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I am really annoyed with the idea that Slytherins are always cool, calm and unemotional. Most of the Slytherins we see are very emotional, and make a lot of important decisions based on strong emotion, and even foil themselves because they get too emotional. They’ll absolutely tear themselves apart for whatever they love, whether that’s a person or power. You have to feel strongly about something to be truly ambitious.

I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THE EXAMPLES. Someone insulted you/your family/someone you care about? Forget the snide comebacks, it’s time to SCREAM, YELL, CURSE THEM WITH BOILS. Family doesn’t approve of your boyfriend? ELOPE, it doesn’t matter whether this turns out to be a terrible decision. Boy Who Lived refuses to be your friend? OBSESS OVER HIM FOR THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS. Telepathic Dark Lord is threatening your son/childhood friend? Lie on the spot AND RISK A TORTUROUS DEATH TO DEFY HIM. Dark Lord is threatening your house elf? DRINK POISON AND THROW YOURSELF INTO A PIT OF ZOMBIES.

Slytherin is the House of cunning, not the House of rational decision-making??

(L)inked souls - SilentRain91

Word Count: 54, 192

Summary: Odds aren’t in Kara’s favor when Lena’s soulmate tattoo reads Kara Zor-El. Lena doesn’t understand why the new girl is interested in her and wants to push her away. Alex is happy to meet her soulmate, but issues occur and Maggie is keeping a secret. Lucy has known who her soulmate is for a year, though she hasn’t even said hello yet.

College soulmate AU.

Sun in the 7th House - Dividing the Light

to love and to be loved, is to see the sun from both sides” -
David Viscott

Like splitting sun through the blinds, Sun in the 7th house people are morning light, people born to connect, plug in a solar light, and radiate. Brightness is generated through partnership, so the hunger for human interaction can be insatiable. The friendliness with Sun in the 7th is unmistakable, the individual can be a magic mirror of a highlighter kit, contouring and reflecting your best and loveliest qualities. The attraction will be toward proud and powerful people who reaffirm the individual’s importance in the world. There can be an empty cavern in the heart here, amplified by the Sun’s fall in Libra, so the will and glow of the self can be strained and wane, like the individual cannot find or establish themselves, they are constantly rising and setting, becoming and reflecting. People with Sun in the 7th make natural psychologists. The mind and personality of other people seem more interesting than their own. Learning about the psychology of other people helps them gain self awareness. 

The curse with Sun in the 7th can be the loneliness, the constant need for a witness, the consuming aspect of relationships that can make the individual seem demanding or fragile. Abandonment can literally feel like falling because part of the self seems to have been ripped from within. Living in a world of projections, the delight of life can be heavily reliant on the richness of relationships. There is a natural skill for the righteous order of life and spiritual law with Sun in the 7th. Justice always prevails in a peaceful and striking way, often the court room, politics, or legal studies can be a stomping ground. The Sun in the 7th who radiates more of the Sun heart aspect may resonate well in psychoanalysis or therapy, because the individual can disappear when counselling others, disappearing so transference cannot occur. This can of course, occur in every day life but reflecting destructively, like the feeling of emptiness, incompletion, or being invisible without an audience. Although the individual prefers to share the spotlight, they wither away without adequate validation and human attention. When their sense of self shrinks away, so does their light, its almost like your hands could pass straight through them. 

Sun in the 7th people can be riddled with elusive complexes. This can be the strange sedation of the 7th house, like the poison of the 8th house begins to leak prematurely. Being alone can generate complexes, largely relating to self validation, the individual feeling intrinsically bad or unwanted. Relationships can produce similar complexes, however relating to partner’s responses, a smile can lift their whole day, a small argument can literally shatter their world. Relationships act as a blueprint for identity formation, this is why the individual holds people so dearly. Confusion can be rife in this area, often the individual is indecisive and unable to ascertain their own true needs. The tendency for self sacrifice here can be quite profound. The individual really does scatter light like a falling and splitting sun, so company receives a warm, little glimmering glow, a gentle burn, they are the purpose of existence. 


Common Poisonous House and Garden Plants and their Symptoms

If you have children or pets or suspect someone might have ingested or handled these plants improperly, this list is for you. Most of these plants seem entirely harmless and even more of them are used every day in gardens and as indoor decoration or in spellwork. Most all the symptoms I list are symptoms of ingestion unless otherwise noted. If something is incorrect, please feel free to message me and I will fix it shortly!

Peace Lily (Spathiphylum)

Peace lilies resemble Calla lilies and are fairly popular as gifts. They contain calcium oxalate crystals that can bring on skin irritation when handled, burning of the mouth, difficulty swallowing and nausea.

English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

The berries from English Ivy can cause gastrointestinal issues and delirium or respiratory problems. Sap from the leaves can cause skin irritation and sometimes blisters.


All parts of this plant contain calcium oxalate. Repeated contact can cause reactions similar to allergic reactions and ingestion can cause abdominal pain.

Ficus trees and Rubber Trees (Ficus Benjamina/Elastica)

Ficus trees produce a form of latex that can bring on allergic reactions in some people.

Larkspur and Delphinium (consolida ajacis)

Similar to our deadly friend Aconite (monkshood), this plant can bring about the same symptoms if ingested in a large enough quantity.

Lily of the Valley (Convalina mahalis)

Contains cardiac glycosides that can cause headache, nausea, and cardiac issues.

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)

Contains toxic alkaloids that can cause nausea, seizures, and respiratory issues.

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)

All parts of sweet peas are mildly poisonous. New sprouts and shoots contain the most toxins, an amino acid called lathyrogen. Can cause paralysis, weakness and tremors.


Produces a highly irritating sap. Touching the bulbs can cause a reaction as well as breathing dust from the bulbs. Ingestion can cause vomiting, breathing issues, and weakness.

Hyacinth (hyacinth orientalis)

Sap and bulbs, much like tulips, are major skin irritants.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

A toxin called grannotoxin can be found in the leaves, flowers, nectar and pollen. Ingestion can cause heart problems, vomiting, dizziness, and extreme weakness

Black Locust (Robina Psudocacia)

All parts but the flowers are poisonous. Can cause weak pulse, upset stomach, headache, and cold extremities.


All parts are toxic. Causes burning, fever, vomiting and in extreme cases kidney failure.


All parts are poisonus. Sap is a skin irritant and bright berries are deadly. Irritation of the throat, internal bleeding, weakness, and vomiting are all symptoms.

Foxglove (digitalis)

All parts can cause severe stomach upset, skin irritation, delirium, tremors, convulsion, headaches, and heart failure.

Hellebore/Christmas Rose

All parts are poisonous, and the sap is a skin irritant. Can cause bruning, vomiting, dizziness, nervous depression, and convulsions.


Often used as a cake topper, Hydrangea actually contains levels of cyanide. Ingestion leads to vomiting, headache, and muscle weakness.


Berries contain toxins that can cause visual problems, weakness, vomiting, heart problems and even death.


Contains a toxin known as Lobelamine that can cause heart problems, vomiting, tremors and paralysis.

Yellow Jessamine (Gelsimium semperviens)

All parts are toxic. Pollen and nectar are fatal to children.

fight-me-boi  asked:

Poisonous plants with pretty flowers? For my story I'm having a nerdish inventor type character flirting with an heir to a crime empire the inventor is kinda saying you're beautiful but deadly

Hi, Fight-me-boi. What is probably the most poisonous tree in the world is the manchineel tree. But I’m not going to recommend your character use it. For a few reasons a)I can’t find pictures of it’s flowers to be able to say it’s beautiful and b) it’s so dangerous that standing under one in the rain can give you blisters and inhaling the smoke of one burning can make you go blind. If you search for images of them, there are signs posted on them to warn people to stay away because of how dangerous.

I started with that because you weren’t completely clear on how poisonous you wanted the plant to be. Going off of the “beautiful but deadly” I’m going to try to stick with plants that can kill humans. 

My favorite flower is Lily-of-the-Valley. But even though it looks so dainty, the plant contains 38 different cardiac glycosides. All parts of the plant are toxic.

Hemlock is a classic poison, but there are actually two famously poisonous hemlock plants. Poison hemlock is poisonous if eaten and will numb the extremities with the numbness creeping in until the lungs are paralyzed. Water hemlock, which is considered the most poisonous plant in North America, causes violent, painful convulsions and cramps.

Arconite, aka wolfsbane, aka monkshood, aka devil’s helmet, is another traditional poison. It was used by shepherds to poison arrows shot at wolves that would prey on the flocks and the poison ultimately works by respiratory failure.

Larkspur is related to Arconite and is similarly dangerous. Brief contacts with stems and leaves can irritate the skin and ingestion will lead to respiratory paralysis, and thus death.

Oleander is quite pretty and very toxic. The entire plant, including nectar, is poisonous. It’s said that as little as 100g  is enough to kill a full-grown horse.

Yellow Jessamine has similar alkaloids to strychnine which makes it quite poisonous, even to honeybees gathering its nectar.

There are many many more poisonous plants that fit these criteria. Too many to show in one post.  Some of them are:

Golden Chain
Mother of Millions
English Broom
White Snakeroot
Angel’s Trumpet
Autumn Crocus
Suicide Tree
Deadly Nightshade
Mountain Laurel
Calla Lily
Adenium obesum

I hope this helps.

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Bright as the Night Sky (Part 10):

Wow! 10 chapters in! I didn’t think this fic could be so long! As always I assumed it would be this short sappy fic and then I just get carried away with the scenes and the characters so here it is! 

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Fruit as Villains

I feel like Buzzfeed
I guess that makes me more evil

Pinapple: Really sweet but will hurt you when they are in the wrong mood

Lemon: Sour all the way

Apple: Will slowly poison you with cyanide if you hit them the wrong way

Tomato: #Nighshade #EdgyAsHeck

Avocado: Keeps millennials from buying a house

the way it goes

six years old and sirius answers the doorbell for a muggle boy with a splitting grin and a basket full of plastic dinosaurs. He wants nothing more than to spend hours with this boy and a stegosaurus, but a threatening look from his mother has him sadly shutting the door in the other boy’s face.

nine years old and sirius flinches when his parents blast yet another relative off the mural, leaving only a scorching mark where once there was an uncle. but he doesn’t say anything, because nine years has taught him that speaking up will get him blasted off the wall as well. he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

eleven years old and sirius lets a word slip in front of his new friends, a word that was constantly used in the black house, and doesn’t understand when james looks at him in horror. it is only then that he realises how wrong and twisted his family is, how wrong and twisted he has always been.

thirteen years old and sirius sits stonily in front of the common room fire late at night, burning the letters from his parents expressing all their disappointments. their words shouldn’t mean a thing, not with everything they’ve done, but he’s still a child and he can’t stop the angry tears from welling up.

sixteen years old and sirius climbs through the window of the potter house, hair wild and eyes frantic, shaking james awake. he can’t think straight, his bravado shattered, because his house was poison and he had been slowly dying for his whole life. he sleeps better on james’ floor than he ever has at home.

eighteen years old and sirius graduates hogwarts arm in arm with all his best friends. his parents couldn’t be bothered to show up, but the potters were grinning at him from the third row and that was somehow a million times better. he knew the euphoria wouldn’t last - war was on the horizon, war that would pit him against his family for the last time.