house season seven


What if the Wolves come? Yield.

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

Okay, so I just realized why they spent so much time with Jon and Sansa scenes last season and this one. It’s because they were the ‘siblings’ who had the least relationship with each other. Now, in episode2 they’re alright with each other, they have become close and Jon showed that he trusts Sansa because he left the North in her charge. Now that Jon’s gone, who’s gonna appear in her life but Arya? The two of them weren’t really close but now they’re finally gonna be reunited and they’re going to become much closer than they’re every been before. They spent season6 to build on the sibling relationship between Jon and Sansa and now they’re going to spend season7 building on the relationship between Arya and Sansa (with Bran as the mediator). This reassures me on the fact that there’s absolutely nothing romantic between Jon and Sansa (thank the Gods) and that we will soon see the actual romantic relationship develop. Can’t wait for episode 3, the beginning of it all. Jonerys rules!

My series finale of game of thrones

-zooms in on Ned’s face in the crypt reminiscent of Lyannas in the first episode the we see a dim lighting figure looking on and we conclude it’s Jon with all the northern apparel.,,, very kingly looking 😏😏 we see Jon look at the corner of his eye and back to Ned statue
- my whole life I’ve always wanted to be a Stark. I wanted to be worthy enough
-we see him look out of the corner of his eye again then continues
-“I hope I made him proud” then looks to the other fallen Starks and finally to Lyanna while a more epic version of Truth is heard in the back ground
- “I hope I made them both proud”
-pans down to Jon’s hand slowly and we see another hand interweaving with his
- “I think it’s safe to say you did your grace”
- Jon’s face looks a bit older and he smiles while turning his head and we see an older looking dany smiling sweetly at him.
[meanwhile truth is heard]
Jon grabs Dany and they kiss sweet but passionate
- A boy of tenish with crazy curls approaches them “father, mother we are all ready to leave”
- “aye Ned we’re coming” their son smirks and runs back up from the crypts of winterfell
-Jon turns to dany “lets go MY queen”
[a mix of the game of thrones theme is heard]
Last shot of Ned, Lyanna and the crypts
Then we see Jon and Dany walk together like that shot when they were leaving the dragonglass cave
{series end}

that’s how I see it and I won’t be convinced otherwise!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭