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realms-delight  asked:

Lauren, who do you think Cersei would have married if Rhaegar didn’t kidnap/convince Lyanna to run away with him? The other Lord Paramount heirs were already betrothed or married, and the only Lord Paramount who didn't have a wife was Jon Arryn. Was she going to marry a Lannister cousin? Tywin didn’t have any sort of back up plan when Aerys vetoed the possible betrothal between their kids. I’m leaning towards a marriage between Jon Arryn and Cersei, Lannister might be superior but the Arryn’s

rule the Vale. Or would Tywin tried to have Elia Martell killed, making it seem like her “poor health” finally killed her? (Your side bar pic is very beautiful btw)

Hi laroux-lilac​, thank you! I don’t think Jon Arryn would have married Cersei, no. Jaime has the right of it: 

Their father had summoned Cersei to court when she was twelve, hoping to make her a royal marriage. He refused every offer for her hand, preferring to keep her with him in the Tower of the Hand while she grew older and more womanly and ever more beautiful. No doubt he was waiting for Prince Viserys to mature, or perhaps for Rhaegar’s wife to die in childbed. Elia of Dorne was never the healthiest of women.

I think Tywin was betting on multiple horses, Rhaegar or Viserys or someone else. As Tyrion says of his father, “There is sitting and there is sitting. […] the lion is still, poised, his tail twitching,” which I think sums up a lot of Tywin’s political strategy. Lemme ramble at length under the cut. 

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