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about   the   Crows   killing   Jon ,      and   in   vengeance   she   goes   full   House   Frey   on   them ,   poisons   them   all .      so   Castle   Black   is   basically   a   ghost   Castle   as   the   army   of   the   dead   come   through .      cut   to   Arya   sitting   on   the   Lord   Commander’s   table   as   the   Night’s   King   approaches .      &   i   think ,   taking   from   all   those   posts   about   Arya   hearing   /   talking   to   the   dead ,      they   started   greeting   each   other   &   chatting   shit   like   old   friends .      &   she   ended   up   his   adviser   ??          you   know   ‘cause ,   Arya      ‘   i   wanna’   advise   Kings   ‘      Stark   !          what’s   freaky   is   how   much   everything   fits .

Alteans being resistant to most earth toxins and poisons is the one hc that would make for the most coolest and messed up shit tbh.

On one hand you can have Allura handling poison dart frogs and everyone’s like freaking out but they realize that she’s immune so she holds them just tight enough they won’t jump at the paladin’s faces so they can get a closer look at the pretty little things.

On the other hand you can have them catch Allura pouring windex in a glass of ice and taking that shit down like shots like it’s gatorade and Lance faints, Hunk is screaming, Pidge is screaming, Shiro is freaking the fuck out and calling 911 and Keith is on the couch fucking asleep. And Allura wondering wtf is going on because she’s had like six of these drinks last week and she was fine so she doesn’t know why they’re all freaking the fuck out and taking her to the hospital.


I am really annoyed with the idea that Slytherins are always cool, calm and unemotional. Most of the Slytherins we see are very emotional, and make a lot of important decisions based on strong emotion, and even foil themselves because they get too emotional. They’ll absolutely tear themselves apart for whatever they love, whether that’s a person or power. You have to feel strongly about something to be truly ambitious.

I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THE EXAMPLES. Someone insulted you/your family/someone you care about? Forget the snide comebacks, it’s time to SCREAM, YELL, CURSE THEM WITH BOILS. Family doesn’t approve of your boyfriend? ELOPE, it doesn’t matter whether this turns out to be a terrible decision. Boy Who Lived refuses to be your friend? OBSESS OVER HIM FOR THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS. Telepathic Dark Lord is threatening your son/childhood friend? Lie on the spot AND RISK A TORTUROUS DEATH TO DEFY HIM. Dark Lord is threatening your house elf? DRINK POISON AND THROW YOURSELF INTO A PIT OF ZOMBIES.

Slytherin is the House of cunning, not the House of rational decision-making??

herelivesahobbit  asked:

Hello! I was reading TWOIAF and I had a pre-ASOiAF magic question. Why is it that only the Targaryens remained dragon lords after the Doom? TWOIAF clearly states that many of Valyrian blood flourish in Volantis to the current period. Immediately after the Doom they even tried to 'claim Valyria's mantle'. So my question is why didn't these people get dragons for themselves to make the process easier? There were surely some dragons or dragon eggs lying around and they had the magical blood. (1/2)

The Targaryens were the only dragonlords after the Doom of Valyria because they were the only family of dragonlords that survived the Doom and the events afterwards. That sounds like a tautology, but it’s not. :)  There were Valyrians and people of Valyrian blood that survived the Doom, in Volantis and elsewhere, but they weren’t dragonlords. In Westeros, for example, the Velaryons and Celtigars were also Valyrian expatriates, but they weren’t dragonlords, they weren’t of the forty noble families who had ruled Valyria, and they never had dragons.1

Though yes, there were some non-Targaryen dragonlords who also escaped the Doom… but only briefly:

Some accounts claim that a few others survived, too… for a time. It is said that some Valyrian dragonlords in Tyrosh and Lys were spared, but that in the immediate political upheaval following the Doom, they and their dragons were killed by the citizens of those Free Cities. The histories of Qohor likewise claim that a visiting dragonlord, Aurion, raised forces from the Qohorik colonists and proclaimed himself the first Emperor of Valyria. He flew away on the back of his great dragon, with thirty thousand men following behind afoot, to lay claim to what remained of Valyria and to reestablish the Freehold. But neither Emperor Aurion nor his host were ever seen again. –TWOIAF

Those few dragonlords to survive the Doom died soon after, along with their dragons. As for your statement about the Valyrians in Volantis who tried to claim Valyria’s mantle, TWOIAF answers you straight up:

Volantis, the mightiest of the Free Cities, quickly laid claim to Valyria’s mantle. Men and women of noble Valyrian blood, though not dragonlords, called for war upon the other cities.

They weren’t dragonlords. They didn’t have dragons. No, there were not just “dragons lying around”, all the dragons in Valyria died in the Doom. They’re not cats, random people didn’t just have them as pets. They’re dragons. You had to be a dragonlord to have and ride a dragon, that’s what the title means. (Note also that it’s specifically said that the dragonlord families were the ones who married incestuously “to keep the blood of the dragon pure”, not other Valyrians.)

(2/2) is it just that in 300 years they couldn’t get their hands on dragons or hatch dragon eggs? could it be because you don’t only need Valyrian blood but also some kind of magical craft and knowledge to birth and/or tame dragons? Which the Targs had while no one in Essos with Valyrian blood did?

Yes, that’s it exactly. Apparently you can’t just hatch dragon eggs (if you even have one – they’re priceless, and always heavily guarded) without a dragon or without being a dragonlord. And it was believed that you couldn’t ride a dragon without having the magical “blood of the dragon”, for that matter, so if any wild or free-roaming dragon did survive the Doom, anyone who tried to catch and tame them surely died.2

The dragonlords of Valyria controlled their dragons with “binding spells and sorcerous horns.” It’s uncertain if any of that magic survived among the Targaryens (none of the stories of Aegon the Conqueror or his descendants mention them),3 but surely there was nobody who had that magical knowledge or those magical horns in Volantis or elsewhere in Essos after the Doom.4 So those surviving Targaryen dragonlords made do with their “blood of the dragon” to establish a connection and control of their dragons. If you didn’t have magic and if you didn’t have the magical blood, it doesn’t matter if you were of Valyrian descent, you were shit-outta-luck.

In which case, how will Dany control her dragons in ASOIAF? I mean she managed this miraculous event to birth them but if you do need further arts to control them I wonder who will teach her…

“Daenerys made do with a word and a whip.” Drogon does obey his mother, if not perfectly. Their bond, plus her magical blood, evidently helps. However, a dragonrider can only control one dragon in their lifetime, so it’s the other two dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal, that are in question. But Euron Greyjoy has apparently found one of those magical Valyrian dragonhorns, so the possession of Dragonbinder will evidently be very important in the future. And Tyrion Lannister has studied dragons extensively, so his knowledge will also be very helpful when he and Dany eventually meet (or if he gets to a dragon before that event). Archmaester Marwyn also knows sorcery (he is the master of “the higher mysteries” in the Citadel, and has even lit a glass candle) as well as dragon-knowledge (via all the books he’s found and studied, including scraps of Daenys the Dreamer’s prophecies), and he’s on his way to Dany.5 Between all these things, Dany’s three dragons will be controlled, in one way or another.

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Common Poisonous House and Garden Plants and their Symptoms

If you have children or pets or suspect someone might have ingested or handled these plants improperly, this list is for you. Most of these plants seem entirely harmless and even more of them are used every day in gardens and as indoor decoration or in spellwork. Most all the symptoms I list are symptoms of ingestion unless otherwise noted. If something is incorrect, please feel free to message me and I will fix it shortly!

Peace Lily (Spathiphylum)

Peace lilies resemble Calla lilies and are fairly popular as gifts. They contain calcium oxalate crystals that can bring on skin irritation when handled, burning of the mouth, difficulty swallowing and nausea.

English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

The berries from English Ivy can cause gastrointestinal issues and delirium or respiratory problems. Sap from the leaves can cause skin irritation and sometimes blisters.


All parts of this plant contain calcium oxalate. Repeated contact can cause reactions similar to allergic reactions and ingestion can cause abdominal pain.

Ficus trees and Rubber Trees (Ficus Benjamina/Elastica)

Ficus trees produce a form of latex that can bring on allergic reactions in some people.

Larkspur and Delphinium (consolida ajacis)

Similar to our deadly friend Aconite (monkshood), this plant can bring about the same symptoms if ingested in a large enough quantity.

Lily of the Valley (Convalina mahalis)

Contains cardiac glycosides that can cause headache, nausea, and cardiac issues.

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)

Contains toxic alkaloids that can cause nausea, seizures, and respiratory issues.

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)

All parts of sweet peas are mildly poisonous. New sprouts and shoots contain the most toxins, an amino acid called lathyrogen. Can cause paralysis, weakness and tremors.


Produces a highly irritating sap. Touching the bulbs can cause a reaction as well as breathing dust from the bulbs. Ingestion can cause vomiting, breathing issues, and weakness.

Hyacinth (hyacinth orientalis)

Sap and bulbs, much like tulips, are major skin irritants.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

A toxin called grannotoxin can be found in the leaves, flowers, nectar and pollen. Ingestion can cause heart problems, vomiting, dizziness, and extreme weakness

Black Locust (Robina Psudocacia)

All parts but the flowers are poisonous. Can cause weak pulse, upset stomach, headache, and cold extremities.


All parts are toxic. Causes burning, fever, vomiting and in extreme cases kidney failure.


All parts are poisonus. Sap is a skin irritant and bright berries are deadly. Irritation of the throat, internal bleeding, weakness, and vomiting are all symptoms.

Foxglove (digitalis)

All parts can cause severe stomach upset, skin irritation, delirium, tremors, convulsion, headaches, and heart failure.

Hellebore/Christmas Rose

All parts are poisonous, and the sap is a skin irritant. Can cause bruning, vomiting, dizziness, nervous depression, and convulsions.


Often used as a cake topper, Hydrangea actually contains levels of cyanide. Ingestion leads to vomiting, headache, and muscle weakness.


Berries contain toxins that can cause visual problems, weakness, vomiting, heart problems and even death.


Contains a toxin known as Lobelamine that can cause heart problems, vomiting, tremors and paralysis.

Yellow Jessamine (Gelsimium semperviens)

All parts are toxic. Pollen and nectar are fatal to children.


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