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What if the Basilisk wasn’t meant to harm the students? What if Salazar had intended for it to be a last line of defense should the school be attacked?

All of the Founders had agreed that the school needed protecting. Magic was feared and terrible violence was brought on those thought to posses it. Knowing the students were their first priority and their safety was of the utmost importance, they set out to each add a layer of protection to the school. Rowena created a powerful barrier spell that would be taught to all the future teachers. Godric crafted great stone knights to be enchanted and brought to life. Helga rounded up an army of House Elves to serve the school in times of peace as well as defend in it’s hour of need.  

Salazar, wishing to out-do them all first suggested keeping cauldrons of rather nasty potions kept along the ramparts of the castle. But his idea was disregarded by the others, concerned that students might come in contact with the vats accidentally. And so he turned to his second greatest talent, Parseltongue. But no ordinary snake would do. So he hatched a Basilisk, though wishing to shock and awe his fellow founders, he told them nothing of his plans. Wishing for the creature to know no other home but Hogwarts he reared it in secret within the deepest dungeons. However, a Gryffindor student noticed his comings and goings and much like Harry’s constant suspicions of Snape centuries later, decided to follow him.

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Thomas knelt down in front of the small grave and laid the simple bouquet of wildflowers over the stone where his son’s name was etched. Six months old. He had barely been given a chance in this life. So much suffering. But there were moments. Moments when he smiled and laughed. When his coughing began to subside and he dared to believe that he might be getting better. That he might have a chance. But it was not to be. And he blamed himself for his child’s fate.

It was his choices that brought them here. No child should be born of siblings. What chance could Matthew have had being so weak and frail because of his blood lines? What chance had Enola had?

She was gone too. And he had let it happen. Closed his eyes as he always did. And he hated himself for it. 

Thomas sighed as he stood back up and moved toward the entrance way of the large decrepit mansion. He had been gone for three days. He knew that he would not find Enola inside. She had been so sick when he left; twisting and turning and she coughed in her sleep. He should have stood up to his sister; demanded that she leave her alone. But he faltered as he always did. And now her death was on his hands just like the others.

“Good afternoon,” Thomas nodded as his gaze caught sight of the young maid washing dishes in the kitchen. Tipping his hat before taking it off completely and hanging it on the hook along the wall. His coat soon following suit. “Is my sister home?”


Today begins the unfolding of an epic saga of romance, dreams, and mysteries…this week we will introduce our six characters as they head toward a Long Island mansion and each other, their fates entwined in a single evening at the House of Secrets


I love the desert. God, I love the desert. / Swimming and you, Ari. Those are the things I love the most.

House of Secrets | @Lee

In the 1800s, a castle was built for the wealthy, aristocratic couple known as the Vaughan family. In the time of their great wealth, they were prosperous and business-oriented. The wife and husband who oversaw the building of their castle were known as Catherine Carlisle Vaughan and Roland Edward Vaughan. After the castle was built, the happiness and parties in it were short-lived. The Lady Catherine died in childbirth, though was able to give birth to twins. Because of this, Lord Roland closed his heart and the castle fell into a dark state of gloom. 

The children, Martine and Christopher, grew up rarely seeing their father, raised by the care of various nannies. After that time period, not much was known about the children and their father. Roland died when the children were 18 years old, either due to suicide, heartbreak of his wife’s death, or the possibility of being murdered. Martine and Christopher were not suspected as murderers. They loved their father too much to kill him, even in the briefest periods of time in which they saw him.

Not wanting to see Catherine’s resemblance in his daughter, Roland sent Martine into the city, and was very strict with his son, easily lashing out at him in anger for the slightest mistake, but never physically hurt him. After Roland’s death, Martine returned to Castle Vaughan and she and Christopher tried to pay off debts as best they could. The plantations that they owned around their house barely bore any crops, and the Vaughan siblings were forced to sell off the property once their money that was there before, became no more.

Both twins disappeared after that, and the new owner of the castle restored the place as best he could. He died, and the castle was passed onto many more generations and families, until the last person owning the mansion had died as well, childless, and without a spouse, almost like Roland. The castle finally was abandoned and ghosts of the past residence are rumored to wander the empty halls at night.

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