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Unpopular opinion: games aren’t art.

The test: imagine a version of Final Fantasy 7 with no music, cutscenes, animations, script, or character designs. You party are colored circles. Your enemies are differently colored triangles. The game expects you to move circles around for 40 hours before saying “there, that’s the last triangle to remove.

Would you call that art?
Things We Learned From Kristen Bell's Honest Reddit AMA
The Good Place star gets honest about family, career and more

There’s a whole lot to love about Kristen Bell.

Sure, she has a wonderful family that includes husband Dax Shepard and two beautiful kids. There’s also her hilarious NBC comedy The Good Place with Ted Danson.

But sometimes, it’s the little things that make a Hollywood star that much cooler than the rest. On Thursday, Kristen took time out of her busy schedule to answer fans and strangers’ burning questions in a Reddit AMA. Dare we say we learned a whole lot of fun facts.

From celebrity crushes to eating habits, Kristen kept things honest and hilarious. If she could kiss any guy in Hollywood right now, comedian Hasan Minhaj is the lucky man. As for her favorite vegetarian or vegan food, it would definitely be “peas in any form.” Who knew?!

We scrolled through and compiled some more interesting tidbits from Kristen below. Take a look for yourself.

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Veronica Mars Reboot: It wouldn’t be a fan Q&A without an inquiry about Kristen’s long-running UPN series. When asked if there is any chance of a reboot, Kristen replied, “We are trying!” In other words, it’s not a no yet people!

Hi! I’m professional sloth enthusiast and actress on The Good Place, Kristen Bell. Ask Me Anything!

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  • Q: The Good Place is so good, man. But, when are you finally going to guest star on iZombie? Voicework doesn’t count!
  • A : i wish! in truth they shoot in vancouver so its hard for me to travel there with kids and all
  • Q: Oh well. We iZombie and Veronica Mars fans can console ourselves by watching Season 2 of The Good Place.
  • Q: What was your favorite of Veronica Mars’s comebacks/snarky one liners? I fully admit to using some of them in real life.
  • A: As VM changes a tire TROY: “FLAT?” VM: “IM JUST AS GOD MADE ME”
  • Q: Hey Kristen!! Huge fan. Any chance of a Veronica Mars reboot? You and Rob seem so into it! Why not make it happen?
  • A: we are trying!
  • Q: Kristen Bell. You beautiful son a bitch. You’re so damn awesome! If Veronica Mars and Jeannie Van Der Hooven were in a fight to the death, who would win?
  • A: WOOF. this is a tough one. i think we’d have to dig two graves
  • Q: Any chance of Veronica mars returning?
  • A: theres always a chance ;)

favorite character meme [1 character]: Clyde Oberholt

“Oh, what’s this? That’s weird! Oh, okay, why don’t we check it out? 2012, top 25 under 30. And who’s that gentleman? I don’t know! Olive complexion, really Jewish; Clyde Oberholt.”