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Trump is threatening them if they vote against the bill, if you’re their constituent (or know someone who lives in their states), call them and make sure these reps know they answer to the American people and not to Trump.

Vote will take place on Thursday, March 23 - tell them to vote no on AHCA aka Trumpcare.

The Signs and Space III:

Aries: An elevator that seems to be taking far too long. No music is playing.

Taurus: A small shop you’re sure went out of business a couple years back. It just keeps showing up again whenever it closes down.

Gemini: A public park that’s always bigger than you previously thought. There are always things peeking out of the grass, rusted and old.

Cancer: The four lane highway that runs off into the mountians. You never see cars comming or going. Where does it lead?

Leo: The rickety taco truck that hangs out in the legal district. The prices change a lot. You think you saw your house rep there once.

Virgo: The long road to the nearest national park. You saw a fox dart across the road to snag a bird out of the air.

Libra: The weekly farmers market. You always walk out with bags full of things you don’t remember buying.

Scorpio: An intersection at 11pm. For just a moment you saw the streetlight flash a thousand different colors.

Ophiuchus: The nice part of town. The lawns here are bigger than your whole house. All the homes seem connected in some way or another.

Sagittarius: The turn you never take into that odd one lane road. You took it one day and found that it just loops back around.

Capricorn: The local community center. You’re not sure what it’s for. Huge empty rooms gone unused.

Aquarius: The bus stop by your house. You always see people waiting, but never any busses.

Pisces: The local barber shop. There is one chair.


retirement boys!!!

alternatively: merle managed to get john to wear one (1) weirdly patterned dad shirt, which john proceeded to then wear like it was a jacket like some sort of heathen. 

also godless croc-wearing john courtesy of @ludella and that one request she filled
House of Reps. rejects attempt to ban gender confirmation surgery for trans troops
The Republican-led House narrowly rejected a measure on Thursday that sought to strike an Obama-era practice of requiring the Pentagon to pay for gender transition surgeries and hormone therapy.

Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives rejected a measure that would have undone an Obama-era policy requiring coverage of hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgery for transgender members of the military. 

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, the Republican legislator who authored the bill, claimed that covering transition-related healthcare would cost too much money, as well as resources in the form of troops unable to serve while recovering from surgery. 

Her awful quote: “It makes no sense to create soldiers who are unable to fight and win our nation’s wars.”

Since Oct. 1, transgender troops have been able to receive medical care and start formally changing their gender identifications in the Pentagon’s personnel system. A Rand Corp. study found that there are between 2,500 and 7,000 transgender service members in the active-duty military, and another 1,500 to 4,000 in the reserves.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis decided late last month to give the military chiefs another six months to conduct a review to determine if letting transgender people enlist in the armed services will affect the “readiness or lethality” of the force. However, the delay doesn’t affect transgender troops who already are serving openly in the military.

Hartzler, a four-term congresswoman who has been mentioned as a possible 2018 challenger to Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., has suggested forcing transgender service members out of the military services. But she backed away from her plan last month, saying she would give Mattis and other senior military leaders the room to settle personnel matters internally.


Friendly reminder that DACA recipients are called “Dreamers” not because we dream of achieving the American dream or whatever, but because of the DREAM Act, which in 2010, passed the House of Reps but failed to pass the Senate by 5 votes. Any rhetorical tactic that tries to belittle DACA by suggesting that American citizens are also “dreamers” is missing the point.

anonymous asked:

Why do people always think of Slytherins as bad people? I mean, I get it almost every one of the bad guys were Slytherins, but people forget all the good ones too. Andromeda, Slughorn, Regulus,... Each time I say I'm in Slytherin there's someone who says "but you're not evil" AND IT'S SO FREAKING ANNOYING!

It is. It’s really fucking irritating but it’s a stereotype. Hufflepuffs are always expected to be marshmallows and Ravenclaws are always expected to be the smartest person in the room. Gryffindors are always the good guys and Slytherins are always the bad guys.
It’s a vicious cycle where people expect it, so we act like it (sometimes out of spite but it always backfires) so they expect it more.
I’m not sure there’s a way to end the cycle because someone will always expect it and someone else will always egg on those expectations by acting like it.
- Mel (the Slytherin)

anonymous asked:

You did a post on the similarities between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, what similarities does Slytherin share with the other two houses?

I could’ve sworn I had an older post that was about the shared traits and similarities with the other houses but I can’t find it. Nevermind I found it!! It’s here! But it’s also a lot smaller than I thought it was so here’s a bit of a longer answer for you my dear nonnie:

Gryffindor & Slytherin:

  • Brave, Courageous & Daring, 
  • the Gryffindors make the conscious choice to be brave, courageous and daring rather frequently; 
  • but it takes a great deal of bravery, daring and courage to go after what you want like Slytherins do
  • Confident & Chivalrous:
  • Again Gryffindors make the conscious choice/effort to be confident and chivalrous
  • Most Slytherins are raised to be chivalrous because it’s one of those traditional traits that are valued and those who aren’t brought up to be chivalrous are generally taught in Slytherin house by way of example
  • Slytherins taught to be confident, and if you aren’t able to be truly confident you should be able to come across as if you are
  • Also I feel like these two houses are probably the most likely to respond to dares, Gryffindors from basically anyone, Slytherins are more likely to only respond to dares from their friends and housemates
  • Both are ridiculously competitive, like to the point of stupidity 

Hufflepuff & Slytherin:

  • Loyal & Friendly:
  • Both houses are incredibly loyal, Hufflepuff are naturally loyal and see no reason not to be unless you give them one
  • Slytherins however are selectively loyal, generally to their family (unless their family is so atrocious or horrible), friends, causes and house.
  • Hufflepuff again see no reason to not be friendly, whereas Slytherin see every reason to be friendly, honey catches more flies than vinegar after all.
  • Hard Working, Patient & Dedicated
  • Hufflepuffs and Slytherins are both incredibly aware that hard work, patience and dedication are needed when trying to get something done, and at times, dealing with other people
  • Slytherins are just more likely to find ways to reduce the workload and time to help them accomplish their goals more efficiently, but both feel the satisfaction when their hard work and patience have paid off
  • Tolerant
  • Hufflepuffs are generally much more naturally tolerant than Slytherins, but you will find so many more Slytherins who don’t care about blood status and you will find a lot of people with multiple identifiers that aren’t the social norm or majority in Slytherin House

Ravenclaw & Slytherin:

  • Intellectual & Logical:
  • Both houses tend to lean towards intellectualism and logically ruled these houses are very similar
  • Ravenclaws love knowledge and learning because it’s knowledge and learning, Slytherins love knowledge and learning because knowledge is power and it never hurts to learn something new,
  • Both Ravenclaws and Slytherins love intellectual conversation and debate, we crave it, and even the introverts of the houses will brave others to have an intellectual conversation,
  • Sharp Minded, Clever and Wisdom:
  • Again both houses show a similar fondness and natural lean to being sharp minded, Slytherins use their sharp minds to notice all those little things in the everyday and file them away for later to use in their machinations, Ravenclaws use their sharp minds to not only get into their common room but also to further their academic and intellectual pursuits
  • Inhabitants of both houses are clever, they both use their cleverness to see all the angles and find an efficient solution,
  • Both Ravenclaws and Slytherins learn from their mistakes and mistakes of others
  • They are also the most likely to be the houses that get into ridiculous sounding arguments over completely nerdy things and possibilities
  • Creativity:
  • Slytherins and Ravenclaws are both creative, artistically and otherwise.
  • Slytherins are creative in the sense that we we can get very creative with our means to the end
  • Ravenclaws and Slytherins are both creative in the sense that we are curious and can get creative when we try to see if there is a more efficient or effective way to get the results we want.

I think all the houses share traits, they are just displayed differently. 

Gryffindor is the house that tries its hardest to live up to their traits, both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw live up to their traits rather naturally, they don’t particularly try or think about it. Slytherin is a house with a bad rep, because we aren’t afraid to own up to our bad eggs, so we think about which traits we display to the rest of the world and how, we also take the risks and rewards of which traits and how we display them into account. We are known for our cunning after all.

This is how it is: Trump gets sworn in January 20th. We’ve still got 2.5-ish months under the Obama Administration. Between now and then there’s the chance to make a media circus out of Donald Trump’s upcoming sexual assault trial, creating more friction between him and his party, giving us at least a little breathing room in congress. He’s appointing three new judges this term, so checks and balances (which weren’t really adjusted well for a two-party system) won’t be in good working condition for the Democrats (which counts third-party and non-voters and basically any minority because welcome to reality). 

So first thing: fight for that media circus. House reps will do ANYTHING for reelection. Friction within the party will force them to pick sides.

Second thing: VOTE IN 2018. Mid-term elections are a thing. ALL 435 SEATS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE CONTESTED. Go out and VOTE. We can win back the house. That’s one victory we sorely need. 33/100 SEATS OF SENATE WILL BE CONTESTED. We can win that back, too. 38 GOVERNORSHIPS WILL BE CONTESTED. If your county’s red, time to turn that around. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH, 2018.

The clock is ticking guys.

If you're an Australian horrified by Donald Trump, what are you doing about our backyard?

The House of Reps has passed the Life Time Ban on Visas Bill. This bill will seek to bar anyone who attempted to seek asylum in Australia by boat after July 2013 from ever being granted a visa to even visit Australia. The government is doing this to score points with One Nation in exchange for their support on future legislation.

The measure is cruel, unnecessary, and could have all manner of unintended consequences. Imagine a young person brought by a parent seeking to join their other parent whom has been granted refugee status and is already in Australia – the child could never even visit their parent here for the rest of their life.

The UN has already said that the proposed ban appears to breach Article 31 of the Refugee Convention (which prohibits refugees being penalised for seeking protection in an irregular manner.) Are we the sort of country that does things like this?

This measure cannot pass without the votes of the cross bench. Please email or call them, particularly if you are resident in their state and they are your representative.

* … (03) 9820 2222
* … (03) 6431 2233
* … (08) 8232 1144
* … (08) 8232 0220
* … (02) 9719 1078
* … (08) 8212 1409