house of pendulums


Looks like the Pendulum house is expecting two for the price of one. Now this new turn of events leads to a few questions:

What genders are the twins?

What species will they come out to be?

And last, but not least.

Who is the mysterious mare on the other side of that call!!?!


[We’re back folks! It feels so good to be getting back to our project here! Keep sending those questions, we’re gonna need ‘em!]

anonymous asked:

Hey Cassie! I always wanted to write a story about modern witches and I tried so many times but it never worked. Do you have some modern witches headcanons ? Is there something you'd like to see in a story about modern witches that you haven't yet or maybe you have some fav tropes?

ahhh omg i love this (and YOU) so much, the mere fact that you’re considering the idea makes me so happy!! here are some modern!witch headcanons (may or may not be based on or influenced by what i do on the daily ngl)
- their home is FLOODED with plants - i’m talking herbs in tiny pots and mini-trees on the balcony, all adorned with runes written on stick it notes or pendants dangling from the leaves
- their partner either supports their lifestyle or gets used to the idea of waking up w/ dirt between the bedsheets or their pillow
- gets used to the witch in question just random going around the house with a pendulum yelling, “don’t mind me! just checking on smth”
- partner: this is delicious
witch: it’s literally cat piss
- they love to make fun of the stigma surrounding witchcraft, like for example the whole “d*ck riding” thing with the broom or ppl thinking witches = devil worship! evil! unnatural! edgy! boooOoOoO hoo hoo!
- so they wear slogan tshirts like “hex me” or buy hats that say “witch” on them, and just silly stuff like that no one will actually suspect to be true (when it is) and they get to observe how stupid ppl react to this kind of stuff: either mocking/belittling their practice or claiming they’re demons and need to be bathed in holy water
- churches will not, in fact, burn if they walk in, in fact some witches do bc you can be anything AND a witch! you can be christian + witch, wiccan + witch, atheist + witch, etc. etc.
- their magic comes and goes in waves
- sometimes witches get together and jokingly call their sporadic spell inspirations “hot flashes” bc there can be months with no spells/magic and then there are times when it’s everyday, like a sneezing fit you can’t prevent or stop
- their altar is a MESS
- you have tidy witches that do proper things and rituals for every sabbat and then you have witches who just spend the day with their familiar (it’s usually a cat but it could be anything - a mouse, a hamster, a snake, a bird (any bird)) eating popcorn and throwing a few over the altar for the gods
- you can add anything! dimensions, sleep travel, psychic abilities, tarot reading, palm reading, crystals
- speaking of crystals, they’re EVERYWHERE like there’s a crystal for everything - both emotional and physical, from toothache to a broken heart
- handmade shower disks! pendants! jars of carefully picked and dried tea leaves! book of shadows (a must, it’s like a diary)
- one of my fav tropes ever is probably finding/summoning a sassy supernatural entity (it could be a ghost, an accidentally trapped faerie, a minor deity of some sort, even a demon but like not the scary kind they show in movies, more like a grumpy old soul that likes to chew on things from the trash and occasionally gives bad dating advice and alerts the witch if there’s any danger but every word is just dripping with sarcasm and nonchalance)
- overall the possibilities are endless, you can have two witches fall in love, a witch fall for her perfectly normal neighbour who doesn’t even believe in magic and puts his entire faith in hard science/facts, a witch who doesn’t wanna/feel the need to fall in love, a witch who falls in love with her supernatural friend, a witch who defies time and space and jumps from age to age, period to period, place to place
- it can be contemporary or fantasy
- there are literally NO LIMITS just don’t listen to the stereotypes that have been build over the years, witches are literally the chillest people ever and they DO NOT wish anyone harm unless it’s what they consciously, deliberately choose to do - which is pretty much how society works anyway (i mean there are always good and bad ppl regardless of their day to day life/beliefs/reasons)