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We have a little gingerbread house set up at work and this kid was saying to his mom “I don’t even WANNA know why they have a gingerbread house…. I don’t even WANNA know”

Dark Headcannon

The Immortal Fakes buying a farm and setting it up for a real life Dead by Daylight scenario. Spending time and money to wire up generators that once their required number is met will allow the doors to open, sometimes for those they only want to scare it only takes one, for those they want to punish it could take up to ten. Fog machines and flares set into the ground, the sharp smell of blood and decay from the slaughter house Ryan sets up in the middle with fresh pigs and occasionally a hung corpse. 

Gavin setting up an army of camera’s, night vision, motion sensors, speakers -you name it he has it - so they can observe the fun when someone is let loose with the hostages. Sometimes he plays music other times the watches strapped to their wrists will vibrate when the hunter is near. 

The watches function as instructions for the hostages, it tell them if someone is hooked, how many generators they need, if they’ve opened a door and If the trapdoor is activated.

The trap door is special.

In more ways than one. It is one of only two ways to be spared and there is always one of two people waiting for you at the bottom. Geoff with a sharp smile, a drink in hand he’ll greet you by name and ask “what have we learned?” If you fail to answer he’ll get in close and whisper right in your ear “never cross me again.” Then you wake up at home, wounds treated but forever living in fear of that place, of the Fakes. Sometimes it’s Jack - if Geoff has had his turn on the hunt, she won’t speak but she’ll have a medkit and a look of disappointment. When you wake up to your horror you are back on the farm, this time you have a medkit or a flashlight or maybe lunch and three other confused horrified people beside you because the trapdoor is a trap and you fell for it. 

Sometimes when they’re feeling particularly cruel they’ll send Gavin or Ryan in as a “hostage” make it look like they’ve been there for days. Get them to amp up the fear and die horribly in somebody’s arms, only to be waiting on the other side of an exit with a wicked smile and a gun. Because even if you make it out the exits the only way you get to live is if you played well - if you went back for an innocent or a crew mate. Those that hide and survive until the end don’t get to walk out alive.

Imagine Ryan and Jeremy perfecting their killer persona’s for this place, not Rimmy or the Vagabond but something darker bloodier. Geoff’s out of his mind giggling as he whittles it down to one last terrified person. Michael who loves when they fight back - even more when someone kills him and he gets to come back and sing song “where are you?” Jack’s utter silence and almost tender care when she whispers for them to hush just as she takes them down. Gavin who rarely plays but when he does it’s with a viscous sort of glee and he always, always has Rye or Michael stalking about -not playing but to torment and chase.

Sometimes when someone has given them a particularly good game they post the video online, or play it on the screens of the bank their in the middle of heisting as a tribute or an intimidation tactic.

Very few sent to the farm see daylight once more and those that do live in fear of the thing they witness pulling people into the sky of the screams of the hooked and eerie spider like legs and the whispered voices of those hunting them.

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty

Summary: Your adoption is finalised and you get to know your new extended family at what you think is an Independence Day party. Genevieve corners you on your way back to the party, and Danneel helps you escape and relax when it all gets too much
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, JJ, Donna, Gino, Danneel (mentioned extended Ackles/Graul family)
Words: 3.5k
Warnings: fluff, f/f kissing, mildly nsfw chat
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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Driving, it seemed, wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.

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started out as soft babies then went nausicaa? awawawaoaoaowaoao?? 

Marriage, Babies, and Sucession: The Political Future of Westeros and it's Great Houses

WARNING: this is long as shit so read at your own risk lol

So after spending substantial amount of time focusing on the threat beyond the wall and the immediate battle for the iron throne, at the end of season 7 we finally get to down to the nitty gritty questions about the future of Westors and it’s great houses.

It’s an important question and something I expected to come up eventually because yes we know that if the NK isn’t defeated none of it matters. However, there is still that lingering question of what happens if/when that happens? Are any of these characters and houses set up for any real future/legacy or will all of this blood, pain, sacrifice, and tragedy be for nothing because all of their goals and houses die with them. Are our heroes and villains destined to fight for a political legacy and to save a humanity that they can not themselves add to? I don’t think so, so the question becomes, how will they add to it? What will their legacies be?

The first group of people who address this within the narrative are Jamie and Ceresi. In the premiere Ceresi goes on and on about the Lannister legacy and that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing, it’s what she’s fighting for but as Jamie points out there is no Lannister legacy. Unless Tyrion comes to reclaim his name and Casterly rock, the Lannister name and legacy dies with them. Ceresi’s fight for a legacy is incomprehensible to Jamie because they have no legacy to leave, he’s seemingly okay with that but Ceresi has apparently deluded herself into thinking there is one.

Ceresi is initially resistant to this idea but it must have been something she took to heart. Besides being the first to address this conundrum, Jamie and Ceresi are also the first to get a solution. Ceresi get’s pregnant again. It’s clearly planned and hoped for by Ceresi given how she jumped his bones this season. This prospect of fatherhood draws Jamie back to Ceresi when he’s starting to become disillusioned with her. The relationship is toxic but they have a chance to be parents again, Jamie can actually be a father this time. The Lannister name can carry on once more through their child. It means that their fathers years of work weren’t for nothing because his family legacy stays somewhat in tact. Jamie and Ceresi get something besides themselves to fight for. Having something else to fight for is an important theme for all of these character that I’ll come back to later

Ceresi also secures something that’s important for any stable kingdom going forward, an heir to the throne. This sorta changes the game for the entire realm.

Daenerys is the next character to have a potential legacy addressed. We get passing mentions of how the dragons are Dany’s children during the early part of the season but oddly enough it’s not addressed for her right away. Not even marriage is addressed for Dany right away even though she needs political allies. The prospect of marriage between Dany and Jon, who need a political alliance the most never comes up a single time in Dany’s camp of advisors.

A real conversation about Dany and her future legacy doesn’t happen until episode 6 when Tyrion decides to spring a conversation on Dany about succession. It felt random AF to me, but Tyrion has a point and is smart to ask the question. Dany insists on doing dangerous things that risk her life. If she does die, what happens to the war she’s been waging? She’s devoted her entire life to this goal, she’s accepted the loyalty of several other people who want to see her on the throne, but if she dies that will all have been in vain because all of her grand ideas about creating a new world and breaking the wheel die with her. Tyrion knows that even of Dany doesn’t die prematurely, eventually succession will come up. Dany taking the throne with no successor would send the realm into chaos and undo any progress she would have made. It also puts Dany’s potential actions in the realm in an interesting light. She has no one to pass a legacy to and no one to fight for. She'a not fighting for her family, she has no family. She’s not fighting for her children, she has none and will never have them. She’s not fighting for the future of House Targaryen, her house will die with her. She’s pretty much just fighting for herself, her own person goals and her own ego, and we know from experience with Ceresi that a monarch with nothing to loose is very dangerous for the realm. She seems to care about the greater good but what happens if she ever stops caring about it because she has no future stakes in the greater good? It’s something to think about and I think it’s something several characters like Tyrion and Varys, and even to an extent Jon, have already started to think about.

Like Ceresi, Dany is also resistant to to conversation about a dead end legacy. She doesn’t want to come to terms with the fact that her house, her mission, her life’s work die with her and I don’t blame her because it’s a tough thing to accept when so much of your identity is wrapped up in this cause. Her conversation with Tyrion is left unfinished and unlike Ceresi she appears to have no real prospect of a resolution.

Interestingly enough, for the first time Jon and his legacy also come up in that same episode. His talk of legacy is handled with a little bit more finesse and subtlety but it’s equally important. When Jon tries to give Longclaw, the Valryian steel sword that’s meant to be a family heirloom and a physical representation of family legacy, back to Jorah he declines. He tells Jon that he hopes it serves his children well. This is the first time Jon and the audience is made to think about his future after his war. As a brother of the nightswatch Jon had forfeited any chance at a legacy. He would die as a brother of the watch, never taking a wife and never siring children. But he’s not in the night’s watch anymore.

Since he left his only goal has been his home and the army of the dead, but Jon’s future is wide open if the living survives his war. If humanity survives Jon gets to start creating a legacy for himself, he gets to pass down Longclaw and his title the same way that Dany and Ceresi might get to one day pass down the throne that they sit on. Jon is the only one currently fighting who could care less about having a throne to sit on, so framing it around a throne and succession doesn’t work well for him. Jon doesn’t care about leaving his throne for his children and creating a Dynasty on his name. It’s much more effective to frame his legacy around something we know matters to him which is family, duty, and honor. Longclaw can be seem as a metaphor for all three of those things. Longclaw represents his duty to protect his family, Longclaw represents the honor of the man who gave it to him and his own father who once carried a Valaryian sword as a symbol of duty and honor. Longclaw represents his family, present and future, it even has his family sigil on it, the direwolf.

Interestingly enough the show plays the stark theme at the end of this conversation, alluding to the idea that Jon’s legacy is his family, his future is a Stark legacy. You can make a good argument that this is also an allusion to what Jon’s purpose for this fight is all wrapped up into one nice metaphor. Jon does feel compelled to fight for those who can not defend themselves, and in that way he and Dany are alike, but Jon isn’t ruled by his altruism. A lot of his motivation for fighting originally is for his brothers of the NW, the only family he felt he had at that point. It was his duty to fight for their survival.

This point is proven by the fact that at one point he actually gave up his fight. After his betrayal and resurrection Jon was exhausted and felt isolated from his brothers. So despite hardhome, despite knowing that’s coming Jon no longer felt like his life had a purpose. He had resigned himself to being a failure and was going to just travel south but that changed when Sansa comes to Castle black. Sansa is what gives him his new purpose. Sansa gives him stakes in the future of humanity again. He fights for their home for her and later for Bran and Rickon. He’s focused on the threat in the north again because it’s not just about him, this army of the dead is coming for Winterfel and Sansa and all of the people in the north who have put their faith and trust in him. It’s the knowledge of Bran and Arya’s return and the NK getting closer and closer to his home that prompts Jon to demand he be allowed to leave dragonstone. He initially wanted to go home to them not go on that hunt. He wanted to get back to the North to protect the people who matter most to him, his family. This is partially why many of Jon’s subsequent actions make little sense to me but that’s a diffferent meta for a different day.

So yeah Jon does have altruism as a motivation, but where he sets himself apart from Dany is that he has something else to fight for and even if it’s not consciously on his mind, he has a legacy to fight for. Perhaps this is why the writers deliberate made it so that Dany was not the person who ultimately saves Jon’s life. He saves himself from the freezing cold waters….and what does he reach out for as soon as he takes that first desperate breath….Longclaw. what Longclaw represents is what pulled him out of that water. Who get’s Jon to safety even at the expense of their own life….his uncle, a man motivated by the same sense of duty and family that Ned was motivated by and both of them shaped Jon into the man he is today and have given him the same innate and overwhelming sense of family duty. IMO whatever Jon’s legacy is, it has to be connected to his family, his Stark family. It’s too big of a part of him to not be.

So heading into the finale we have three leaders with three different motivations and potential futures:

1. Ceresi- a legacy and heir via her unborn child but no care for the rest of humanity.

2. Dany- without a legacy or heir but a renewed sense of altruism and a need for vengeance thanks to the death of one of her children at the hands of the NK.

3.Jon- an unclear legacy but a even stronger desire to protect his family and the realm from the threat of the NK.

In this episode the narrative finally takes some steps towards intertwining the legacies of all of these characters. Instead of just being obscure individual character ideas they start to merge and you get a picture of how they can possibly affect each and the political future of the realm once the dust settles.

Tyrion learns that Ceresi is pregnant in the finale. This revelation isn’t meant to just be about Tyrion realizing that he has another niece of nephew on the way. Tyrion finds out because it means Ceresi has an heir and a successor, the two things he was just talking to Dany about an episode ago. He’s start enough to know the advantage this gives Ceresi in the political game of thrones. The realm will always lean towards stability, heirs bring stability so Ceresi looks like the more favorable option against a queen who is already struggling to bring the people to her side of the fight. House Lannister has a future that House Targaryen appears to not have. I’m not sure what I think this will mean for Tyrion individually going forward BUT I am sure that Ceresi’s pregnancy has changed the politics of the game and has put Dany at a distinct disadvantage.

We also get a scene where Jon and Dany discuss her curse. Dany says once again that she can not have children and Jon appears to give her some hope that maybe the witch was lying to her. Most people would take this as sign that Dany will indeed get pregnant and even the playing field with Ceresi, giving house Targaryen a legacy that can continue on and giving Dany an heir for when she takes the iron throne. However I don’t think that’s what’s actually in the cards. A plot line like this is too obvious of a direction to make it convincing. I think they want us to think that Dany might be able to have children, but I don’t think it will actually happen for her. A magical baby from the union of Jon and Dany is too much of a complication for what they appear to be setting up with Jon and Dany (conflict), it’s logistically nonsensical given the war and Dany’s heavy involvement, and narratively it doesn’t fit with how I think these characters will end the story (that’s a meta for a different day). A surprise pregnancy for Dany is also something that would have to be in the books since it’s a big deal and I don’t see GRRM making dany get pregnant. The only use it has is making Jon angsty and continuing the Targaryen line through incest, which by his own admission was their downfall to begin with. If Jon wasn’t a Targaryen I would be more inclined to believe it’s a possibility but we know that he is one.

I also think that Dany ever having a heir is also not in the cards because of my next point: The prospect of a Jon and Dany marriage alliance has finally been brought up in the narrative. A marriage alliance would make sense for Jon and Dany….if Jon wasn’t a targaryen who is more than likely going to loose the North once word spreads of his bending the knee and his parentage. There are already several hurdles to their alliance right now without those things officially being a factor yet, but once they are revealed then shit is really going to hit the fan and it makes Jon’s position in the possible marriage alliance incredibly weak. If Jon looses the north then Dany can not marry Jon to claim it. There is also the fact that Jon gains nothing from the alliance since it’s not necessary for his biggest goal…defeating the NK. If a Jon and Dany marriage is on the verge of being rendered unideal already then a child from that union would be a bastard and serve no purpose besides possibly giving Dany an heir to a divided kingdom. The child wouldn’t be an heir to the north and therefore it looses it’s narrative ability to unite the kingdoms just like Jon and Dany’s marriage. I’m rambling a bit but you get what I’m saying here

Interestingly enough this the topic of a Jon and Dany marriage doesn’t come from Tyrion, who would be smart enough to think about this as a possible solution for Jon and Dany to seal their alliance…but it comes from Littlefinger and it brought up with Sansa. This nugget is important because this conversation is also tied to legacy and the iron throne for one of these characters, except that character isn’t Jon or dany….it’s Littlefinger himself.

Since LF has been fairly inactive this season it’s easy for forget that LF is playing for the Iron Throne. he let his endgame slip to Sansa last season. He wants the throne and he wants Sansa at his side. LF’s best path to gaining power is to propell Sansa to Queen in the North, the marry her. With her northern army and The Vale he can then be a contender to take the throne by conquest. That’s why Jon being named king was a dent in his plan and why he initially tried to turn Sansa against Jon. If Sansa became disillusioned with Jon and staked a claim over the north he could marry her. When this plan failed because he realized that the bond between Jon and Sansa is much too strong to be overcome by some manipulation, he changes gears and tries to convince Sansa that she’s the better leader and deserves the throne.

LF has been thinking about this a lot, and he’s one of the more forward thinkers in the game, so it’s no surprise that LF can see the Jon and Dany marriage alliance on the table. LF’s acknowledgement of a Jon and Dany marriage as it relates to Sansa is a huge deal, because narratively it sets Sansa up as being in the position to be the counter that marriage alliance.

Now I have my own shipper theories about why LF would talk about Dany’s beauty and what not but the key part it that. LF wants Sansa as queen but Jon has just given their kingdom to Daenerys, which Sansa does not want to happen. Then he plants the seed that Jon has feelings for Dany (which is unnecessary here unless Sansa is supposed to be jealous) and seeks to seal this alliance with a marriage, effectively shutting Sansa out or power completely. This situation leaves Sansa with few options if she’s going to keep the North…she has to go against Jon and have herself declared queen, making and a Jon and Dany marriage a dead end for Dany’s quest to seize control of the north and unite it with the south.

This officially positions Sansa in the narrative as the big roadblock to the idea of a Jon and Dany marriage that we have all speculated about for a while now. Sansa’s claim over the north has always been stronger than Jon’s, but she’s willingly forfeited that claim in favor of him. Now Sansa is in a position where she has to question if she should keep doing that because of Jon’s frustrating decisions. She’s also positioned herself as a strong and competent leader. The north already wanted to crown her queen but she passed. Now she has delivered The Vale justice for the murder of their Lord and his widow and she’s delivered justice to the north for all the loss they have suffered because of Ned being called south. She has almost complete control of The Vale all on her own now and she has the absolute loyalty and trust of her bannermen. Sansa is completely intertwined with The North and it’s going to be hard for Jon to do anything with Dany concerning marriage as long as Sansa is around. She’s been the key to keeping his armies from abandoning him while he’s been gone and she’s been the key to keeping him in power. Any move Jon makes can be effectively countered by Sansa and THAT’S the big deal, that’s what makes her position very powerful. That’s what LF was banking on using for his own ascension to the throne. It’s so obvious that he wanted to use the marriage alliance to make Sansa stake her claim then seal the vale for herself by marrying him, but she took him out of the game.

That leaves Sansa in the position of being the perfect counter to Dany’s power grab in the north. That means that Sansa is powerful, young, and unmarried……and perfectly set up to be the more advantageous alliance for Jon if he wants to have any claim over the north going forward. Because of Sansa, marrying Dany is a dead end of Jon and she is now the better option for the future stability of their kingdom.

When the war is over, if they all survive it, someone will have to contend for the throne aganist Ceresi. That someone will have to be able to provide more stability than Ceresi can provide while she’s carrying her heir. Someone will have to contend with the re emerging House Lannister. Dany is in the worst position out of all the alternatives politically, but House Stark. is in a good position to contend for at the very least their own independence thanks to Sansa and Jon. That means if Jon is to be the leader at the end of the day he has to choice to make. Will his legacy be that of a Targaryen with his Aunt? Or will it be the legacy of a Stark with Sansa? This question can also be posed as “which one will be the younger more beautiful queen to take all that Ceresi holds dear” *wink wink*

It’s clear to see which choice will end up being the most advantageous for Jon in the end, which is why my money is on House Stark. Tragically, House Targaryen will probably die with Dany and the fight for the IT will come down to House Lannister vs House Stark which funny enough is the feud is at the heart of the events most early bloodshed in the series (Thanks for the reminder Sansa). The first terrible act of this series was Jamie Lannister pushing Bran Stark from the tower, kicking off a series of events that lead to bloodshed, betrayal, and war. It makes sense that it all comes back around to these two houses in the end for a battle for survival and legacy.

As for who will win? Well my money is on House Stark of course. Winter is here and winter is a time for wolves.

A Universe Of Numbers

Part 1:

Lance didn’t see the world like everyone else did.
While some saw shapes and colours, Lance saw numbers.
When Lance was twelve he was declared autistic.
His parents were worried that meant he would never be able to function on his own.
They he went shooting for the first time.
It was at his uncles house.
He had set up some cans on a fence planning to teach Lance how to shoot.
However soon as Lance knew to pull the trigger he never missed.
All those numbers and angles he’s seen his whole life. The endless stream of information pouring into his head.
It all suddenly clicked into place.
One hit
Two hits
Three hits
Ten hits.
Lance never missed.
Soon every weekend he would spend it with a gun in his hand trying to hit more and more complicated targets to entertain himself.
Perhaps he would of gone on to the olymics if a visiting friend of his uncle hadn’t of seen him hit a target he could barley see.
The man worked for the military and one example of Lance’s ability was all he needed to know Lance was beyond a prodigy.
He was a servont.
Arrangements were made faster then Lance could understand and he was shipped off to a military base before his guns barrel even cooled.
Everything was different surrounded by soldiers. Everyone was different and loud always looking at him, expecting something amazing.
Lance had his first meltdown ten minuets after arriving.
The soldiers didn’t know what to do. They had never felt with a situation like this.
Except one.
He gently lead Lance to his plane and took off with him without a second hesitation.
It was the first time Lance had ever flown.
Being so high away from the noise in a comfortably confined space calmed him.
His breathing slowed.
He stopped clawing at his skin.
He just sat back and allowed the new kind of numbers to enter his mind.
By time they landed Lance realised something.
He didn’t want to be a sniper or a marksmen or even an Olympian.
He wanted to fly.
He wanted to be a pilot.

Here’s a cute story about my dogs -

One evening, Leonard was sleeping in my mom’s room (he likes to sleep on her bed) while Vincent was sleeping by the couch in the living room while we were watching TV. The house has kind of a U shape, so my mom’s room is the furthest point from the living room (unless you could walk through walls)

So my mom starts watching this video on her phone which has a dog whining in it. Vincent immediately wakes up, frantically jumps to his feet, and books it full speed all the way to my mom’s room.

So, from Vincent’s perspective, he’s in a deep sleep and hears a dog crying. He immediately thinks it’s his brother and he’s in danger, so he wakes up with a start and rushes to check on him.

From Leonard’s perspective, he’s sleeping soundly when suddenly Vincent charges in like an action hero to save his bro from a non-existent threat.

That One Bet

Requested By: Anonymous

hi!! i jus honestly love ur imagines ❤️ but can u write something where peter & flash made bets and peter has been beating him at all of them until @ liz’s party and peter sucks ass at beer pong until the reader comes in and helps him , u can end it however thank youuuu

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: The entire day Flash and Peter had been making bets, and from what you and Ned could conclude was that Peter was in the lead, until you arrived at Liz’s party and saw Peter getting his ass whipped at beer pong, today, you would be the superhero.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, kinda fluffy I dunno

Word Count: 2,452

A/N: THIS WAS SO CUTE TO WRITE I’M LIVING, but it was super fun to create, it’s super cheesy too aw. enjoy :)

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

“You do realize Flash literally almost ran you over right?” You appeared next to Peter as he glared at Flash who shouted ’Penis Parker!’ as he drove away laughing.

“Yes, Y/N, I am aware I nearly died.” Peter replied sarcastically with a dramatic eye roll, earning a hard shove from you into Peter’s shoulder.

“Aye!” Peter shouted, holding his shoulder, seeing your intense glare at him, his eyes softened a bit, pulling you in for a hug.

“I’m sorry bug,” He murmured into your hair as you hugged him back, relaxing at his touch, “I know you were just caring about my safety.” He sighed, rubbing your back gently before you two broke apart.

“Yes. Therefore, you should be grateful.” You replied back sarcastically, making Peter shake his head at you with a smile.

“Although, sometimes I wish you could go all Spidey on him and web his car up.” You whispered, laughing, making Peter laugh along with you as you both entered the school.

The second school started you’d think world war three was happening, anytime you saw either Flash or Peter they were at a constant stage of war.

“Peter what are you doing?” You asked him when you ran into him in the hallway, he was out of breath, sweat dripping down his forehead as he looked around the hallway.

“Flash bet me that I couldn’t run the entire school in under a minute, he was wrong, aka, I won.” He smiled triumphantly, taking a bow, as you stood there unamused.

You weren’t going to lie, you didn’t understand this whole betting thing going on, all you knew was that it was starting to push your buttons.

But being the friend you were, you let it go, since Peter was having the time of his life beating his arch nemeses.

Therefore, you continued about your day, going to class, watching as Flash made a bet with Peter that he couldn’t build a stink bomb and get the entire school to evacuate.

He did.

And you were beyond annoyed.

“Did you really have to bet that?” You sighed, looking at your best friend who was grinning at Flash who looked pissed as hell.

Flash hadn’t one a bet yet, and you knew it was driving him insane, he wanted to crush Peter with everything he had.

“Yes Y/N, I wasn’t going to loose.” Peter laughed, but stopped once seeing your face, knowing you were far from happy.

You let out an annoyed huff, turning on your heel as they started allowing students back in the building.

Maybe you should stay away from him the rest of the day.

And that’s exactly what you did.

And Peter noticed, big time.

Every time he won a bet, he’d go and look for you so he could brag about how he beat Flash again, but found that you were nowhere to be seen, peaking his curiosity.

This went on for the rest of the day, even at lunch.

“Hey Ned, how did the math test go? Was it hard? Or was it easy?” You rambled on, Ned watching you with an amused smile, he was also your best friend.

He knew how important studies were to you, you wanted to get into a high college where you could actually put your knowledge to something life changing.

“Honestly, you’ll do great, it wasn’t that bad, some problems were ehh, but besides that you should be fine.” Ned replied, taking a bite of his sandwich as you visibly relaxed.

“Alright good, because I-” You were cut off as Flash and Peter came walking over, in a heated argument, making you roll your eyes.

“There is no way you have won all of these bets and I’ve won nothing!” Flash shouted, making Peter smirk in glory, infuriating Flash even more.

“Not my fault you can’t keep up.” Peter replied, making Flash’s blood boil even more, his eyes narrowing at Peter.

“Liz is having a party tonight, we will continue this there.” Flash pointed at Peter who raised his eyebrows.

“Be there, or else.” Flash threatened, making Peter bite his lip and nod, laughing as Flash stormed off.

“Can you believe him?” Peter motioned towards Flash, before glancing between you and Ned.

“-Uh, guys, what’s up?” Peter hesitantly questioned, seeing as both you and Ned had blank looks on your faces.

“Peter, we know that you’re in the lead and all, and that you’re having a blast with all these bets, but it’s just not our thing.” Ned shrugged slightly, as you continued to pick at your food.

“Oh. I didn’t know.” Peter replied quietly, looking at Ned, giving him a silent apology, before looking at you, who refused to look away from your food.

Peter had noticed you’d been distant the entire day, and now it all made sense, each time he came up to you excitedly to brag about winning a bet, you could never relate and the more he did it the smaller it made you feel.

Lunch soon ended, and you were quick to grab your belongings and get out as fast as you could, avoiding Peter the best you could.

You knew it was wrong, but you just couldn’t take it anymore, sure you were proud of him standing up to Flash and winning all the bets, but what was it to you?

You didn’t have any other friends besides Peter, Ned, Michelle and occasionally Liz when she felt like hanging out with you.

Therefore, you could never relate to what pure victory and happiness was, the only time you felt slight happiness was when you got a good grade on a paper or test, proving your dreams could potentially be something in the future.

You went on the rest of the day, avoiding Peter if you saw him in class or the hallway, he knew what you were doing too, and he knew it was his fault he had pushed you away without meaning to.

Ned told him you’d cool off soon, but Peter wasn’t so sure, he’d never seen you this upset before.

“Ned, I think I really hit something with her, she doesn’t normally ignore me this long with I mess up.” Peter spoke nervously, walking to their last class, one that you were also in.

“Okay, so lets say you did, what are you going to do to fix it?” Ned questioned, making Peter stop and think for a moment.

“I can try to talk to her?” He spoke aloud, more as a question than a statement, making Ned shake his head and walk into class.

You sat at your normal seat, glancing up when you saw them walk in, your eyes locking with Peter’s before you broke and looked down at your paper.

You hated doing this, but for the moment it was for the best, at least that was what you were telling yourself.

The rest of the day went on, and the last bell finally rang, and you were free, you had gotten invited to Liz’s party by Liz herself, shocking you a bit, but you agreed.

You had arrived a bit early to help set up, something you enjoyed since you rarely spent time with Liz anymore.

“Okay, Y/N, what’s going on between you and Peter?” She broke the silence, pulling out red cups, as you stood there in shock.

“W-What do you mean?” You stammered, making her smile and laugh at your reaction.

“I mean it’s clear you both have a thing for each other, but you both somehow don’t seem to see it.” She poured out some chips into a bowl as you brought out more cups, placing them on the counter.

“Peter and I are just friends.” You tried to convince her, but the more you thought about it, were you trying to convince yourself too?

Liz saw your hesitation, making her smirk at you, causing you to blush slightly, maybe she was right?

Her house was finally all set up, and people soon poured in, music becoming louder, people dancing and laughing.

And then they walked in.

Ned had a hat on, which did look pretty good if you did say so yourself, and then there was Peter who was looking around anxiously.

You both soon made eye contact, neither one of you breaking the stare until Flash came over, causing Peter to look away.

You stood there stunned for a moment, looking at Ned wide-eyed as if saying what the hell just happened?

He gave a shrug in return, making you run your fingers through your hair frustrated, you truly hated having emotions sometimes.

You decided to go get a snack, and process the ’moment’ you just had with Peter, watching your surroundings and cringing at how drunk some of your classmates were getting.

Who knew so many people thought getting wasted was fun, you never really understood drinking, you knew it fogged your brain up for some time and you could let loose and have fun, but there were so many more consequences that followed.

Exactly why you never once drank in your life, you couldn’t afford to risk everything you worked so hard for to go straight into the toilet, literally.

You were deep in thought until you heard chanting coming from the other room, peaking your interest you wandered over, seeing Flash and Peter playing beer pong.

Must be another one of their bets you thought to yourself, but you then noticed Peter was loosing, and he was freaking out.

You stood there unsure of what to do, you knew you had been avoiding him all day because of this very reason, but there was no way in hell you’d let him loose to Flash.

You squeezed through the crowd of people, walking up next to Peter, startling him, causing Flash to laugh.

“Shut it would ya?” You snapped at Flash, causing everyone to ’ooh’ and make snide remarks, as Flash simply smiled.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Peter questioned, clearly surprised you were talking to him again.

“I’m being the hero this time.” You smiled slightly, creating a small smile to form on his lips.

“I’m loosing pretty bad Y/N, there isn’t really anything that can help.” Peter sighed in defeat, but you just smiled, a twinkle in your eye.

“Peter, if you win, we can go on a date.” You whispered into his ear, making his eyes widen and his knees go weak for a split second.

“A-Are you s-serious?” He gulped nervously, making you giggle slightly and nod in response.

“But you have to win, or else Flash gets to take me on that date.” You teased, watching as his jaw tensed at the thought.

You then stood to the side, watching as the game continued, and out of nowhere, Peter started gaining on Flash, and soon enough Peter was in the lead, and last thing you knew Peter had won.

Flash stood there in furry, claiming that he had cheated, but everyone knew he was just being a sore loser.

You clapped your hands slowly, watching as Peter’s eyes lit up at the sight of you.

“Congratulations, you did it.” You smiled, watching as Peter played it off like it was nothing.

“I always knew you could.” You mumbled, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink at your comment.

“I’m really sorry about today, I didn’t mean to make you feel like you weren’t good enough or not important, I-I was just trying to impress you.” Peter admitted, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Really?” You smiled, biting your lip as you watched Peter smile and nod back at you.

“I’ve liked you for so long Y/N, and it feels so good finally telling you that.” Peter sighed, grabbing your hands before pulling you into a hug.

“I like you too Peter.” You smiled, running your hands up and down his back gently.

You both stood there for a few moments, just taking in the new information, and each other.

“I’m so glad I did all those bets.” Peter laughed, making you laugh along with him, he truly was the dorkiest person you knew.

You both eventually pulled away, goofy grins on both of your faces as if everyone else around you didn’t matter.

“So, how about that date?”

Imagine Loki having a crush on you but he’s not certain how to express it, fearing you don’t feel the same. Imagine a SHIELD coworker also having a crush on you, they profess their love to you and while you try to turn them down, Loki overhears and thinks you’re reciprocating. Devastated, he leaves only for you to chase him down and confront him.

Starting and Building a Spirit Family

When it comes to starting a spirit family there are several things to understand: (1) bonding with every spirit is important, (2) spirit companions aren’t always forever, and (3) not everyone will always get along.

Bonding isn’t necessary for just beginners, but for all spirit keepers/workers/companions (whichever phrase you wish to use; I prefer keeper for myself as I work with human spirits, servitors, and living entities as well). You don’t bring a new friend over to your house and act like they’re not there or decide after just a few days to a week that you suddenly want a new one (at least not without discussing it first, I hope). For beginners, I would advise working with your new companion for at least a couple months before taking in a new one. Generally beginners need to learn the ropes even if they already have a few companions before adopting from me- though that may not always be the case. Even with more experienced keepers, working and bonding with your newest spirit companion for at least a few weeks before taking in a new companion. However, sometimes callings do happen despite when the last time you took in a new companion. If you feel that has happened: speak to your spirit(s) first before you add on to your family.  I do this every time before I take in a spirit regardless, and I will spend a minimum of three days discussing a new addition with my spirit family. It helps me determine whether it’s a calling or either my bleeding heart or a potential response to a good deal (I have been drawn to companion shops a few times to meet a companion) such as a flashsale sort of thing with a companion shop. Take it slow and reflect with the spirits currently with you when adding to your spirit family.

Despite what some of the community tries to imply, you may not be working with all of your spirit family all of the time for the remainder of your life/lives. Paths do change- for both humans and spirits- as they grow while they age. As mentioned in a response, two of my mates I met as a child and they both ended up leaving while we worked together because our paths were no longer inter-connected; this has happened to me several times the 24-ish years I’ve been a spirit keeper. I can say this with confidence: It’s not the end of the world if that happens. Friendships aren’t always forever. Sometimes they only last for you to learn specific lessons for your personal growth. Sometimes down the road they may even come back. If your companion decides it is time for you to part ways, then discuss it with them, and let them go. (If you got the companion from a companion shop then talk to the conjurer first before rehoming the spirit yourself- if the spirit wants to find a new companion- or talk to the conjurer about releasing the spirit from their binding if they’re vessel attached.) Always make it known that it is okay if the spirit decides to leave and request they speak with you first (if you want) so the spirit doesn’t feel they need to continue working with you and risk becoming unhappy or depressed down the road.

Much like with humans, spirits aren’t always going to get along. Age can sometimes be a factor as older spirits aren’t always taught acceptance, whether it be towards a specific spirit type or an alignment, and pasts are not always friendly, which can cause prejudices. (Even I’ve been guilty of this when it comes to spirit types.) Before you add on to your spirit family, ask your spirits how they feel about the spirit type you’re interested in working with; sometimes they’re willing to work with the spirit type despite prejudices and sometimes they’re not (unless it’s a true calling, then try to respect your spirits). If it is a calling, however, and for some reason they’re not already in your house rules (honestly, it’s much easier with them as rules right off the bat with your first companion), then make the following rules: (1) Come to me if there are any disagreements/issues, and (2) Do your best to be accepting and tolerant of each other.

Other Tips:

(1) Set up house rules. Consider things such as safety (not just for you, but for those you live with and guests as well), harmony among the spirits you work with, the nature of the spirit types you work with, and your living space.

   Examples: For my companion Hound he has a house rule that allows him to protect me without causing harm to humans unless the human means me physical harm. (It leaves him the option to ward me, to accompany me while I travel, to watch over me.) For my faeryfolk companions they’re not allowed to take shiny things unless they’re offered to them with honeyed milk. (Some of them are mischievous little buggers.) A general house rule is to not take food from my parents or any of our house guests- that they can take my food or drink only.

(2) Schedule! This is important no matter how big or small your spirit family is! Coordinate with your spirits to make times to work together (especially if they have other things they do daily) that way you’re not neglecting anyone and you will have a general idea when to expect your companions around. (They can still come around whenever, of course. It doesn’t need to be just within the scheduled times they visit.)

(3) As your family grows give everyone a job of some sort or a list of daily tasks. It will help instill a family-like mindset and may ease some potential tension. Some spirits are natural protectors (such as my companion Hound) so ask them to act as your protectors- set up warding, enchant things for you for extra protection. Some spirits are natural caregivers- ask them to help raise any younger spirits you work with or ask them to help you with any sort of emotional issues you or your spirits could have. Some spirits are natural teachers- ask them to help instruct you or younger spirits in something. Some spirits are natural cooks- let them cook for you spirit family or even teach you how to cook. Some spirits are natural healers- have them be your spirit family’s doctor/counselor/healer (they can even help you some as well).

(4) Have one of your spirits (can be more than one as your family grows if you like) be a welcoming committee. That’s what Everchanging and Crane and Hound are in my spirit family. Any new companion I get are generally greeted by some form of those three. They explain my house rules, about myself- personality, some of my likes and dislikes, my routine- about our astral refuge, and about my family as well. Everchanging even keeps some homey things on hand with them- a blanket or light jacket, a glass of cool water or hot tea (depending on the time of year), and usually a small book. It helped a lot of them transition easier into the family.

there was a chill in the air that night, rain slicked pavement catching all sorts of light as magnus walked down a bustling street in brooklyn. a weak breeze blew through, catching on the edges of his long coat, making it billow up enough to show the red lining that slicked the inside of it. each step was slow and deliberate, his hands pushed into his pockets and his chin lifted, the light catching on his cheekbones and the tall spikes of his hair.

he’d finished his house calls hours ago, set up some wards and delivered a few potions, then he had popped into a shop owned by an old warlock that was tucked between two beautiful restaurants. the conversation had become nostalgic so easily, fond memories bubbling back up as they talked and she carefully bagged up everything he had asked for. then soon enough they parted, but not before they shared a long hug, arms wrapped tightly around each other.

and really, he could have portaled back home from there, straight out of her shop and back into the comfort of the loft. but for some reason, the city had been calling to him and he had slipped back out into the bustle of it, deciding that walking home sounded like exactly what he needed.

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