house pride mixes

Things each house does

Gryffindor - Their breath is like fire but their claws usually aren’t sharp

Hufflepuff - Keeps the family whole but often neglects the individual

Ravenclaw - Their words cut like diamonds but inside the ice has already started melting

Slytherin - Keeps their head high and their middle fingers higher but find it leaves them all alone

Hogwarts 2015-2016 School Year
  • Muggleborns: Take a sip of my secret potion, I'll make you fall in love. For a spell that can't be broken, One drop should be enough. Boy, you belong to me, I got the recipe, And it's called black magic!
  • Everyone Else: BLOODY HELL!

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where dwell the brave at heart… | tracklist:

red & gold - young rising sons | pressure - youngblood hawke | we’re the kids - parade of lights | golden veins - two door cinema club | tonight (young hearts) - the colourist | sunshine on my skin - tigerweather | troublemaker - grizfolk | kick ass - mika | gold rays - vinyl pinups | youth - foxes | caesar - i blame coco feat. robyn | heartlines - florence & the machine | on our way - the royal concept | i’m not your hero - tegan & sara | fire escape - civil twilight | you’re the only thing in your way - cloud cult | desire - years and years | i see fire (kygo remix) - ed sheeran

house of the shrewd: a mix for slytherins

requiem mass in D minor mozart // black blade two steps from hell // little monster royal blood // charmer kings of leon // young men dead the black angels // the celebration black black hills // rolling in on a burning tire the dead weather // the wondersmith and his sons astronautalis // arsonist’s lullabye hozier // me and the devil soap&skin // beekeeper keaton henson // esmerelda (the witching hour remix) ben howard // run daughter // little mercy doomtree


DRIPPING VENOMN | [listen here] | {a slytherin mix}

“a mix for the cunning, the ambitious, the power-hungry, for those destinated to greatness, who will do anything to get what is theirs by right. for the misunderstood kids, who love each other fiercely and who will hunt down anyone who tries to fuck with their cliqué.”