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This actually happened in Rome: Total War. The enemy had attacked with a significantly larger force (and in the same turn after having attacked the same army with another numerically larger force and lost). The battle seemed hopeless for the Romans by the time they had only the remnants of two cohorts left on the battlefield, one of which was under heavy fire by the enemy’s remaining formations of archers and cavalry archers. The enemy’s glee slowly vanished when they started to realize that after a full 10-minutes of arrow fire at the Urban cohort’s testudo formation the archers are running out of ammo, and the legionnaires, apart from looking like a pin cushion, seem to be mostly alive. 

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Bless you for suggesting Red Rising. I'm already on Morning Star.. I started 5 days ago. How do you picture each color? I imagine Darrow as a pale ginger with red irises. And just everybody else stumps me.

OH goodness my favourite type of question. Okay! Red Rising, the best book series on earth. 

Pierce expressed that Reds were nearly exclusively of Irish heritage. Now, thats not be saying that Irish people are only red headed and pale, but thats what he expressed, especially with them being reds. And it makes sense, i mean, theyre stuck underground, so theyre bound to be pale. 

As for the rest for the colors, one thing I think people tend to forget is how diverse the book actually is. I think Pierce does a good job of explaining what everyone looks like imo.

However, I dont think every race has hair and eye color connected. I dont remember pinks having pink hair? Maybe I’m crazy, but thats what I remember. Blues dont have hair, they have the circuit tattoos throughout their heads and bodies. I really dont know how to differentiate between silvers and whites, besides their occupations and sigils on their arms. 

But for sure.. the golds I see as the most diverse. And something to keep in mind, PAX WAS NOT WHITE. The Telemanus’s, I am almost positive were black. I see the the Julii as Spanish or Latin, and - shit. there was actually a fantastic post written by @thehowler-elisabet (Wasnt it you?) about the origins of their last names in relation to what their ethnicities are. I’ll have to find it and link it later. 

This post is a mess. I’ve actually done a painting of Gold Darrow. (x
And I have a few gifsets of what I saw each color as. (Pinks) (Blues) (Silvers) (Yellows) (Red Darrow 1 , 2 , 3) (Mustang) (Mustang during the Academy) (Sefi the Quiet) (Darrows Mother) (House Mars
'Golden Son' Is Space Opera That Doesn't Forget The Opera
Pierce Brown's followup to last year's Romans-in-space epic Red Rising is bigger, louder, and bloodier than its predecessor. Reviewer Jason Sheehan says it isn't perfect — but it is hard to put down.

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Red Rising Fancasting

So I saw some other people’s fancasts and thought I would make a masterpost of my own. I don’t have actors for every character yet (particularly Darrow, Eo, and Fitchner) and some of the actors are more so “in the ballpark of this” choices than concrete ones, but here you go! Also: I have some options for characters we meet in Golden Son, but I thought I’d leave that for later. :)

Firstly, the main squad.

Douglas Booth as our love-to-hate and hate-to-love Cassius au Bellona. Those cheekbones, that “I seem like a bad-boy but really I’m a pile of marshmallow fluff” attitude.

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