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the original 2000 piece puzzle from Cipher Hunt—the same one that was found by May Walker in the post office next to House of Pies and put together by the tireless GF fans who participated in Puzzle Hell—has been brought to stay with the Bill statue at Confusion Hill! the puzzle will be displayed soon for all visitors to see.

huge thanks to @sentimental-cynic (@mrkitty4me), @g0ddess-0f-destructi0n (@generalhstrash), and @ruzuki (@omgmei) for taking care of the puzzle, transporting it, and finding it a home where everyone can appreciate it, and to the folks at Confusion Hill for being so kind and accommodating, as always. ∆


Word Count: 2659

Pairing: Tom HollandxFemale Reader

Warnings: nsfw and swearing

Summary: Fratboy!AU, fluff and smut

Note: @tbholland​ made me do it

The frat house was vibrating with the booming bass of loud music. Bodies mingled together, the air smelling of sweat, booze, and pot. You were leaning against the kitchen counter with your best friend Nicole, sipping your drinks and people watching. A game of beer-pong was happening on the dining table. Two guys were shotgunning beers by the fridge. Freshman girls in too-short skirts were grinding to the music in the living room, probably drunk for the first time in their lives. Most of the guys had lost their shirts by now–a couple of them were without pants, too–and were either running around, tripping over things or eyefucking the girls.

“Classy,” you said sarcastically, pointing out the girl in the living room giving a lapdance to a guy sitting on the couch.

“You’re literally drinking vanilla Pinnacle and coke,” your friend retorted. “You don’t get to talk about ‘classy.’”

“It’s not my fault they didn’t have any good mixers,” you mumbled into your cup.

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A celebratory orange bookpile for Kingsday!
I hope everyone has had a great day partying!
(I’ll upload a picture of my haul later ☺ )

when I got time I wanna revisit an old idea that Stanley has his own journal.(here)

Ford and the twins discovering the journal and with Stan’s memory loss, not rememebering writing it. They try to help figure out the mysteries of what happened during Stan’s 30 year period in GF ( finding old friends? old enemies?! deep dark secrets? it’s a mystery).



anonymous asked:

Have any J2 fic recs that you feel deserve more love?

oh, there are always J2 fics that need more love, always always<3 I won’t even be able to touch on 1/100th of the fics that deserve more praise or just a good reminder that they exist, but here are some recs:

Full Cosmic Shift by kelleigh

After ten seasons, Jared’s ready to act on his attraction to Jensen. He spends four weeks taking a massage therapy class before putting his plan into action, but when he sees Jensen in real pain after a strenuous scene, Jared is forced to make a few adjustments.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 3,333; Warning: None 

Like a Detuned Radio by homo_pink

When Jared’s released from prison, Jensen is there to help him cope.

Rating: Mature; Word Count: 9,564; Warning: Past Violence, Permanent Injury

Not the Desperate Type by guestwho

Jared’s party-animal reputation gets him accepted into the notorious Alpha Epsilon Pi house (or as they call it, APE) easier than a game of hopscotch - but what he doesn’t expect to find there is someone who totally harshes his vibe: Jensen Ackles; a prude with a stick up his ass the size of Texas. Fortunately, Jared loves a challenge.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 16,484; Warning: Drug Use, Homophobia, Misogyny 

What a Time to be Alive ‘verse by theboys

Jared plays pro-ball with the Golden State Warriors, and Jensen is a very dedicated sports journalist. These are snapshots of their lives.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 27,147 (atm!); Warning: Mpreg

*Note: y’all, this ‘verse is so good, I scream every time I see an update

Roxanne Red and Scribbled Hearts by lightinthehall

The planner is open to this week, names like Brian, Thomas and Will jotted next to little notes like rope bondage, shower first, and likes feet. Jared finds his name under Friday.

Rating: Mature; Word Count: 2,237; Warning: Prostitution 

Wish Upon Lidded Blue Flames by skeletncloset

If not for his mama, Jensen and Jared might’ve never stumbled over each other. Jensen at dewy nine, scabby-kneed on the muddy ground, resigned to his daily ass-kicking from the neighborhood roughnecks and wild-haired, pointy-boned Jared standing taller, impossibly tall from Jensen’s vantage in the dirt, standing straight and true like he held up heaven, coming down on Jensen’s tormentors with the wrath of the Almighty, molly-whopping the bunch and dragging Jensen off by the arm, boys cussing and groaning in a puddle behind them.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 5,202; Warning: Underage, Homophobia

Blood on Your Hands by sleepypercy

Assassin-for-hire Jared finds teenage runaway Jensen on the side of the road and decides to offer him a ride. Jensen doesn’t mind if Jared has blood on his hands.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 6,608; Warning: Underage, Violence

On the Road to My Horizon by hellhoundsprey

Jensen works at the ratty-old cinema Jared likes to bring his dates to.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 17,780; Warning: Drug Use, Implied Prostitution, Incest, Violence

A Swift and Steady Seduction by _mournthewicked

In which Jared is drunk, the green-eyed dude at the bar is a tease, and they both end up getting in over their heads (in the best possible way).

Rating: Adult; Word Count: 4,200; Warning: None

The True and the Brave by strive2bhappy

In a world of knights, castles, lords, prophecies and the threat of war between the kingdoms, Jensen the True has lived a remarkably sheltered life. Gifted with the ability to scry truth through touch, Jensen isolated himself from people not only because his “gift” brought him discomfort but because he was used only as a weapon by the current lord. Jensen’s world is turned upside down when a young knight named Jared comes to Greenbriar Manor and changes everything.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 47,200; Warning: None

The Smell of Sun on Your Skin by firesign10

The boys enjoy attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival. After they enjoy the music followed by whiskey and barbecue, Jared enjoys the smell of sun on Jensen’s skin…

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 2,861; Warning: None

Learn to Glow ‘verse by cleflink

In which Jensen is an empath, Jared is a sweetheart and together they fight crime! figure things out as best as they can.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 43,355; Warning: Abuse

In This Windy City by dugindeep

Chicago Homicide Detectives run themselves all over the city to tie together a handful of bodies, a potential scandal with a local Alderman, an unnamed dirty cop, and a possibly even dirtier partner. In Chicago, it’s not just the wind that’ll get you …

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 64,944; Warning: Violence

A Handful of Rain by riyku 

Life on the streets had taught Jensen that everything came with a price. Family was a word that meant the people who kicked you out, religion was nothing more than a free meal, and salvation something that he could buy for ten bucks a hit down on the bad side of town. Scoring had become his full-time job, and finding a safe place to sleep was what he did in his time off. It was only a matter of time until this life caught up with him. Now, strung out and with no where else to go, Jensen finds himself following his feet to a place he never thought he would go–to the home of a stranger who can unfailingly see past Jensen’s mistakes, and who can see right through to the good that is still left within him. The challenge is getting Jensen to see it as well.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 33,520; Warning: Drug Abuse

Not On the Map by elless18

The boys go on a road trip from Dallas to NYC and discover a few new things along the way.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 11,500; Warning: None

Forever is a Lonely Number by lightinthehall

[ Written for the prompt ] “Jensen never ages, Jared does, but they stay together forever.”

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 3,286; Warning: None

*Note: one of my favorite fics ever. in the history of ever.

Thespis by nicbo723

Jared is a makeup artist and is hired for a new movie based in Vancouver. Jensen plays the part of a hardcore, punk-rock star, but he has a real-life attitude problem. Unfortunately, Jared can’t figure out why and still finds Jensen attractive. They have to work alone together; long hours and long days, in small quarters of the makeup trailer. During that time, Jared discovers the actor’s secret and wants nothing more than to break away the protective mask Jensen hides behind.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 36,370; Warning: None

A Song in the Stars by strive2bhappy

Jared Padalecki has dreamed of taking to the skies since he was five-years-old. When he becomes an adult and builds a spaceship of his own, he gets to do just that, looking for adventure – little did he know the adventure waiting for him. Jensen Ackles is born part human, part Terryn and his life as an outcast is difficult – music is his only real escape. When he’s captured by the Dominion, an organization hell-bent on taking over every galaxy in every way they can, he’s used as a lab experiment to see how his special, combined heritage can be advantageous for them. Fleeing Dominion control, he vows to himself, they will never find him again. A chance meeting between Jared and Jensen helps both of them get what they’re looking for – and the way things end up, it may have been more than just chance. From various planets throughout different galaxies, to nights under the stars in space, Jared and Jensen find in each other something worth fighting – and possibly dying – for.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 39,813; Warning: None

Knockin’ So Loud by tebtosca

Jensen’s new neighbor is a gigantic dick. No, really, he is.

Rating: Mature; Word Count: 3,049; Warning: None

Hometown Boys by peggy_lane

Jared’s the best used car salesman in his small Texas town. Jensen’s the surly mechanic who manages the shop at the dealership. It takes some time, but Jared brings him around.

Rating: Teen; Word Count: 6,092; Warning: None


There’s a cute little house, that stands out like a sore thumb in the town of Forgotten Hollow. It looks as though it’s been plucked out of a fairy tale, with brightly colored flowers growing around it in hues of purple, blue, and yellow.
Those who near the house smell baked goods, pies or cookies. 

There are some who would say it’s presence is even more foreboding than that of the other homes in the town, all which are dreary and painted with dark and dull colors. This home is decorated in pastel yellow with white trim, yet somehow still, it seems far from inviting. 

The home was built in the 1950’s, and faint music from that time can be heard from outside of the home at different hours during the day and night.
The home stands today, as bright and vibrant as ever, seemingly untouched by time, and normal wear and tear.
The name on the mailbox reads “Hart.”

Death of The Cat  Ch-1

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Rated: Angst

Pairing: JaehyunxReader

Summary: Jaehyun was pretty set in his ways, living up to his frat boy stereotypes with pride and a lot of pleasure. But his fatal flaw came in the form of two things; a girl and curiosity. 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

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mhysa-pizza  asked:

what is the frey pie theory?

So, if you recall Davos’s chapters in ADWD, Wyman Manderly had certain visitors: Symond, Jared, and Rhaegar Frey. They were there to return the bones of Wyman’s son Wendel, who had been killed at the Red Wedding, and to make sure House Manderly bent the knee to the Iron Throne.

While the three Freys are guests in White Harbor, Wyman treats them with every honor, promising to betroth his granddaughter Wynafryd to Rhaegar and his other granddaughter Wylla to Little Walder. When Davos presents Stannis’s case to Wyman, the Freys mock him, and give their cover story for the Red Wedding (that Robb had turned into a monstrous werewolf and was slaughtering everyone and they put him down). Wyman pretends to execute Davos on Cersei’s orders (thus proving his loyalty and getting his son Wylis back from being held hostage in Harrenhal), but actually hides him away safe. He then meets with Davos secretly and gives this fantastic speech.

So, after that… the three Freys leave for Winterfell, to meet up with their relatives coming for the wedding of Ramsay Bolton and “Arya Stark”. Wyman supposedly gives them three palfreys as guest gifts when they leave (note a guest gift is the official sign that you are no longer guest and host, and that guest right no longer applies). But despite those fine horses, the Freys never arrive, simply vanishing into the air. Ramsay hunts for them for sixteen days, but there’s no sign of them whatsoever. And Big Walder tells Theon, “I never thought we would [find them]. They’re dead. Lord Wyman had them killed. That’s what I would have done if I was him.”

Then at the wedding feast, Wyman, who had provided the food, presents:

three great wedding pies, as wide across as wagon wheels, their flaky crusts stuffed to bursting with carrots, onions, turnips, parsnips, mushrooms, and chunks of seasoned pork swimming in a savory brown gravy. Ramsay hacked off slices with his falchion and Wyman Manderly himself served, presenting the first steaming portions to Roose Bolton and his fat Frey wife, the next to Ser Hosteen and Ser Aenys, the sons of Walder Frey. “The best pie you have ever tasted, my lords,” the fat lord declared. “Wash it down with Arbor gold and savor every bite. I know I shall.”
True to his word, Manderly devoured six portions, two from each of the three pies, smacking his lips and slapping his belly and stuffing himself until the front of his tunic was half-brown with gravy stains and his beard was flecked with crumbs of crust.

And the pies continue to be mentioned:

“No taste for pork pie, my lord? The best pork pie we ever tasted, our fat friend would have us believe.” She gestured toward Lord Manderly with her wine cup. “Have you ever seen a fat man so happy? He is almost dancing. Serving with his own hands.” It was true. The Lord of White Harbor was the very picture of the jolly fat man, laughing and smiling, japing with the other lords and slapping them on the back, calling out to the musicians for this tune or that tune.

And as the feast winds down,

Lord Manderly was so drunk he required four strong men to help him from the hall. “We should have a song about the Rat Cook,” he was muttering, as he staggered past Theon, leaning on his knights. “Singer, give us a song about the Rat Cook.”

Now, you may remember the story of the Rat Cook that Bran relates back in ASOS:

The Rat Cook had cooked the son of the Andal king in a big pie with onions, carrots, mushrooms, lots of pepper and salt, a rasher of bacon, and a dark red Dornish wine. Then he served him to his father, who praised the taste and had a second slice. Afterward the gods transformed the cook into a monstrous white rat who could only eat his own young. He had roamed the Nightfort ever since, devouring his children, but still his hunger was not sated. “It was not for murder that the gods cursed him,” Old Nan said, “nor for serving the Andal king his son in a pie. A man has a right to vengeance. But he slew a guest beneath his roof, and that the gods cannot forgive.”

Not exactly a pleasant song for a wedding celebration, is it? But as a story of vengeance… a story of the gods punishing those who betray guest right… a story of, well, cooking someone in a big pie and feeding them to their relatives… it’s very appropriate indeed.


Clint/Laura/Natasha Coffee Shop AU

anonymous asked:

What is your all time favorite J2 non au fic? Favorite au fic? Favorite J2 fic in general?

oh goodness 💕

my favorite J2 non-AU fic is @qblackheart ‘s The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star ✨ it’s been on my “I need to reread ASAP” list for, what feels like, ever, but I want to dedicate all my time and energy into rereading it, not tired-eyes-at-2-AM. it’s absolutely wonderful and here’s a little bit about it:

The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star by @qblackheart

Somewhere in the time between a handshake and a hug, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki went from being reel-life brothers to real-life best friends, and complete strangers to cosmic soul mates, no rhyme or reason to it that either of them could ever see. Jared was everything Jensen was not: friendly, funny, and full of life; one in six-point-whatever billion the Earth’s population currently stood at. Life was awesome. Work was amazing. Everything was fine until Jared kissed Jensen. Everything was peachy until Jensen fell in love. With desperate times unexpectedly calling for desperate measures, Jensen called Chad Michael Murray for relationship advice – because being in love led to temporary insanity obviously – so it really didn’t surprise him that he couldn’t seem to win when it came to wooing Jared. Still, Pisces must’ve been in a really good place in the night sky or something because suddenly, right smack dab in the middle of the miserable courtship of his co-star, Jensen discovered that maybe loving Jared was all he needed to do to win his heart. And luckily for Jensen, loving Jared was also the one thing he did best.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 112,000+; Warnings: None

I can’t give enough praise for this story, but I’m probably going to do another long rec when I eventually get around to rereading it 💕💕💕

my favorite J2 AU story is (this is so hard, I have so many and if you want a list of fic recs, just let me know) either Underneath it All or Fucking Kodiak, Alaska

Underneath it All by @ashtray-thief

Jensen Ackles was always good at acting, pretending. So good in fact that he is the FBI’s favorite undercover guy. He has more undercover operations under his belt than he’d like to remember, and after his latest stint with a ring of human traffickers he really thinks he deserves a break. Unfortunately there’s a new criminal organization on the rise, and all attempts to infiltrate and take down the Padalecki family have failed so far. Which is why Jensen finds himself faced with a new assignment, one that no other agent qualifies for and that he really doesn’t want. Because trying to seduce the most powerful man in the Chicago underworld? Not really high up on his list.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 94,427; Warnings: Violence, Morality Issues

Fucking Kodiak, Alaska by Xenodike

After having an emotional and physical breakdown and trying to get away from a dysfunctional relationship, Jensen finds himself staring at a stuffed and mounted bear standing in a tiny airport terminal on the on the other side of the country. Jared, self proclaimed cocky asshole and sporting a fantastic manbun, takes pity on him, expecting a thank you orgasm before they go their separate ways. Turns out, Jensen’s not half as broken as he thinks he is. A large fluffy dog and a little help realizing his prostate is in fact not defective, goes a long way. Jared is a lot more broken than he’ll admit. Jensen takes him on a journey of learning what it means to have someplace to call home. Throw in a lot of plaid, flannel shirts, a tiny log cabin, a horrendously ugly, moldy RV, a weather-beaten bar, fantastic wildlife, spectacular nature and a hillbilly shithole in the middle of nowhere.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 70,016; Warnings: Implied Child Abuse

my favorite J2 fic in general is probably The Courtship tbh, but my current obsession is this:

Not the Desperate Type by @guestwho

Jared’s party-animal reputation gets him accepted into the notorious Alpha Epsilon Pi house (or as they call it, APE) easier than a game of hopscotch - but what he doesn’t expect to find there is someone who totally harshes his vibe: Jensen Ackles; a prude with a stick up his ass the size of Texas.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 16,484; Warnings: Drug Use, Homophobia

I also consistently reread these two stories:

Miles to Go by @dollylux

As Jensen’s assistant, Jared takes care of him at work. As a man in love, he can’t help that he wants to wrap him up in a warm blanket and take care of him in every other aspect of his life, too.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 8,176; Warnings: None

And When We Kiss by grace_fully

Jensen is not amused by the the tall football douche who sits in front of him in organic chem. In fact, he prefers to torture him whenever possible. 

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17; Word Count: 14,870; Warnings: None

We are so lucky in the J2 fandom to have so many wonderful writers and stories. I have a lot of lists, a lot of fics, but these are ones I go back to often ❤

captainoflifeandlemons  asked:

What Hogwarts houses would all of the aP characters be in? (...I need to know for, uh, science. And America.)

OKAY. We’ve been talking about this one in the aP writers Slack for a while now. But before I–Mischa, hi everybody–start this post, I feel I must divulge that I am not the biggest HP fan in the world, and don’t think the House system is by any means the best way to split people up into categories (that would be the Magic: the Gathering color pie (fight me)). Anyone wanting to hear more of my thoughts on HP in general, I direct you to Timelapse #8: HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban or the forthcoming January 18th episode of @spiritspodcast featuring yours truly. 

So here’s what we’ve come up with:

Anthony Partridge is a Ravenclaw. He has a penchant for making himself the central character of history sometimes, but in the end we decided all that was driven by a desire for knowledge, so as to benefit humanity.

Chet Whickman is definitely a Gryffindor. He’s not always up-to-date on the latest of ODAR tech, but he doesn’t need to be! He’s bold enough to forge ahead knowing what he’s doing is the best for everyone. (but… is it though?)

Bill Donovan? Clearly a Slytherin. Not really sure there’s anything to discuss here.

Esther Roberts is a tricky one. Where we eventually landed is that she’s a Slytherin, but she desperately wants everyone to think she’s a Hufflepuff. (To which I asked, but doesn’t that make her a Hufflepuff, like Harry was a Gryffindor because he asked the Sorting Hat? A question which everyone apparently already knew the answer to be: “shut up Mischa.”)

Nikhil Sharma is a Hufflepuff. Without divulging too much about what he’s really up to just yet, he is definitely in the game to level the playing field between ODAR and the rest of the world.

And last but certainly not least, Sally Grissom. And honestly, here we are torn. @manieldanning insists that she’s a Gryffindor, because she’s the proverbial Hero of Time. Julian (no Tumblr, sad-face emoji) was pretty sure she’s a Ravenclaw, because she’s literally married to science. @amplesnacks insists she’s a Slytherin. 

To be perfectly honest, I’m not too sure how well Sally would do at Hogwarts. She’s probably self-taught.



I think I’ve been a good girl this year, but I have my doubts :P

I’ve been waiting for months to upload this set, I fell in love with it the second we took the pictures. Plus the dress was surprisingly comfy, so I’m usually just wearing it around the house no for no reason :P

I hope you all have a great Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year!

- Jessica Blaise x x

Over Again: Chapter 10

Find Previous Chapters Here

Sophomore Year

From the second he awoke on Valentine’s Day, he’d been harassed. First, it had been the brothers papering his room with every copy of the student newspaper they could get their hands on. The ad he’d placed declaring his love for Parker was literally staring him in the face. Someone had gone to the trouble of blowing it up to ten times the original size and had hung it like a banner over his bed. One of the seniors had gotten the bright idea to call him “PW” as in “pussy whipped”. People asked him when his bridal shower was, where they were registered, and someone left a bowling ball with a chain attached in his bed. He complained to Louis about it, but he only laughed. Niall suspected he was behind some of the shenanigans as well. But the real perp, the one leading the parade, was a senior named Matt. He’d never been a huge fan of Niall after Niall had taken his spot as the second string sweeper on their soccer team freshman year. The night Niall and Parker started hanging out, he’d tried to hit on her earlier. He always had a word to say to his Irish brother, and most weren’t kind. He was a well known pursuer of the “hit it and quit it” method and mocked people in relationships. Niall privately suspected it was because he had a small dick and no girl wanted a second go at him.

As the week progressed, Niall got crankier in general. He found himself escaping to the fieldhouse to train, or hanging out off campus. He’d kind of been avoiding Parker as well, not wanting to add more fuel to the fire if people saw them together. He thought the ad was a sweet gesture, and she liked those. He wasn’t afraid of anyone knowing he loved his girl, he was just sick of getting grief for it. When he pulled out his kit for the game that afternoon, he found that someone had replaced his jersey. Same number, but instead of Horan the last name read Frank. Dickheads. Matt sneered at him from across the room, and Niall threw away the jersey and went in search a replacement.

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BB19 Punishment Rankings!!

Hey guys!! So, 3 punishments here handed out to 4 people today, and I might as well rank them from mildest to the most X-TREME (pun indeed intented). This will be judged out of 5 on 3 things :

1) Discomfort. How uncomfortable it will feel for the receiver of the punishment, either physically, or emotionally.

2) Humiliation. How embarrassing is the punishment for the receiver of the punishment. Note : This will be more specifically towards the SPECIFIC person doing the punishment in question.

3) Difficulty. How taxing physically and mentally is the punishment and the stipulations of the punishment, or how complex the tasks are. Now that the rules are out of the way, HERE WE GO!!

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