house of wagyu


(advance) FRI-DATE Chronicles (September 27): House Of Wagyu, Stone Grill
*** Yes, I know it’s only Thursday. But we had to move our date night early this week because of our schedules ***

JodiesDaddy suggested this as our restaurant of choice for this week, after seeing an ad for a 40% discount on selected steaks. We have always wanted to eat at House of Wagyu (but have been dissuaded by the price of the steak), so imagine how excited we were about the promo.

We headed to the Mall of Asia branch (since this the nearest to our workplace) only to be told that the promo was valid only in ONE of their branches (Greenhills) *sigh*. Since we both were already hyped, we decided to just push thru with our dinner at House of Wagyu.

What we had:

Suisse Raclette - this was served with potatoes, baby onions and something that resembled tiny pickles hahaha

Cream of mixed vegetable soup (which came with our steak) - I thought this would be fresh out of the can/sachet. But I was wrong! It was really good and in my opinon tasted very “fresh”

Rancher’s Cut - 700g of bone-in rib eye. It was VERY GOOD! It was served raw on top of a hot stone block and seared in front of you for 30seconds each side. And you will have the chance to cook it to your preference.

Our steak experience in House of Wagyu was one of the best we’ve ever had. Yes, it was on the pricey side but it was well worth it, plus the service was excellent. I really hope that this branch will have a 40% off promo too, because we will definitely be back if they did! Haha

Today’s Guest Enthusiast doesn’t come from New York, or the East coast, or America, for that matter. From all the way on the other side of Planet Earth, the Phillipines, it’s Mister Delicious with this Pastrami Reuben that looks right at home on 2nd Ave!

“The Pastrami Reuben is our most popular sandwich at the deli, it’s built around 150 g. (1/3 of a lb.) of our house-made spiced wagyu pastrami, piled with cole slaw and Emmental cheese on buttered and griddled rye bread with Russian dressing.”