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hi i’m a recent college grad who is looking for a house in the bay area close 2 downtown with my 5 dogs n 2 outdoor cats but i want seclusion n trails for my fiancé who luvs 2 run also i will want 2 be in a quiet location but close 2 the city bc of my commute 2 the job i don’t have yet buT ALS O THE HOUSE NEEDS A PROPELLER so I CAN FLY INTO SPACE oN THURSDAYS n mY BUDGET IS onlY 1mILLION YEN i will nOT PAY IN US DOLLARS

i built a house! really, really inspired by up concept art, i swear it’s GORGEOUS!!! 

this one is for the gang, because what more do i want than three gems in a balloon-propelled house? + i tried to make it look like serpentine’s laboratory was built into the mountain long after the house was built, which is entirely accurate, let’s be real.

Sun in the Fifth House

“To find happiness in everything is a true accomplishment.”

These are individuals who freely express themselves using whatever way they can express their passion and creativity in the moment. However, the sun in the fifth house may have a constant need to feel completely alive and confident enough in order to let down their guard and let people in. If they are unable to find a genuine form of expression, they may choose chronic partying as a substitute because it may make it easier for them to express themselves. Sun in the fifth house individuals love to be in love. Every new romance infuses them a feeling of being alive.

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Would Cersei have loved Jaime the same way if he had not looked similar to her? Say he had dark hair and blue eyes? How much of their relationship was based on being reflections of one another?

Would Cersei have loved Jaime the same way if he had not looked similar to her? Say he had dark hair and blue eyes?

Sounds an awful lot like Robert to suit Cersei. (lol, joking.) I mean, honestly? Yes, I think she would. He’d still be her twin, and the idea of being each other’s reflection doesn’t necessarily have to be so literal. (GRRM decided to make it VERY literal because he notoriously Doesn’t Do Subtle) The incest happened for a variety of reasons and I think it would still occur even without the “two peas in a pod” factor; their mutual obsession would probably manifest itself in a different way. That said,

How much of their relationship was based on being reflections of one another?

A lot. Mutual narcissism is a huge factor in their relationship (it’s not just that, but it’s important). 

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Hey friend! Can I have a cute fluffy Sehun scenario where he shows that he's actually really emotional! (Maybe tearssss?) I live for emotional Sehun :3


The sound of your scream filled the once quiet house, propelling Sehun up from his position draped across the couch. He didn’t know what was going on, but all he needed to know what that he heard you scream, and that was enough to send him dashing into the bathroom where the shout came from.

Narrowly avoiding running face-first into the door frame, he stumbled into the bathroom, his wide eyes searching the room for any sign of danger and finally resting on y/n. “Are you okay?” he asked, his voice breathless. “Are you hurt? What happened?”

“Oh,” she mumbled, laughing awkwardly and pulling at an unsure smile, “I’m okay. I didn’t mean to scream. I just saw a bug and I-”

Instead of letting her finish, Sehun, crossed the few steps between them, wrapping his arms tightly around her and pressing her against him. “Don’t do that again,” he sighed into her hair as he burrowed his face into the crook of her neck

“Sehun?” she called, patting his neck gently. “Are you okay? I’m sorry.”

He didn’t respond, just stood there for a while, breathing in the scent of her. It was amusing to him, that she scared him so much. Never before had he been so worried for someone else, but of course it was y/n who could do that to him. 

It took y/n a moment to realize that the wetness on her shirt wasn’t sweat, but, in fact, tears. “Sehun,” she cooed, nudging him off her shoulder. 

His back straightened, and he put a hand to his face, rubbing his eyes with a watery pout on his lips. “Don’t worry me like that,” he whined, his voice cracking slightly. 

“Hey, it’s okay,” she breathed, reaching up and stroking his hair soothingly. “Don’t cry. I’m okay.”

Letting out a long breath, he nodded slightly. After a moment he wiped his face, glaring at her behind parted fingers. “Stop making me emotional. You’re detrimental to my cool-guy attitude.”

A laugh escaped her throat. “Good,” she murmured, resting her arms on his shoulders and pressing herself against him. “You need a reality check anyways.“

“Wrong. The great Oh Sehun is always manly.”

“Sure thing, Sehunnie.”

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Hi there buddy! I hope you are alright and sorry to bother you still with a script question but could you please tell us the part at campfire where all the girls talk about their future plans? More specifically Stacie?! Thanks!

Stacie: After I graduate, I’m going to do the hardest job there is.
Fat Amy: Let me guess, be a house mum?
Stacie: No, repair propellers on nuclear submarines. It’s why I majored in naval engineering.

Our little gymnast.

River sticks her binky landing on the floor exercises in the Bunny Olympics.  The propeller ears raise her score to a 10.

Thanks for visiting the blog and we hope you all have a great weekend!  We’ll be back with more bunny cuteness on Monday.


Winton Guest House by Frank Gehry

Up for auction on May 19, the house helped propel Gehry into international stardom in the ‘90s. Currently, the University of St. Thomas owns the $4.5 million home.