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Lake House - Ashton Irwin

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Based on ‘Lake House’ by nothing,nowhere (feat. Mikey the Magician)

Word Count - 1,209

In theory, they had the same life. They grew up next door to each other, they had the same childhoods, the same passion for music; they were walking hand in hand. The only difference is that when she was discovered she went to New York, he, on the other hand, went to LA. They split with each other after 18 years inseparable, and now they’ve been mirroring each other, never in the same country for longer than a day. They miss each other, obviously, and when they left they planned on keeping up a tradition. Every year their families would meet, 60 miles out of state, at a lake house - run-down, rickety, falling apart but it was a getaway, and that’s all it needed to be. The first year they left, schedules conflicted, the next, she had an award show, the third, he was “going through some shit”, and ever since, they’ve not bothered.

Now they’re both 23 years old, they’ve not seen each other in 5 years and they rarely even get the chance to talk out of a public forum. For her, the half decade has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, events lined up for months in advance, stress piling up all leading up to this last year where the largest up lead to the sharpest down; her mother passed away. For him, it’s been a different ride, the only method he had to cope with his stress was to put it simply, drugs, whatever he could get his hands on, he was all over the tabloids, then he hit rock bottom.

Now life is in a lull, she’s in mourning and he’s not long through rehab. They don’t know what to do with themselves.

She wakes up one morning to her phone ringing, buzzing unstoppably on her side table. She rolled over and groaned holding the phone to her ear.

“Hello,” she sighed.

Her manager on the other end let out a loud groan, “[Y/N], finally, I’ve been trying you all morning”

“Why? What’s so urgent?” she mutters.

“We’ve been getting calls all through the night, management over at Ernest been asking if it’s okay to get your number for one of their clients, told them I’d check”

“Who’s asking?” [Y/N] sits up rubbing her eyes.

“Irwin, Ashton Irwin,” the manager reads and she sits bolt upright. “Says he used to know you”

“What’s so, um.. why does he..” she stutters.

“Personal matters is all we were told”

There’s a long enough silence to cause worry.

“You there, [Y/N]?”

Hearing her name she hums briefly.

“Can we give him your number?”

“Uh, yeah.. sure”

From there she can’t go back to sleep, so instead, she does as she was told to do, by every counselor she’s spoken to. She gets up and tries to carry on has normal, only now she has the innate worry of having her phone by her side. It’s not that morning, or that afternoon that she gets a call but close to midnight, 11:43 pm to be precise. The unknown number flashes on her screen, she’s quick to pick up the phone but not to accept the call, finally, she does and shakily she holds the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” a croaked voice comes from the other side.

“Hello,” she simply replies coughing a little.

“[Y/N],” he sighs, the sound of him saying her name familiar but masked by the recent years of wear and tear. “It’s so good to hear your voice, h-how’ve you been?”

Truth be told she’s been better but unable to show weakness she grins and says, “Great yeah, I’m doing… good”

“I heard about your mother,” he’s quick to say, “I’m so sorry”

“Don’t be, times passed, I’m fine now,” she lies.

There’s a period of dead air over the line, and just like that, she knows he knows she’s lying.

“Anyway, how are you?” she quickly changes the talking point.

“I’m good, I’m better,” he replies. 

“Is there something I can do for you or did you just want a catch-up?” she giggles.

“Yeah, I wanted to know if you were busy in the next month, specifically in two weeks time?”

“I don’t have any plans, why?” she answers.

“I want you to meet me at the lake house,” he states.

Just at those words she feels a tear in her eye, “W-what lake hou-?”

He cuts you short, “You know exactly the one I’m talking about”

“Why?” she lets out an audible sniff.

“Why not? We’ve got 5 years to catch up on”

With an agreement on the table the two arrange it, though she’s still apprehensive, old memories will be drudged up, she worries it’ll be too much to handle. She considers calling it off at the last minute but no, she pushes on and come two weeks later she’s stood on the front porch of the old lakehouse.

It’s smaller than she can remember but still so humble, so full of innocence, and still falling apart. The white paint is still peeling the birds nests are now all over the roof, mostly unoccupied and the stairs seem unfit to hold someone’s weight. She tries the door but it’s locked, she knows where the key is kept but since she knows Ashton isn’t there yet she sets her bag to the left of the door and sits on the top step. 

Ashton is late, though when is he not, and when [Y/N] finally hears a cough from the bottom of the stairs she quickly looks up to see the raggedy boy she knew 5 years ago. Faster than hear feet could comprehend she rushes down the stairs and pounces on him, hugging him tight as silent tears spill down her cheeks; she’s never been happier to see someone in all her life.

Most of the day they roam around, not speaking too much but enjoying the familiar company, occasionally they catch each other staring at one another taking in the changes in their faces. Then they make their way down to the lake at night.

“They all say they miss the old me,” Ashton blurts out. “I know I ruined everything over the last year or two and that the old me is dead because of it, but I can’t help what fame made me”

“No one even knows what I’m doing now,” she replies. “I disappeared after all that happened, it worked well for me”

“I missed you, sounds odd but almost every day something made me think of you,” he admits.

“I wish I could say the same”

A hurt smile creeps on his face.

“No, that came out different to how I meant, I just… I blocked everything from before my mother died, it’s hard to look back,” she says quieter.

“I get it,” he chuckles. “Still, I thought you’d have changed, but you’re the same person you always were”

She smiles and leans into him, looking out across the lake as the sun sets. That night the two revert back to how they were, eating junk food they brought with them, rediscovering the nooks and crannies hidden within the house and then curling up on the sofa together; the happiest they’ve been in a long time.


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I just realized that the Kanes are approximately 3 to 4 years younger than Percy and his friends. Percy was sixteen during the attack on Manhattan and Sadie said that she was twelve during the events of the Red Pyramid, which took place a year or less apart based on the release dates of the books.

This has got me thinking that Percy and his buddies have this cute older-sibling relationship with the Kanes, teasing them, helping them out with their personal issues with some elderly knowledge, tutoring them with class, all sorts of things that big brothers/sisters do.

Plus, Magnus would be three years younger than the Kanes as well! I could see them enjoying being older than another pantheon’s hero for once!

ID #99801

Name: Aaron
Age:  15 (16 in September)
Country: United States

I’m a trans boy from Virginia! I’m the team captain of a FRC robotics team! I’m also in a production team for Visual Novels. Soon I’ll begin studying French! I love shows like Criminal Minds, The Magicians, and Tiny House Hunters. I’m interested in robotics and engineering. I’m hoping to study abroad next year in the Netherlands.
I’m interested in a pen pal because I don’t leave the house often and I think that having a pen pal would be a wonderful networking opportunity.

Preferences: No one above 25
No females under 15

Saturn in the 9th House - Magician of the Milky Way

“Mystical experiences do not necessarily supply new ideas to the mind, rather, they transform what one believes into what one knows, converting abstract concepts, such as divine love, into vivid, personal, realities.”  
R.M. Jones

The life mission of Saturn in the ninth is to reunite with God. And because Saturn is alchemy, and that being that the wizard turns the immaterial into something real, this reunion must be highly intimate - a homecoming in the most tangible and personal way. Life is a pilgrimage taken under strict guidance and command. There is unyielding desire to spindle symbolism into something she can hold in her magic hands, she is the chemistry set of the galaxies that reveals the presence of the Source through every breath of flowers and droplets of rain. This quest for divine intimacy may be engaged with in later life, because Saturn indicates delays and limitation. Early life can be marked by strict and conventional religious themes which form cracks and dissonance in the individual. There seemed to be something hollow and fraudulent about what her trusted authorities were teaching her.

Saturn in the ninth people write their own scriptures. There tends to be a tremendous interest with anything philosophy, mythology, theology, and eastern and western spirit. The spiritual laws of the universe are alive and rich through the eyes of Saturn in the ninth, and these may consume the individual who can neglect her responsibilities for the quest of divine intimacy. Liz Greene talks about Saturn in the ninth being capable of the ‘peak experience’. That is the rapture of finding God in your own reflecting, sparkling in every fibre surrounding your existence. And the search for closeness can become consuming. Maybe she routinely swallows LSD to ‘find Him again’, or she dwells for days in the mind of the mythological Gods. Saturn can also repress the individual’s awareness, or be too calculative. The individual may be a religious hardliner who follows laws of the establishment to the extreme. Or she may neglect her need for God altogether, suppressing it into a wall that leaves her empty and lethargic. She may instantly reject or deflect whenever the topic of religion or God arises. Plenty of premature assumptions can be made with Saturn in the ninth. The ninth house is the home of higher education, and the individual’s expectations academically can be severe. Her mind is serious, powerful, and capable of profound feats. But acute self doubt in her own intelligence can manifest as self fulfilling prophecies. She could mentally burn herself out or become compulsive with her studies. Ascending through the realms of university can be an arduous task. The “Lord of Karma” tends to rear his head and chaos on any study direction that is discordant with her lesson plan.

Overseas travel may be undertaken in later years, and this will likely relate to the individual’s spiritual longings and need to understand the unity and wholeness of God. The individual will constantly wrestle with her faith and path of belief, and Saturn will not be satisfied until she turns her back on every Guru to dress in her own robe and trust her own inner Godhead. Saturn’s mechanization of symbol into form can lure Saturn in the ninth people into worlds they only dream existed, one where they feel the moonlight peep through their eyes and the clouds cascade through their bodies like vapor. Dane Rudyhar discusses the idea of Saturn in the ninth being forced to provide concrete and personalized application to the mystical experience. That is making magic, there can be no tricks, illusions, or acceptance in blind faith. Symbolism becomes rich in everyday life and a direct reflection of the illuminated God within. Saturn in the ninth is the disciple of the cosmos, the magician of all spiritual law, the master of the material plane, pouring the cosmic fountain of pure wizardry.


Six of Crows demigods AU cause i have a lot of thoughts

I have extensive hcs about the Six of Crows crew in the PJO verse please consider:
Kaz, son of Hermes: Kaz and Jordy were bounced around through a lot of foster homes before finally being discovered by a satyr. But they were attacked by a monster right as they set out for camp and Kaz broke his leg jumping out of a window. It never healed right after that no matter how much Ambrosia and Nectar he had. Kaz stumbled across the boarder into camp alone, covered in dry blood, and with a haunted look in his eyes. No one knows what happened to his brother or the satyr that was supposed to guide them. He refuses to talk about it. At one point though, Kaz managed to attract the attention of Nemesis, and she granted him a couple of magic items, a pair of gloves and a cane, in exchange Kaz dedicates all of his attention to avenging the death of his brother. All of the other campers are low-key terrified of Kaz.
Inej, daughter of Athena: Inej was kidnapped as a child and sold into a child slavery ring. During her time there she Witnessed A Lot of shit and spent years trying to facilitate an escape. She’s always been aware of her status as a demigod and used her gifts as well as she could in order to free, not only herself, but the other children as well. However, one day the place she was being held was attacked by a family of cyclopses. They killed and ate her captors first before moving on to the children. Inej wasn’t about to allow her, or any of the other kids be eaten (she was one of the oldest there at this point) and she managed to kill all of the cyclopses by stabbing their eyes with the splintered leg bone of one of her captors that she had picked up from the ground. Hades had been keeping an eye on Inej, seeing as she’d been in the presence of death quite a lot, and saw this and thought “oh shit that was so Cool” and gifted her a set of six knives fashioned from the bones of the cyclopses and Stygion iron. Hades also sent word to Camp Half-blood to send someone out to guide her to camp. Inej made sure all the other kids were safe first before leaving them to go to camp though. The Hunters of Artemis have tried, on multiple occasions, to recruit her but Inej really isn’t a fan of their whole “no falling in love” rule. She’s studying a lot at Camp so she can get into a college with a good Criminology program, she wants to join the FBI in order to track down and dismantle the other child slavery rings.
Jesper, son of Tyche and legacy of Hephaestus: Jespers’ mother was a daughter of Hephaestus who caught the attention of the goddess of luck, Tyche. Several months later baby Jesper was found on her doorstep (by that time she was with Colm). After Jespers’ mom died, Colm didn’t want to send him to camp because he thought it would put Jesper in danger. Jesper didn’t take this too well, he’d grown up hearing stories about Camp Half-blood from his mom and had wanted to experience it himself. He eventually managed to convince Colm to let him go though. He became quick friends with Kaz and Inej but won’t stop challenging Apollo kids to shoot-offs and keeps getting into bets with the Nike kids. He is, quite frankly, a menace to have around but everyone loves him.
Wylan, son of Hekate and legacy of Jupiter: Wylan is a Roman Exchange Camper and has dyslexia to the extreme. He enthusiastically volunteered for the camp exchange program to get away from his father. Wylan is from one of the more prestigious Roman families that’s descended from Jupiter and has a lot of influence in the Senate. He just wanted to get away from all the responsibility his father was pushing on to him when really all Wylan wants to do is be a regular kid. As the son of the goddess of magic, he has a real knack for blowing things up and is often trusted with setting traps for Capture the Flag games.
Nina, daughter of Hades and legacy of Apollo: When Nina first showed up to Camp Half-blood, everyone immediately pegged her for an Aphrodite kid. She’s beautiful and flirty and all things Aphrodite kids are, so when she’s claimed by Hades it’s a big shock to, well, everyone. Most of the other kids are skeptical at best, until during one game of Capture the Flag when she manages to raise a hoard of skeletons from the ground and control them. Nina admits that she’s never really been able to do that until she’d been claimed, but she had been able to control the bodies of other living beings (which is kinda her Apollo genes at work). It was at much a surprise to her as it was to everyone else. Nina does take an immediate liking to Inej though, just as Hades kinda did. She’s been granted a quest or two and took Inej and Kaz with her one time and Inej and Jesper another. On her second quest she met a Norse demigod named Mattias and they fell a little bit in love but Mattias was killed near the end of the quest and Nina returned to Camp heartbroken but determined to keep others from meeting the same fate, so Nina is an unofficial Camp protector, if there’s a particularly powerful demigod out there or one that’s being chased by a strong monster Nina is dispatched to guide them to Camp and keep them safe.
Mattias, son of Tyr: Mattias is a Norse demigod who had no idea he was a demigod. He was raised in a strict religious household that he was adopted into and had been planning on joining the military right out of high school. But his home was attacked by monsters and he would have died if a trio of demigods hadn’t appeared to save him at the last moment. They explained to him what he was and why he could see things other people couldn’t, but Mattias had a hard time accepting it. Years of religious upbringing can’t just be thrown out the window overnight. He traveled with the group and helped them on their quest, they told him they could take him back to a safe haven for people like them but mostly he just stayed for Nina. In the end he died heroically in battle and his soul was taken into Vallhala. He hadn’t even known he was a different breed of demigod until then.

Alina is a daughter of Sol. The Darkling won’t stop trying to get her to run for Praetor with him.
The Darkling is a grandson of Hades, his mom is a daughter of Hades but he inherited the shadow magic and decided to just live up to the aesthetic. They’re Greek demigods pretending to be Roman though so they use Pluto instead of Hades.
Nikolai is a legacy of Neptune. He won’t stop petitioning the Senate for a better navy.
Mal is a mortal but a mortal that can see through the Mist

list of all clips in the degrassi: next class season 4 1 minute trailer (i slowed it down so you don’t have to) 

  • grace walking, tiny and zig are in the background. esme is on zig’s back
  • grace and zoe hugging, zoe is holding a flyer for a ‘degrassi fair’
  • the seniors on the steps, tiny is holding a flyer that says the fair is ‘tomorrow’ meaning the fair is a day after that scene 
  • hunter is on his computer by the pool and zig + esme + frankie are hanging out behind him. he asks if they would remove armpit hair from a photo and the two girls answer yes. zig answers no, then says he would if he was a girl. hunter looks worried/upset.
  • lola shows yael something on her phone and says it calls for a makeover. yael replies that not everything calls for a makeover, and lola says ‘you’ve never been more wrong’.
  • lola is looking at yael (we don’t see yael’s face) meaning she likely got a makeover.
  • grace and jonah kissing against a bus
  • grace says she doesn’t want to be a secret anymore and jonah replies that he thought she liked being a secret. 
  • frankie smashes a guitar against a tree in front of hunter, grace, jonah, and many others. jonah screams at her asking what her problem is and grace looks shocked. frankie replies ‘it used to be you’. 
  • zoe looks worried in the gym (we hear a voiceover of zoe asking ‘aren’t you mad at me?’)
  • rasha tells zoe she’s falling in love with her in a crowd and they kiss
  • some men bully/shove winston
  • rasha and frankie swimming in the hollingsworth pool
  • zig (in a classroom) asks esme why she ‘gets so crazy’, and esme responds ‘i’m the crazy one? not maya, the one who tried to kill herself?’ 
  • esme strips with no emotion
  • someone (assuming it’s esme but the way they cut it, it could not be) drops their clothes in front of a shocked saad
  • goldi tells saad ‘your actions put all muslims in danger’ and saad takes the podium at a ‘we stand with belgium’ rally. 
  • saad says ‘people will never understand.’
  • hunter asks saad if he’s pro-terrorist and vijay pipes in saying ‘maybe he is’. 
  • saad punches zig
  • goldi (with no hijab) holds her hair and cries to (assumedly her dad) saying she ‘wishes she could go back in time and stay home tonight’
  • miles, angry at tristan, says he was by tristan’s side while he was in a coma and ‘gave up everything’ for him
  • tristan crying
  • lola and yael in a bounce house 
  • baaz and vijay sitting up in suits (could be a magicians act) in the auditorium 
  • shay kisses tiny, both of them lying down in what looks like a tent
  • frankie and esme pin down zig in what looks like a threesome
  • people are walking around miles but he’s standing still, looking upset and confused
  • zoe is having a pillow fight with grace
  • graduation: looks like zig, tristan, goldi, tiny and jonah and what looks like maya (but it’s the back of her head so i’m unsure) are all seen.

So my ask box is out of control with this AU suggestions and although i love it i need to keep some control, here i will be enlisting all the different AUs you guys have sent me and the ones that i want to do too. I will no longer reply that often to the anon suggestions (Ilysm tho) but put the ideas here! 

If you have any other ideas please comment on this post or edit it if you want! 

  • Hannibal
  • Jervis Tech Virus Couple
  • Dracula
  • AHS Murder House/Hotel
  • Sailor Moon omg
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Magicians
  • Sweeney Todd
  • The Devil wears Prada
  • Highscool AU
  • Mad Love
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Moulin Rogue
  • War AU
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • Supernatural
  • Doctor Who
  • Blood Bank
  • Monsters au 
  • Sugar daddy AU 
  • Omegaverse au
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Howl’s castle au
  • Frankenstein V
  • Dorian Gray!Oswald/Dr Jekyll!Ed
  • Disney Princesses
  • Beauty and the Beast AU
  • The Little Mermaid AU
  • Assassins Creed
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Boondocks saints
  • Clockwork Orange
  • Joker and Harley 
  • Cinderella
  • Fight Club
  • Vampire/Werewolf AU
  • Sherlock
  • Black Mirror
Einherjar and magicians friendships

☆ Sadie Kane and Alex Fierro are Best Friends Forever. They love each other so much. They text each other everyday and all day. Everyone agree they are meant to be best friends
☆ Carter and Magnus are Utilmate Nerd Friends. Their friendship its all about doing the nerd stuff they can’t do in front Sadie and Alex
☆ Zia and Sam are really good friends. They are all cult and sophisticated, but also swear a lot. Zia knows a little of arabic too.
☆ Jack and Hórus hang out together sometimes. Also, Jack thinks Carter’s khopesh is hot
☆ Bes and Blitz ADORE each other and nobody understand why. Fight me
☆ Walt and Hearth really get along. Hearth think his amulet magic is very impressive and Walt is really curious about the runes. Walt knows a little ASL bc he is a cute.
☆ Bastet is part of Hearth’s Protection Squad and Hearth is part of Bastet Protection Squad, ok?? They take long naps in the Brooklyn House living room
☆ Alex and Bes are a very dynamic duo too
☆ Sometimes, Sadie, Carter and Bes sneak in Valhalla. When this happens, Sadie, Alex, Bes, Mallory and Halfborn just meet up and the world just explodes. They break all existing law in the nine worlds. Seriously, Helgi not even try to stop them bc he knows is impossible.
☆ Carter, Magnus and TJ just stay in Magnus room and watch Star Wars for the millionth time
☆ Bes and Taweret always go to Blitzen’s Best bc they like matching couple clothes and Blitz make the cutest ones for them
☆ It was this way Taweret knews Hearth and she completely adopt him as her almost human son
☆ Her hippo hands makes difficult to sign, but she understands a lot what Hearth says after some familiarity and she always speak slowly to Hearth could read her lips
☆ Hearth loves Taweret and if someone hurt his hippo mom, he will banish this person from the face of the earth.

so because I haven’t been able to get the bbc merlin au out of my head, and because NO ONE WILL WRITE THIS FOR ME APPARENTLY, here have some more thoughts:

  • the emperor as the ailing and increasingly paranoid king who has all but snuffed out magic in the kingdom
  • any use of magic is banned and all suspected witches/warlocks branded as traitors and summarily executed
  • the house of lin has served the emperor for generations as magicians, until the betrayal
  • Jingyu was the only one in the royal family who had magic, and thus was already under suspicion
  • the emperor hating JY in this universe bc he defended the lin family and jingyu, and bc he continues to express the opinion that not all magicians are bad
  • NH as morgana!! But a morgana who’s fully in control of her powers and determined to hide it as well as the burgeoning powers of mu qing from the emperor
  • jinghuan and jingxuan strategically accusing ministers of using magic to get rid of political opposition/gain power and property
  • MZ as a secret magician? Except it’s easier for him to hide because his magic mostly lies in martial arts and isn’t flashy (guess whose magic IS)
  • the complete change from LS to MCS is easy to explain due to ~magic cure~
  • except now MCS not only has to hide his identity from JY but also his magic
  • he finally tells JY about the magic at some point, or JY finds out, except it only makes him more suspicious because now it’s not only the little gestures/habits that remind him of LS but also the way his magic FEELS
  • xianjing bureau carrying out a magical inquisition
  • except xia dong is starting to question if it really was magic/lin xie who killed her husband
  • xia jiang as the emperor’s pet wizard, who only escaped persecution because he uses his magic to hunt down others, and has throughout the years built back up the emperor’s trust via his thoroughness and ruthlessness
  • GONG YU AS A MAGICAL ASSASSIN just think about it ok
  • YJ’s mom died in childbirth and magic couldn’t save her, and yan dad doesn’t hate all magic but he’s heartbroken and bitter and can’t bear to look at YJ
  • no one’s really sure if jingmom is magic but her pastries are always perfect and never burns, and somehow her medicinal tonics and poultices are better than that of any other doctor
  • imagine now LS making fun of JY because he’s “as stubborn as a buffalo and just as magical”
  • MCS is still able to cast magic but the cost of being brought back from the verge of death is that it now takes a part of his life energy (and thus shortens his life), and he’s had to do more and more of it on his way to get JY on the throne and expose the truth of the massacre

I just have a lot of thoughts ok


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: 15th century AU

The year is 1454, and The Raven King has been gone for two decades. Gilbert Norrell was a young man when the Raven King left, and had only personally met him a few times, but he is still bitter about being left behind. He’s spent the last twenty years writing vitriolic books about the king who abandoned them and scrambling to preserve what’s left of English magic with his servant, Childermass. When Jonathan Strange turns up wanting to learn and offering to help, Norrell is initially suspicious, but they need all the help they can get, so he agrees to tutor Strange. After a few years at war with the House of Valois, Strange has developed into a magician in his own right, but the cracks are showing. Norrell wants to save magic only for a select few - keeping it unchanged. Strange thinks it should be taught to as many people as possible. And then there’s the question of why Lady Emma Pole, wife of Sir Walter Pole, and Stephen Black, his steward, are behaving so strangely…

Planetary Correspondences 


Zodiac Sign: Leo

House: The fifth house, the house of physical pleasure.

Rules: Men Royalty and celebrities 

Physiological link: upper back, spinal column

Mineral: Gold

Colors: Gold, orange burgundy.

polarity: yang

element: Fire


Zodiac: Cancer

House: The fourth house, the house of hearth and home..

Rules: Women, house worker, care-givers.

Physiological link: Bodily fluids, lymphatic system, chest and intestines.

Mineral: Silver

Colors: Silver, white, gold.

polarity: yin

element: water


Zodiac sign: Gemini & Virgo ( I personally think Virgos ruler is Ceres, but the majority disagrees.)

House: The third house, house of communication and secular knowledge and the sixth house, house of service and labor.

Rules: Teachers, tradesmen, librarians, taxi/bus drivers, pharmacists

Physiological link: Brain, nervous system.

Mineral: Quicksilver ( mercury, go figure.)

colors: Many colors,white and pale blue.

polarity: neuter

element: air


Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Libra.

House: The second house, house of material pleasure and self worth. the seventh house, house of partnership and marriage.

Rules: Artist, Architects, farmers.

Physiological link: Throat, neck thyroid gland, kidneys, blood.

Mineral: Brass, bronze, copper.

Colors: light blue, pink. earth tones.

polarity: yin

element: one of the most elementally debated planets, but it’s earth.


Zodiac sign: Aries and Scorpio

House: The first house, house of self and personal thought. The eighth house, house of regeneration death and sleep.

Rules: metallurgist, soldiers and athletes.

Physiological link: head, musculature, Adrenaline, organs, genitals.

Mineral: iron, garnet.

Colors: Red and black.

polarity: yang

element: fire


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces

House: ninth house, house of higher truths and divine knowledge. the twelfth house, house of illusions and hidden truths.

Rules: Lawyers, philosophers and clergyman.

Physiological link: Thighs liver

Mineral: Tin

Colors: Royal blue and purple.

polarity: yang

elements: fire


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Aquarius

House: The tenth house, house of social status and hierarchical standing. the eleventh house, house of friendships and communal living.

Rules: Coroners, mineralogist, engineers.

physiological link: Skeletal system. and skin.

Mineral: Lead, Marble, and diamonds.

Colors: Black, brown and grey

polarity: yin, shocking right?

element: earth


Sign: Aquarius

House: Eleventh house, house of friendships and communal living.

Rules: scientist, Astrologers, anarchists.

Physiological Link: Ankles

Mineral: Platinum

Colors: Electric blue

polarity: Neuter

element: air


Zodiac Sign: Pisces

House: the twelfth house, house of illusions and hidden truths.

Rules: Artist, Magicians, priests.

physiological link: Feet

Mineral: In the time of classical Alchemy, no elements corresponded with Neptune.

Colors: Sea foam green

polarity: yin

element: water


Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

House: The eighth house, house of regeneration death and sleep.

Rules: Psychiatrist, Analysts, assassins.( yup, assassins )

physiological Link: Sex organs, and expulsion of natural bodily wastes.

Mineral: In the time of classical Alchemy, no elements corresponded with Pluto.

Colors: Blood red.

polarity: Yang ((some people think it’s neuter))

element: water


I hope this was very informative, and if not that, than at least entertaining. Have a wonderfully divine day!

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