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Still having problems with Widespot, unfortunately.  Actions were randomly dropping out of queue at the Lands.  No idea what’s causing that.  The Manns and Beeches seemed buggy, too.  Going to try rebuilding their houses, but that’s gonna take some doing.  So it’s shelved for now.  Going back to Five Founders.

Where I’m about to have my first male alien pregnancy of the neighborhood!!    : O!!  Yeah!!  It only took four generations.

Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of - throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.
—  CS Lewis

I’ve been seeing some of those posts about humans being “space orcs” again. The ones where humans are just insane compared to other space faring species, and it reminded me of something i’d considered humans are also bad for that other species might consider insane: “Close enough.”

What if other space faring species only got there through like, extreme accuracy. Everything is tested and retested and tested some more. Problems are BIG DEAL on a ship no matter how minor because they just aren’t supposed to happen. Math is done down to like a hundred places after a decimal for accuracy. All species are therefore absolutely confounded at the human’s ability to just throw things together and have it work. Malfunctions are much more common on a human ship, but only on human ships are they accounted for. The others just don’t have problems unless they encounter something unexpected, but when they do get a problem they have no clue how to fix it. Humans on the other hand can have a hole blown in their ship and repair it asap because it’s expected. 

This extends to everything that gets built too. When an alien house gets destroyed by weather they determine that place uninhabitable, but when it happens to a human house they just rebuild in the exact same spot. Its confusing as hell because they prepare so much that something having so many problems is inconceivable, yet they also can’t figure out how things that fail so easily also work so well. What would take a complete overhaul from ten people of an alien race gets fixed with “duct tape and elbow grease” by a single human. 

So pretty much to them humans are always driving around with their check engine light on and they have no idea how this reckless species can survive space travel.

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Hi! Hi! Hi! I recently read the house building fic you found, and I need more. Do you know of any other "Derek re/builds a house" fics that are all warm and fuzzy? You the best :)

Hey :)

Yes! These ones are really great. 

Spark, Smolder, Catch by  qthelights | 18.3K

When Stiles starts pulling down Derek’s burnt-out house, Derek finds himself letting him. He doesn’t know why.

Wherein Stiles and Derek are both broken and doing more damage might just be what they both need to move on.

I Just Wanna Be With You Every Day by  Brego_Mellon_Nin | 33.9K

When his best friend’s son barrels into the kitchen only dressed in a pair of skintight jeans, lean but defined torso on display, Derek knows he’s truly and utterly fucked. Not only is the kid barely eighteen, but he also happens to be the Sheriff’s only son.

Derek makes a vow to himself that he will not seek Stiles out and he’ll get this thing under control.

untitled | tumblr ficlet

The One Where Derek Is Courting And Stiles Fears The Zombie/Werewolf Apocalypse by  im_not_a_lizard | 8.3K

Derek is courting Stiles in the way that all male animals go about impressing their mates. Giving them practical (if weird, like, Derek gives Stiles 10kg of steak) gifts, making a nice home (he starts renovating the old Hale house), weird shit like that. Stiles is oblivious, and Scott keeps sort of helplessly hinting at what Derek is doing to little effect.

i wait for you like a lonely house by  bleep0bleep | 4.5K

Derek isn’t sure why he buys the house.
He doesn’t need the space, that much is certain. While it’s not as big as the one Derek grew up in, something about the cheerful yellow paint and the wide staircase (with banisters wide enough for children to slide down) draws him in.

Survival Strategies and Interior Design by  alocalband | 4.7K

It takes Derek a lot longer than it should to realize what Stiles is doing.

On Building an IKEA Den for an Alpha Werewolf. | 13.8K

Senior Prom is coming up, and Stiles doesn’t have a date. Additionally, Derek has an unfurnished apartment, and no one to take him to IKEA.

Whisky Kiss by  nightfog | 5.5K

Stiles had a really really bad day and all he wanted to do was to drown his sorrows in whisky and then…

“This seat taken?” An all too familiar voice asked.

Derek fucking Hale.

anything, anything by  drunktuesdays | 5.2K

Stiles wakes up in Derek’s bed in a world where they’re married now, and Derek keeps leaving the room every time he tries to have a conversation about how this happened, since they weren’t even dating.

The Sims: The story of Markiplier

I made the whole team and they all looked nice and shit, had a nice house then here mark goes to make eggs and burns the fucking house down within 5 mins of opening the game. He died and I spent so much time to get him back as a ghost and rebuild the house and shit. This fucker comes back all glowey and transparent. All he does is posses all the trash cans. He hasn’t come out of his urn for 10 days. I’m so fuckin salty @markiplier why have you done this

If there’s anything that annoys me in the Game of Thrones show, it’s how Smalljon Umber (who in the books was one of Robb’s most loyal soldiers, literally shielded Robb with a table and died for him at the RW) turns traitor and hands over Rickon to Ramsay


Description: Reader is put in charge of the kitchen, and to get Bucky to help, they share something close to their heart

A/N: I hope you like it! Any feedback would be appreciated so much!

Warnings: Fluff, insecure Bucky

Tags: @bucky-plums-barnes This is the anon, please let me down gently if it’s awful

Words: 1299

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

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water bottles

Kimberly set the bottle down with a thunk, jerking Trini from whatever stupor she seemed to be in to.

“What’s this?” Trini narrowed her eyes at the bottle on her desk.

“A water bottle.” Kimberly said and smirked in amusement when Trini rolled her eyes.

“Yeah I think I can see that, I mean what’s it doing here.” Trini leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms and looked up at Kimberly for an answer.

“I owed you one.” Kimberly tucked a strand of hair back, almost nervously. “You know for taking yours and then jumping us over a cliff. Though to be fair, it was the right thing to do.”

“I don’t think ‘jumping us over a cliff’ and ‘the right thing to do’ really belong in the same sentence.” Trini paused, “But thanks anyway.”

“No problem.” Kimberly grinned and took a seat on Trini’s desk. “So what got your attention anyway?”

Trini held up a sketch, “Since we’re rebuilding the house I thought I could make some suggestions. My mom’s never gonna go for it but hey, gotta try.” She set the sketch down and picked up the water bottle, twirling it in her hands. “Yellow?” She asked in bemusement.

“Well it is your colour.” Kimberly shrugged.

“Should I find you a pink one to match?” Trini deadpanned but slipped the bottle into the side of her backpack at her feet.

“If you want to be matching I don’t mind. Though people might talk.”

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Momma Hale - Hale House REBUILD (The Sims 4)

A rebuild of the Hale House from @bonniebird‘s ‘Momma Hale’ series along with her opinions for accuracy. (Origin User: HeyItsSilverWolf Tags: #TeenWolf #HaleHouse #MommaHale #DerekHale)


@silvxrteenwxlfimxgines @thefandomsmultiverse


Main Features:

-3 Story House

-10 Bedrooms (2 Bedrooms merged)

-10 Bathrooms

-Back Deck-Master Bedroom Balcony

I’m starting with a new building series on my YouTube channel. Baisically, I will be rebuilding every single lot in the Granite Falls and my aim is to have prices similar to the original ones. I started with the smallest and cheapest one - Granite Falls Campground.

The speed build:

“Approaching the 20 year anniversary of the Second Wizarding War, we return to Hogwarts to take a peek into house relations. Pictured are 7th year students, Gryffindor Seokjin Kim and Slytherin Min Yoongi. The picture is testimony of the genuine camaraderie which now exists between the former warring houses. The rebuilding effort started after the war brought together many unlikely allies and we now see a new generation of wizards and witches crossing house lines and forming lifelong connections. Seokjin Kim is a Gryffindor prefect and Min Yoongi is an international exchange student from South Korea who attends Hogwarts as part of MAGICAL COMMUNITIES WORLDWIDE’s exchange student program. The MCW began the flagship program 5 years ago in a effort to bring magical communities all around the world closer together.”


Inspired by jeonbegins’ BTS HP AU universe

More from Rebuilding (Ch. 161) by @colubrina

I have never been sorted into Hufflepuff. I’ve always been sorted Ravenclaw and just in the past few months due to some major life changes, I’ve started recognizing that I’m becoming more of a Slytherclaw.

But THIS. I have never identified with Hufflepuff more. And I have NEVER read a more beautifully, powerfully worded description of Hufflepuff.

My best friend in the whole world is a Hufflepuff and this passage made me start crying because it all of a sudden put into words why I feel so fortunate to have her as my best friend.

Anyone who can’t put their finger on a definition of Helga Hufflepuff’s legacy…this is it. This is everything you need to know.


Fred-N-Barbs Revised by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

It has a big live-in kitchen as they both love to cook or burn things. Thy have kept their original beds, but moved them upstairs where they each have their own big bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The garage and shed are still unfurnished. Might be used as a hobby shed, a guest house or just as a laundry room. Freddie wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast, but Barb would really like to think about it some more.

Creator Notes
The original house was used to rebuild this lot. It is called Brenn Haven and was submitted in August 2009. Conveniently placed in Sunset Valley, the only place to go back in the day. Of course there was Riverview too, the only (free) Store World available then.

said God, Love covers a multitudes of sins

Summary: Louis is sixteen years old when he realizes that his father is still alive.

this is like. the most self-indulgent bittersweet fluff i have ever written in my whole life but there was no two ways about it, i had to. anyways, note that i have played so utterly fast and loose with historical accuracy that it’s not even funny, but also note that these characters deserve to be happy and to raise a good son because they are actually made by god to be parents this is like, canon, okay, anyways i hope anne and aramis live happily ever after into the sun and aramis gets to tell as many dad jokes as he wants. love u bye. much love to @hansolosbutt, @emilybrontay and @elsaclack (who hasnt even watched this show but proofread for me anyway because shes the real mvp).

When Louis is five, he quickly realizes that Aramis is not, in fact, going to be his new servant. Aramis is in the palace a lot more than he was before – before, when everything was a little different and Papa was still around. But he wears pretty blue clothes and Mama says he is the First Minister of France, and that that is an important position, and that his job is to help her rule Louis’s people until Louis is old enough and wise enough to do so himself.

Louis wonders if he will ever be wise. He is not wholly sure what the word means, only that it is something that makes you a person people like, and that Madame d’Chevreaux, who has been hired as his new governess, says it is a word that describes Mama well. Wise despite her youth, is what Madame d’Chevreaux had said, helping to button him into his tunic in the morning, three weeks after Papa stopped coming to wake him in the mornings and he had his adventure with Madame d’Artagnan in the streets of Paris. You would do well to learn from her, your Majesty.

Madame d’Chevreaux likes Mama very much, which is why Louis supposes she is his new governess. His old governess, Mademoiselle Dufraimont, always went tight in the lips when Mama was in the room. Papa liked her, but Louis thought her smiles were too pinched.

Louis likes it when people have nice smiles, and Aramis has the best of smiles. He is not always smiling, Louis knows. He has seen him talking to the council, standing taller than everyone with a snap to his voice and a clench in his jaw. He has seen him speaking extra quietly with Mama, sometimes, their heads bent over important state papers. He has seen the crease between his brows when he carried him the first time, through the streets of Paris with Mama on his other side. But he is always smiling at Louis, it seems, with a twinkle in his eyes that Louis likes very much. And when Aramis is smiling, Mama is also smiling, so Louis supposes that even if Aramis isn’t his new servant, he would very much like him to stay a long while, just so that Mama smiles more. She didn’t used to smile nearly as much, before when Papa still woke him up in the mornings, unless she was smiling at Louis. Mama always smiled when she looked at Louis, just as Aramis always smiles at him now.

But now Mama smiles when she looks at others as well. Louis likes Mama dearly when she smiles. It lights up her whole face; it’s such a nice smile.

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“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of - throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.”

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 1 Full translation.


pages 12-15


Original work: Tite Kubo Novel: Matsubara Makoto


3 years have passed since the invasion of the Wandenreich. Many lives lost, the scars of battle are not yet healed. Those who survived are finally beginning on the path to recovery.

One day Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji announced to everyone that they will have their names entered into a family register* (*i.e. registration of marriage)…..

A story about new bonds born from the end of the battle which were not drawn in the original story.

3 years have passed since the invasion of the seireitei by the Wandenreich.

Normality finally returned to the soul society which was in extreme turmoil.

Squad 1 - squad headquarters assembly room.

“from now on we will open the headquarters of the 13 Court Guard Squads. Captain Commander?”

The first squad’s vice captain Ise Nanao urged. The captain of that same division, Kyoraku Shunsui nodded once before moving forward.

“it’s bad everyone is busy huh. Today is merely reports of the reconstruction situation so we should be finishing early.”

Each division’s captain and vice captain were in a row overlooking the assembly room. The recently reconstructed assembly hall seemed to be completely new, full of the aroma of fresh timber.

“haa…. The smell of wood is nice isn’t it? Well then, Nanao Chan please!”

“Yes. So first of all… ”

Whilst turning over bulky documents, Nanao starts reporting about the reconstruction situation. As he listened to that voice Kyoraku thought about the 3 years.

The most damage suffered in seireitei was at the first district, also known as ‘shinou district’, including the first division barracks and a great number of administrative facilities.

As a war time special exception, the lives of the people who evacuated were saved by opening the personal residence of the Central 46. However, what they saw when they returned to the ground after the war was a whole surface of scorched Earth, exhausted from the remains of destruction. There was insufficient manpower, goods and materials to rebuild houses, whilst everyone was merely sunken into despair, one among the Central 46 was the first to make progress towards reconstruction, Amakado Nayura.

Nayura who became a sage, succeeded the position of her father who was murdered by Sousuke Aizen, she is still a young girl.

She is also the head librarian of the Great Spirit Book Gallery where all events and data of the soul society are forcibly accumulated, studying the human world and Shinigami with an open mind. Everyday seeking how to change the current state of the old fashioned central 46.

At that time there was an assault on the central 46 underground compound by the sternritter. Half were killed, the ones that remained alive were also more or less wounded. Even if the body can heal, the fear from witnessing such atrocities cannot be wiped away. Those who came forward to resign from their seats are no longer able to expect work as a supreme judicial body like the pre-war central 46.

But before that situation Nayura was optimistic that the time for change was now. So she scolded the older people(sages) who were disheartened and cooperated with the captain commander of the Gotei 13 Kyoraku, together they established new law one by one. This young soul was not afraid to progress forward and the older people who were inspired by that passion also started to change slightly.

After the war, she first set out a law to simplify the procedure of the court seal. An official court seal must be presented to the gatekeeper of each pure soul gate when entering Seireitei from Rukongai. She made it possible to obtain a court document which originally could only be obtained through a complicated procedure which normally takes several weeks, now it is only a simple procedure at a special personnel recording station installed in front of every gate. As a result, it became easy to carry materials from outside the Seireitei and it became possible to welcome the people of Rukongai widely as a work force. Also, at the special personnel record management station spiritual power was checked whilst simultaneously registering fingerprints, an invitation to the spiritual arts academy, a training institute for Shinigami, is extended to those who have promising spiritual power. The benefits given to Soul Society because of this law is unfathomable.

Materials and manpower are in line with the reconstruction efforts proceeding rapidly.

“End of report”

Nanao bows down.

 “well!” Kyoraku says as he clutches both hands in front of his chest.

“There’s another piece of good news today

….Now please come forth and tell us from your own mouth”

Prompted by kyoraku, with a nervous expression they walked out of the line.

It was 6th division vice captain Abarai Renji and acting captain of the 13th division Kuchki Rukia.

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I want Magic to be designed by designers, not market statistics. Statistics are a great way to get feedback, but you never quote the specific reasons why certain things are scoring low, as though you're assuming they're wholly problematic. That's why I want Magic to return to Kamigawa - because it's a setting with a ton of flavor and mechanical potential that can re-captivate players if done well.

Okay, from a technical standpoint, Kamigawa was a horribly designed block. In my opinion, the poorest block we’ve ever designed. It’s parasitic, ham-fisted, in spots terribly formulaic, not particularly flavorful for a top-down design, and with mostly unmemorable mechanics.

My disinterest is as much from a dislike of what it was as the knowledge that it was mostly hated by the players at the time.

So metaphorically, if I have the choice between rebuilding the house or totaling it and starting over, the totaling option is very appealing.

Just look at the responses to my question earlier today about what was mandatory for a return. While there’s some overlap (the races mostly), the answers were all over the board. I’m not convinced we could make a return to Kamigawa that would even make all the Kamigawa fans happy.

This has been enough Return to Kamigawa for a while, (regular readers I’ve heard your “this again?” complaints) so we’re going to put this topic back in hiatus.

My headcanons/au masterlist:

-Packmom!Stiles is my number one.

-Stiles is a great chef and baker.

-Puppy piles exist, and Derek hates that they get called that even though he loves all the tactile affection and it makes everyone feel safe.

-Derek is a dark chocolate covered marshmallow: Bitter in the outside and a complete gooey mess on the inside.

-Derek is pack dad, alpha or not.

-Isaac is literally the golden pup. He likes it when people play with his hair.

-Lydia is a badass motherfucker on every occasion and I can’t be convinced otherwise.


-Isaac is just the cuddliest piece of fluff.

-Jackson being way overprotective of the pack if anyone is mean to them, because he’s the only one who can bully them.

-When Erica is sad she and Stile’s watch Batman movies. She likes to mix popcorn with peanut M&Ms.

-Bisexual!Scott because then Isaac/Scott/Allison ot3

-Lydia has a problem with buying too many different teas.

-Isaac is addicted to extreme couponing.

-Erica is a catty bitch but also super kind to those she loves. Total badass.

-Boyd is a pillar of calm for everyone.

-Scott is megaprotective of Liam because he’s like precious okay.

-Alive!Allison, Alive!Erica, Alive!Boyd

-Please don’t ship Peter times anyone he’s an asshole and gross and just evil.

-Liam and Jackson are really close and they just click as best buds.

-Kira and Malia are into eachother because they both deserve better.

-Kira, Allison, Malia, Lydia, Erica and Mason have girl’s night out a lot. Mason is there as an honorary member.


-When Scott, Derek, and Lydia go out of town to get Intel from another pack, Stiles has to soothe Liam, Isaac, and Jackson because they’re damn puppies.

-Scott tries to give Derek and Stile’s alone time every now and then by taking everyone to the park.

-Derek brings Stiles curly fries when he has a bad day.

-Isaac likes to watch marvel movies with Stiles and Scott since Derek and Erica won’t.

-Jackson secretly likes the notebook and is a complete SAP but hides it well.

-Kira is a total klutz but literally makes everyone smile just by existing.

-Erica makes the best koolaid and it drives everyone insane because she’ll never share her secrets.

-Derek buys everyone a leather jacket except Stiles. He’s too turned on by Stiles wearing a red hoodie.

-Lydia does the pack finances and taxes with Mason’s help. Derek and Allison teach everyone hand-to-hand and gun combat. Erica and Malia make sure everyone gets to lacrosse on time and have their stuff since they have the least extracurriculars. Stiles and Isaac are in charge of the groceries because Scott, Erica, and Derek could eat them out of house and home. Everyone helps with chores around the pack house after Derek rebuilds the Hale house and gives everyone a room.

-Jordan is a sassmaster and he Derek like to grill together.

-Stiles loves when Derek leaves hickeys on him. Derek loves doing that.

-Everyone gets a part time job, just a couple hours a week to help pay for food and to have some extra spending money, Derek takes care of everything else.

-Derek rents an art studio to sell his work in town.

-Scott needs tummy rubs on occasion because he eats too many of the things. Isaac and Allison are happy to oblige.

-Liam, Isaac, and Erica are the hardest to wake up in the morning. Stiles and Malia are the easiest.

-Lydia is addicted to buying shoes. Total shoe fetish. But even worse about it.

-Even though the wolves and Kira and Parrish heal fast, Stiles always kisses their cuts and scrapes to make them feel better.

-Kira is a total cosplay geek and she gets Mason and Liam into it too.

-Derek complains his jeans are getting tight because of Stile’s baking. Stiles has no comment except that Derek has a nice ass.

-When it’s your turn in the cookie rotation you don’t get in trouble for fear of losing it.

Okay but reincarnation Au with vampire Yoongi meeting the new life version of his past lover. 

They’re in the middle of a giant ball happening to celebrate the merging of vampires and human working together in their town against war and the moment his eyes land on the boy smiling across the room, in his blood red and golden suit jacket, he knows it’s his lover reborn. He doesn’t even need to hear the boy’s voice or think about it twice. Just by seeing those wide doll like eyes surrounded by the dark thick lashes that fan the boy’s cheek so prettily, he knows it’s him.  

Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to stand and walk up to the beautiful boy. 

“Would you dance with me please?” 

The boy giggles and Yoongi knows if his heart was still beating it would have hitched in beats because it’s the exact same giggle the past version of the boy had. It was the exact same giggle Yoongi had fallen in love with nearly two hundred years the first time he heard it. It was the exact same giggle every version of his lover carried and it was the only sounds he ever wanted to hear. 

“Okay.” The boy takes Yoongi’s hand. “But only if you tell me your name.” 

This makes Yoongi chuckle as he leads to the dance floor and although the vampire has never been much of a dancer Yoongi knows, he’d waltz away his entire life with the boy. 

My name is Yoongi, Min Yoongi.” 

The boy giggles again as he’s turned in a perfectly graceful circle before Yoongi pulls him closer. They’re in the middle of the ball room and getting such awed stares because of how beautifully they contrast each other yet look as if they fit so well together. The boy wears a pretty lace blood red choker around his neck to match the outside of his suit jacket, Yoongi swears it’s almost as if it’s to tease him.

“My name is Taehyung, Kim Taehyung.” 

Yoongi hums as he turns Taehyung around again and this time when he pulls Taehyung closer he keeps the boy firmly pressed against him. 

“Taehyung. Do you want to hear a story about this very same ballroom we’re in?” 

It’s kind of odd to ask as they dance in the middle of a ball surrounded by women in their giant dresses and dapper dressed men but Yoongi knows Taehyung. He knows the past life version of his lover would never turn down the chance to learn some part of history and this Taehyung nods happily. 

“This ballroom.” Yoongi lets his hands lower to Taehyung’s lower back. “This ballroom has witnessed two of the same lovers fall in love with each other over and over again.” 


Yes.” The vampire smiles as he brushes away some lose hair that has fallen into Taehyung’s face and it makes the younger blush so cutely. “The first time the lovers met was nearly two hundred years ago. A young vampire on the run had broken into his mansion when he thought it to be vacant and found a beautiful human boy dancing in this same ballroom.”  

Taehyung’s eyebrows scrunch in confusion pulling another chuckle from Yoongi.

“They spoke for hours in this same ballroom everyday, the boy had wanted to be a ballet dancer but his family would not allow it, one day when the vampire showed the boy had not.”  Yoongi twirls Taehyung again. “The vampire had found out that the boy’s family had sent him away to live with other family so, with nothing else to do, the vampire begin rebuilding the fallen down mansion.” 

The song they dance to comes to an end but rather than stop dancing they just follow and continue into the next melody. 

“Isn’t that silly?” Taehyung giggles. “His lover left so he decides to rebuild a house?”

Yoongi smiles just because Taehyung looks gorgeous with a grin painting his face. 

“Well maybe the vampire thought if he rebuild the ballroom where the boy loved to dance it would somehow call his lover back to him. Anyways there’s so much more to the story but the ending is all that really matters.” 

“What’s the ending, then?” 

Yoongi turns Taehyung one last time before dipping him and pressing a kiss to the younger’s neck. This time when he pulls Taehyung back up the younger is blushing again but he also looks happier. 

“The ending is the beginning. The vampire’s lover did return and when he saw the ballroom he was so happy he promised the vampire that no matter what they would always find each other here again. They both knew the human would die of age while the vampire continued to live like he had before so the human lover promised to always come back to the vampire in new lives and together they swore they would meet in this same ballroom and continue their dance stuck in time.” 

It’s only when Taehyung and Yoongi finish dancing that something like wonder and realizing fills Taehyung’s wide eyes. The boy turns to look at Yoongi and he gasps. 

“What were their names? The vampire and human lovers in your story?” 

Yoongi smiles. 

“Taehyung and Yoongi”