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Easy-to-Understand houses in planets

House I - talks about your ego and how you project your image to the world. People say this is your social mask but what we present to the world is strongly related with our perceptions of the world and personal values, so don’t take this as fakeness. This is more you than you expect. Is related with the boldness of Aries.

House II - talks about your wealth and resources, surviving and the material world. Also about heritage, or lack of it, and how you will deal with money. Is related with the abundance of Taurus.

House III - talks about communication. How we make boundaries and our relationships - in terms of socializing with people, friends, family. To relate with others we must communicate so this is also about studies and education, basic learning and learning through others. Is related with the discourse of Gemini.

House IV - talks about family. How you deal with emotional stress at home, your relationships with relatives, memories of the past and family traumas. Also talks how you deal with the mother figure of your life. Is related with the caring nature of Cancer.

House V - talks about creation. It can be future projects, work, children, what makes you be who you are through what you do in life, what you build. This is working with passion and impulse of wanting to express and to be seen. Is related with the performer nature of Leo.

House VI - talks about work, professional image and career. It can be your work environment or your dream work, or how you deal with responsibilities and pressure of criticism. While house V is about creating with the heart, house VI is creating with the mind, doing the cruel work of availing and judging with perfectionism. Is related with the sharpness of Virgo.

House VII - talks about love and romantic partnership. What you’re looking for in a romance, what makes you feel attracted, what makes your mind blow and your feelings boil, and how you deal with these passionate emotions. Love usually brings balance to our life, so is also about personal equilibrium. Is related with the seductiveness of Libra.

House VIII - talks about life changes. It is a fatal house of development in life: can be through falling in love, experiencing sex, facing death, going through sickness, getting out of the teenage years and into the adult world, learning through traumas and hardships. Dealing with sudden changes and overcoming them to get the reward. Is related with the intense nature of Scorpio.

House IX - talks about wisdom, moral and ethics, and also your beliefs. It can be about your faith, which religious path you will follow, how you will deal with it. While house III is about knowledge and communicating, IX is about knowledge and reflecting. To learn one must be open to new ideas, so this can also be about traveling to meet new cultures, or going through studies like college and post graduations. Maybe all. Is related with the expansive nature of Sagittarius.

House X - talks about social position. This is about nobility, family pride and social power. Not necessarily about finances, like the house II, or work, like the house VI, but about being in charge of a leadership, or a very important role. Also about your relationship with your father figure, leaders and bosses, and how you deal with authorities and hierarchy. Since all these things are related with “successful” roles, this house also shows how you deal with difficulties and failures in your life. Is related with the ambitious nature of Capricorn.

House XI - talks about your place in society. Unlike house X that looks after power, this house is about what you do of remarkable in your society, in your groups, to make it better - or if you run from it if everything feels overwhelmingly wrong. Is about social development, and how you deal with and solve social problems, and everything that “upgrades” our present and build a better place. Is related with the inventive nature of Aquarius.

House XII - talks about your dreams and unconscious. This is how you imagine things to survive the cruelty of the world. Like the house XI this is a place for upgrades, but while the XI is about the collective, the XII is about the individual. They say what you think becomes real, and in this case is how you deal with your inner hopes and fears, expectations and rancors, and how they influence your life. Also talks about remarkable moments of joy and traumas that unconsciously shapes you, and if you use this to inspire or destroy yourself and others. Also your relation with places where you deal with your shadow self for recovery, karma payment, or escapism: prisons, therapy houses and rehab centers, or online games. If you believe in past life, this is about the karmas you’re paying from them. Is related with the romanticism of Pisces.



Young foxes can find themselves in some extraordinary situations, but it’s not too often that we have to rescue a fox cub from a kitchen cupboard!

This youngster had been scared into the house by the homeowners cats and, with nowhere else to go, had found the nearest dark space to hide himself in. It was a tricky game of hide and seek for Simon to rescue the frightened animal and release it back  to the wild!

Your Ocean Eyes part 1

Warning: drugs are mentioned/ and homophobic words/actions.

Shiro laid in the informal bed, and listen to the snores and soft breathing of her two roommates. God she hated it here, this rehab force to be here due to her addiction to heroine.

She pulled out her mental arm and glared at it, even if her army friends payed a lot of money for it. She hated it so much, Shiro bites her lips.

The need for heroine was a deep sickening need in her pit of her stomach. It’s been 3 months since she lived her, and gotten a job. Yet she hates it here so much.

Coming out to her parents must haven been the down fall for her. She remembers their words that they spoke to her. “My daughter will not be a disgusting lesbian!” Her father would shout. The tears coming down of mother with disgust painted on her face. “She’s not even my daughter.”

God, what was she thinking when she joined the army. Hoping she’ll at least make her parents proud and change their minds with their words and thoughts about her.

Biggest mistake she made, yes it may have been the two years of being the best in the army. But after the bomb, and losing her arm. She was honorably discharged from the service.

The pain meds is what started the addiction, she kept asking the doctors for more pain meds. And they listen to her, after she was discharged from the hospital with a new metal arm. She wanted more pain meds, no it was a need for it.

Than an old friend introduced her to the most addicting drug.


The high was the best thing Shiro has ever felt, every day, after ever high. She inject more into her system, breathing in relief of the high.

Her younger brother found her, when she almost over dose. And force her to go to rehab, and she hated him for it.

Shiro sat and stared at the two sleeping girls. It’s better if she started her chores and get ready for work.

Shiro yawned and walked down stairs to see Hunk cooking. “Do you need help with anything?” The young man looked over to her and smiled softly at her. “Nah I’m almost done anyway. Are you fine with fried eggs?”

Shiro nodded as sits on the table, than he hears the groaning of Pidge as she walks out with her hair a mess. “Hey there sunshine, how yea feeling?” Hunk asked with a grin, Pidge gave him her normal ‘don’t talk to me until I have my coffee’. Shiro just rolled her eyes with a smile.

“Here yea go ladies.” Grinned Hunk as he placed the plates full of eggs and bacon with a smile on it. “Why did you put a smile on it?” Allura said as she sat down with a gentle smile on her face. Hunk just grinned, “points.” He simply said, oh yea if you do chores and be nice you get points. Both Allura and Hunk had the most points in the house rehab. Shiro was more in the middle and honestly Pidge had none whatsoever.

Shiro mindless ate her eggs as she heard the three complain about work, how they missed families and friends. Stuff like that, Shiro never really talked during the table. She didn’t enjoy talking about those kind of things.

Shiro walked to sink and washed her plate, than put the shiny white plate into the washer. And headed upstairs to her room, to get dress.

Than she stopped as she stared at herself.


Full of scars head to toe, with a disgusting metal arm attached to her forever until the day she dies. She wished it would come sooner.

Shiro than found herself force to listen to a customer complain how her order of coffee wasn’t right. Which she didn’t make, the guy working with her made it. She just told the woman how sorry she was and was forced to make her a free coffee.

God she hated these days, she wished she could forget everything with a needle. She looked at clock.

8:29 pm

Time passed so much, she couldn’t help but smile knowing that she could take those vacations days off now. Maybe even quit too while she was at it.

Shiro packed her things and left the hellhole called Starbucks.

She paused as she looked at the the beach, it was always beautiful at night. Honestly the best thing about being in rehab. Shiro walked over to the ocean, smelling the sea salt water, hearing it splash the sands and rocks.

Than she heard it, a whimper, a cry but it sounded like a whale but also human. Shiro looked around and saw a something covered in a nets.

Shiro gaped as she walked over to the whimpers .

A large pale blue and ocean blue fish tail could be seen poking out of the next. Shiro than pulled out her pocket knife from work and started cutting the net. The whimpers got louder and she heard panting. This was creeping her out. As she pulled the net out of the way to see the creature. Her eyes widen.

There laid a beautiful woman, with long wavy dark chocolate hair and caramel skin. She had ear fins. Fish scales on her large breast covering her nipples that seem to be attached to her skin. Her face had a lines on that touched the bottom of her eye and end on her chin, but it made some type of arrow on the cheek.Than she knew that the tail was connected to her. The beautiful opened her eyes, her eyes were the most beautiful eyes she seen. They were like the ocean itself.

She than knew what she was seeing was a real mermaid.


based on my drawings

the bilgesnipe in the room

Where the elephant doesn’t really describe the size of the situation, and you’d rather pretend the antlers aren’t poking you in the back.

I made it, @bloomsoftly ! For you! Yaaay! Because you’re having a hard time and I wanted to make you smile! :D

Special thanks to @ragwitch who checked the whole thing (and enforced work hours… and helped me with blocks) and @hollyspacey that pretended she was Sam and filled me the conversation voids. You’re awesome!

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“There’s another one.”

Darcy groaned. Loudly. This was the fourth time this week. And yes, she kind of got it, but man this was getting ridiculous.

She opened the doors of Baker Shelter and yep, sure enough, the sounds of battle were already creeping up from the streets and people were trying to find somewhere to hide.

“What is it today?” She sighed, “Doombots? A giant hamster?” she shook her head, “no matter. Open the doors. Close the big pen and let the people in.”

Amanda nodded and rushed to the pens.

It was becoming some sort of routine for the people to come and hide in the Shelter. Darcy hadn’t planned on this, it was a Dog sanctuary not some kind of catastrophe refuge, but when she finally realized it was time they prepped for such a situation, they noticed that many people actually had nowhere to go back to. And they couldn’t turn them away, they weren’t monsters.

And so Darcy had planned accordingly, and had turned to the only person that could have helped her in such a situation: JARVIS.

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“Negan please, let’s take a taxi. You’re tired.” You plead, exhausted from the long flight.
But Negan shakes his head in a ‘no’ as he takes your suitcases. You’re back from your honeymoon and he’s slightly pissed off after your flight was late.
With a sigh you follow him to the parking slot where he quietly cusses about the bill. You told him from the beginning to leave the car at home, but he didn’t want to listen.
His car is his everything, next to you, and he was of the opinion that it’s more safe here than on the street in front of your house.

Eyes full of regret and grieve meet yours as you wake up.
“Baby?” A croaking voice from crying which sounds familiar, but you aren’t sure.
Something’s feeling strange, next to your headache, as you try to sit up with a small groan.
“Careful. Y-you shouldn’t. I’ll get the doctor.”


Now that your vision isn’t completely blurred anymore you notice the uncomfortable bright light on the ceiling and the white bed linen you know from TV shows.

Why are you here?

After the man left the room you sit up again and try to get out of the bed. But it remains with the attempt. A cry in panic leaves your throat as you can’t move your legs and you throw the bedcover on the floor. Another cry leaves your mouth as you want to move your toes, but nothing.
“No, no, no.” You mumble and scratch over the skin of your thighs.
But again nothing.
Confused and scared you roll from the bed, trying to get on your feet. You whine painfully as you fall on the floor in the same moment as the door opens. The man who called you baby lifts you up, his voice near to your ear, but you can’t understand the words he’s saying.
“Mrs. (Y/L/N)..” Blue eyes staring down at you as he starts explaining what happened.
The man sitting on the edge of your bed, holding your hand.

Car accident, temporary memory loss, paraplegic.
Probably forever.

The words rushing through your brain, even when you’ve troubles to understand them.
“I’ll leave you alone.”
“Thanks doc.”
You look to the man who has an old patch over his left eyebrow and several scratches which are almost healed in his face and on the hand.
“I-I should introduce myself.. Fuck.” His voice dies and he rubs over his face, eyes filled with tears. “I’m Negan and I’m your husband.”
“Oh.” You nod understanding and look over his face, the messy black hair, brown eyes and down to his lips, but there’s nothing you remember.
“It was my fault.” Negan admits quietly and you frown. “But I’ll make it up to you, baby. Every day, I promise you.”

He keeps the promise.
Every day he visits you, accompanies you to the physical therapy and other medical examinations. Also he gets never tired of telling you stories about the two of you and brings the few photos he has to the hospital.

7 month and you’re already married.

“I knew it from the beginning that you’re the right one.” Negan smiles and you chuckle quietly, knowing what comes next.
It’s his favorite story.
“The way you yelled at me, I thought you’d spit fucking fire every second.” He laughs now, holding and kissing your hand like in an old habit. “You played hard to get for three ass long weeks before you said yes.”
“But you didn’t give up.”
“Never. I’d have waited three years for a woman like you.”
Shyly you look at him, noticing the change. The dark eye bags are faded, the beard and scratches gone and the hair slicked back. Negan’s a good looking man and you can’t hide the blush which creeps over your cheeks. Embarrassed you look down at his hands, the golden ring as suddenly a picture appears in front of your eyes.
His hands how they’re holding yours, him on his knees.
“Negan.” You choke out and he instantly panics, framing your face. “I remember something.”
A cry in relief is the response. “What? What do you remember?”
“You were wearing a black shirt. I-I think it’s the day where you asked me to marry you.”
“Yes, yes..”

Fragments, little pieces of your memories coming back in the next days. It makes it easier for you and also for Negan as you can leave the hospital. Even when it’s just a few days before you’ve to go to rehab.
The house is surprisingly clean. Not that you thought that Negan is a messy, but after spending so much time with you in the hospital…
“I had help.” Negan admits as he carries you around.
You chuckle quietly and caresses the smooth skin of his cheek, cheeks flushing as you reach the bedroom.
“Fuck, I think I never saw you blushing. I like that.”
“Shut up.” Softly you kiss his cheek now and he closes his eyes a moment in enjoyment.
“You want to rest first?”
“No, I want to see the video first.”

It’s hard for both of you.
For Negan, because you don’t remember the time with him. Especially now where you watch your wedding video.
And for you, because of what you’ve lost. Your legs, parts of your memories and maybe one day Negan when you can’t remember and he looses his patience.
“It’s ok. We’ll figure it out, baby.” Negan mumbles and pulls you in his embrace.

But it should never come so far.

The Irrelevance of Napoli: Eleven (Clay Apuzzo)

Warnings: Reunion fluff/slight angst. Robin being a major derp. Slight discussion of alcoholism as it relates to coming out of it. Mention of smut.

A/N: I really wanted to do smut here… but I just can’t. Nope. Yuck.

A/N: I’m putting up two parts, simply because I’d meant to make this a lot longer and find myself unable to. The next part will be up in a little bit.

Word Count: 961 (I’m so sorry… this chapter is kind of a bridge)


Blue skies

Smiling at me

Nothing but blue skies

Do I see…

Blue days

All of them gone,

Nothing but blue skies

From now on…

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Its 4am, I’m 48 hours on the run from rehab on house arrest at a trap spot main lining dope after 6 months of sobriety……..
—  Alcohol. Weed. Heroin. Benzos. Meth. Coke. Check

Bats are not uncommon here at Wildlife Aid, but a baby bat is something of a rarity.
This baby pipistrelle was found by a member of the public on the floor in their house. They were understandably confused as to exactly where the bat had come from - they didn’t even own a cat they could blame it on! We think the unlucky youngster may have fallen from a ‘maternity roost’ in their roof, but we’ll never know for sure.
Luckily, it seemed to be uninjured, but was dehydrated and thin. After being given some rehydration solution, it was sent off with a specialist bat carer for dedicated treatment. We wish it well!