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itsdeecee23  asked:

Do you have a "must see" movie list?

To many to name but I will shoot from the hip with these because I am late for work haha..

  • Ghost In The Shell
  • Friday

  • Do The Right Thing

  • Jungle Fever 

  • Pulp Fiction 

  • Kill Bill Vol.1

  • Purple Rain

  • 5 Deadly Venoms 

  • Enter The Dragon

  • The Raid 1 & 2

  • Old Boy

  • The Color Purple 

  • Con Air

  • Seven

  • Snatch

  • Locked , Stocked and 2 Smoking Barrels 

  • Rocky…All of them

  • Ghostbusters 1&2

  • Bebe’s Kids

  • House Party 1&2

  • Bad Boys

  • Ricochet

  • Black Hawk Down

  • Platoon

  • Howard The Duck

  • Meteor Man

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Secret Of The Ooze)

  • Wizard Of OZ

  • Snow On The Bluff

  • Blood Sport

  • Booty Call
so much more tho…
Masterlist Time!!

Woo guess who has enough writings for a masterlist?

No smut (for now)

You guys can like request things??? Right here (on or off anon idgaf)

* = requested


House Party (Part 1) (Part 2)

Your Song (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

You Want to Make Him Jealous?

Rollercoasters (soulmate au)

*Swan Lake (Dancer)

*It Wasn’t Me (his nudes get leaked)

*5 Seconds of Reality (you have a reality show)

*Famous Family (your have celebrity sisters)

*Oh, Calamity!

*Wherever You Are

*Wasn’t Expecting That

*Not As Much As G (fake text)

*Jet Black Heart (Part 1) (Part 2)

*Sister (blurb)

*Little Crush (you’re Mikey’s sister)


How Do You Stand Like That? (Dancer)

Playgrounds (soulmate au) (Part 1) *(Part 2)

*I’m a Believer

*Love Me Like You Mean It (Part 1) (Part 2)

Growing Up

This Just In (news anchor!Cal)

Skype Calls and Sofas (another soulmate au)

*Sick (blurb)

*Love Doctor

*Cuddle Buddy (blurb)

*Sister (blurb)

*Feelings (coming out to brother!Cal)


A Walk Along the Thames (the reverse legally blonde)

Give Me a Call (awkward meeting with college student!Mikey)

An Unexpected Visitor (Part 1) *(Part 2) *(Part 3)

*James Dean and Audrey Hepburn

*You Belong With Me

*I Don’t Dance

*In Screaming Color (soulmate au)

*Bones Exposed (part 1) (part 2)

*Concert Buddies (blurb) (part 1) (part 2)

*Sister (Halloween) (blurb)

*Scarred (best friend!Mikey finds out about your self harm)

*Sister (blurb)


The Purple War (Camp AU)

Pearls Come from Oysters (cute beach proposal)

*Mrs. All-American (part 1) (part 2)

*I Wanna

Stood Up

*On Your Team (college!Ash helps when you’re stressed)

*Sister (blurb)


Wake Me Up


*Honorary Brothers (you’re Luke’s sister, on tour with the boys)

Holiday Series:

Calum Halloween

Luke Halloween

Michael Halloween

Ashton Halloween


This Was My Defying Moment When I Knew That I Wanted To Become An Actress. My Mom Took Me To The Movies When I Was A Kid (1990) To See House Party 1 & My Life Hasn’t Been The Same. During This Scene I Got Up Out Of My Seat At The Movies & Did All The Dance Moves In The Isle. I’ve Been A Movie Quoting Dancing Machine In The Mirror Ever Since…Hollywood Get Ready For Me I’m Up Next!!! 

House Party pt.1

“Zayn, have you seen (Y/N)? I can’t seem to find her anywhere.” Harry worriedly questioned about your whereabouts to his friend.  Zayn stopped dancing with Perrie to walk over to Harry. “I think I saw her run upstairs a few minutes ago, she might still be there.” He picked up a flute glistening with champagne and took a small sip before setting his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Listen to me Harry, you have got to relax, mate. She loves you, you love her, that’s all there is to it. Now do us all a favor and make her wife, officially. I know there is nothing that would make you happier than that.” Harry pulled Zayn in for a small embrace and patted his back. “Thank you, bro”. Your curly haired boyfriend made his way up the spiraled stairs to find you.

“Baby, are you upstairs?” Harry raised his deep voice over the music playing downstairs. He turned the knob on the door of your shared bedroom and heard what sounded like a frustrated huff. “Harry, is that you?!” You shouted out.  As you stepped out of the master bathroom, your black stilletos clicking and clacking after you, the light shone on your dress, instantly bursting an array of colors on the wall. You found Harry with his back turned to you, in front of the mirror on your dresser, struggling to fix his black silk tie you bought him a while back. “Can you help me with this, (Y/N)? It’s so fucking hard to tie it. Except when I’m tying you with it”. His rosy, plump lips curved into a devilish smirk that you found so sexy. You immediately felt your entire body flush with heat. “Stop it, silly. Turn around and let me help you.” Harry’s jaw suddenly dropped when he realized what you were wearing. “Fuck, (Y/N). You’re not wearing that, right? Especially not with those heels, I hope?” You frowned  at him, “ Uhm, yes I am. I’m not going to be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt like you want me to at a party we’re hosting, babe. It’s supposed to be formal.” Your boyfriend ran his massive hand through his hair, “But I love it when you wear my jumpers and jeans, preferably ones that are two sizes bigger than you. I want you all to me and this dress just makes your sexy ass look even sexier.” You rolled your eyes at him, although you were touched that he was so selfish with you. He didn’t want anyone else to see what was his, and to be honest, you were okay with that. “How about this? You can stand behind me the whole time and I’ll throw in a little bonus. You can keep your hand…” Your voice trailed off as you took his hand, placed it on your ass and gave him permission to handle it any way he wanted, “…Right. Over. Here.”