house over river

Crystal Mill, Carbondale, Colorado - USA

You’ll find Crystal Mill outside of Carbondale, about four hours west of Denver.  it’s stood in this spot for over a century, ready for its closeup. The hike to this spot is not easy, but it’s worth it — as shown by talented local photographer Brandon Tormanen, who took the shot featured above. The Crystal Mill is on private property, so you’ll have to admire its abandoned beauty from across the river. And plan on spending time in Carbondale, which is full of old-timey charm.

Now I Understand

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 1660

Characters: Benjamin x reader, the Cullens, Amun and Kebi

Warnings: kind of angsty, mention of the reader killing her partner, general vampire stuff I guess

Summary: The reader, who has power similar to Benjamin’s, meets him when he comes to help the Cullens.

As the evening sun dipped below the horizon, you crept away from the rest of the Cullens to sit outside the house, looking over the river. The fading light glinted off your skin in a muted shimmer.

You gazed out over the forest, basking in the peace whilst you could. Away from everyone, you had space to think. To process what was coming. And you’d rather do it out here, where there was no one to judge your reaction. The whole house was swarming with the other vampires now, and it felt like there was no room to breathe. You didn’t need to, of course, but it was still stifling.

Even to your senses, the landscape was unusually quiet. It felt like the whole world had gone still, waiting for what happened next. There was already a layer of cold lying over the landscape. Not that you could feel it, but you knew it was there. Pretty soon there’d be snow.

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5sos Halloween AU meme

Vampire Luke pt.

Part 1
Part 2

A/N: sorry for the long wait, I never had time to finish writing but i’m considering making this into a fanfic as well as my Werewolf Ashton one, but only if people actually read it so let me know if you would? :)

I don’t remember anything after that. The next thing that registered in my mind was the soft blankets that surrounded me. My head was pounding right above my left eye, and I slowly opened them to a soft morning light leaking through a window into an unfamiliar room. I jolted up, ignoring the pain in my head that flared up.
“I thought you’d never wake up.”
My head whipped around at the sound of his voice. Luke lounged in a desk chair as he watched me. He had changed his clothes since the bonfire. He was dressed in all black, aside from the grey knitted beanie that pushed back his hair.
“What happened?” I asked, finally raising my hand to the pounding spot on my head
I’d been cut, but I could already tell it’d been starting to heal “How long have I been sleeping? Does my mom know where I am? Oh god.. I left my siblings at the bonfire, what if they didn’t get home?” I went into a frenzy of questions, asking myself more then asking Luke
“Hang on a second, calm down, I’ve got a lot to explain.” Luke stood from the chair and walked towards the picture window
He went to run his hand through his hair, as if he forgot he had the beanie on. Then he just pinched the bridge of his nose for a second, and
turned his back to me.
“This is bad, isn’t it?”
“Well, I wasn’t really planning on having any human in this town figuring out what I am.”
Memories from the bonfire came back to my mind slowly. The old folklore, Luke rushing away in a hurry, me leaving my brother and sister, following Luke’s footsteps and then Luke suddenly sprouting fangs. Fangs. He had fangs. Like a vampire, like the folklore.
“Just to set the record straight…”
“I’m a vampire.” He confirmed
“That doesn’t freak you out?”
“Uh, I wouldn’t say that. But I mean, how bad could you be? You seem to hang around human’s easily enough without attacking them, you’re no Dracula.”
He laughed, but it seemed sad. He still hadn’t turned from the window, and he placed his forehead against the glass. I shifted out from under the covers and sat on the edge of the bed. I realized that I was only in my underwear and a teeshirt that was way to big to be mine.
“Hope you don’t mind.” Luke said, turning to see me staring down awkwardly at my bare legs
“Doesn’t really matter now if I do, what’s done is done.”
“You’re reacting a lot better then I thought you would have.”
“I guess, I just don’t see how freaking out would help the situation.”
He sighed and paced in front of the windows “I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do with you now.” He mumbled, almost so that I couldn’t hear him
“You could just let me go home..” I suggested
He raised a suspicious eyebrow at me and set his lips in a grim line “But-“
“But I won’t tell anyone you’re a vampire or that you’re anything but ordinarily human and as long as you don’t harm anyone in town your secret is safe with me.”
“Why would you do that?”
I shrugged “Why shouldn’t I? You’ve never given me a reason to dislike you, aside from the fact that you borrowed Julius Caesar without asking, and the people here are satisfied enough just listening to vampire folklore, they don’t need the real thing.”
“How can I trust you?”
“Just do it, and if I betray your trust shame on you, but I won’t, so we can both go on living our lives like this didn’t even happen.”
“Except it did.” he counteracted
“Do you want to make this so complicated for yourself?” I threw up my hands in exasperation before flopping back onto the bed
“No, but I like having you around enough to make you stay here a little longer.” He sat down next to me and I looked up at him from my position on the bed
“You never told me what happened last, er, was it last night?”
“You fainted after you saw the whole vampire thing”
“Of course I would do something like that!” I covered my face with my hand but I laughed
There wasn’t any sense getting embarrassed in front of Luke anymore, he already knew I was klutzy and awkward, might as well add ‘faints easily’ on the list. But he laughed with me, making me feel a little bit better.
“I couldn’t just leave you in the snow, because I couldn’t assume anyone would find you. But I also couldn’t take you home and explain to your parents where your siblings were or how you were passed out with a big gash on your head.”
“How’d that happen anyway?”
“A rock.”
“Just great, wait till someone finds the rock, that’ll really get some gossip going in town,” Luke winced a little at my comment “But, in all seriousness, I swear not to tell anyone about you.” I covered
“I trust you on that, [Y/N].”
“Great, now can I have my clothes back so I can go home?”
“Of course.” Luke left the room
I finally took my time to really look around the room, since Luke wasn’t in it anymore, I didn’t feel compelled to watch him. I stood from the bed and walked over to the floor to ceiling window. The house over looked a huge river surrounded by a forest. We had to be closer to the North side of town, it was furthest away from the large bonfire pit and less people lived around here, due to the mass amount of trees. It would make sense that Luke wanted to live out here, less people meant less being able to found about who he was. On the left wall was a built in bookshelf, I ran my fingers over the spines as I read some of the names. Luke really had an extensive collection, but stuff like that had to come with having eternity at your fingertips.
“Like what you see?” Luke asked from somewhere behind me
“It’s impressive.” I commented
“You should see the rest of the house.” He laughed,
I turned around as he placed my pile of clothes on the bed. For the first time, he seemed a little shy, as he ducked his head and exited the room again. Obviously giving me some space to get dressed. When I was done, I left the room. Luke was in the hallway, waiting.
“I’ll drive you home now, if you want.”
“Oh! I don’t wanna waste your time, I can walk.”
“[Y/N] I’ve got all the time in the world, and I don’t think you’d wanna walk back to town from here.” He smiled and headed down the stairs, not waiting for me to follow
I took my time though, soaking in the rest of the interior of the house. It was large and really modern looking, as if it had been built in the last three years. It felt lonely too, like it wasn’t being lived in, it looked like the houses from the home renovation magazines my mom always read.
“Does anyone else live here?” I questioned
“Nah, just me.”
“Don’t you ever get lonely?”
“Yeah, I mean I’ll be alone for eternity.”
“Aren’t there other Vampires?”
“I’ve tried to join clans but I just don’t really fit in, I’m still to in touch with humans, and they don’t consider me one of them.” He turned away from me and bowed his head just a little
“I’m sorry I brought it up..”
“In all honestly, you’re like the only person who didn’t make me feel out of place. I don’t fit in with humans and I don’t fit in with vampires. But you don’t make it feel that way.”
“Well, I’m glad then.”
We finally reached the garage in Luke’s house and opened up the passenger side door of a sleek black sports car. He gestured to it and I climbed in, the door closing silently behind me. He got into the driver’s seat and backed the car out of the open garage door.
“So, where do you live?” He asked, with a smirk on his face