels so intriguing! Thanks for putting all your lovely character art up! <3

Today is my only day off, so i could not do both. Here is a young Sansa, before the Kings visit.

I’ll get to Dany next week.


favorite male character: Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)

“ You think my life is some precious thing to me? That I would trade my honor for a few more years… of what? You grew up with actors. You learned their craft and you learnt it well. But I grew up with soldiers. I learned to die a long time ago. “