house of tarr

I love watching Stahma and Datak converse because their accents are so deliciously different 

like Stahma’s is more purely Castithan and she has all of these odd inflections everywhere and sounds vaguely Italian like Isabella Rossellini sometimes

and then we have Datak just rattling off his words like he was on an episode of SVU or something and you can SO TELL that he learned English from just picking up rags of it off the streets but he’s so versed in it now that it’s like his native language but he spits out every single word of it with hatred of himself for stooping so low as to let the Human tongue come out of his mouth

and then there’s Alak up in his radio station sounding like the next Zac Efron or something he’s just so natural with the English language and he loves to speak it because of Christie


William Tarr House (Paris, Kentucky)

ADDRESS: 1789 Millersburg Rd Paris, Kentucky 40361

COORDINATES: 38.266401, -84.180247

This house was owned by  A.J. Hitt and William Tarr. Hitt was an operator of a flour and grist mill and constructed this Federal style house south of Millersburg. The house was built in 1865 and was used up until 1985. 

A quick warning is that the property is owned by someone and has “no trespassing” posted, however, the woman who owns the property lives in Florida and does not regularly check on the house. 

The new Batgirl Art and Artist Are Both Awesome!

Despite the debut of her Batgirl still being a few months away, Babs Tarr’s booth was very busy and popular stop this weekend at Boston Comic Con. 

I spoke to her a few times during the con and she gave me a bit of background on how she got the gig which involved DC looking at multiple artists. Tarr’s name ended up on multiple writers lists. Tarr who was living in a hotel room in Providence working for Hasbro on toy designs was then called in to do some layouts and finally given the gig.

You’ve probably noticed from the official images DC has released to date her art is much different looking than the DC house style. Tarr gave me a sneak peek at few pages of the colored art from the first issue and it looks fantastic and indeed much different than we usually see at the publisher.

I’ve been told that Barbara will be much more of a detective in this book and the art I saw emphasizes that. 

And given my large collection of Batgirl sketches how could I not get a sketch from one of her newest artists? Tarr described it as “Babs being sassy.”