house print for sale


its me!

 and some prints that you can have if you want them! 

• fear country (10″x41″ Giclée Print) Edition of 5

• eroding lands (5″x7″ Giclée Print) Edition of 25

• you’re the house you were born in (5″7″ Giclée Print) Edition of 25

• last (9″x12″ Giclée Print) Edition of 10

all prints come editioned, signed, and in a biodegradable plastic sleeve. 

if you live in halifax, all of these prints and more will be available at the ephemerus tape release show on April 4th! (send me a private message for details about that if you’d like to know details about that)


brashbarista  asked:

You are the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen!!! Could I convince you to let me use one of your pictures as an art piece in my apartment?

thank you! and this actually reminds me!!! i was gonna ask if people would be interested in prints? cosplay, modelling, whatever. i am really desperate for money right now and need to find more sources of income to put myself through school and feed/house myself. would anybody buy prints if i put some up for sale?

lavendernebula  asked:

What Hogwarts houses do you think the original 5 X-Men would be sorted into? Also, who would be most likely to be a Harry Potter fan, and would any of them be embarrassed about reading a children's book?

Rachel here!

We actually sorted something like 50 X-Men into Hogwarts houses in our print zine (which we’ll have for sale in physical for at the upcoming Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival; and digitally eventually), specifically because we thought it might be prudent to put that particular intersection somewhere without a comment section. (We’ve seen what happens when the Internet has Harry Potter opinions.) 

THAT SAID, here’s where you can find the original five:*

  • ANGEL - Gryffindor, but not particularly hardcore about it
  • BEAST - Ravenclaw
  • CYCLOPS - Hufflepuff
  • ICEMAN - Hufflepuff
  • MARVEL GIRL - Gryffindor

Iceman is definitely the most likely Harry Potter fan out of the bunch, with Marvel Girl a close second.

*Please note that this sorting is final and objectively correct; and not subject to appeal or debate.