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I think I’ve been a good girl this year, but I have my doubts :P

I’ve been waiting for months to upload this set, I fell in love with it the second we took the pictures. Plus the dress was surprisingly comfy, so I’m usually just wearing it around the house no for no reason :P

I hope you all have a great Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year!

- Jessica Blaise x x

what houses would the lotf boys be?

ralph - most people would say gryffindor.  ralph sort of fits as gryffindor yes, but ralph also doesn’t have some major gryffindor traits, as for example - he’s not rash, he’s not fiery, he doesn’t exactly go into danger without thinking first, he’s not recklessly courageous, hence he first calculates his moves before he acts, and these are major traits of the gryffindor kind, which ralph doesn’t have. ralph is on the other side, mostly calm, level-headed, tends to usually avoid conflict, is quite smart and open-minded, which are major traits of the ravenclaw house. ralph also gets upset if people don’t listen to him and has an intolerance for stupidity, which are ravenclaw traits too. so I think ralph fits better as a ravenclaw, even though he could be both gryffindor and ravenclaw and it depends on where he would be sorted. ralph also has something from luna lovegood too (just like simon)- he often daydreams and is somewhat spacey.

jack - is a weird combination of slytherin and gryffindor. jack has the slytherin destructive ambition, is cunning, manipulative, always wants power and is overall an evil asshole, but jack is also rash, mindlessly brave, reckless and does many things without thinking first. he is a loud-mouth and a fiery guy, always daring others and provoking them, as jack loves confrontation (which is why I said ralph doesn’t really fit this, ralph is mostly collected and tends to back away, while jack ventures himself to the point of being chaotic, which is specific to gryffindors). jack constantly brags about himself and always claims that he will kill the beast heroically - which is also gryffindor to a T.  that’s why jack is not draco malfoy either. he has some traits, but he is not that similar. jack could be like a more evil sirius black though.

roger - slytherin - I think roger is pretty obvious, murderous, silent, strange, has a dark allure, even though it’s uncertain if he has the slytherin ambition, but he probably does, cunning, deceiving and probably would have plotted to overthrow jack sooner or later, or he could have been a male bellatrix lestrange, really loyal to his master, but criminally insane to the rest of the world.

piggy - ravenclaw - obviously defined by his curiosity, love for knowledge, love of learning, cares for other people, but not to the extent of hufflepuffs (simon), are generally cerebral and introverted. also ravenclaws are upset if people don’t listen to them and their theories - which is piggy, as he always got upset when people didn’t listen to him (like ralph). they hate people who ridicule them - piggy dislikes ralph in the beginning for his behavior and downright fears and hates jack for being a bully to him. they also hate stupidity and ignorance.

simon - hufflepuff (or ravenclaw) - defined by their love of people, friends, family and all living things usually. anything involving plants and animals defines them and they always want to help everyone.  they prefer to avoid danger; they’re not risk-takers by nature, and prefer to avoid physical discomfort and, just like ravenclaws, avoid confrontation. they are humble, caring, kind and thoughtful.  although simon also has most of luna lovegood’s traits, he is the wisest out of all the boys, so he could be a ravenclaw as well.

#CipherHunt Awesome fun fact about the 7th clue

Some of you might already know this but this is too great not to point out.

So the latest clue asks the holder of the pink key to go to 1825N Vermont Ave in LA to open a box.

Why this place in particular?

Well, here’s something Alex wrote 2 years ago on Reddit:

1825N Vermont Ave is a post office located near House of Pies:




Seriously, everything about this hunt is amazing and Alex is a genius.

Literally, I hate being off campus. There was like a parade of dogs with just one owner and he handled the attention on his 13 dogs very well. Had to stay there for almost an hour so not only was I late with moving in to the Beta Theta Pi house but also late for my knife skills class.

“Don’t even think about going to the bathroom upstairs. Just when I was taking a piss a guy jumped out of the shower and said he thought he was hiding in the closet waiting for some girl he had a crush on to show up. Then he threw up all over the place. Dude thought he was in Tri Pi house.”