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Secret Identity

Stripper!Au Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Just the a good old Stripper fic.

Word Count: 3,671

Warnings: Crack fic, Language, Drinking, Suggestive Stuff… (come on)

A/N: I don’t know what happened. It’s incredibly long… but I had fun ;) Since I don’t have anything better, this is my gift for 2.5k Thank you all so much ♥

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“Are you serious?”

“No, I’m Wanda,” your friend replied with a proud smirk.

You rubbed the spot between your eyes where you could feel a headache coming. Wanda was in charge of Natasha’s bachelorette party. You were supposed to spend the evening in a fancy restaurant, but clearly Wanda had other plans.

“I love it!” Natasha took your hand and made you follow her.

You paid the entry fee and walked into the strip club. It was noisy and surprisingly bright. You cringed as the smell of alcohol hit your nose. Wanda gave you her best innocent smile and looped her arm through yours.

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 1/?)

So on my other blog I asked if someone would like series imagine when Montgomery is fwb with reader and because I got over 70 notes at the moment and felt like a rockstar I decided to start a new blog for this and for everything related to 13 reasons why.

1. It’s going to be a series, so they haven’t gotten really close yet.
2. English is not my first language, I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes or something, if you spot any, feel free to let me know :)

It was last Friday before school started again and Bryce decided to throw his typical huge pool party. You didn’t really feel like coming but Sheri called you about 50 times in last two days asking you to come and you finally gave up.
“Mom, I’m leaving! See you tomorrow!”, you shouted leaving the house. Your parents let you stay at Sheri’s place so you didn’t have to worry about coming home and still being a little buzzed.
“Bye honey, have a nice time!”, you heard your mom when you were closing the door.
Jeff, you best friend, was already here, waiting for you in his car.
“Jeez, I always have to wait for you”, he said when you got in.
“It’s nice to see you too, Jeffrey”, you ignored his moaning.
“Don’t make me wait for you after the party, or I will leave you there", he threatened, but you knew it was a joke.
You have known each other since you were 5 years old, he’s for you like a brother and he treats keeping Bryce away from you as his full time job.
“I’m staying at Sheri’s place so you don’t have to wait, don’t worry”, you smiled at him.
“Someone’s gonna get wasted today, huh?”
“I don’t know yet, Sheri made me go", I shrugged my arms.
Fifteen minutes lates we were at Bryce’s place, Jeff stopped the car and you went at the back of the house.
“Yooo, Jeff, Y/N!”, Justin Foley was the first one to notice you two.
“Hi Justin”, you answered looking for Sheri.
“Hey, you”, suddenly she jumped on you from behind. “ You got everything?”
“Yep, ready for sleepover”, you smiled.
“ Great!”, she clapped. “Where’s your bathing suit? Get changed and lets go to the pool”
“It’s already on me”, you let her look under your t-shirt dress.
“What do you have there, I wanna see too”, you hear Montgomery as he comes to you and Sheri and he puts his arms around your and her shoulders.
“You’re funny man, Monty, really funny”, you clapped his chest, and go with Sheri to put your stuff next to hers.
“I think he has a thing for you”, she said.
“Who, Monty?”, you laughed. “Come on, he has a thing for anything that moves”.
Suddenly someone grabbed you around the waist and throwed you into the pool.
“What the fuck?!”, you screamed when you resurfaced out of the water and saw who throwed you in. “Zach, you know I can’t swim”.
“Yeah, that’s why Justin waits right there, to grab you if there was a need”.
You turned around and saw Justin standing behind you.
“ Great, but couldn’t you wait until I take my dress off?”, you asked.
“Come on, we’ll grab some drinks, you’ll hang your dress on chair, it will be dry in less than hour”, Sheri gave you her hand and helped you get out of the pool.
You are a simple girl, you see vodka, you mix it with cola and so you did this time. You took of your dress and suddenly Monty showed up out of nowhere.
“I will wait in the pool”, Sheri mumbled and went to the pool as fast as glass full of drink let her.
“Lookin’ good, Y/N”, he said as he eyed you up and down.
You took a straw, put it in the glass, turned towards him, put it in your mouth and took a sip looking straight in his face while he stared at your lips probably imagining the straw was his dick.
Fucking horny bastard , you thought to yourself.
“In your dreams, Montgomery, in your dreams”, you walked past him.
“We’ll see”, he whispered.
You went to the pool and sat next to Sheri.
“Hi, guys”, Jessica swam to you. “What did you said to Monty, he stares at you all the time”, she asked.
“I told you”, Sheri punched your arm.
“And I told you”, you punched her too, “that he stares at anything that moves”.
“Well, yeah, it’s Montgomery, but…”, Jess took a break to take a sip of her drink, “there are bunch of hot girls in bathing suit today and he stares ONLY at you”.
“Probably because I’m one of very few left that didn’t make out with him”.
“You know, that if you do it some time, we won’t judge you”.
“Okay, I will make it clear”, you put your glass at the edge of the pool. “I admit, he’s fucking handsome and… I mean… Look at those abs. But other than that he’s so fucking stupid, typical arrogant jock, hot head that is first to fight”
“Alright then”, Sheri smiled.
All three of you are in the cheerleaders team so you spend some time talking about new routines and moves you could incorporate.
“Ladies”, Justin and Jeff came up to you, “ We need two of you to play a round of beer pong with us”.
“You drink, Atkins?”, you asked.
“No, I’m just gonna throw the ball, someone else is gonna do the drinking part”
It was obvious Jess is gonna play with Justin and because Sheri wasnt really into drinking games you had to play with Jeff.
“I just finished my drink, so I’m in, just bring me my dress” you pointed it as you didn’t want to walk past bunch od jockes wearing only bathing suit.
“Yes, ma'am”, he went to grab it and you slowly got out of the water.
You and Jess both were terrible at beer pong, so the game lasted ages and more and more people were gathering around the table waiting for their turn. You throw a ball and missed again.
“ Oh fuck me, Y/L/N”, Monty rolled his eyes.
“You wouldn’t handle this, babe”, you answered and everyone giggled waiting for him to response. Justin giggled so much he missed the shot while Jessica and Sheri stand speechless with their mouths open.
“Alright”, he said with a halfsmile.
Few hours later it got chillier, so you get in hot tub with few other people.
“Guys, I gotta go”, Jeff came over to say bye.
“You leaving?”
“Yeah, I promised dad to help him in the morning”, he said. “Girls”, he turned to you and Sheri, “if you need a ride home just call me.”
“My dad will pick us up, but thank you”, Sheri said.
“Okay, see you on Monday”
“Bye, Jeff”, you waved at him.
Some time later Sheri went to help other girl get to the bathroom, cause she felt sick and Justin and Jessica left too after you told them to get a room when the started heavy make out session. You soon regret it, cause suddenly it was only you and Montgomery. He got into got tub, holding to shots of tequila.
“Will you do me this honor?”, he handed you one of the shots.
“Whatever”, you rolled your eyes and drank tequila looking him right in the eyes.
“So…”, he started with a cocky grin on his face. “It’s just two of us. In a hot tub. Wearing barely anything”
“I already said it today, but I will repeat it for you”, you lean a little bit towards him, “this time read my lips. In. Your. Dreams. Monty”.
“Oh really?”, he asked still looking at your lips.
You felt his hand softly going up and down your back, you could’ve moved away but somehow you didn’t want to. He grabbed your waist, pull you closer and basically attacked you with his lips. And again, you didn’t push him away. Instead, you tucked your fingers into his hair pulling yourself even closer to him. You still hated him as a person, nothing has changed, but there was something about his kisses and his touch, you didn’t know what it was, but you didn’t want it to stop. It made shivers going down your spine. You felt him smiling as he moved his lips to your ear.
“Liberty high’s sweetheart also has needs, huh?”, he whispered and started kissing your neck. Alright, Monty came back to being Monty.
You felt his abs clenched under your touch.
Oh boy, I will fuck you up and you will not like it , you thought.
You felt him sucking your collarbone.
“No hickeys, Monty”, you slightly moved away.
“As you wish”, he pulled you back closer, started kissing you jaw. His hands went from your thighs, to your butt, squized it, went higher up to untie your bra.
“Easy boy”, you moved away from him, he couldn’t reach your back anymore so he placed them on your thighs moving closer again.
“No, no, no”, you whispered putting your foot on his strategic place and rub it gently.
Seeing grin of satisfaction on his face, you slowly came closer, but he wasted no time, grabbed you by your hips, put on his lap and kissed you again. You took his hands and put them on edges of hot tub.
“Keep your hands to yourself”, you said looking him in the eyes.
Your hands went slowly through his elbows to shoulders and down chest to the abs. You sucked his bottom lip, put tip of finger under his boxers and moved it from hip to hip. You felt him growing under you.
“Do I turn you on?”, you asked getting of his lap, placing your hands on the inside of his thighs.
“God, you’re so hot”, he whispered.
“Y/N!”, you heard Sheri.
What a perfect timing.
“Yep?”, you asked.
She was standing in the entrance and couldn’t see you from there but you still moved as far away from Monty as possible.
He looked confused as fuck.
“My dad is here, we gotta go”, she shouted.
“Okay, I’m coming”.
“I’ll bring you a towel, so you can dry yourself”, she went back inside.
“What the fuck are you doing?”, Montgomery asked, still confused.
“Liberty high’s fuckboy also can get played, huh?”, you whispered into his ear.
You left the hot tub.
“Get back in here!”
“Or what? You gonna chase me around with your boner?”
You saw Sheri coming up.
“It was fun”, you said louder.
“Here”, she gave you a towel.
“Thanks”, you started drying yourself.
“Boys are inside, they have some weed if you want”.
“Thanks, Sheri, I’m good”, de la Cruz tried his best to sound normal.
Sheri helped you pick up your stuff, you looked at Montgomery, saw him biting his fist. You put your dress on and grab your stuff.
“Good talk, Monty, see you on Monday”, you waved and followed Sheri to the car with a smile of the satisfaction on your face.

Let me know what you think, is it okay if I write in second person (is that even second person)? More action and more smut coming soon x

chapter 1

Mayday || Jinyoung

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Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Warnings: violence, suggestive of being forced into sex (read at your own risk)

Word Count: 2309

note: hey, everyone! new series of bad boy jinyoung! this series will be updated every friday at 7pm mountain time. I wrote this chapter three times because i thought it wasn’t good enough… I’m soooo sorry for the really bad and horrible beginning but I tried my best. happy reading everyone! also happy chinese new year! -admin

A flash of bright light blinded my eyes but I still kept a straight face. The music booming in the background with a few people surrounded behind the camera that sat in front of us. My best friend, Jenny, sat next to me while the rest of the girls scattered around us. Another flash of light and a click meant another picture that probably wouldn’t even make it in the magazine. Tons of photos were taken but only a few were selected. And most of us wanted to get out of the studio, after a long day of modelling.

“One more, ladies.” The photographer yelled as another flash went by.

“Good,” The photographer smiled, “You’re free to go, girls. Have a wonderful day!”

“Thank you!” We all simultaneously said as we walked away from the white backdrop. I grabbed Jenny’s hand as we went over to the board where our solo photos were printed and pasted.

“These pictures aren’t as bad as I thought.” Jenny noted, analyzing her photos.

“Maybe because it’s a load of photoshop.” I scoffed, slightly cringing at my photos.

“Oh come on, (Y/N).” Jenny said, nudging my shoulder. “It’s for a good cause.”

I stared at my photos and and gritted my teeth. No matter how cringe-worthy my photos were, it was to campaign to raise awareness to cancer through a famous magazine. Around twenty models of different races and sizes gathered in the studio today to contribute to this campaign. This was what I liked about my agency. They accepted anyone who applied and provided a good pay. In all honesty, these kind of things was something that gave me happiness. It’s for a good cause for sure.

“I guess you’re right.” I sighed as I smiled at Jenny before walking off with her into our change rooms.

“Hey, (Y/N) and Jenny!” A voice called for behind. We both turned around to face a model that worked with us today. “I’m having a party at my house and I was wondering if you two wanted to join?”

“Uh,” I opened my mouth to speak, turning my head to make eye contact with Jenny.

“Sure, why not.” Jenny answered for me. “I just need your address.”

I widen my eyes and looked at Jenny, hoping that she would reject the offer last minute. I definitely didn’t want party especially after a long day of work in the studio. And I planned to go home and watch a little bit of Netflix before I went to sleep. But of course, Jenny took that address and confirmed that we’ll be at the party.

“Are to serious?” I huffed out, eyeing Jenny down.

“What?” She smirked as she grabbed my arm. “There might be cute boys there.”

“You’re the one going, not me.” I noted, pointing a finger at her.

“Fine,” She huffed out, “But you’re dropping me off at the house.”

“Deal.” I smiled at Jenny as we entered the change room. I grabbed my black off-shoulder romper from the rack as I changed out of the company clothes and waited for Jenny to finish changing. We thanked everyone again for their hard work and started to make our way into the parking lot. Spotting a small white car, Jenny and I both entered the car as I drove off to the destination.

“Have you ever met someone who’s strikingly handsome but also a gentleman was well?” Jenny suddenly asked out of nowhere.

“No, why are you asking me this?” I replied, keeping my eyes on the road.

“Because I think I met someone like that.” Jenny sighed. I turned my head to get a quick glance at Jenny and scanned her face. Knowing Jenny’s past relationship, I’ve noticed that no one has treated her right. And as a best friend, I always wanted her to find the right guy to care for her. Not to push her down in the dumps. So when Jenny talked about her love life, I just suddenly feel protective of her. Maybe because I’ve known she had gone through way too much.

“Who is this? Yugyeom?” I guessed. Yugyeom was younger than Jenny by a year but the two of them matched perfectly together. But the problem was they are best friends. And Yugyeom once texted me, confessing he had liked Jenny for a year now. I never wanted anyone to be together other than Jenny and Yugyeom. He was just right for her.

“Maybe.” Jenny shyly said.

“You like him?” I suddenly yelled at the top of my lungs, getting overly excited about this. I tried to keep my focus on the road but Jenny was making it hard to drive.

“Possibly.” I heard Jenny mumble.

“You totally like him.” I laughed, teasing my best friend. She just brushed off the fact I said anything and remained silent throughout the whole ride. I sat there, smiling to myself, as I pulled up to a rather fancy house with a bunch of people scattered around the front lawn.

“Guess this is it.” Jenny sighed, unbuckling her seatbelt and grabbing her phone.

“Have fun!” I said to Jenny as I parked in front of a huge house. She flashed me a sincere smile before hugging me and jumping out of the car. I sighed as I watched her walk up the big steps and enter the lovely house. Maybe I should join her, just for safety. Incase some guy tries to force her into bed while she’s drunk or she needs a ride, I’ll be there to take her home and protect her. Sighing to myself, I drove around the block to find a parking spot and parked there.

Walking back to the house, I knocked at the door to find the same girl who invited us to this party, with a dress that was quite revealing. A boy behind her, grabbed her waist and smiled at me too, obviously drunk.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” She smiled brightly at me, after opening the door. “Glad you could join us! Come in, grab a drink, and get partying.”

I smiled awkwardly and entered inside the house, admiring the decor. It was huge, and a house I could never afford with the money I had. But it was a great place for a party. I looked around, trying to find Jenny, as I see people all around partying their drunk ass like there’s no tomorrow. I could smell the strongest alcohol intoxicating the house with multiple people drowning themselves with drinks. I scrunched up my nose as I decided to push my way past people, trying to find my best friend. So much for Netflix tonight.

“Oh my god, it’s them. The golden trio.” I heard a girl shout out loud, over the booming music, to her friend.

“No fucking way. Who invited them here? I wanna know so I could grab their numbers.” The other girl said quite loudly. I stopped my tracks to listen into the girls conversation until the whole house started to go crazy. With a big commotion going around, I turned around to take a look at what these girls have been talking about.

There were three of them. One with blonde hair, his masculine features strongly presented in the illuminated lights in the room. He was muscular, and seemed like her could take anyone down. The one next to him was brunette with his hair swept back, revealing his gorgeous forehead. He was thinner than the blonde one and a pretty boy for sure, but he had all the ladies melting to their knees. The last guy took me by surprise. Plump lips, pale skin, and black hair the complemented his leather jacket. A strikingly handsome guy who stood in front of the other two, giving off a bad boy vibe. His hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket as he flashed a smirk. His eyes scanned the room, searching for something until, they made eye contact with mine. I quickly looked away, my cheeks rising in color from the sudden eye contact. Who was this guy?

“It’s Jinyoung. He’s actually here.” All the girls around me gasped. Looking back at the trio, I took a good look at the three boys before shaking my head. I needed to focus on my task which was finding my best friend. Who cares about Jinyoung or the golden trio. They’re just boys.

I turned my back on them as I pushed my way through the crowd. Spotting the stairs, I wondered if Jenny had gone upstairs and hung around there. But then my thoughts immediately thought of her and a random guy hooking up. I shook my head and decided to go upstairs anyways. Surprisingly, it was empty. Maybe because people were already preoccupied in the rooms or they’re downstairs, partying. But being bold, I walked down the hallways, hoping to find my best friend.

“Hey!” Someone yelled from behind, making me jump and turn around quickly. I came face to face with a random guy whom started to walk towards me. I was completely frozen at the spot since I didn’t even know what to do.

“Are you here alone?” The guy asked, approaching me rather quickly.

“Uh, no. I’m just looking for a friend.” I replied back, trying not to panic. My heart beat increased its rate as the guy stood in front of me, towering his tall body overtop mine.

“Find your friend later. Let’s have some fun.” The guy smirked, looking down at me. His hands grabbing my waist and pushing me to the nearest wall.

“No, please. I don’t have time for this. My friend needs me. Get away off of me, please.” I argued quite loudly, trying to push his figure away from mine. I started to slam my fists against his chest, pushing with all my strength but, his grip on my waist was too strong.

“Come on, beautiful. I’ll treat you right, tonight.” The guy growled, his face dangerously near mine. My breathing started to get heavy, my heart beating fast. This guy cannot take a no for an answer, so I had to use my voice.

I took in a deep breath and screamed out loud, “Get away from me!”

“What a naughty girl. Resisting my of-”

But before he could finish his sentence, a fist came into contact with his face, making him lose his grip on my waist and stumble backwards. I gasped up the sight as a guy in the leather jacket grabbed him by the collar and threw in another violent punch. Then with all his strength, pushed him down the hall, making him fall to his knees and stood in front of me, his back facing me.

“Can you not listen properly? The girl says no. Respect her.” The guy in the leather jacket growled. His hand stuck out as a barrier, pushing me aside so that I was shielded away from the scene.  

“She’s hot though.” I heard a whine come from the beaten up guy on the ground.

“What are you? A teenager? Is hot the only vocabulary word you know? Get lost man and go to school. Obviously you need to learn how to treat a girl properly.” The guy in front of me hissed before making a lurch forward just to scare off the other dude. I didn’t realize that I was holding my breath until the guy in front of me turned around and I let out a gasp. I widen my eyes in shock as I came face to face with one of the golden trios. The one who made eye contact with me earlier.

“You okay?” He asked, giving me a concerned look. I stared up at him, analyzing his face. He was handsome. A look like that could reel in any girl in this town. The leather jacket and a white tee-shirt paired with jeans was something a player would wear. But with his black hair swept to the side, the amount of visuals was stunning to the point where I couldn’t help but feel my cheek rise in color. So this is what the girls downstairs were going on about.

“Hey, I asked you a question.” His fingers snapped in front of my face, breaking me from my trance. His tone of voice sounded rude when he said that and it was obvious he was impatient. Can he at least let me piece together on what just happened and wait for my response? A guy almost forced me to sleep with him and he expects a girl to respond right away? Rude.

I blinked a few times before answering his question, “Yeah.”

“Good. Just don’t lure in any creepy guys anymore. I’m not here to protect you neither am I your guardian.” He said, leaning back on his heels and tucking his hands inside the pockets of his jacket. I stared at him with disbelief and crossed my arms. A minute ago, I thought this guy was fairly handsome. Now, I change my opinions about him.

“I’m not asking you to be my guardian nor did I lure in that guy. I was just looking for my best friend. But thanks anyways for saving me.” I said, trying to be polite and not rude.

“Yeah, you better be thankful.” He smirk at me, sending me a flirtatious wink. I was about to call him out on his rudeness until someone called his name from behind.

“Yah, Jinyoung. Get your ass down here and let’s party.”

Jinyoung held up his arm and shooed his friend away as he continued to stare at me. Before turning around to leave me standing alone in the hallway, he pointed his finger at me and smirked;

“If you’re ever in need of a man to come save you, just shout mayday…”

Pride & Prejudice ~N.M.~ part 1

Summary: based roughly off of pride and prejudice.

Requested: yes. I have a couple more imagines and then I have a hugeeee surprise for you.

“Y/n would you please feed the chickens before bringing in the cattle?” I hear my father yell from across the field.

“Yes father” i yell back. This is all I ever did, chores. You’d think I wouldn’t have to do as many seeing as there’s 5 of us girls. That’s not the case at all. Tons of chores and constant talk of finding a nice rich husband to marry. Well my mother wants him to be rich, I couldn’t care less to be honest.

I finish bringing in our 2 cows and walk into my small cluttered home.

“Y/n, dear do come here” my mother cried from the living room.

“What? What is it?” I say believing something is wrong.

“You 5 are going to a PARTY! It’s going to be absolutely amazing. I have kitty, Lydia and janes dresses ready, i just need to finish both of yours. The party is tomorrow so look your finest. I purchased new corsets for all of you.” My mother says overly excited. Parties mean men, men mean husbands.

“Wait, who’s hosting?” My older sister Jane asks.

“Our new neighbors, the Bingleys. They have family coming in from different places so we have to act very high class.” My mother says matter of factly. I roll my eyes and head off to my room. I put out special clothing for tomorrow and make sure everything’s in place.

When tomorrow comes my house is extremely hectic. Sisters are fighting over who uses the mirror and which shoes belong to who. I’ve got my clothes on before walking out to get some water.

“Y/n, sweetie you look simply stunning” my father says from the kitchen table.

“And as for the rest of your children?” My mother scolds helping Kitty tighten her corset.

“Thank you father.” I say placing a kiss on his head.

It’s no secret I’ve always been my fathers favorite. The rest don’t really mind they’re too busy being my mothers favorite.

“GIRLS HURRY UP, THE CARRIAGE IS WAITING” my mother screams. We all file into a carriage and head towards the bingley home. In hopes to find a husband.

Once we arrive to the party, it’s filled with many beautiful people and fancy clothes. People are dancing and laughing and drinking wine and having a grand time. I realize that I know absolutely no one here except for my family. I turn joke to my sister only to find my entire family is off to greet the host.

I scramble to catch up with them. And when I do I take a big breath and look up ready to curtsy. When I look up my eyes catch another pair. His eyes are brown and his hair is quite long. He looks almost angry. I feel my throat close but quickly move my gaze to the other members of the people in front of me.

We’re all introduced and I found out the mans name was Nate Maloley. He was a cousin of the bingleys.

He came up to me and asked me to dance and that what we’re doing.

“So do live nearby?” I ask side stepping and following his lead.

“I live about half an hour up north, but the back half of these woods belong to my backyard.” He says spinning us around.

“I ride through those woods on my horse. Sorry for intruding I suppose” i say thinking about the usual route I take.

“It’s quite alright. You live in the small shack on the left of this house correct?” He says shocking me. He has the nerve to call my home a shack. Sure, it’s no mansion and it barely fits all of us, but that’s what we afford.

“Incorrect, my home is no shack. Small? Yes indeed but an entitled Dutch who has yet to work hard a day in his life, is certainly in no position to comment on my house. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be off” I say dropping my hands from his shoulder and his hand.

And to think, he was cute, too bad his attitude is absolutely horrid.

She’s Horrible

Could you do one where Dan has a psychotic girlfriend but all his friends want Dan and the reader to date and the reader has a huge crush on him?

I hope this is okay love :) thank-you for requesting. xxoo 

It hurt to see them together. She didn’t appreciate the way he would hold tight to her waist, the little cheek kisses or those beautiful, dimpled smiles. She didn’t appreciate him the way you could.
And no, this wasn’t only jealousy. All of his friends could see it too, she wasn’t right for him. It was rare that she would let him leave her side, she had claimed him and didn’t want anyone else around. As soon as she had met you, she took instant disliking. The disliking came along with childish behaviour such as sarcastic teasing and showing off that she had the thing you wanted. You couldn’t even talk to him alone anymore, she would always turn up at his side and if she didn’t wrap her arms around him obsessively she would be sucking his face off right in front of you.

“why are you with her?”
“she’s not right for you, mate”
“You could be with someone so much better..”

Words all his friends would pass to him yet he was unable to see the issue.

Today would be different for once, Dan had text you on a Saturday morning asking if you wanted to get coffee with him…just him. You were more than excited to finally get alone time without his leech attached to him.
You prepared yourself to go out, dressing in your favourite outfit and doing your hair before slipping on your shoes and heading off. Your step had a little skip to it as you entered the cafe you were to meet at. You ordered your coffee and decided to get Dan’s so that it was ready once he arrived.
“enjoy your coffee miss” the sweet lady said as she placed them on the table before you.
It was already 10 minutes later than the arranged time but it didn’t surprise you, Dan was always getting ready at the last minute. However that 10 minutes turned into 20, then 30 and before you knew it you had sat there for an hour staring at the cold coffee you had ordered him.

Your eyes started to water at the thought that he’d forgotten about you, but you wouldn’t let the tears fall.
Not wanting to go sit at home alone, you drove to your friend Louise’s home where she welcomed you with open arms as always. You explained what happened and she took you into a warm and comforting embrace.

“Are you going to talk to him about it?” Louise asks after a while of silence
“no… I’ll just let him forget about me”

Of course, Louise couldn’t stand the idea of two of her best friends falling apart so she started to plan some little idea’s.


You sat at home that night, your favourite show lighting up your laptop screen as you lay in bed. The whole world seemed so quiet and calm, even with the uneasy feeling in your stomach.
You jumped when your phone vibrated beside you, the screen lighting up the dark room.

text message from Louise: I’m having a little party at my place tomorrow night. You are coming and we are going to have an awesome time. xxoo

You couldn’t help but giggle at her order, replying that you’d see her tomorrow night.


You parked your car on the street outside Louise’s house. The music got louder as you got closer to the door, the sound of chattering and laughter filling the cold night air. Louise always surprised you with how quickly she could organise things like this, and how so many people would show up.
As you entered the busy house you were greeted by many friendly and a few intoxicated faces. You planned on having a good time tonight but you just couldn’t get Dan out of your mind.

Was he here?
I hope so, i want to see him.
Actually I don’t want to see him it would be awkward.

You were torn from your thoughts by a loud and mostly annoying cackle, one that you only knew too well. You turned around and saw Dan with his girlfriend clinging to him as usual. You giggled as she tried to kiss him but he stopped her, his face showing just how uncomfortable he felt with the public display of affection.

“I was hoping he wouldn’t bring her” Louise spoke as she appeared by your side
“She is wherever he goes” you answered

When Dan’s girlfriend noticed you, she slid away from Dan and strutted over to you.

“Oh look, little miss waste of space decided to show up” she spoke with a smirk on her face.
“Look, i don’t want to do this tonight. I just came here to have a good time” You say, hoping to be left alone. It was obvious she wanted to upset you more though
“Did you really think Dan would want to get coffee alone with you?” she asked, venom soaking each word
“I’m sure he just forgot, he would never hurt anyone intentionally.” You answer her calmly
“Ha, honey he planned it all. He thought it would be hilarious for you to sit alone, waiting for something you could never get. Seriously, look at yourself, your pathetic. You could never get someone like him.” As she spat those harsh words at you, your couldn’t hold back the few tears the escaped.

She spun on her heel but suddenly jumped back in a startled manner. Dan was standing right there with his arms crossed and an angry expression upon his beautiful features.

“Hey ba-“
“The doors that way.” Dan interrupted, has longer finger pointing towards the front door.
“what do mean?” She questioned, batting her eyelashes and acting innocent.
“I mean you need to leave right now. I don’t want you to speak to y/n or myself ever again.” as he said these words, he walked past her and wrapped his long arms around you, stroking your back.
“But Da-“
“No, this is over. We are over. Now you need to go”

Finally giving up, she marched out of the house in a rush. Dan continued to hold you against his chest as he swayed back and forth in an oddly relaxing movement. After a minute, he took hold of your wrist and pulled you out and into Louise’s back yard where you could talk privately. You both sat on the cold grass, staring up into the star lit sky.

“How long has she been treating you like that?” Dan questioned after a few minutes of silence
“Since you first introduced us” you admitted.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I’m not completely sure… You loved her and i didn’t want to get between that. And i wasn’t sure if you’d believe me anyway” you spoke, watching your breath form soft clouds in the cold night air.
“Y/n, I will always believe you, I trust you more than anyone. And.. I didn’t love her”
“oh..” is all you could say. How are you meant to reply?

You sat in silence for a few moments more, twist the shining blades of grass around your fingers. You thought about whether or not you should bring up the cafe incident.

“What happened yesterday… when you didn’t turn up at the cafe?” you finally asked
“what?” he asked in return, a confused expression on his face
“you text me… said you wanted to go out for coffee with me and didn’t turn up…” At this, Dan looked even more confused as he pulled out his phone and went into his texts
“oh my god.. she’s horrible. I’m so sorry y/n, she must have text you from my phone”

Once again, comfortable silence took over. The cold air now getting to you as goosebumps covered your skin and you hugged your knees up to your chest. However it was like a sudden fire took over your body the moment Dan pulled you into him and held you close.

“She was completely wrong, you know?” This confused you slightly as you had no idea what he was talking about
“about what?”
“well, she called you pathetic and that is incredibly untrue. Your the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. And she said you couldn’t get some like me, which is absolutely ridiculous. Any man would be oh so lucky to have a girl like you. If anything, i certainly don’t deserve such a beautiful girl like you”

Your heart was beating a million miles and hour yet you couldn’t think of a single word to say. You turned your head up and stared into his dark brown orbs. It all happened so quickly, yet so perfectly. The whole situation was so cliché but you would never change it. Dan looked down to your lips then back to your eyes that were shining perfectly in the moon light. He leant in slowly and the second your lips met, cue the fire works and butterflies. Five seconds into the kiss a group of loud cheers erupted from the back door. You lips finally separated and you both turned to find all of your friends smiling and cheering.


You both released breathy laughs before looking out into the yard again, Dan pulling you even closer to him, his arms holding you in such a warm and loving way as his head rest upon your head. It was all perfect.

Party Over

Hi can you like write something where you & Tay jardine go to a party and this guy keeps flirting with you and getting close while Tay gets super jealous and soon drags you out of there and you two get into a fight about it and then you guys have rough angry sex .-.?

Hey Can you Like you do a tay one where you guys are friends and your at a party or something and she gets jealous bc someone was getting a little too close to you and then she get mad at you (smut pls) (also you guys are amazing writers and I love you)

A here! I have a rare moment of no hw/work at the moment so figured I’d try and bust out an imagine. Hope this was rough and angry enough 

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Locked Out

Summary: You and Jimin are neighbors and one night you get locked out of your apartment and have to stay at his place for the night. 

A/N: I had so much inspiration for writing this, which is very rare these days, so I’m pretty confident in this one. I hope you like it!

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: Smut. A lot of smut.

Jimin first met you on a warm spring day and he felt like his breath had been stolen from his lungs. He watched as you, along with all your friends, moved box after box into your new house and he wondered why you would wear a sundress to do work like that. It made him wonder what you looked like when you actually wanted to dress up.

After feeling guilty for not helping, he made his way over to where you were standing, drinking some water that you had brought along with you on the journey. 

“You need some help?” he asked and when you gave him an odd look, he explained who he was, “Sorry, I’m Jimin, your new neighbor.”

You smiled at the way Jimin’s eyes scrunched up into little crescent moons when he grinned at you, and Jimin swore that his heart would melt a little bit more every time he saw your smile. 

“I’d love some help,” you said, “I’m Y/N, by the way, and I’m glad that a wonderful person like you is my new neighbor.”

From that day forward, the two of you were close in a neighborly way, always saying ‘hi’ to each other and occasionally going over to each other’s house for a drink and a bite to eat. 

Each time you saw each other, your feelings grew even more, but the two of you were too shy to ever make a move to ask the other out. 

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” you mumbled to yourself as you dug through your bag, desperately trying to find the keys that you swore were in there. 

Since you were out at your friend’s party, you took a cab there and back, assuming that you would be drinking and might not be sober enough to drive yourself back home. 

And since you didn’t drive yourself, there was no need for you to have remembered your keys when you were leaving your house that night. The only problem was that your house key was attached to that set of keys and now you were locked out of your house until the next morning when you could call someone to unlock your door. 

Feeling very lousy, you made your way over to Jimin’s front porch and rang the doorbell, waiting patiently for him to come to the door. 

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Tomorrow a door closes on a chapter of my life. 12 years I owned this house. I bought it on my own and moved in when I was 22. This house is full of memories. Both good and bad. I had my wonderful dog here. I had some great parties here. I had the most amazing neighbors and will always be thankful for them and miss them. This was this place I grew into myself. I started off lost and this is the place I broke. The place I hit very rock bottom in my depression. It’s also the place that I clawed my way back from that depression. The place that went from good to bad to great. I haven’t lived there in a year, but tomorrow is the day I sign paperwork and hand the keys to someone else.

I started a new chapter last year with our new house. This chapter is amazing so far and is full of promise with our family.

The Fantasy

Hello, my name is Ashley Wagner and I’m an overworked and slightly under appreciated art gallery director. If it wasn’t for my friends keeping me sane, I think I’d already be wearing a pretty white jacket and living in a padded room. Well, at least sometimes.

I was still at the gallery, it was already almost ten o'clock and I was fried. I work for a rather large gallery in LA and have a huge opening coming up the following week. In a nutshell, I’m the one who coordinates showings and deals with the artists directly. Some are easy to deal with and some are pretentious assholes.

Hearing my phone start to ring again, for the third time, one call right after the other, I irritatingly tossed my notebook down and jogged across the gallery to answer it. If it’s one of the two people I think it is, they won’t stop until I answer so I might as well just answer.

“Come on Ash, you need to get out. Just come over.” Shannon said, “The party is kickin’!”

“Shan, I’m tired, I worked all freakin’ day trying to get the gallery ready for the Maxwell Snow opening. I’m too exhausted. I just want to go home, sit in the tub with a bottle of wine and a long straw. I need to de-stress before Monday rolls around because next week is going to be worse that this week was.” I said.

“Not the answer I want to hear. Come on, stop by for a glass of wine… You never know who you’re gonna meet….”. He insisted.

He wasn’t just going to be chill about this. Instead of saying NO again, it might be better to just put him off. Once the party is in full swing, he won’t care if I’m there or not. His attention will be on all the ladies vying for his affection.

“Let me get a few more things done and I’ll see how I feel.” I said.

That was all he was going to get out of me.

Did I want to go? No. Not at all. Being single in LA sucks unless you’re twenty and this party will only reinforce that sad fact. I’m honestly starting to think the well of decent men is all but dried up. At least for my thirty-three year-old self. I date but not very often and even if I get past the first few dates, that was usually it. Maybe it was that I had too high of standards, I don’t know. At least I had my friends.

I first met Jared and Shannon Leto in spring of 2009 through mutual friends. They were hosting a party to celebrate their album ‘This is War’ and their upcoming tour. Through the years, some of those friendships I had back then became distant memories but others, like my friendship with Jared and Shannon, only grew stronger. They are my buddies. My people. And, over the years, through break-ups, work drama and personal struggles, both have been two of the best friends a girl could ask for.

Both would say they know me better than I know myself and that’s probably true. And, I know a thing or two about them too. Jared and Shannon are like opposite sides to the same coin. They’re so incredibly alike in some ways and in others, the exact opposite. Even as brothers, they are definitely unique and truly have a special bond.

Jared can be abrasive and brutally honest and although sometimes that’s hard to deal with, he above all, is the person I go to for advice. Once you make it past that steely exterior and all those walls, you’ll have a friend you could depend on no matter what, for life. Although he very rarely shows it, he can be very loving and sweet. But even with me, even after all these years, his true feelings are usually safely hidden most of the time. He’s my hiking companion and my climbing partner. He’s the one I like to go to art galleries and museums with.. The list goes on.

Where Jared is hard, Shannon is the complete opposite. Shannon is the soft, sensitive, cuddly one. He has always been the person I go to when I’m feeling down. When I need a hug and a shoulder to cry on, he’s always been there. He’s fun and carefree. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stressed and just needed to get away for a few hours. Suddenly he’d show up wherever I was to pick me up. He’d insist on taking me for a ride on his motorcycle “for some air”. When the last thing I need is advice, when all I need to do is vent and maybe get some emotional support, he’s the only man in my life for the job.

I was just about finished at the gallery when I got Jared’s first text.

You’re coming, right?

If coming over didn’t entail a house full of people and was just a little get together with a few friends, that would be one thing. This event tonight though, is a full fledge party and I was just not in the mood.

I don’t think so. I’m draggin’ ass. The opening is next
Raincheck 🙏🏻

For him to take the time to text me when he’s got a house full of thirsty thots, means he’s going to hound the crap out of me…at least if history repeats. Over the last seven years, we’ve been down this road more than once.

Not acceptable. Come over, you need to have some

Yep. Fucking history. If I say no and stick to my guns, I know he’s going to make it his mission to drive me crazy all night. Which, is typical Jared. He doesn’t take no for an answer very well but I’m going to give it another try.

Don’t you have enough thirsty 20 yo models to keep
you busy?? 😎

Almost immediately I got his response.

Come over.

I laughed when I saw his text back.

After all these years as friends and only friends, I’ve been around for many, many of these parties. Normally, I wouldn’t mind, it’s actually very entertaining watching these chicks work so hard for Jared and Shannon’s attention but tonight, after a long week of dealing with people, I have zero desire. It takes effort and patience, which I have neither at the moment, to listen to a bunch of young girls who think because we’re friends that I’ll put in a good word for them. Yeah….NO. That’s happened not even once. Most get an ‘A’ for effort and a serious side eye from me though.

Before I could even text him back, I got a text from Shannon.

Live a little. Commit or I’m coming to pick you up.
Been awhile since you got out. Just stop by.

I hate when they tag team this way. Jared is always the hard sell then he sends Shan in to sweet talk and close the deal. Typical. Sending a group text, I folded. They would be relentless and it would take more to argue all night with them than to just stop by.

Fine. One drink then I’m out.

Shannon just responded with a 'see ya soon’ and left it up to Jared to be a smartass.

Woulda been easier if you just said yes in the first
place ❤️

I rolled my eyes and carried on. Since I was now stuck going to their house instead of mine, I wanted to get outta here. The sooner I got there, the sooner I could leave. I wrapped a few things up and decided to leave the rest for Monday unless I felt like going in tomorrow…but I’m doubtful that’ll happen. I need a weekend to just chill.

Quickly running to the bathroom to freshen up, I looked in the mirror and shook my head. This was definitely not party attire but I wasn’t going to take the time to go all the way home first. This would have to do. After touching up my make-up and fixing my hair a little I was ready to head out the door.

Twenty-five minutes later, I was parked in front of Jared’s house and handing my keys to the valet. I SHOULD have been pulling into my garage but that’s a mute point, I guess.

Walking in, the scene was straight out of a movie. It was wall to wall people and most of them, I didn’t recognize. That was a plus for me though, it would be much easier to slip out with so many distractions.

Looking to my left, I finally saw someone I recognized. Robert. Thank god. He waved as he walked towards me. I love Robert, I really do. He’s a blast to hang around with and I’m grateful to see at least one friendly face.

“I heard you were coming..” Robert said as he gave me a quick hug.

“Well, you know, once they start tag teaming, the fight is over.” I laughed.

“What room is safe to put my coat and purse?” I asked, usually Jared had a coat check but I didn’t see one and I wasn’t leaving my stuff just anywhere.

“Jared’s would be safest.” Robert said.

“Not doing that. Did that once before and interrupted him and whoever. My eyes are still burning.” I said, shaking my head.

I laughed, though I was completely serious. I’d rather not walk in on him and another random bonejangles getting busy. That actually goes for everyone, especially since it’s been quite awhile since I had someone worth slipping between the sheets with.

I decided to keep everything with me until I ran into either Jared or Shannon. That was safest and will make it easier to sneak out if the guys are distracted enough. Walking out onto the patio, I hit the bar for a much needed cocktail.

If I were at home, I’d go for wine but since I’m here, I need a quick relaxer so I opted for Jack Daniels Fire on the rocks. Taking my first sip of cinnamon yummieness, I instantly felt my shoulders relax a tiny bit. Closing my eyes and just taking a deep breath helped too. As I opened them, I saw Jared walking in my direction with a huge smile on his face. He was happy because he got his way and he loved that.

“I’m glad you came.” He said as he pulled me into a hug.

I just rolled my eyes. We ended up chatting a bit then he was called away by whoever for whatever. I still hadn’t seen Shannon but figured Jared would tell him I’m out here when he sees him.

Making my way around the back of the patio, I sat down and propped my feet up on the chair next to me. I came here because I felt I had to so I just wasn’t in the mood to socialize. It’s probably better I’m out here alone. Leaning back in my chair, getting comfortable, I slowly sipped my drink.

“Are you actually sleeping?” I heard Shannon laughed, “It’s a party, get out there.”

“No, but I should be!” I retorted, “I told ya I was tired.”

“Live a little. When was the last time you got laid? That’s what you need. It’ll make you feel better.” Shannon said, “You’ve got too many pent up endorphins running through your body.”

“Well, that’s sage advice, Dr. Leto, thank you.” I said closing my eyes and resting my head back on the back of the chair. I wanted to slap him. It’s so easy for men.

“I mean it.” He reiterated. “Stop being so picky.”

“I’m not a random fuck kinda girl. You know that..” I said. This conversation was making me angry and more depressed. Now I really wanted to leave. “Shouldn’t you get back to your guests?”

Shannon just shook his head and walked away. The party seemed to be moving more inside so it was getting quieter on the patio which was nice. Taking my last sip, I went to the bar for another and decided to just take the bottle with me instead. Probably not the best idea but after that conversation with Shannon, I couldn’t help myself.

I was thankful I had my coat with me, it started to get chilly, though my insides were nice and toasty thanks to two glasses of Fire. Taking another sip, I heard my phone ding in my purse. Pulling it out, I saw it was a text from Jared.

Where are you? 😡

Putting my drink on the table, I texted back. He probably thought I left.

On the patio with Jack.

A split second later he texted back.

Jack who?

I giggled as I took a picture of the bottle of Jack and sent that to him. I waited and waited but he never texted me back. Must have gotten busy. There certainly were plenty of distractions. It was only about ten minutes after I sent that text that I heard footsteps approaching me from behind.

“How many of these have you had?” Jared asked as he picked up my glass, seemingly very concerned.

“I’m on my third, I’m fine. Maybe a little tipsy but that’s it.” I said as Jared sat down next to me and propped his feet up too. “How’s the party going?” I asked.

“Ok, ya know, people come and go.” He said then looked at me directly, “How are you?”

“I’m fine. Tired and stressed but it is what it is. It’ll be better after this opening.” I said taking another sip.

When I was done, Jared took the glass out of my hand and took a sip. This was a rare occasion, he hardly ever drinks.

“Holy shit, Ashley, that fuckin strong.” He coughed and I laughed. Shannon was the whiskey drinker, not Jared.

“Gimme that back before ya hurt yourself.” I giggled as I reached for the glass.

“Watch it.” he said complete with an angry face.

When he handed it back, I took one more sip leaving only a few ice chips at the bottom. Leaning forward to put the glass on the table, I felt all the tension in my shoulder all at once and I grimaced.

“Shoulders tight?” He asked and I nodded.

“That why I wanted to go home and sit in the tub.” I said with a pout.

Standing up, Jared extended his hand for me take. I didn’t know what he was doing but I slipped mine in his anyway.

“Go upstairs and put your bikini on. Let’s hit the hot tub.” Jared suggested.

“Jared, you have a house full of people. We can’t do that. And besides, I didn’t bring my bikini.” I said.

“I can do whatever the fuck I want to do.” Yep, there’s blunt Jared.

“Your bikini is in the bottom drawer in the guest bedroom. You left it there last time you crashed here.” He pulled me away from the chair and urged me to walk towards the house. “Come back down through my bedroom.”

Maybe if I wasn’t already tipsy, I would have said no but I thought, fuck it. So, I walked through the crowd of partygoers and upstairs to the guest bedroom. I didn’t get stopped once since I didn’t see a single familiar face.

After grabbing my bikini, which was exactly where Jared said I would find it, I walked into his bedroom to change. Stripping off my clothes felt like such a relief, it was almost like stripping off some of the stress of work at the same time. Slipping into my bikini, I folded my clothes and put them on the chair next to the bathroom door.

I didn’t feel comfortable walking out in just a bikini, even if it was the back where no one was. I looked around and saw one of Jared’s tee shirts laying on the bed. Pulling my hair into a messy bun, I threw the tee-shirt over my head and walked to the door. I stepped outside then down the stairs to the patio, hoping no one would see me.

This part of the patio was empty and the hot tub looked so inviting, I tossed Jared’s shirt on the chair and stepped into the very, very hot, hot tub. It felt amazing on my tense muscles and I was instantly grateful to Jared for suggesting this. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, finally beginning to feel relaxed. I wasn’t in the tub long before I heard Jared’s footsteps.

“You got started without me?!” He teased, placing two bottles of water next to my head.

“I did, I’m sorry. It was callin’ my name.” I said laughing.

Jared stepped in then sat down opposite to me.

Lifting my head towards him, “This feels so freakin good…..” I said.

“Yes it does..”. He said smiling. “Come here. You’re shoulders are tight, I’ll rub them out.”

“Really?” I excitedly said. “I haven’t had anyone rub my shoulder in ages.”

As I sat up, Jared reached for my arm and pulled me towards him. I giggled when I couldn’t stop my momentum and crashed right into him.

“Whoopsie!” I laughed as turned around and sat between his open legs.

“You’re a mess, Ash.” He laughed back which is partly true. I’m probably the clumsiest person that ever lived.

“Close your eyes and relax.” He said.

As he cupped the hot water in his hands and poured it over my shoulders, there was no way I COULDN’T relax. Like a professional, he rubbed my shoulders, massaging every bit of tension away. After he was done with my shoulders he slid his hands down my back, working my muscles from my neck to the edge of my bikini bottoms.

I was so relaxed and it felt so good to have a man’s hands on my body that I nearly forgot where I was and who these magical hands belonged to. The longer Jared’s hands luxuriously glided over my shoulders and back, the more I didn’t want him to stop.

“My god, this feels so good.” I moaned as I tilted my upper body forward so he could reach my lower back easier.

“Good. You’re too wound up, darlin’.” He said in total concentration.

“Mmmmm, you are so right.” I murmured back.

“Can I be blunt?” He asked.

Turning my head back to look at him, “Aren’t you always?” I said, shooting him a smirk. He chuckled as he rolled his eyes.

I turned my head back around to face forward, still enjoying his hands as he continued to ease my tension.

“When was the last time you had sex?” He asked. I didn’t see that one coming. Especially not from him. He’s actually pickier than people think he is.

“Ha!” I let out a laugh, “Got a calendar handy?”

“If you need a calendar, it’s been too long, ya know.” He said.

“Well, thank you for pointing out the obvious!” I said, clearly irritated as I backed away from him.

Grabbing my arm, he wouldn’t let me get far.

“Stop.” He said.

I was instantly irritated this was being brought up again. First Shannon, now Jared. What the hell. As he pulled me back into his lap, he wrapped his arms around me to prevent any escape attempt. He does know me well.

“How long have we been friends? It has to be like, what, seven, eight years?” He asked.

“Seven.” I responded as he began to massage my shoulders again. Happy Ash.

“And you’ve never…..”.

“Never what?” I asked. I just might be a little too tipsy for this conversation. That or stupid.

“Ya know, thought of us, umm, ya know, ummm, having fun together?” He hinted.

It took me a full minute to process what he was suggesting. If I’m totally honest, of freakin’ course I’ve thought about it. But I’ve never, never, ever really, really thought about it.

Right now though, in this moment, I needed to quickly decide how honest I was willing to be. I was close to both of them and always worried that if anything ever happened between myself and either of them, I would need to be willing to risk both friendships. That’s probably one of the main reasons it’s been so easy to have a platonic relationship with them. I didn’t want the risk, they meant too much to me. On the other hand, I NEVER thought Jared and I would be having this conversation.

“Maybe.” Maybe is a more safe answer than, 'duh, of course’ so I went with it.

Quickly flipping me around so I faced him, the water making that easy, he pulled me tightly against his body. As he held me against him, I could feel his hard cock pressing between my open thighs. I braced myself, holding the tops of his arms in my hands.

“I have.” He said as his dark blue eyes burned into mine, “For along time.”

I didn’t know what to say. This was beyond my comprehension at the moment. I couldn’t think. I could feel my face burning and my limbs going numb. This was the moment of truth.

And….. I stumbled all over myself trying to come up with something to say.

Instead of talking or waiting for me to come up with something, he slid his hands down to cradle my hips. He made sure our eyes were connected as he pulled my body against his, then, as if to tease me, he thrusted his cock against my pussy.

Oh. My. God.

I quivered in his arms as he sent shockwaves of pleasure through my entire body. Throwing my head back I couldn’t stop the loud moan that fell from my lips. My god, this made me realize just how long it’s been since I was pleasured in even the smallest way by a man. Nothing beats the real thing.

Just as I opened my mouth to say something, he repeated the same action. And, I had the same reaction, only this time so did he. It turned me on to see his head thrown back and that barely audible moan that he couldn’t help either.

My arms went around his shoulders and I held him to me. Bending slightly forward his lips captured mine as his hands slipped into my bottoms to kneed my ass. His tongue aggressively slid into my mouth, kissing me with more passion than I had ever experienced. I was totally powerless and completely unaware of my surrounding. That is, until I felt another set of hands glide over my shoulders then down my back all the while leaving kisses on my shoulder.

As soon as it registered in my brain there was another person in here with us, I nearly jumped out of my skin. My eyes flew open and I was shocked when I saw who was behind me.


“Shhh, Shhh…Ash, it’s okay. It’s just Shannon.” He said calmly, pulling me tightly to him.

Jared held me against him trying to comfort me while Shannon moved closer behind me, bracketing my body between them.

Shannon didn’t say a word, he massaged my back and continued to leave open mouth kisses from the back of my neck all the way to my ear. Jared, who I was facing, could see every question that filtered across my face while I tried to understand what was happening.

“We both want you and neither of us was willing to give you up for the other.” He said as he bent forward to pepper kisses across down my neck opposite of Shannon.

Closing my eyes, I was struggling, both my mind and body. This was too much to process at one time. I was consumed with four hands roaming across my body and two mouthes leaving kisses on my skin. The longer they both touched me, the less I questioned our actions.

I was lost and as my bikini top fell away, I didn’t even flinch.

Jared rocked his hips against my pussy as his mouth latched onto my neck causing another deep moan. Shannon, who was kneeling behind me, reached around to take my breast in one hand and my hip in the other. Lifting my arm off Jared’s, I wove my fingers into Shannon’s hair as I tilted my head back to rest on his shoulder.

“Ash….”. He whispered against my lips before his soft lips captured mine in a scorching kiss.

Slipping his tongue into my mouth, his kiss was so different from Jared’s. Just as in many things, where Jared is hard and passionate, Shannon is slow and sexy. As Shannon and I kissed, I slid my palm up Jared’s arm to tangle my fingers in his hair. I could feel Shannon’s hard cock as he pressed it against my ass. In the heat of more passion than I had ever experienced, couldn’t get enough.

Breaking the kiss, I lifted my head from Shannon’s shoulder. My eyes wandered back to Jared and as I caught his gaze, he cupped my cheek, pulling my lips to his again. While I kissed Jared, I could feel Shannon move slightly back.

“Ash, are you okay with this?” Jared asked, “I need you to tell me you’re okay.”

“I am, I’m good.” I breathlessly responded.

As soon as the words left my lips, I felt Shannon’s powerful hands pulled my legs back so that now, I was kneeling in front of Jared instead of on his lap.

“Good…”. Jared murmured softly as Shannon slid his hands down my sides, pushing my bikini bottoms down as he went.

“We’ll take good care of you, sweetheart.” Shannon said as he kissed up my spine.

Once my bottoms were around my knees, Jared sat up a little straighter and Shannon moved a little further back. I watched as he reached down to untie his swim trunks then pull them open. Even with the bubbles from the jets, I could see the wide mushroomed tip of his cock under the water.

Moving to the edge of his seat then sinking to his knees facing me Jared said, “Stand up and turn around to face Shannon, Ash.”

Without any concern that there was still a party going on and we could be caught at any time, with Jared’s hand to steady me, for the first time, I stood naked in front of Jared. His mouth slightly dropped open, I surprised even myself. Before I turned to face Shannon, with my free hand, I trailed my fingers low across my belly then through my folds to circle my clit. Catching me before I could turn, he leaned forward and taking my hips in his hands, he pulled my pussy to his parted lips. My fingers tangled in his hair as he slipped his tongue through my folds, then nipping at my bud. As fast as he started though, he stopped.

Pulling my hands away from his hair, he motioning for me to turn around.

Where all that boldness came from, I have no idea. This was such an erotic, out of body experience, I was going off pure lust and desire.

Shannon was on his knees in front of me. He had already untied his swim trunks and had his hand wrapped tightly around his rock solid cock, slowly stroking himself.

“Kneel in front of Shannon.” Jared instructed.

I sank to my knees and into his strong arms. My arms naturally wrapped around his lower body, just under his arms, as I straddled his waist. I held myself against him as soft kisses got deeper and more filled with need.

Jared moved in close behind me, his hands wrapped around my waist. One drifted lower, using his finger to circle my clit. The other, captured my breast. Where Shannon was more careful, maybe more delicate, Jared was the opposite. He palmed my breasts hard then pinched my nipple as he pushed his barely covered cock against my ass. I moaned into Shannon’s mouth. The ultimate pleasure truly being both hard and soft.

As Shannon and I kissed, he pulled me higher onto his hips so that my nipples were just barely out of the water. His lips traveled down my throat, then my chest until he was able to capture one gently between his lips. Arching my back so that he could take more, I felt Jared pull my hand from my side.

Taking mine in his, he brought my open palm against his steely cock. My fingers curled around him and as I tilted my face towards his, feeling his fingers slide along my ass to circle my puckered hole before he continued to push them into my tight pussy.

“I can’t wait to be inside you, Ash.” Jared whispered in my ear.

I gasped at the intrusion but as he continued to explore me, I explored him. I felt every vein and every ridge as he thrusted his cock into my hand. I felt Shannon reach for my other one hand wanting the same attention. Opening his trunks a little wider, he guided my hand to his cock.

I tightly wrapped my hand around his ridged cock as he pulled me into him. He was thrusting into my hand and if I moved just slightly closer, I could have lined him up with my entrance. I was feeling desperate to be filled.

“It’s time to take this upstairs.” Jared said against my lips.

He stood first and helped me to stand so that Shannon could get up. Jared held my hand tightly and as soon as we walked up the steps and out of the tub, Shannon wrapped me in a towel.

Shannon took over from there, holding my hand as we walked up the back stairs and into Jared’s bedroom. Jared immediately walked to the door and locked it while Shannon loosened the towel that was around me.

“Take some water, sweetheart.” Shannon said as he handed me his opened bottle.

I definitely needed water and as I began to feel too hot, I loosened my towel. A few minutes later, it was on the floor. I laid back onto the bed and took a few deep breaths. Jared laid next to me as Shannon walked into the bathroom.

“Are we still good, Ash?” Jared cupped my cheek in his palm, turning my eyes to his.

“I’ve never done this before.” I said, I needed to be honest. I know I’m in over my head.

“We’ll go slow. If you’re ever uncomfortable, just say so and we’ll stop.” Jared said, kissing my lips.

“I will.” I said.

Jared smiled then whispered, “Lay across the bed, just relax.”

Skootching myself back, I laid down width wise. Jared walked around to the other side of the bed, near where my head was laying. I had to bend my head back to see what he was doing.

Opening the drawer to his nightstand, he pulled out a tube of lube and a few condoms. Once he was done, he shut the drawer and dimmed the light. Pulling the string on his swim trunks, they easily slid down his hips to the floor. As he came closer, he took my chin between his thumb and index finger.

“Suck me, Ash.”

I licked my lips, then tilted my head over the edge of the bed, opening my mouth. Using one hand to brace himself on the bed at my hip, he used the other to wrap around his length. Guiding his cock between my lips, his taste exploded on my tongue. Pushing in but not to the back of my throat showed restraint that I appreciated. He let me set how deep he was going to go and that helped.

Taking my breast into his palm, kneeding my soft skin, Jared slowly fucked my mouth. I could feel my pussy clenching and just as I was about to slide my own fingers between my folds, I felt lips peppering kisses up my thighs.

“Open your legs for Shannon, darlin’, let him taste you.” Jared said.

Doing as I was told, I spread my legs wide and immediately felt Shannon’s soft tongue slip through my folds then into my aching hole. I moaned around Jared’s length and he started to thrust a little deeper.

Moving his hand from my breast to my face, Jared used his thumb to trace my lips. “You suck so good, sweetheart.” Jared said, urging me on.

I was surprised by that since my mind was reveling in the magic of Shannon’s tongue.

Using his thumbs, Shannon pulled my folds open, exposing my sensitive nub. With one wide lick from my aching hole to my clit, I almost came. Pulling back slightly, he sank his tongue deeply into my body as his thumb circled my bare clit. Within seconds, my body exploded, I could feel my walls spasming around his tongue.

As Jared watch from above, when my body began to tense, so did his. I could taste a rush of pre-cum which only made me suck him harder. I thought for sure, as I came, he would too but he didn’t. Instead, he quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I rode out my orgasm and as my body relaxed, I felt Shannon slowly trailing kisses up my belly. Jared backed away as Shannon laid his body on top of mine. I pulled him to me, winding my fingers in his hair as I pulled his wet lips to mine. Nudging my legs apart, I could feel his cock, burning hot against the outer lips of my pussy.

We only had a minute or two enjoying each other like that, sooner than I wanted, he was lifting himself off me. Shannon took a step away from the bed, taking a condom off the table.

I sat up and took a drink of water from the bottle Jared held out to me. Standing in front of me, his hard cock was right in front of my mouth and dripping with pre-cum. Leaning forward, I used the tip of my tongue to guide him back between my lips. Just sucking in the head of his cock, I used the tip of my tongue to play with his slit. Sliding it back and forth, knowing it’s a sensitive spot for a man, quickly had him grabbing a fist full of hair.

Jared pulled from my mouth as Shannon walked back to the bed. After tossing the lube to Jared, Shannon skootched to the center of the bed. Anticipation was flowing through my veins and I could feel the walls of my pussy quivering as I waited for Jared to slide into me.

“I want you to get on your hands and knees, Ash. Face Shan.” Jared said, moving to stand at the foot of the bed.

Turning myself around, I kneeled onto the edge of the bed, between Shannon’s spread legs, just like Jared asked. Crawling up the bed so I was closer, I dipped my head down to swipe my tongue across the head of Shannon’s cock. His eyes were glued to my mouth and as I took his head between my lips, sliding slowly down his shaft, he pushed his head into the pillows.

“Damn, Ash.” Shannon murmured.

Jared was behind me and once I started to suck Shannon, I felt him pull my cheeks apart. Blowing his cool breath against my hot, wet pussy caused chills to break out across my skin.

Using the tip of his tongue, he began to circle my puckered hole then slowly licked his way all the way to my clit. Pulling back, I felt a cool tingle as Jared smoothed the lube around my virgin hole.

“I need you to relax your body, okay, Ash.” Jared said as I felt his fingers penetrate my tight hole.

I was so distracted with Shannon, pleasuring him, that I barely noticed what Jared was doing.

“This is going to numb you up a little. It’ll help ease any discomfort.” Jared said as he slipped one finger into my ass.

Using his fingers to loosen my muscles, once he thought I was good, Jared pulled away. Taking one of the condoms off the bed, ripping it open, he rolled it onto his shaft. Holding my cheeks open again, I felt pressure as Jared slowly pushed the tip of his cock into my tight, puckered hole. I winced around Shannon’s cock and I felt Jared pull back slightly, adding more lube. Giving it a few seconds, he began again.

Once he was completely in, he let out a moan, nodding his head to Shannon who began to pick up the pace. Grabbing fistful of hair, Shannon began to fuck my mouth while Jared fucked my ass.

It was incredible.

Both of them started to slow down then gradually stop. Lifting my head up, Shannons cock slipped from my mouth. He sat up and smiled, using his fingers to wipe the spit off my chin.

“I’m going to pull out, try to stay relaxed, as best as you can. You’re nice and open, baby.” Jared said.

After Jared pulled out, he rolled the condom off and tossed it onto the floor. I sat back on my knees while Shannon rolled off the bed and Jared took his place.

Holding his hand out for me, as soon as my hand was in his he pulled me into his lap.

“Still doing okay, baby?” Jared asked and I nodded in response. “Good..” he said, pulling my lips to his, his hands caressing my skin. “Straddle my lap.”

Jared held his cock while moved over him to straddle his lap. Once in position, with his cock at my entrance, I carefully guided him into my body, filling me completely.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” I moaned into his mouth.

Once my body adjusted, I started to ride him. I had never felt so full, each time he thrusted into me, I felt my walls stretching tightly around him. Feeling the bed dip, I turned to see Shannon kneeling behind me, his cock already sheathed and glossy from the lube.

“Look at me, Ash.” Jared said, using his hands to spread my cheeks, “Lean forward and relax. It’s going to be a lot of pressure at first but I promise it’s going to feel amazing.”

Leaning forward, with Jared’s cock still deep inside my pussy, I felt the cool sensation of the lube as it touched my skin. Using his fingers, Shannon began to dip into my hole, coating my insides with more of the slick liquid.

“You ready to try?” Shannon asked, kissing my shoulder.

Words seemed to have escaped me again so I nodded.

“Kiss me, Ash.” Jared said, letting go of my ass as soon as Shannon lined his tip up with my hole.

Wrapping his arms around me, Jared pulled me into a deep passionate kiss as Shannon began to slowly push into me. I held my breath against the discomfort, trying to distract myself. Once he was fully in, he let out a growl as he gripped my hips in his hands.

I almost couldn’t believe it. I thought I was going to burst at the seams.

“You’re doing so good, baby.” Jared cooed against my ear.

With a nod to Shannon, both slowly began to pull slightly out then push back in. Letting my body adjust, they continued, then gradually sped up the pace. Being so full, the sensation of them both fucking me, I knew I wouldn’t last long. When I felt Jared’s mouth close around my nipple, I couldn’t stop myself from tumbling over the edge.

I came hard. Harder than I ever have in my entire life. My orgasm ripped through me and as my walls contracted Shannon followed me.

“Grrrruuuuhhhhh…Jesus Christ..” Shannon groaned, thrusting into my ass a few more times.

It was so tight I could actually feel Shannon pulsing inside my body. Jared slowed enough to allow Shannon to ease his sensitive cock out of me. Once he was free, he made his way to the bathroom, leaving Jared and I alone.

“Kiss me.” I whispered against his lips as I slowly moved my pussy over his ridged cock.

Lifting his lips to mine, he softly kissed me, gently caressing his tongue against mine, only pulling back when we heard the bathroom door open. Shannon, already dressed, kneeled onto the bed.

“Imma go back downstairs and see what’s going on, okay? Leave you guys alone.” Shannon said as he leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. “We good, Ash?”

I smiled, “Yep, we’re good, Shan.” I said, never taking my eyes off Jared.

Once the door was closed, Jared smiled, his hands at my waist as he slowly started to rock his cock deeper into my pussy.

“You didn’t cum, did you?” I asked, caressing his cheek.

“No, I wanted you to myself for that.” He said, gently rolling us over so that I was under him.

Instead of hard and fast, he was gentle and slow as he rolled his hips, pushing deeper into me. I hooked my ankles around his calves, gradually sliding them higher as I tried to spread my legs wider wanted to take as much of him into me as I could. With each thrust, I could feel the tip of his cock against my g-spot. My arms were wrapped around his back, my hands spread wide, wanting to feel every inch of him on every inch of me. I couldn’t get close enough to him.

“Jared, cum with me.” I whispered, my pussy already tightening around him.

“Mmmmm, yeahhhh..” Jared said with a soft moan as his cock exploded against the wall of my cervix.

Even with everything I experienced tonight, as Jared and I rode out our organism together, I realized, THIS was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

As our bodies slowly recovered, I savored these last few minute we had together like this, cuddled in each other’s warm embrace. Kissing Jared’s shoulder, I made my way up his neck to nuzzle my nose against his skin. Lifting his forehead from the pillow, he smiled down at me. I cradled his cheek in my palm, having so much I wanted to say, so many questions to ask but not feeling ready.

“Come on, baby, let’s take a shower.” Jared said kissing my lips one more time before easing gently out of my body.

I was quiet as he stood up then held his hand out to me. “Shower then bed. I’m old and exhausted.” He laughed wanting to lighten the mood.

“I should probably be heading home…” I said, suddenly feel unsure about everything and needing to escape.

Quickly turning around, Jared grabbed my hand, pulling me into his arms, “No running, Ash.” He said, resting his forehead against mine, “I want you to stay.”

Derek Hale- Dates and parties

Originally posted by teenwolfmen

Request:”can u do a Derek hale imagine where the reader gave the pack permission to throw a party but Derek didn’t know and they came home from date night and he’s pissed”

Warning: a little NSFW at the end but not smut.

Your name: submit What is this?

“So can we do this?” Stiles asked me cheerfully, for the fifth time.

“Yeah.  We will be on a date anyway. You can do whatever you want.” I said reading a magazine.

“Y/N? Have you even listen to what Stiles was saying?” Scott asked.

“Of course. Something with a party tomorrow. You have my permisson. Now let me read this article.” I said and gestured them to leave me alone.

“I told you it was better to ask her, than Derek.” I heard Stiles saying to Scott as they left the loft. I shook my head in amusement and threw the magazine on the table.

The next day.

“What do you think I should order?” Derek asked me, looking at the menu.

“Deer.” I said.

He looked up at me, a little small curling on his lips. “Will you ever stop with his jokes.”

“Will you ever stop being a werewolf?” I raised a brow, making him laugh.

“Then, my friend, you will always give me material to make jokes.” I concluded.

“Can I take your order.” The waiter came to our table.

“A big pizza?” Derek asked me.

“Yes. And a little one for me.” I laughed. Derek narrowed his eyes at me and shook his head disapproving.

“Just kidding. One big pizza for both of us.” I said.

“You must really love her, man. I wouldn’t resist to such bad jokes.“ The waiter said.

“Did somebody ask you? My jokes are awesome and he loves them.” I said.

“Yeah sure.” The man said and left.

“Didn’t I learn you anything? You never annoy the one who serves us food.” Derek said.

“He talked bad about your girlfriend and you didn’t do anything.” I said.

“What did you want me to do? Make a joke?” Derek said and I laughed.

After 5 minutes.

“I’m hungryyyy. Where is the food?” I whined.

“Five minutes, honey. It passed only five minueltes.” Derek said.

“I love you, Der.” I said.

“No ,Y/N. I won’t go to the kitchen to tell them to hurry up.” Derek said.

“You are a werewolf Derek. You are the predator and that pizza is the prey. Go and take it; claim what is yours.” I said.

“People are looking at you as if you are crazy.” Derek said glancing around the room.

“Crazy about you.” I winked.

He took my hand that was resting on the table and kissed it. The waiter put the napkins in front of us and I told him. “If the pizza isn’t ready in twenty minutes I will go and buy something from kfc.” Derek laughed.

“I’m sorry for you.” He said and patted Derek on the shoulder.

“What?” I raised my arms.

Meanwhile at the loft.

It was dark but in the whole building, lights in different colors were playing on the walls. The music was blasting through the boxes and in one corner was put the DJ’s place. Everyone was having a great time. They were dancing and drinking.

“So are you sure Derek is fine with it?” Isaac asked Scott and Stiles.

“We asked Y/N and she said we can do this.” Scott said.

“Have you told her how many persons are going to be here?” Isaac asked.

“I forgot to mention that.” Stiles said.

“They are going to be late anyway. We will clean everything up before they arrive.

At the restaurant.

“Five more minutes” I announced.

“Remember me why am I dating you?” Derek asked.

“And the winner is Y/N.” I cheered seeing the pizza coming. “I said I don’t want olives on it.” I said. Both Derek and the waiter groaned. “It was a joke.” I lauged and bite a slice. “It’s delicious.” I shouted to the waiter and when he turned around I showed him my thumb up.

I grabbed the souce and drawed a smiley face on one of the slice. “This is you.” I turned the plate so he could see it. He shook his head.

“You are such a child sometimes.” He laughed.

“I can be serious. I just choose not to be like that all the time. Life it’s easier when you laugh.” I said in a serious tone.

“I know. My life it’s much more easier since you are in it.” He said I leaned in and kissed him. He looked closer to my face and smile.

“You have something.” He said and gestured to he upper lip. “Let me.” He wiped the stain with his thumb, making me blush.

“You are my otp. Everyone from the staff ships you.” The waiter said, while taking the plates.

“Otp?” Derek asked me.

“One true pairing. Aren’t you reading fanfiction?” I laughed.

We paid and I left an extra tip for the guy that served us. We were walking in a park, Derek’s hand around my shoulder. It was a beautiful and warm summer night. The lamps lighted the alleys perfectly. The silence was broken only by the crickets song. Everything looked like a fairytale scenery. We didn’t talk. We were enjoying each other’s presence. From time to time Derek would kiss the top of my head.

“I love you so much” I said nuzzling his chest.

We stood on a bench. I laid down. My legs rested on the opposite part of the bench and my head was on Derek’s thights. He was slowly playing with my hair. I laughed at a little memory that came into my mind.

“What?” Derek asked softly.

“That waiter was one of my childhood friends. One time we went to a restaurant and the food was late so he got up and brough something to eat from a fastfood. That’s why I annoyed him today.” I confessed.

“I knew that here was something going on. You are always patient and you never make fun of the waiters.” He laugh.

“Look at the stars. They are so beautiful.” I said.

“Not as beautiful as you.” He said and leaned down to kiss my nose. I laughed.

“We should go home.” Derek said.

When we arrived at the loft we heard loud music coming out of it. He looked at me and I looked at him.

“Stiles.” He huffed and rushed to the entering.

“Derek!” I shouted and ran after him.

I hoped I will get in time to stop him. Inside was a chaos. Loud music, neon lights, people dancing all around us. I grabbed Derek’s arm so I won’t lose him in the crowd. We saw Stiles and Scott.

“Run!” Stiles said to Scott.

But Derek was already next to him. “A party!? Really?!” He shouted at the two teenagers.

“She let us do it!” Stiles pointed at me.

“Yes. Because I thought it would be just the pack , not the whole school! ” I deffended myself.

“What are you going to do, Derek?” Scott asked.

“Kick everyone out.” He wanted to go to the DJ, but I pulled him to me.

“Let’s dance.” I said.

“I don’t like to dance.” He said.

“Come one, Derek. Don’t stop the party. Let them have fun for a night. We could do the same.” I said seductively.

“If the loft isn’t clean tomorrow morning, I will use Stiles as a mop.” Derek said.

“I’m sure everything will be fine. Let’s go to my place.” I grabbed his hand and dragged him outside.

We went to my house. As soon as we got inside, Derek pinned me against the door, his lips on my neck.

“I hope you are in for a long night.” He breathed against my neck.

“You can bet.” I said lifting his shirt and throwing it somewhere in the room. “I wanted it from the moment you picked me up to go at the restaurant.”

“Then your wish is about to come true. Though you were a bad girl for not telling me about the party. Don’t expect me to take you easy.” He said kissing my jaw.

He grabbed my thights and raised me. He entered my room and dropped me on the bed. I wanted to do something so I pushed him off me and I got up. He stood on the edge of my bed and looked curiously at me. I smirked and I started to unbutton my shirt slowly. His eyes were already dark with lust. I let my shirt open and let him take a look at my bra. I kissed him and pressed my chest onto his, making him groan. When he put his hands on my back and tried to keep me close to him, I pulled away.

“Tease.” He growled.

“Just like you.” I gave him a sweet smile. I bent to unlace my shoes.

“You didn’t get my joke with the pizza do you?” I asked throwing the shoes. He shook his head.

“It has to do with werewolves. You have the big pizza because you are the big bad wolf and I’m the little red.” I winked.

“Then come here, little. Let the big wolf take care of you.” He said. I straddled his hips and he kissed me.

literal emails twink!cas would have to write to one of his college classmates

“hey, my boyfriend came back from a business trip and i’m probably not going to be leaving the house for the next day or so, will you take notes and tell the professor i have food poisoning if she asks? thank you.”

“will you take some notes for me in the morning? my boyfriend is probably going to have me on forced bed rest after we’re finished tonight. he’ll probably let me out for the afternoon, though, but i’m playing that by ear. thanks.”

“if anyone asks why i have so much rope burn i’m going to tell them it’s from helping my cousin with his boyscouts stuff this past weekend, and i need you to back me up on that. i’ll buy you lunch for the next two days so you don’t have to use your meal plan.”

“did the professor say we could email the essay in, or did we have to walk in a hard copy? i may need you to come by my place and pick mine up. my boyfriend has big date plans for tomorrow. thank you.”

“my boyfriend is on a business trip, i need out of the house, do you know of any parties? even dry parties. i really don’t care. thank you.”

“thank you for telling me my panties were showing over the waistband of my jeans in class this afternoon.”

My Best Friends Brother (Harry Styles) Part 2

Part 1 

Skye’s POV

I pulled on my skinny jeans and a tight black shirt, that hugged my curves perfectly and sat down on my bed to put on my high top Converse.

I could hear Harry and his three friends in the living rooming laughing at something Harry had said. I rolled my eyes and stood in front of the mirror making sure I looked ok.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway I turned around to see Harry standing in my doorway way, leaning against the doorframe. He had on his tight black skinny jeans, a pair of Converse, and a plain white t shirt. His dark hair fell around his face, making his green eyes stand out.

“Are you ready yet, princess?” he asked.

“Fuck off,” I told him and walked past him making sure to shove my shoulder into his as I walked past.

Walking into the kitchen, I picked up the bottle of vodka and poured a shot. The clear liquid burned my throat as I gagged on the after taste, quickly pouring myself a mix of Coke and vodka to get rid of it.  

By now people had started to arrive, to officially welcome Harry back. It had been his idea to throw a party in the first place. I was totally against the idea because I knew that I would be stuck cleaning up the house tomorrow. Although he had promised to help, I had a feeling that he wouldn’t.

Walking into the living room, I saw a game of beer pong was in full swing on my living room table. Harry threw the ball and it landed in the red cup effortlessly. Louis picked the cup up and drank from it and slammed it back down on the table. He threw the ball and it missed, flying over Harry’s shoulder.

Harry threw his arms up, winning the game. His white t shirt lifted up slightly exposing his toned abs and tattoos on his hips. I moved my eyes up his body and he locked his eyes with mine, smirking, knowing I was checking him out.

“Whose next?” he called, keeping his eyes locked with mine.

“I’ll go,” I said as I walked to the edge of the table.

I set my drink down and watched as Niall filled up the red cups with beer while Liam filled up Harry’s cup. He gestured for me to go first and I carefully aimed the ball at the very first cup. I threw the ball into the air and watched as it landed in the cup, earning a small gasp from the crowd.

“Lucky shot,” Harry called and downed the beer.

A few rounds later and neither of us had missed. The entire party was now gathered in the living room as Harry and I battled it out. It was down to the last cup and it was my turn. There was no way I could miss. That would give Harry bragging rights and who knows how long those would go on for.

Holding the ping pong ball in my hand I took careful aim as I tossed the ball into the air. The room was dead silent as the small ball traveled through the air and landed perfectly in the last cup. Harry’s jaw dropped as his green eyes stared at me.

“Are you serious?” he slurred.

The entire room broke into applause and I took a bow and smirked at Harry. He scowled as he picked up the cup and drank from it. The crowd started to thin out as people went back to their previous activities.

The rest of the night flew by as I took various shots only deciding to stop when I could barely stand anymore. Harry and I kept our distance from each other which was probably a good thing. I could tell he was still mad at me for beating him at beer pong and showing him up in front of all of his friends.

It was almost 3am and most people had left. There were still a few stragglers that were laying passed out on the floor or couch and I made my way back to my room. I hadn’t seen Harry for a while and when I passed by his room I heard a girl giggling. A feeling of jealousy passed through me as I closed my bedroom door.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off my shoes before taking off my jeans and shirt. I threw them in a corner and crawled under the covers, quickly passing out.

A knock on the door woke me up and I saw Harry poke his head into my room.

“Skye?” he whispered.

“Ugh. What Harry?” I asked, annoyed that he had woken me up.

“Can I sleep in here? Louis is my room with some girl,” he slurred.

I let out a sigh. “Yeah.”

He opened the door slightly and walked over to my bed. The bed dipped down as he sat at the edge trying to untie his shoes. His fingers pulled slowly at the stings as they came unlaced. He smiled to himself as he placed them on the floor.

“Harry, are you still drunk?” I questioned and he nodded his head. “Have you had any water yet?” and this time he shook his head.

I sat up and pulled the covers back and walked over to my closet. It was then that I realized that I was only wearing my bra and underwear. In my semi drunk state I hadn’t felt like putting my pajama’s on and I heard Harry suck in his breath. I could feel his eyes traveling over my body but I did my best to ignore it. He wouldn’t remember this in the morning, right?

I kept a pack of water bottles in my room because drunk me always hated walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water. It seemed like the sensible thing to do.

Harry laughed as I emerged from the closet holding the bottle of water and two Advils that I had taken from my purse. “Why do you keep water in your closet?”

I shrugged. He took the them from me and took a few sips before handing it back. I placed the water on the nightstand next to him and sat down. His fingers fumbled with his jeans button before letting out a sigh in defeat.

“Can you help me?” he asked.

Hesitating, I nodded and he stood up in front of me. His crotch was right in my face and I could feel my cheeks burning bright red. If he noticed he didn’t say anything. I reached up and quickly unbuttoned it and he slid them down his legs, revealing a black pair of boxer briefs. He pulled his t shirt over his head, exposing the many tattoos on his stomach.

I crawled over to my side and he pulled the covers up so that I could slide under them. The bed shook as he tossed and turned before finally finding a comfortable position. I turned around and came face to face with him.

He smiled. “Can’t get comfortable.”  

We laid silent for a few minutes before Harry said,“Can I tell you a secret?”

Intrigued, I answered, “Sure.”

“I like you,” he said.

I laughed, surprised at what he had just said. “Skye, I’m serious. I really, really, REALLY like you. I looooove you!”

“You love me?” I asked confused and he eagerly nodded.

“You’re sooo pretty and even though you’re mean to me, I know you’re a nice person.”

“Harry, you’ve been back for like two weeks. How can you already like me?”

“I’ve liked you since third grade. Remember when I fell off my bike and you came running over to make sure I was alright? That was the moment I knew I was gonna marry you.”

“Marry me?’

“Mhmm. Just you wait and see.”

I proped myself up on my elbow and stared down at him. He gazed up at me, his green eyes sparkling.

“Are you going to remember any of this in the morning?” I questioned and he shook his head.  

I laid back down and his hand grabbed mine. Our fingers intertwined and I smiled. I did secretly have feelings for him although I hadn’t told anyone. There was no way I could tell Alaska because he was her younger brother and she always said it would be weird if I dated Harry. However, I had a feeling Niall knew about Harry’s feelings.


Harry’s POV

The sun streaming through the windows woke me up and I came face to face with Skye. She was still sound asleep so I did my best not wake her up as I climbed out of the bed. The room spun and my stomach churned. I spotted my clothes on the ground and hurriedly pulled them on, picked up my shoes, and left her room.

Louis was in the living room with some girl and they looked up as I entered.

“Thanks for letting us use your room last night,” Louis said.

I nodded my head, confused. I didn’t remember agreeing to letting him using my room. Hell, I didn’t remember anything after the beer pong game with Skye. Everything was a blur. I vaguely remember talking to Skye in her bed but I don’t remember what I said. Hopefully, she won’t remember either. It had seemed like she had drunk a lot also.

“Did anything happen last night that I need to know about?” I asked Louis.

He thought for a minute. “Not that I can think of…except that you got your ass kicked by a girl!” he said, laughing.

I shook my head, annoyed. I knew Skye would not let me live that down and that was bad enough but I did not need to hear it from Louis as well.

“Oh and I think you told Skye that you like her,” Louis said.

“W-What?” There was no way that Skye could know. The only person I had told was Niall and he had sworn not to tell anyone.

“Dude, I’m joking!”

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding and heard a pair of soft footsteps entering the room. Skye sat down next to me, wearing super short gym shorts and a band t shirt that looked an awful lot like one of mine. Her dark hair was done in a messy bun on her head and her make up was smeared around her eyes. She looked beautiful.

She smiled at me as she sat down on the couch, mere inches away from me. My heart raced and I was surprised no one else in the room could hear it.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“Awful,” I replied.

“Did you take a shower?” she questioned. “That helps me.”

I shook my head and she stood up. She reached her hand out in front of me and I placed mine in it. She lead the way back to her bathroom and turned on the water. When the temperature was to her liking she motioned for me to get in.

“Are you gonna leave?” I asked and she shook her head.

“I’m gonna join you. Keep your clothes on.”

The shower was small square and I sat down leaning against the wall, letting the water hit my skin. She sat down next to and I watched as her make up dripped down her face. She quickly wiped it away before looking at me and smiling.

“Do you remember me beating you in beer pong?” She laughed.

I scowled. “Shut up. That’s not funny. I should have won!”

“Don’t worry we can always have a rematch,” she teased and I shook my head.

“I’d rather not. If I got beat again it wouldn’t look very good.”

She nodded her head and remained silent. There was something different between the two of us and I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Something had happened last night and I intended to find out.

“How much do you remember from last night?” I asked.

She hesitated. “Everything.”

drunk // j.g. part 1

“Come on Y/N please come to this party with me!” my best friend begged me. “I get it that you’re sad and all but think about it! We can just get drunk off our asses and you can forget about him” she begged. 

“Alright alright let me get ready” I agreed. I hopped in the shower and as I started to wash my body, my thoughts couldn’t help but wander to my ex. We were dating for 7 months before he broke it off with me. The more I thought about him, the sicker I felt. I later found out, that he had been screwing some other girl for the last 2 months of our “relationship”. What a piece of shit. I turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around my body. God, I could use some alcohol. I decided that this was the first time since the breakup that I was going out. I quickly blow-dried my hair and left it a curly mess. I applied some eyeliner, mascara, and some tinted lip-gloss before I got dressed.

“HEY Y/F/N WHAT SHOULD I WEAR” I yelled down the hall. 

“JUST WEAR SOMETHING CUTE BUT ALSO SLUTTY” she yelled back while laughing.

I sighed as I opened my closet to see what I could wear. I decided to wear some booty shorts that my ass peeked out of. I paired it with a loose Nirvana crop top and my solid white vans. I looked myself up and down in the mirror and I have to admit. I looked fucking good. 

“Hey Y/N are you ready?” Y/F/N asked as she poked her head through my door. I nodded my head and started making my way to the kitchen. I grabbed 2 bottles of water so that we could try and minimize our hangovers  that we’d surely have tomorrow morning. I grabbed my keys and hopped into my car. “Who’s house are we going to anyways?” I asked her. She simply replied “Sammy’s having a party at his place tonight. So we can check it out.” I bit my lip and nodded my head as I started up the car. As I was driving to his house, I couldn’t help but wander if my ex was gonna be there. I realized that he’s out of my life and I shouldn’t care about him anymore. I was gonna have the night of my fucking life. As we turned onto Sammy’s street I noticed that there were cars everywhere. I parked my car and we made our way into his house. As we walked in, I could feel the bass of the music in my chest, it smelled like weed and booze. I looked around to notice that Y/F/N had disappeared on me. Great. I made my through the throngs of people and looked for the kitchen. When I got there, I noticed tree were tons of bottles on the counter. I grabbed the tequila and Mountain Dew and poured it into my cup. As I took a sip I felt the tequila’s slow burn as it descended down my throat. Fuck it felt so nice. I mingled and talked with a few people before sitting down on the couch. I was on my 2nd drink and I was feeling pretty buzzed. I heard someone clearing their throat next to me. I turned around and gasped at who was sitting next to me. 

“GILINSKY?? HOLY SHIT IS THAT REALLY FUCKING YOU??” I screamed as I launched myself into his arms. He laughed and spun me around. Gilinsky has been my best friend since 3rd grade and we were kind of a thing 2 years ago. But unfortunately, he had became really popular on the internet, went on tour, moved to LA. A whole bunch of crazy shit that people dreamed about doing. He was finally back! “Woah there Y/N you good?” He asked, smiling as he put me down. I noticed how his half-hooded eyelids and realized he was probably high as fuck. Same old Gilinsky. “Holy shit Gilinsky you’re back! Come upstairs with me! Tell me everything new!” I dragged him by his arm upstairs into Sammy’s room. We were both pretty fucked up and stumbled onto Sammy’s bed. We talked for what seemed like hours about LA, his music and everything new in his life. “You know Y/N.. I really fucking missed you.” He mumbled. He looked at me through his hooded and bloodshot eyes and slowly leaned in. With the tequila pumping in my vains, and before I realized what I was doing. I leaned in too. As soon as our lips touched, I felt a spark. I’m guessing he felt it too because I could have sworn I heard him moan. I felt his tongue hit my bottom lip and I immediately granted him permission. His tongue slowly made its way into my mouth, slowly exploring it. His hands went straight to my waist and neck. I let out a soft moan as the kiss started to get more aggressive. 

Welllllllll that was part 1… It’s my first imagine so idk if it’s that good or not LOL. But yeah the next part will be smut. Let me know what you guys think???

The Book of Joshifer - Chapter Two: Prologue to a Kiss - A Joshifer story

Okay, so here’s the second chapter of BoJ. It is unbeta’d as I didn’t feel like flooding my beta with stories this week. S, you’ll be getting a few chapters of Everlark this week! Hope you guys enjoy it. ~J

Chapter One can be read here.

The Book of Joshifer

By: Jamie Sommers

Chapter Two: Prologue to a Kiss

Rated: M for language and sexual scenarios (Maybe flat out sex) but mostly because with me, you never know.

Synopsis: A compilation of one-shots that can be read on their own or within the series. Each chapter will be a snippet of Josh and Jennifer’s lives and tell the story of what happens after Mockingjay wraps.

Oh yeah, I don’t know these people. Work of fiction. Blah blah blah…

This second chapter occurs immediately after Suzanne Collins gives Josh and Jen some words of advice and takes us back to a time when the nature of Joshifer’s story began to change.

Chapter Two: Prologue to a Kiss

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hi! this was the anon request for the sweet robbie imagine where he doesn’t know that Y/N likes him, and she doesn’t think she’s good enough for him. Hope you enjoy!


The hot coffee burns my tongue as I try to drink it quickly. I will not let a $4 venti go to waste; it’s against my religion. Mr. Robertson doesn’t allow us to bring food or drinks into the Chem Lab so I stand by the class’ doorway almost every day, finishing up the starbucks that my best friend picks up for me during her spare.  Maybe I should just ask for a tall, I think to myself as some classmates walk past me into class. “Almost done there, Y/N?” Sarah, a close friend of mine, asks me before stepping through the doorway. “Mmmhm” I mumble against the lid of the coffee cup. She shakes her head and continues on.

“Junkie.” Robbie breathes into my ear and I jump slightly, not realizing he was standing there. I watch as Robbie comes around from my side to face me, his hair still damp from his gym class.

 “You know, there is help out there. The first step is admitting you have a problem” he teases me with a playful smile. I roll my eyes in response. “Did you have your white mocha during 2nd or 3rd period?” I ask him, throwing my head back a little and savouring the last drop of the dark roast. “Touché” Robbie laughs and gestures for me to proceed in front of him.

We walk in together and take our seats near the back of the room, making small talk as we pull out our binders and text books.

 “I hear you’re binging out on Dr. Who” Robbie says, turning slightly in his stool towards me.  “Yes! I hate you for bringing that show into my life. It’s so addicting” I say, looking over at him now. “Nobody hates me” he says lightly. I laugh and shrug in finality, he was right- nobody hated him; especially not me.

Having Robbie assigned as my lab partner was by far the best thing that had happened to me this semester. During the past few months I had gotten to know Robbie as more than just the popular, cute jock everyone else knew him as; not that being popular or a jock was bad. It’s just that he was so much more than that.

Every day I spent with him in class revealed something new and exciting about him. His great sense of humor, his little quirks, even his ridiculous insecurities had me enthralled. I looked forward to falling for him a bit more every day. Of course, I knew my affection would never be reciprocated. Robbie would never regard me as anything more than a classmate or a lab partner, maybe a friend if I was lucky. Still, I enjoyed our time together. He was my favorite guilty pleasure.

I’m lost in thought when I feel a gentle pressure on my left wrist. I glance down and see Robbie examining one of my Alex and Ani bracelets.

“This one is new” Robbie observes, running his thumb over the feather wrap around my wrist.

“Yeah, I just got it last night” I say, trying to stifle my giddy smile at his attention.

“You’ve got quite a collection now, you won’t be able to lift up your arm soon.” He says, continuing to study the bangles. “Which one’s your favorite?” he asks, keeping my wrist in his hand.

“I don’t know, I love all of them. They’re all so different.”

“Come on, humor me. If you could keep only one, which would it be?” Robbie asks again, looking genuinely interested.

“Well, I guess it would have to be the Buddha one, then” I reach my hand over to my wrist and turn over the bangle that held the little guy. “It’s supposed to remind you that the way to joy and happiness is to keep things simple in your life” I say, immediately feeling silly. I’m such a nerd.

“I love it, that’s so you” Robbie smiles softly at me. I feel my face blush in response and look away quickly, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

“Alright everyone, settle down!” Mr. Robertson calls out from the front of the class. Robbie releases his hold on my wrist and I see him straighten himself up out of the corner of my eye. I take a deep breath in and try to focus my attention on the lesson.


“Be ready to hand in the answer to the chapter questions tomorrow!” Mr. Robertson calls out as we all spill out into the hallway after class. “Ugh” I groan out loud; I did not need another turn in assignment for tomorrow.

“Working tonight?” Robbie asks me as I make my way down the hallway to my locker. Why is he walking in this direction? His locker is the opposite way…

“Yeah, unfortunately. I agreed to take my co-workers shift to help him out-but I think I just screwed myself over. I have so much to do” I complain as we continue walking down the hall.

“Oh, that sucks. I was actually going to ask if you wanted to work on them together.” I look up at Robbie and see that he’s running his fingers through his now dry hair. He still smelled a bit like chlorine from the gym’s pool.

“Sorry, Robbie” I say, disappointed that I was missing out on spending more time with him “How about I take the first half of the questions and you take the rest and we’ll email each other?” I offer. This arrangement between us had worked well in the past and it saved us loads of time on hand in assignments. “Sounds good” He responds. I stop when I reach my locker and pull off my heavy backpack.

“Okay then, I’ll work on my part as soon as I get off work” I turn back to face Robbie. He’s fidgeting with the straps of his backpack. “Ugh, yeah. That’s great” he says, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? We can do our own assignments if you don’t want to split it.” I suddenly feel bad for suggesting the idea, he obviously didn’t want to do it. “No, it’s not that. There was actually something else I wanted to ask you”

Robbie looks down at his feet and starts mumbling something, but I can’t make out a word he’s saying through all the noise around us.

“What? Robbie I can’t hear you.”’

Robbie clears his throat and looks at my face this time when he talks. “Sorry,” he starts, “I was just saying that I know we don’t hang out or anything… but I’m having this party this weekend at my place after the swim meet. And I was wondering if you wanted to come?” He asks me, sounding hopeful.

I gape at him for a moment, unsure of what to say or think. Great, he pities me, is the first thought that pops into my head. It’s probably obvious that I’m crushing on him and he feels sorry for me. I’m pathetic.

“It would be fun” Robbie continues after I don’t say anything. I order my mouth to say something.

“Thanks, that sounds really nice” I begin, not sure whether to accept the invitation now or not. “Does that mean you’ll come?” He asks, his green eyes shining under the hallway lighting.

“Yeah, why not” I smile at him. What am I doing?

“Great!” Robbie says, starting to back up from me. “Email me your half when you can. See you tomorrow” he says over his shoulder as he walks away. I nod my head silently and wave, the rest of my body frozen in place.

“I was totally eavesdropping” Sarah says behind me, causing me to jump out of my skin. “Jesus Christ! Don’t do that!” I shriek, swatting her arm.

“What? The eavesdropping or scaring the living shit out of you?”

“Both” I answer.

“Noted. Anyways, did Robbie just ask you out?” Sarah asks me eagerly.

“No, he just invited me to a house party thing… out of sympathy, no doubt.” I mutter under my breath.  I feel completely humiliated.

“I highly doubt that. I think he’s into you.” Sarah continues, clearly wanting to push the conversation. I, on the other hand, didn’t want to get any crazy notions in my head. The last thing I needed was to get my hopes up, only to have them slammed back down to the floor and trampled on by Robbie’s feet.

“Seriously, stop it, Sarah” I say firmly. “Okay” Sarah sighs. I transfer some books back into my locker and turn the ringer on my cell phone back on.

“So, what are you wearing to the party?” Sarah squeals. I can’t help but laugh at her excitement. “Clothes” I answer as I slam my locker shut again.

Work is brutally slow; Wednesdays were always dead at the restaurant. At least it gave me some time to get a head start on the Chem work. I didn’t want Robbie waiting too long for my half of the assignment. My mind replays our conversation for the millionth time. Maybe Robbie did want to be my friend; like, a real friend out of the classroom. I mean, we always had a good laugh together in class and got on pretty well. We always had something to talk about. But then again, he was probably just trying to be nice.

“Y/N, your table wants their cheque” my manager calls out. I sigh deeply as I get back to work, the feel of Robbie’s fingertips still lingering on my wrist.

I somehow manage to make it home before 11pm and race up to my room. I click my laptop to life and check my emails quickly as my tumblr dashboard loads. Robbie had already emailed me his questions awhile ago. I pull out my binder from my bag and scan my notes, glancing over the PDF once more before sending it Robbie’s way. Within moments I get an email back from him. I click it open and smile at the little coffee mug giff with the words ‘drink me’ flashing underneath. “You know me too well” I say out loud to the screen, missing him.

The rest of the week flies by and before I know it I’m getting ready for Robbie’s party. I had settled on my skinny black jeans with the zippers on the side of my calves and a plain grey v-neck tshirt. I didn’t want it to look like I was trying too hard. I spray some leave in conditioner in my thick long hair and finish applying some Benetint on my lips. I hated the taste and feel of lipgloss and lipstick on my lips, and they somehow always managed to get on my teeth which was really annoying. I spritz on some of my Lolita Lempicka perfume and glide on my jewellery, taking a moment to stare at my reflection in the mirror. I guess I looked okay. I walk to my closet to pull out my black stilettos but stop myself in the process; I don’t want to ruin Robbie’s floor with my heels… but I really didn’t want to wear flats; I’m so short. I finally decide on my  nicer metallic pointed flats and matching clutch. I check my watch and frown. I’m supposed to be at Robbie’s in 20 minutes.

Robbie had asked me to come a bit earlier to help him out setting up the place before people started arriving. At least I knew why he had asked me to his party; not that I minded helping him out, but it did kind of hurt when I realized that he just needed an extra hand with getting things ready. I guess I had gotten my hopes up after all. Silly me.

I drive up to Robbie’s driveway and breathe a sigh of relief when I see that I’m the first one there. I was 10 minutes late and Robbie had already texted me asking for my ETA. I lock my car door and hurry up to the front door, noting how similar it looked to mine. Within seconds Robbie swings open the door and greets me with a big smile.

“Hi, sorry I’m late!” I say sheepishly as I step into his house and wipe my feet on the floor mat.

“Don’t worry about it, it’ll still be awhile before people get here” Robbie says as he places his hand on the small of my back, leading me into the living room. My eyes glance over the large space and I notice that Robbie has already put out food and drinks at different stations in the living room.

“Looks like you got a head start” I motion to the table full of chips and veggies. “Yeah, it turns out there wasn’t much to do… want a drink?” Robbie offers. I gladly accept a bottle of water from him and drink it slowly. What am I doing here?, my mind screams out to me.

“So, how did the meet go?” I ask him, remembering the whole reason for Robbie’s party in the first place.

“Not too well. Actually, it was horrible. We came in second to last.” Robbie’s face drops and I regret bringing up the subject. I reach my hand out to him and rub his arm gently.

“Hey, that’s alright” I try to comfort him, “You guys still qualify for the finals, right? Isn’t that what matters at the end of the day?” Robbie looks up at me and gives me a small smile.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” he says, his face brightening up a bit. “Thanks” “Don’t mention it” I say and pull my hand back from his arm.

Robbie continues to look at me with an expression I can’t quite place. I search my head for something else to say.

“Thanks again for inviting me, it was really  nice of you” I say shyly. I can feel my face burning up and I hope that my foundation is masking at least some of it.

“No problem, I’m just happy you came. It’s good seeing you out of the classroom for a change.” Robbie’s eyes are all shiny again and I forget to breathe.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I have something for you” Robbie says, turning away from me and heading back into the foyer. Loosen up, Y/N, I yell at myself. I shake my arms out and breathe in deeply, trying to settle my nerves. Robbie walks back into the living room with a small bag in his hands. I recognize it immediately

“For you” he holds out the bag to me with a grin on his cute face. I hesitate before I take the bag from him.

“You got me something? Why?” I ask Robbie, pulling out a small box from the Alex and Ani bag. My foundation didn’t stand a chance against all my blushing at this point. I look up at Robbie and he shrugs casually, his ears turning bright red.

“I just saw it and thought of you… Open it” he urges, laughing nervously. I bite my lower lip and remove the lid from the box, revealing a small black pouch. I reach my fingers in and pull out a small ring, with a little Buddha medallion hanging from it.

My eyes snap up to Robbie’s face and see that he’s eyeing me anxiously.

“Oh my god, Robbie. I love it” I say softly as I slide the ring onto my right index finger.

“Really? I thought that it would be nice if you had a ring to match your favorite bracelet, but I wasn’t sure if you’d like it” he says, sounding relieved.

“Of course I do! You really didn’t have to get me anything, it’s so sweet of you…” I’m at a lose for words as I put the empty box back into the bag. Robbie takes the bag from me and sets it down on the coffee table.  

“I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to” Robbie says slowly as he walks closer to me. “I guess I just needed a way to show you how I feel about you.” I stare up at Robbie, not believing the turn of events taking place.

“I can’t stop thinking about you” he continues, “When I’m not talking to you, or sitting next to you, my thoughts are completely occupied with your face, your laugh…” Robbie swallows hard as he searches my eyes for some sort of response.

I blink at him, unsure If I’ve misunderstood. “But..why?” I ask him. Why me?

“Are you kidding me? You’re amazing” Robbie says as he takes both of my hands in his and slips his fingers through them. “You’re sweet, and caring and put up with my craziness.” I laugh when he says this last part because it’s true; he is a little crazy.

 He smiles at me and brings his head down closer to mine “And you’re beautiful” he adds quietly before his lips reach me.

Robbie kisses me slowly, the tip of his tongue lightly grazing my lips before I open my mouth slightly to his. Our tongues meet and I shiver a bit in response.

Robbie lets go of my hands and reaches up to cup my face, intensifying our kiss. My hands wrap around his waist and I pull him closer to my body, wanting to get closer to every part of him.

I feel Robbie’s hands slipping into my hair and my feels get the best of me. I bring my hands up to Robbie’s shoulders and kiss him harder, not wanting our first kiss to end.

The doorbell interrupts us and we reluctantly break apart. Robbie kisses my forehead and hugs me tightly before letting me go. “You might want to fix your hair” he laughs at me, trying to smooth down the top of my head with his hands. I giggle and reach up to peck his lips quickly, wishing that the party was just for the two of us.

Good Girl, Bad Guy (m.c.) (part three)

part one part two

 I didn’t cry until I got back to Ashley’s house, the shock of what had just happened numbing me. Her parents weren’t home, and I didn’t ask where they were. I slowly made my way up the stairs, opening her door and taking a deep breath.

“What happened?” she asked, sitting up and turning off the music she had going.”

“He broke up with me.”

Michael’s POV

I slammed the front door shut, startling Luke and Calum out of whatever video game they were playing.

“How’d it go?”

“How do you think?” I threw me keys on the counter, collapsing on the the couch and rubbing my eyes. “I can’t believe I just did that.”

“Hey man, it was probably for the best,” Calum said, pausing the game and leaning towards me. “Her dad’s a cop, there was no way it could’ve worked out.”

“But it had,” I sighed, still covering my eyes. “For so long it had. And I let one run in with her prick dad change my mind. Fuck.” I stood up, looking down at Calum and Luke while they watched me, their eyes wide. “I need a fucking drink.”

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There’s still three shirts, a book, and two house keys in the lost and found box from my party last weekend. If no one claims any of this by the time i get to Rachel’s place tomorrow, I’m throwing it all in the lake.

The Next Chapeter #8 - MMFD Fanfic

Two chapters in one day say what?! haha I’m exhausted and I’ve got to work at 7am. Hope you all enjoy. I can’t wait for the next chapter! Writing this has been so therapeutic. Thanks for reading :) Oh and please forgive any errors as I didn’t have much time to proofread.

Before Rae left the house, she phoned Chloe to fill her in on last night. She left out a lot of the personal details, but Chloe was glad that Rae and Finn had worked it out.

They made plans for Rae to pick Chloe up, so they could spend a few hours looking for a rental spot and catching up. Rae also told her about the house, which Chloe couldn’t be more excited about!

“Ahhh,” Chloe squealed in delight “I can’t believe we are going to live together, just like we wanted to when we were kids.” She pulled Rae in for a hug, causing her to almost swerve the car into a mail box.

“Chlo, you’re gonna make me crash,“ Rae laughed. "I’m very excited too” she confessed.

Rae had put on makeup to cover her hickeys, but in true Chloe fashion, she noticed them right away. “Looks like you two had a fun night” she teased begging for details.

“Let’s just say, no other guy can hold a candle to him and I came more times last night then the whole time I was with Mark” she exclaimed. “I am going to kill him for these hickey’s when I see him next, they look horrible”

They cruised for a few hours, stopping into a few places, with for rent signs in the window. All the places they looked at were either, too small, too expensive, or didn’t have a workable floor plan required by Raven. She felt a bit dejected, but promised herself to not give up her hope too soon.

After getting gas, Rae pulled up outside Chloe’s house to drop her back off. Thirty minutes to Finn.

“My Mum said they were going to pack today and that they should be ready to lug all their things to the Inn tomorrow. Fancy, packing tonight and moving your things in tomorrow? Then we could have a flat warming party on sunday, if ya want?”

“Oh Rae, that sounds perfect. I’ll pack my things up right now then.” Chloe beamed climbing out of the car, and leaning back down into the window. “What kind of furniture should I bring?”

“Well, the inn is furnished, so my Mum says they will leave everything at the house, aside from their clothes and stuff. I don’t think you will be needing anything, not even your bed.” after a moments pause Rae added, “I would probably bring some sheets though, because you will be sleeping in my Mum and Kareems bed…” she shuttered at the thought. Parent sex is so gross.

“Good thinking,” Chloe said scrunching up her nose in disgust. “Okay babe, I’ll see you at the swan tonight?”

“I don’t know, I’ll talk to Finn and see what he says. We’re going to visit his dad at four. I’ll ring you after okay?”

“Okay” Chloe skipped off and Rae smiled. So far, coming home had been the best idea she’s ever had. Twenty minutes to Finn. Just enough time for Rae to stop off the market and grab his dads favorite chocolates.

Walking through the store, Rae grabbed the chocolates, a bottle of champagne because she felt in the mood, and as an after thought a pack of tampons and some deodorant. She had left a lot of her things back in London seeing as she would be traveling there in a few weeks time to go over the proposals with Raven.

Five minutes to Finn, she thought looking at the time when she turned on the car. Perfect. The shop was only a few blocks away which would make her right on time. She couldn’t help the huge smile she had, just thinking about him. She hoped he had a good day and that he was in a good mood when she got there. She was so excited to tell him all about Chloe moving in.

She pulled up out front just as he was closing up. She couldn’t see the muscles in his back or shoulders as he pulled down the large heavy door, but she knew they were there. She was instantly wet thinking of the scratches and marks she had left on them last night and this morning in the shower. She wished he would take off the flannel and under shirt so she could examine them again. Just knowing she had left marks on his skin, made her feel a little bit guilty for being so mad that he had also left some on her. Maybe if she could convince him to walk around shirtless, so everyone could see she had also marked him, she would forgive him.

As appealing as the though was, truth be told, she didn’t want anyone else to see them. She wanted those marks to be between them. People may look or stare, but what the two of them shared would always be enough for her. The sound of the car door opening pulled her from her thoughts.

“God I missed you,” he beamed grabbing her face and pulling her to him. She was so far gone in his kiss, that she forgot she was supposed to be mad at him. It wasn’t until he let her go and leaned back in his seat, that the fog in her brain cleared and she smacked him on the chest.

“Oh, girl what was that for?” holding his chest a bemused smile on his face that told her, he knew exactly what it was for.

“What am I going to do with you?” she chuckled, “I can’t even be mad when you have that silly grin on your face.”

“It was an accident, honest. It wasn’t entirely my fault, as I believe it was you who turned me into a sex crazed maniac last night,” he shyly said not meeting her eyes. He may always get a bit shy when saying things, but the fact that he said them at all was a big change from how he had been last year. He never had any problem showing her how he felt, but words were a different story.

A sense of pride filled her. She had really shocked him and brought him to life last night. He could barely breath at times. “You could have at least warned me this morning, instead of distracting me so I didn’t even look in the mirror” she chastised with a bit of humor in her voice. She had to hand it to him, she had been so lost in his touch and his kiss that she didn’t even think to look in the damn mirror.

“I just didn’t want to ruin your good mood.” he confessed to the crime. Looking at her and pushing her hair aside. “I think they look really hot, actually” he whispered running a few kisses along her neck.

“My mum didn’t think so,” she laughingly joked telling him the story about how she found out.

They had been sat at his dad’s house for about ten minutes finishing up their stories about how their day went. He had been helping a close friend fix up an old classic car for most the day, which he said made the time fly. Finn was good at almost everything he did, but when it came to music, football and cars, you couldn’t find someone better than him.

She had told him all about her Mums offer, and the plans to move Chloe in tomorrow. She even told him about the comment she had made regarding Finn moving in as well.

“She really said that,” he sounded shocked.

“Yes she did. She also mentioned how you had called her quite a bit when I was gone.” she teased him lovingly, not realizing until that moment how much that fact touched her heart.

“I was just worried about you,” he shrugged thinking she were taking the piss.
She grabbed his face, locking her lips with his. The kiss was simple and sweet and she released him all too soon “It means the world” she said climbing out of the car.

He followed, pulling her hand into his and they knocked on the door. After a moment with no answer, he pulled out a key and inserted it into the lock.

“Dad, you here?” he shouted pushing the door open. They both jumped when they heard a large bang up stairs. Finn released her hand and they both bounded up the stairs toward his dads room throwing open the door.

What they saw will forever be burned into Rae’s mind. There in the middle of the floor was Finn’s dad, naked and covered in sweat. His stark naked lady friend, who also happened to be Mrs. Dewhust, was also on the floor reaching desperately for a sheet.

“Get out, get out” she screamed to an already retreating Rae and Finn.

“Oh my god, oh my God” he cried, his hands over his mouth, as he led her into his old room. 

Finn looked mortified, but Rae couldn’t help but laugh. She laughed until she heard the front door close and saw Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Dewhurst climb into a car together and drive off.

“The coast is clear Finn, their gone.” Rae walked over to the bed where Finn was sitting with his head in his hands.“Oh come on” she nudged him with her shoulder “At least your dad seems to be doing well.”

“Not well enough to come back to work, but well enough to fuck apparently.” he scoffed.

“Give him a break Finn, maybe he’s just starting to feel better, get his groove back, ya know.”

“No, I don’t want to know. That was horrific.” he shuddered.

“Remember that time he walked in on us last year?” Rae blushed at the memory “Maybe he was just paying us back”

“You wouldn’t talk to him for weeks,” Finn laughed starting to relax.

“Yeah, I doubt I’ll ever be able to look him in the eyes now.” she shrugged taking a look around the room. Nothing had changed since Finn had moved out into his new flat. She stood up from the bed and walked over to the dresser where she still had photos of the gang above his bed. “I always thought it was sweet how you hung photos of us all up.”

His arms wrapped around her from behind, his lips on her neck. “If I didn’t think it’d scare you off, they would have all been of you.” he sweetly whispered in her ear. “God, I’ve though of nothing but being inside you all day”

“Chloe want’s us to all meet up at the swan tonight” she told him as he nipped at her ear.

“And what do you want Rae?” he seductively asked, his mouth right at her ear.

A shiver ran up her body and her eyes closed. She placed her finger on his joined hands in front of her and quickly wrote ‘Y-O-U’ and with that he spun her around. He bit her button lip, sucking it into his mouth, his hands pulling at her clothes. The need was almost too much for her to bare. She had thought of nothing but him all day.

“Fuck me hard Finn,” she ordered as he pushed her down face first onto the bed. Without warning he entered her so fast and deep that she couldn’t muffle the scream that tore from her throat. There is something to be said about making love and there is something to be said about fucking. Finn nelson was the king of both.

Grabbing her hair, he pounded into her never skipping a beat and before she knew it, she was cumming, her hands gripping the sheets. His release wasn’t far behind as he finished pulling out of her quickly trying to catch his breath. She crumbled to the bed, her entire body shaking. She had nearly forgotten what that had felt like.

“That’s the third time now, we’ve done this without a condom, please tell me you’re on the pill.” he said breaking the spell he had just put her in. 

“Yeah, I am.” She snapped annoyed that he sounded so accusatory towards her. “I’m glad your waiting until we’ve had sex so many times before asking me though.” she quipped.

“It’s not like you gave me much of a chance to wear one last night or this morning and I don’t have any here. I’m just making sure.” he challenged.

Not wanting to start an argument, Rae excused herself to the bathroom after grabbing her clothes. Her after sex glow had faded and she did the best she could, to straighten out her hair. Finn had always worn a condom when they had sex and even after she had started the pill, he had still insisted on wearing one just to be safe. She didn’t mind at all that he was overly cautious about it, but placing the blame really wasn’t his style.

She had to let it go. It didn’t really matter. She was on the pill and the next time they had sex, she would ask him if he wanted to wear one. Something about losing control felt really good, but it wasn’t worth Finn being upset about it at all.
“You almost done, I gotta piss” he asked knocking on the door.

Rae opened the door attempting to slide past Finn, when he stopped her. “I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything babe, I just…I’m not used being so careless. It’s not anyone’s fault, especially not yours.”

“I wasn’t even thinking about it to be honest, but don’t worry we’re covered.” she leaned over for a kiss.

He briefly kissed her back before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. Rae went right to her purse and pulled out her birth control pack. It was Friday and she started shitting bricks when she realized she hadn’t taken her pills since Tuesday. With the stress of the move, she must have forgot.

She only took the damn things because they helped regulate her naturally abnormal periods, but she usually didn’t forget. She popped today’s in her mouth and threw the pack back into her bag.

She should be fine. It was only a couple of days and Finn had just pulled out. Putting her worry aside, she just started lacing up her shoes when he came back.

“So we’re going to the swan?” he questioned looking in the closet for a clean shirt. “Hopefully I have a shirt in here somewhere otherwise I’ll need to stop at mine first.”

He sounded a bit detached, but Rae decided not to read into it. “I’m gonna phone Chloe and let her know we’ll be headed out soon” she said picking up the phone.

“Ask her if we can meet at the chippy instead, I’m craving a burger.” he stated over his shoulder, still digging for a shirt. “My damn dad moved all his old clothes in here and I don’t know, he might have thrown…oh here it is.” he said triumphantly pulling his old Oasis shirt off the rack.

Rae laughed as she realized it was the one that Chop had got them all, the week they we’re supposed to go to Knebworth. It was also the identical match to the one she was currently wearing. Chloe answered the phone just then.

'Hey Chloe, Finn wants to go to the Chippy because he’s hungry, can we meet there instead?’

'Yeah, no worries we’ll meet you there at half passed five.’

'Okay, uh huh.’

'No we did not thank you very much, how would you even know what my sex voice sounds like?’

'Yes, he is in fact in trouble for leaving these marks on my neck’.

’ Okay, I’ll tell him.’

'Love you too babe,Bye’

Finn was looking at Rae with a large smile on his face, looking delicious in his newly found Oasis shirt.

“So, I’m in trouble am I?” he asked crossing the room to her and pushing her back onto the bed.

“I told her earlier that I was rightly pissed, and I don’t want her to think I let you off the hook so easy, or I’ll never hear the end of it.” she explained.

“What’s wrong with accepting a heart felt apology from your man?” he asked wrapping her legs about his waist and leaning his body over hers.

“Is that what you are Finn, my man?” She asked shyly, not having had the official talk.

Before he could answer he was kissing her, his hands diving under her shirt, to cup her breasts.

“We’ve got to leave in fifteen minutes Finn, Chloe will be mad if we’re late.” she spoke against his lips.

“I’ll be quick he said unbuckling his pants, already ready for another round. She might not even be able to walk after, but she couldn’t even think of turning him down.

"Okay, but if Chloe asks me, I’m telling her you jumped me.” she giggled as he nipped on her ear.

“Fine by me” he replied and for the third time today, she lost herself in the man she loved.

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