house of troubles

“It - it says here that you can only bring one pet?”
Little Newt gets his Hogwarts letter.

One of my patrons suggested that, up to 1908, that passage was actually missing from the official Hogwarts letter, and was only introduced in 1909, after a student had tried to bring two Puffskeins, a Kneazle, and, I assume, a baby Hippogriff (“He can sleep under my bed; I’ve got him house-trained, he’s no trouble!”)

Watercolour, coloured pencil and gouache on Etival grain fin paper, 28x18 cm.

Canon Era Heads of House
  • Sprout: *checks in at Hufflepuff once a week* Everything OK in here? Good. Let me know if you need anything.
  • Flitwick: Which spell was it? Merlin. Well, let me see if I can find a countercharm...
  • McGonagall: You did WHAT now????
  • Snape: Unless someone is dying, I don't want to know about it.

the 6th house relates to anatomy and physiology, health and health care. sometimes the planets in or ruler of the 6th house can indicate health conditions. gemini rules the lungs so with mercury or gemini in the 6th there can be asthma problems. capricorn or saturn ruling the 6th can suggest problems with broken bones or dental issues, and so on. mercury rules virgo so the 6th house can also indicate troubles with the mind or anxieties. neptune in the 6th may suffer health anxieties or hypocondrias. venus or moon in the 6th may have weight troubles, fluid problems, or kidney issues. jupiter in the 6th may associate with etoh abuse, hepatic problems, portal hypertension 

batman civilian AU: drivers permit edition

Dick is fifteen and gets his drivers permit~ like oooooh spEciAL and is out in Smallville while everyone else went to the grocery store and Jason is at the house because he got in trouble for being mouthy and cursing on the drive there and Dick sees the spare car and is like.
And so he calls Jason down and twelve year old Jason rolls his eyes and gets in the car and it starts out fine with Dick being responsible and the two of them rocking out to 80s music until Jason dares Dick to do car donuts and Dick is an EXCELLENT driver thank you very much so of COURSE he can do it be quiet you little brat watch this
And it gets more and more dangerous and faster and faster and then the car almost tips and they’re like O_O
So then they slow down all adrenaline high and chests heaving like. ha. haha. wow. yep. better head home.
And everything is fine
Until Dick makes an offhand comment and Jason is like “wtf does that mean” and things start getting heated but then
in the middle of the road
and Dick swerves but then he crashes through some corn suddenly they’re heading down reeeeaallllly quickly and the brakes won’t work and Jason is gripping on to the armrest eyes huge and the two of them are violently bouncing up and down with the ragged potholes
and then it goes smooth
Dick looks over and smiles and Jason smiles back and wow. being brothers and going on wacky adventures is great.
And then the road ends and the car goes flying.
Jason tucks his knees to his chest and promises/yells, “Dear sweet Jesus I know I have not been a good Christian ever since mom died but if you protect us I will NEVER take another puff of Jake Henson’s joint as long as I live!!”
And Dick whips around and looks at him and says in his older brother voice “you’ve been smoking weed?”
And Jason places his hands on Dick’s faces and turns his head forward while screaming “EYES ON THE ROAD”
And Dick is like “THERE IS NO ROAD”
and there’s a bunch of screaming and i love you’s and some tears
And then
they land on a really tall and soft pile of hay
and they sit there for a moment
and begin laughing nervously
Which gets more joyous and they’re slapping each other on the back and Jason is singing hallelujah and they’re just both like “We’re alive!”
And so they gently–gently–roll down the hay pile and both apologize for what they said and Dick is all “you’d better not tell anyone about this” and Jason replies “you’ve got one on me, I’ve got one on you, let’s call it even.”
And so they breathe a sigh of relief and hey. they may ACTUALLY get away with this. ha. hahahaha. your face, bro.
they start driving and then
the front fender breaks
(…Dad is going to be so mad, nice knowing ya.)


psst teddie is souyo’s adopted bear cub pass it on

Hey guys! I’m opening up commission slots for the holidays! :D

I had some housing trouble this year. I’ve recently moved into a lovely new flat, and this is a roof I most definitely want to keep over my head! But the move cost me a pretty penny, and my monthly expenses have gone up as a result. I’m getting by just fine, but I’m concerned I might not be able to afford buying my loved ones some holiday gifts this year. And I cannot let that happen!! 

However, it’s been a while since I’ve opened commissions online, so I’m currently only offering these two styles, and I will start with 5 commission slots. When all slots are taken, I will put all other orders on a waiting list. If there is a demand for other styles (for example, full body colour), then I will update this list with new style prices.

If you are interested in contacting me for a commission, please send me an IM or ask - either is fine. 3 for 2 on everything - the cheapest order is free! I accept payment through PayPal. Commissions include final image 300 dpi png, as well as bonus warm-up sketches. I like to practice drawing a character before I start on the final piece, so these bonus sketches are a guaranteed addition for every commission order. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me an IM.

Thanks for your consideration!

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2. @caitielou-askew

When I was 15 I was just beginning to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and learnt that my long hair wasn’t as cool as I thought. Then there’s LA based Oscar, a 15 year old producer who’s recently remixed Halsey’s track called Gasoline and had the support of The Chainsmokers, either 15 year olds have gotten more talented or I was a lazy kid. The remix turns Halsey’s music from electropop to more future house with strong beats and synthesisers added perfectly to the mix. Prepare music world as Oscar is coming for you - Jakk

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