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1.) I once ended up in the hospital with second degree burns cause I spilled chicken broth on my stomach while dancing to the kung fu panda music. 

2.)I once beat the whole house of dead arcade game with my sister at a pizza place literally my biggest achievement

3.)  I have a Bob Duncan x reader fanfic I made sophomore year still saved in my phone and I have to look at it every time I search through my notes for a reminder


Caleb Goldman, saving the loyfe cycle from mankind and dogs of the AMS, one Tarot card after another.

Arcade Antics

Title: Arcade Antics

Pairing: Reader x Dean friendship

Word Count: 1,314

Theme song: When Can I See You Again by Owl City (This song made me want to watch Wreck It Ralph again)

Request: askmissashamagick asked - Imagine taking Dean to play House of the Dead at the arcade with you and scaring or impressing the other patrons with how good you both are at it.

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“I’m bored. How long is Sam gonna talk to that witness?” Dean whined from the driver’s seat, throwing his head dramatically back into the headrest. 

“I don’t know, Dean. He’s only been in there five minutes,” you replied looking out the window. The two of you hadn’t been able to go in since you’d already questioned said witness posing as feds the day before. You hadn’t gotten much out of her so Sam was going in to try a different approach as someone writing for the local paper; the woman seemed to enjoy attention and you thought this might be a better way to get her to talk. You cast your eyes around the shopping center parking lot you were in, just across from the apartments Sam was in now.

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This One Time...


Rin had probably forgotten their little deal by now.

The terms were simple: Winner can ask for one thing they want at any time and cannot be denied.   Within reason, of course.

Foolishly challenging Haru to play House of the Dead 2 in the local arcade with him, Rin had been so certain that Haru, who’d never played the shooting game in his life, was sure to lose.  How wrong he’d been.  Not only did Haru manage to kill more of the undead than Rin, but he also delivered the finishing blow to the difficult boss at the end of the game.  Haru had denied him a rematch and had decided to save his special wish for later, making sure he thought of something special so that it wouldn’t be wasted.

Finally, the day had arrived when Rin was definitely going to make good on that promise.  The box had arrived on the doorstep to their apartment while Rin was away at work and Haru whisked it away to the bedroom immediately after giving the delivery person a small, awkward nod in thanks.

He made short work of the tape and the packaging as he searched in the deep box for his treasure.   Wrapped in individual plastic bags and folded so neatly, he almost wanted to wait to make Rin open them himself just to see the look on his face, but it really was far too tempting to take a look himself.   

Pulling apart the plastic, he laid the pieces on the bed and was quite pleased with the overall look.  The black corseted dress with a short skirt, the fluffy white petticoat, the ruffled apron, the thigh-high white stockings, little white gloves, shiny black high heels, a black hair ribbon, a real feather-duster, little red devil horns, red lacy underwear, and a red devil tail completed the look.   Operation “Maid Cafe from Hell” was a go.

But first things first - Haru wanted to try it on.  He’d done his best to guess at Rin’s size and had used some of his own plus or minus a few inches here and there based on his thorough knowledge of his husband’s body.   If it fit Haru perfectly, he’d have to return it.  He couldn’t let the moment be ruined by something not fitting Rin just right.   Once he was fully dressed and was satisfied that it would fit Rin perfectly, he snapped a photo of himself smiling in the outfit - really smiling.  Incentive for later just in case Rin needed an extra push.  

He’d also prepared steak and even bought flowers for him, trying his best to be romantic and butter Rin up.  The table was set for a candlelit dinner and the costume was tucked away, safely hidden deep in the closet.  Calm and casual as ever, he lounged on the couch wearing dress pants, a button-up shirt, and even a tie, but when he heard keys jingling and the door opened, he was standing there, waiting to welcome his husband home with a gleam in his eyes a bouquet of camellias.  Orchids, tulips, calla lilies, forget-me-nots, zinnias, and peonies were also spread out in various vases around the living room, kitchen, and dining room.   Was it too much?  Probably, but Haru didn’t want to take any chances given what he was intending to ask.  

“Rin.  Welcome home.”