house of vans


Macbriare Samuel Lanyon Demarco aka Mac Demarco played House of Vans for us on Thursday night and we had to catch him after his soundcheck for a quick Q&A… So what do his 5 favorite spots in NYC have in common? They’re all pinball spots. He also picked lasagna on the basis that there are a lot of varieties, and although he’s been wearing red Vans for three years he gets a new pair every few months.

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens 


House of Vans at SXSW: Title Fight

Fans of punk band Title Fight packed the room for their main stage performance at SXSW and it got pretty crazy (in the best kind of way). While the band is known for their hardcore past, their new album Hyperview takes a new turn. It was pretty cool to see old fans as well as new ones rocking out to their set in Austin.

Photos: Ashley Osborn