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Endless list of flawless, favorite WOC (in no particular order): 

Nia Long - [2/x] / [Set ½]

Her stats: Vice president of the Black Don’t Crack Club. And one of the top ten Greatest Queens to EVER Do It.

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In 2003-2004, I was an audience page for The Late Show with David Letterman which means for a year, I checked people in to the show, cheered up the crowd waiting on line and showed them to their seats. I loved being around the show and watching Dave perform and a few months into the job, I got lucky enough to freelance for Dave’s monologue which was my first writing credit. This was around the time when I was interning at UCB for free classes, ate mostly on the dollar menus of fast food places and learned the trick of putting every free topping on a plain slice of pizza to make it feel like I was getting a special slice. I was obsessed with comedy, learning every second, failing constantly and finding my voice around incredibly talented humans. So much fun.

It has always been a bucket list item of mine to one day get from the back of that theatre where the pages stood, to the guest chair forty feet in front of me. It took eleven years but last night, I finally did it.

It was so fun to be in that chair, talking to the man I had written for and learned so much from for a year in person and decades on TV but even more fun was to reconnect with all of the crew, security and former pages from the show that were around when I was there eleven years ago. It made me so happy to see how proud they were that a page finally made it to the chair. Thank you to everyone that made it possible for me to get back in that theatre and thank you to everyone who is reading this and has supported my comedy over the past decade. It is truly crazy to me that I finally made that forty foot journey. I’m sad to see Dave hang it up in May but what an unbelievable run from a true legend. You can watch the interview above or if you want to see the very beginning and tail end of it, CLICK HERE.

Oh, also…I took these as a souvenir on the way out. Thanks Dave.


I am in this month’s issue of Complex Magazine chatting about my firsts and lasts. The first photo/article in this post is from the magazine which is on newsstands right now. You can CLICK HERE to see a higher res version and actually read the article. The rest of the photographs are from Bryan Sheffield’s (the amazing photographer) Tumblr account. Thank you to Complex, who I have been a fan of for a while now, to Bryan, who is an amazing photographer, Jhizet Panosian for hair, make up and joy, Tiffani Chylen for styling the hell out of my clothes and everyone else who worked on this shoot to make it so fun and easy.