house of the magician

Context: During a one-shot campaign, we were searching an NPCs house because we were told to wait around. Said NPC looks like a living toasted marshmallow.

Bard-Magician: Can I search (NPC)’s house for erotica

DM: Uhhhh…. Okay roll for that.

Bard-Magician OOC: *nat 20* Oh god, the toasted marshmallow has the biggest erotica collection in town.

DM: *dying from laughter* Yup, that’s canon now. You find a loose rug. Under it is a small, marshmallow-shaped stairway to the basement. It’s filled to the brim with erotica. This is the biggest erotica collection in the world… Aside from the Royal Library of Erotica they have in Al Majiik.

Bard-Magician: I pick one up, scan through it, and think to myself, “What is this boring shit, I want swords and adventure dammit”

Paladin OOC: Oh there are swords alright. Just not the ones you’re thinking of.

I feel like Sadie probably leaves Brooklyn House for a few years once she graduates. She travels the world and enjoys life for a while, figuring out who she is and stuff. Then she goes back to Brooklyn House for a bit and works with Carter before eventually becoming a like magician ambassador.

Sadie traveling the world.

  • she backpacks through Europe, making friends with all sorts of people
  • she meets a TON of magicians
  • they get into a lot of trouble together (she loves it)

Sadie strikes me as a person who is fascinated by cultures, so she definitely spends a lot of time (respectfully) learning cultures. She’s not great with languages, but she can get by in a conversation

All of this comes in handy when she gets back to Brooklyn House and Carter mentions he doesn’t really like traveling to visit other nomes, but he has to pretty frequently and so Sadie’s like “let me go”.

So Sadie starts traveling to other nomes on official business and she’s amazing at it. She doesn’t really care for the politics, but the other magicians like her a lot, because she knows a bit about their culture (and is really respectful of it) and she can (usually) hold a short conversation in their native languages, so they’re more inclined to do what she wants (or at least not openly oppose her). And this way she can see her magician friends too.

Oh and Sadie going to countries right after they’ve been hit with a natural disaster to help out.

  • she the first person the magician in charge calls because she gets shit done
  • she gets things organized among the magicians. Donation efforts and collections, medical treatment, housing.
  • she works so hard to help people in need and she doesn’t expect a single thing in return (which is why she’s always called first and is another reason leaders of other nomes like her so much)
  • Zia tags along sometimes

Sadie Kane becomes well known and respected in the magician community and she has a bunch of little girls looking up to her.


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: 15th century AU

The year is 1454, and The Raven King has been gone for two decades. Gilbert Norrell was a young man when the Raven King left, and had only personally met him a few times, but he is still bitter about being left behind. He’s spent the last twenty years writing vitriolic books about the king who abandoned them and scrambling to preserve what’s left of English magic with his servant, Childermass. When Jonathan Strange turns up wanting to learn and offering to help, Norrell is initially suspicious, but they need all the help they can get, so he agrees to tutor Strange. After a few years at war with the House of Valois, Strange has developed into a magician in his own right, but the cracks are showing. Norrell wants to save magic only for a select few - keeping it unchanged. Strange thinks it should be taught to as many people as possible. And then there’s the question of why Lady Emma Pole, wife of Sir Walter Pole, and Stephen Black, his steward, are behaving so strangely…

More Info About Star Magicians

-Culture was divided into four sections:

  • Theater of Hearts (Health)
  • House Diamond (Officials)
  • Stage of Clubs (Tech)
  • Hall of Spades (Security/Defense)

-Created an intelligent race of helpers known as Stage Imps. Unlike how Control Organ utilize Orbital Apes, the Stage Imps have equal standing.

-Assistants were very often apprentices of the Magicians they work with.

-Winged Rabbit used in acts can breed quickly and can disrupt ecosystems. There’s at least one planet where the vast majority of ecological niches are fulfilled solely by descendants of these.

-They eat by making their food disappear with sleight of hands tricks.

-Where the first race to welcome Outer Mimes when the latter appeared in the universe.

-They participated in cultural and technological exchange with Space Clowns, creating House Joker. Now ‘Joker’ is a term used to describe Star Magician transformed into a Space Clown.

-Each have a Stage name and a true, backstage name (eg: Confoundo’s real name is Karter).

(slightly more info here)


[p a r t 2]



“Houses, like people, are apt to become rather eccentric if left too much on their own; this house was the architectural equivalent of an old gentleman in a worn dressing-gown and torn slippers, who got up and went to bed at odd times of day, and who kept up a continual conversation with friends no one else could see.”
― Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell


JSAMN character posters —— j o h n  c h i l d e r m a s s 

a magician’s house is expected to have certain peculiarities, but the most peculiar feature of mr norrell’s house was, without a doubt, childermass. in no other household in london was there any servant like him. one day he might be observed removing a dirty cup and wiping crumbs from a table like a common footman. the next day he would interrupt a room full of admirals, generals and noblemen to tell them in what particulars he considered them mistaken. 

Saturn in the 9th House - Magician of the Milky Way

“Mystical experiences do not necessarily supply new ideas to the mind, rather, they transform what one believes into what one knows, converting abstract concepts, such as divine love, into vivid, personal, realities.”  
R.M. Jones

The life mission of Saturn in the ninth is to reunite with God. And because Saturn is alchemy, and that being that the wizard turns the immaterial into something real, this reunion must be highly intimate - a homecoming in the most tangible and personal way. Life is a pilgrimage taken under strict guidance and command. There is unyielding desire to spindle symbolism into something she can hold in her magic hands, she is the chemistry set of the galaxies that reveals the presence of the Source through every breath of flowers and droplets of rain. This quest for divine intimacy may be engaged with in later life, because Saturn indicates delays and limitation. Early life can be marked by strict and conventional religious themes which form cracks and dissonance in the individual. There seemed to be something hollow and fraudulent about what her trusted authorities were teaching her.

Saturn in the ninth people write their own scriptures. There tends to be a tremendous interest with anything philosophy, mythology, theology, and eastern and western spirit. The spiritual laws of the universe are alive and rich through the eyes of Saturn in the ninth, and these may consume the individual who can neglect her responsibilities for the quest of divine intimacy. Liz Greene talks about Saturn in the ninth being capable of the ‘peak experience’. That is the rapture of finding God in your own reflecting, sparkling in every fibre surrounding your existence. And the search for closeness can become consuming. Maybe she routinely swallows LSD to ‘find Him again’, or she dwells for days in the mind of the mythological Gods. Saturn can also repress the individual’s awareness, or be too calculative. The individual may be a religious hardliner who follows laws of the establishment to the extreme. Or she may neglect her need for God altogether, suppressing it into a wall that leaves her empty and lethargic. She may instantly reject or deflect whenever the topic of religion or God arises. Plenty of premature assumptions can be made with Saturn in the ninth. The ninth house is the home of higher education, and the individual’s expectations academically can be severe. Her mind is serious, powerful, and capable of profound feats. But acute self doubt in her own intelligence can manifest as self fulfilling prophecies. She could mentally burn herself out or become compulsive with her studies. Ascending through the realms of university can be an arduous task. The “Lord of Karma” tends to rear his head and chaos on any study direction that is discordant with her lesson plan.

Overseas travel may be undertaken in later years, and this will likely relate to the individual’s spiritual longings and need to understand the unity and wholeness of God. The individual will constantly wrestle with her faith and path of belief, and Saturn will not be satisfied until she turns her back on every Guru to dress in her own robe and trust her own inner Godhead. Saturn’s mechanization of symbol into form can lure Saturn in the ninth people into worlds they only dream existed, one where they feel the moonlight peep through their eyes and the clouds cascade through their bodies like vapor. Dane Rudyhar discusses the idea of Saturn in the ninth being forced to provide concrete and personalized application to the mystical experience. That is making magic, there can be no tricks, illusions, or acceptance in blind faith. Symbolism becomes rich in everyday life and a direct reflection of the illuminated God within. Saturn in the ninth is the disciple of the cosmos, the magician of all spiritual law, the master of the material plane, pouring the cosmic fountain of pure wizardry.


moments & places in the games where reality is a bit altered
  • standing at the entrance of the caves at the end of the game as the ‘word i couldn’t keep’ music box track plays [sea]
  • the abandoned classroom [wac]
  • the secret beach [ddi]
  • lamont’s back room [cry]
  • waking up on the third day [fin]
  • the cemeteries [cry, gth]
  • the forests [dog, cap]
  • dove isle [ran]
  • being inside the faraday cage while the coil is on [ded]
  • charlotte’s room [gth]
  • arriving in copper gorge [trn]
  • ezra’s garden [trt]
  • the pachinko parlor [saw]
  • the magician’s room [fin]
  • the haunted house [car]
  • the ranch at night [sha]