house of screams

homophobes [after House of Hades]: im boycotting rick riordan from now on!!!! maybe this will teach him to Stop This!!!! 

rick riordan: [releases a new series with a genderfluid character]

rick riordan: [releases another series where the main character is m-spec, a boy and boy couple are confirmed and happy and healthy, and a girl has two dads]

rick riordan: 

One sentence reviews to every American Horror Story season up to date
  • Season 1: Get the fuck out of there!
  • Season 2: Oh God, get the fuck out of there!
  • Season 3: You should really just get the fuck out of there...
  • Season 4: Get. The fuck. Out. Of there?!?!?
  • Season 5: Why don't they ever get the fuck out???
  • Season 6: *screaming into megaphone* GET THE FUCKING FUCK OUT OF THERE!!!

Reigen grimaced. “It’s…not…” He dropped the thought; he didn’t want to think about the implications. “It’ll be warmer soon.”

Chapter 10 of A Breach of Trust killed me in many ways…  All of them good.