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Can you please give me a list of the surnames the present royal families use in their official documents like passport? Of course do it when you feel upto it. I'm in no hurry here.

So very few royals actually use a surname on official documents. They will just use their title. So what I’ve given here is the title people would have used if they had to use a surname for some reason. 

Britain- If they don’t have their own family surname they can use Windsor. If they’re a descendant of Philip then they’re Mountbatten-Windsor. They may also use their territorial designations, so for example William and Harry used Wales as their surname. 

Sweden- Bernadotte

Norway- Again, they don’t use surnames. They register with their royal names. But they are Glucksburgs and could use that, I suppose. 

Denmark- They don’t use surnames. The babies have been registered without surnames so I assume their passport would be the same. They’re the house of Glucksburg so they’d most likely be known by that if they had to, or they could also use de Laborde de Monpezat which is Henrik’s surname. Frederik used the surname Henriksen when he was studying at university. 

Belgium- They’d be most likely to use Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Luxembourg- Before Tessy and Louis and their kids got their royal titles they used the last name de Nassau. The house is Nassau-Weilburg. 

the Netherlands- They tend to use van Oranje which is of Orange. That’s the name Catharina Amalia would call herself when she was little and talked about how she’d introduce herself at school, for example. But the official house name is Orange-Nassau so they could also go by van Oranje-Nassau. Their dad went by von Amsberg so they could use that if they prefer. 

Spain- So the royal part of the name is Borbon but Spain has unique naming customs. They have both the mother and father’s name integrated in to the last name so each person in the family would have a different last name. Juan Carlos had Borbon y Borbon-Dos Sicilias as his father was a Borbon and his mother was of the Bourbon-Two Sicilies family. Felipe was Borbon y Grecia as his dad was a Borbon but his mum was Greek. Leonor and Sofia would be Borbon y Ortiz as their dad is Borbon and their mum’s last name was Ortiz. 

Monaco- Grimaldi

Japan- They don’t have a last name or an official house like other families so they wouldn’t have a last name to go by at this point. 

Bhutan- They use Wangchuck as their last name. 

Jordan- They could use the last name Hashim as they’re the Hashemite family

I don’t really post about other royal families like those in Africa so I’m afraid I don’t know their surnames