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Kundalini, Chakras, and Vrittis

All energy is lodged in this first chakra, the house of the Shakti and there are four fundamental vrittis, or human desires associated with this chakra which are-


The first chakra is not the “lowest” chakra, it is actually the seat of our spiritual longing for both liberation and Dharmic action. According to Tantra, we are meant to quench our thirst for spirituality, for dharma and for joy, these are our natural state.

“There is no fulfillment without the body. Hence obtaining the wealth of the body, engage thyself in works of merit.” –Kularnava Tantra

Certain vrittis are more psychologically challenging than the four primary ones located in the Muladhara chakra. But there are also positive ones, including hope, effort, discernment, and perhaps the most important of all, the love vritti located in the heart chakra.

The human capability for awakening spiritual knowledge is the famous para vritti located in the ajina, or eyebrow chakra.

The Tantric science of kundalini, chakras, and vrittis—and how these esoteric, inner expressions are awakened, balanced and alchemically tuned by hatha yoga and meditation is complex. But the heart of this science is reflected in both the coiled labyrinth of the earth and the coiled kundalini of the body.

Our spiritual practice, our yoga, helps us uncoil and liberate the kundalini labyrinth and thereby free us from its containment in the earth chamber of the first chakra.

“The rush of bliss that ensues upon the meeting of the Pair, the Supreme Shakti and the Self (Shiva) above, is the real Congress. All else is mere copulation.” –Kularnava Tantra

By K. Nagori

anonymous asked:

Can you list all the loose end plots just so if I ever come across GulNeet I can throw it on their face PS- the list is probs quite long so take your time

Lol, ALL of them? That’s going to be a never-ending list, anon. But off the top of my head: 

  • What was the deal with Ashok? Why was he out to fuck with the Oberois? 
  • What was the deal with Roop Bua? 
    • Why was she thrown out of the family?
    • Who was that man in the weird jail cell kinda thing in her house? 
  • What did Shakti and Tej do that was so awful that Tej kept referring to and guilting Shakti with? 
  • Was the girl Anika was found at the mandir with Chutki? 
    • Is Chutki Anika’s blood sister, or just a mooh boli behan? 
  • Why were Anika and Chutki separated?
  • Saumya’s mother was a nurse in the hospital that Shivaay was admitted in (so, her mother was in Mumbai) - then why was she staying with the Oberois? 
  • What was the deal with Saumya’s dead brother? How did he die? There seemed to be a whole story behind it that obviously affected her a lot, so… what was it? 
  • What was Ishaana refering to when she said “the whole world knows how the Oberois created their empire” during her last conversation with Om? She also said that Shivaay doesn’t do business with “sachchai and imaandaari”, what is she talking about then? 
  • Who killed Gayatri? 
  • Was the girl who Prinku and Om ran over 2 years ago really Ranveer’s sister? Did she really have a baby? If none of that was true, why did he want revenge from them? 
  • Was the Svetlana we saw from the start the real one, or the face stealer? 
  • Where is the “real” Svetlana, who was trapped in the dabba? 
  • Are either of the Svetlanas really a Kapoor (Tia’s sister)? If yes, which one? 
  • What was the deal with Romi, REALLY? Did she really believe she was a Goddess, or was that all a ruse to trap Rudra? 
  • Why did Kamini want revenge from the Oberois? She wasn’t even related to Ranveer by blood, so it couldn’t be for the “sister” Ranveer had, who conveniently disappeared. 
  • Is Daksh really Kamini’s younger brother? How would that fact be unknown by the Oberois considering Daksh and Shivaay are childhood friends? Surely Shakti would know that Daksh was the brother of his ex GF/whatever Kamini was to him?
  • Who was the lady who was trapped in the same house as Shivaay when he was kidnapped, and helps him out?
  • Who was Daimaa talking about when she said “Oberoi Sahab ka bada beta naajayaz hai.”, now that we know that neither Shivaay nor Omkara are illegitimate? IS IT TEJ? COZ HE’S THE ONLY BADA BETA LEFT NOW.
  • If Shivaay isn’t illegitimate, why did Kamini guilt Shakti telling him that “tum maaen badal dete ho, bachche badal dete ho, unki kismat badal dete ho.”? Shakti too, begs her not to tell Shivaay anything. 
  • Pinky says that Kamini and her just happened to find Mahi, and convinced him that Kamini was his mom/Shivaay his brother. But we see multiple flashbacks from Mahi’s POV of his childhood with Kamini. Exactly how long has Pinky been running this con? She could see into the future that Shivaay would bring a wife she wouldn’t like, and planted baby Mahi with Kamini 2 decades ago? 
  • How come Mahi and Shivaay have the exact same heart condition if they’re not related?
  • What happened to Kamini’s plan of turning Prinku insane and having her institutionalized? How come Prinku just up and left to the USA? 
  • What was the story of Samar and the girl in the one flashback we saw? Ragini referred to her as “bhaabi”, does that mean they were/are married?
  • Was Samar’s girl connected to the chawl? 
  • Why wasn’t Bhavya with the rest of her family in the car that blew up? 
  • Sultan(a?) looks to be a young woman in her 20s. How could she be the one who murdered Bhavya’s family like, 20 years ago? 

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a lot of things, so if you can remember, add it in the replies!!!!!