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An Accident of Immortality

   My name is Bree of the House of Rah, I am a ranger hailing from the once great land of Ascalon. I was born in the year 1051 AE and have lived and survived for nearly 300 years after an accident changed my life forever. This is my story.

   Born in the year 1053 AE, I was a young girl of 17 when the Charr brought about the Searing. Young and eager to help my people, I dedicated my life and my growing skills as a ranger of Melandru to protecting my people and later restoring peace to the world. I followed Prince Rurik when he led our people to Kryta in search of aid.

   Once in Kryta, I learned of the brewing civil war between the White Mantle and the Shining Blade. When I learned the true nature of the White Mantle and their Unseen Gods, the Mursaat, I lent my skills and strength to the Shining Blade, eventually helping them defeat the White Mantle and killing most of the Mursaat they worshipped. By the year 1079 AE the Krytan Civil War had ended and the people began rebuilding.

    With my new home of Kryta at peace, I struck out on my own for a bit to explore more of the world. During one of my travels into the Shiverpeaks Mountains I met a race of giants who called themselves the Norn. While earning the respect of the great warrior race, I entered in one of their tournaments where I met Xandra, a ritualist from the land of Cantha. Xandra and I became friends and when I learned that there were still a few Mursaat alive and loose back home in Kryta, she chose to accompany me.

   I had been gone from my home for many years and for many more years, Xandra and I worked alongside the Shining Blade and the recently formed Seraph to hunt down the remaining Mursaat.

   In the year 1090 AE, King Adelbern released the Foefire. Upon learning of the fate of what were once my people, I accepted one last mission from the Shining Blade before I was to announce my retirement. Saddened by the fate of Ascalon and tired from my many years of fighting and travel, I was ready to finally settle down and live out the rest of my life in peace. Following the information about a Mursaat sighting in the jungle, I led Xandra and the rest of my team to a battle that would change me in ways no one thought possible.

   After several months of hunting, we finally caught up with the Mursaat and we launched our attack. Even to this day, I am not truly sure what exactly happened or how it happened, maybe we were both just tired from all the fighting and that’s what caused the accident. Standing behind and off to the side, Xandra summoned her spirits and laid protections on our team while I stood forward of her and provided cover, a formation that had served us well for years. When the Mursaat managed to kill one of our men and made a beeline for us, Xandra panicked and threw a half-formed spell at the Mursaat. Defending itself, the Mursaat threw a counter spell that collided with Xandra’s magic mere feet in front of me.

   The explosion of the two magics knocked everyone down and left them stunned long enough for the Mursaat to escape. I was the only one near the center of the explosion and I was knocked completely unconscious by the force of the colliding magic.

   I awoke days later in Druid’s Overlook, with a worried Xandra watching over me. Without saying a word, Xandra handed me a small hand mirror. Confused, I lifted the mirror and a younger me, one without the lines and wrinkles of age and memories, gazed back at me.

   “Is this some kind of joke?” I demanded of Xandra. She solemnly shook her head in the negative. “Am I dead then? Have you summoned my spirit for a reason?” Again, she shook her head. “I’m still alive? How is this possible then?”

   “I might be able to answer that,” a voice like whispering leaves and creaking branches said from the open doorway that led outside. “Come outside, child of Melandru, so that we may talk.”

   Raising an eyebrow at Xandra, I slowly got to my feet and looked around for my armor and weapons.

   “Your gear was mostly destroyed in the blast, we were unable to salvage any of it. I’m sorry,” Xandra said softly, holding out a simple cloak for me.

   “Oh,” I said, accepting the cloak. I quickly braided my hair as I walked outside. I came to an abrupt halt when I saw not only one of Melandru’s Watchers, but most of the town kneeling in a half circle around the house.

   “What is going on?” I demanded, looking around at the people.

   “They are here to witness the fortunate results of an accident,” the Watcher said, drawing my attention back to it.

   Remembering my manners, I quickly dropped into a respectful kneeling bow before asking, “What do you mean?”

   “You, child of Melandru, have been given a gift. When the magic of the Mursaat and the magic of your friend collided and caught you in the middle, the two magics combined together within you and have returned your body to its youthful prime. The gods know not the full extent of this gift, if it is permanent or not or if you will age at all again, only time will tell.”
   “I’m young again? I get to live another lifetime?” Suddenly, the sadness that had plagued me since learning of the fate of King Adelbern and his people was gone. I had a chance to change things again as I had done before, during the Civil War.

   “Melandru wishes to acknowledge not only your dedication to her, but your dedication to the people of this world and the pursuit of doing the right thing.” Giving a gentle shake of its body, the Watcher spread a cloud of golden pollen over me and I felt my clothes writhe and change into the familiar weight of my favorite Druid’s Armor. As the pollen cleared, the Watcher offered an exquisitely crafted longbow to me. Taking the bow, I found it a perfect replica of the bow I had lost in the accident. “Melandru wishes you well and shall watch over you in the years to come. Go forth, Bree of the House of Rah, blessed child of Melandru, continue down the path you have set for yourself and leave a legacy for future generations to follow.”

   “I gratefully accept these gifts and I shall continue to do what is right. Praise to Melandru,” I said as I gave a bow of gratitude. As I stood back up, I saw the last of the Watcher fade from sight.

   Slowly, the villagers that had surrounded the house got to their feet. Many villagers turned out to be friends and family who came up to see me, while the other villagers broke off to return to their duties or prepare for their next journey. That night, a great feast was held to celebrate my good health.

   I greeted the dawn the next morning from atop the roof of the house, thinking about my next move.

   “I think I shall go exploring once more,” I commented to Xandra when she finally found me shortly after dawn. “I have a chance to resume my quest to learn and to help others.”

   “May the Six watch over and guide you, my friend,” she replied. “I am getting too old and wish to remain here for a time.”

   “I understand.”

   As I had wished, I once more set out to explore the world with my trusted pet at my side. I wandered the lands for many more years, returning home to visit Xandra every now and then. Eventually, all my friends grew old and passed away while I never aged again.

   I spent more than 200 years wandering the lands and watching the world change around me, occasionally stepping in to lend a hand when I could. I watched each of the Elder Dragons awake and the destruction they caused.

   I knew it was time for me to return to the front lines when Zhaitan’s forces began attacking Lion’s Arch and the Pact was being formed. Once more, I am taking an active role in defending this world and the people who live in it.

   I am Bree of Rah, I was given immortality by the combined magics of an ancient enemy and a close friend, and I shall use this gift to help the people of the world defeat those who seek to destroy it.

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